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Jay Z Leaves in Separate Car After Solange Knowles Attack

Jay Z Leaves in Separate Car After Solange Knowles Attack

Jay Z walks behind his wife Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles while leaving a party seconds after a fight erupted between the stars in an elevator.

While walking to the car, Solange looked noticeably angry and rushed into the car with Beyonce following right behind.

When Jay was about to get in the car as well, the bodyguard instead ushered him to a separate car, most likely to make sure no further commotion erupted during the pair.

In case you missed it, make sure to check out the video of Solange throwing some punches and kicks at Jay while in the elevator. We have no clue yet as to what happened between the pair.

Jay Z Leaves in Separate Car After Solange Knowles Attack
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jay z leaves separately from beyonce solange 02
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  • Xoxo

    She leaves with sister because sister is right in the fight?
    If my sister was in the wrong and kicked my hubby
    I would leave with hubby, so what did jay. Do is the question
    And I wanna know cuz those kicks were serious

  • Yeah Yeah

    Beyonce really knows how to wear that face smile. She doesn’t break her performance once!

  • Yeah Yeah

    @Yeah Yeah:Beyonce really knows how to wear that fake smile. She doesn’t break her performance once!

  • lol

    Oh sh-t, Jay-Z was about to get his ass handed to him. Watch out Solange, the Beygency is gonna lock you up.

  • Cam

    TMZ, Ruining perfect lives one leak at a time. This punk must def have done something to make her go wild like that… He got 100 problems now.

  • Living in a box

    Maybe Jay-z secretly banging Solange, He did sing and rap a song title Girls,girls,girls.

  • Mrs.K

    JayZ caught cheating again? Solange standing up for the robotic sister who has been groomed to just ‘smile and wave’.

  • Don

    Solange probably just wanted her kid back.

  • f-cked up family

    You go girl! First hit Solange Knowles has had in years!

  • hilarious

    “Sorry Solange, I ain’t giving you any more handouts.” Jay-Z

  • Draaamaaa

    Now we need the audio. Make it happen guys.

  • Erin

    @Cam 100 problems HAHAHAHAHA

  • Nina

    Too bad the audio will never surface. I doubt there is any and even if there was, now that this have surfaced, B&J would surely be taking care of it.

  • lmao

    I guess Jay will be now forever known as ‘that little b!tch who got smacked around by Basement Baby”. There goes his rap career.

  • HA!

    I think something was seen inside the afterparty and Solange took up for her sister. I don’t know we can speculate all day but whatever happened it was BIG for anyone to go all out like that. I just don’t think it had to do with business. It was something emotional like cheating/family or money matters. Too me it is evident that Beyonce agreed with her sister’s action by getting in the car with her and the bodyguard lead Jay to another car. I’m pretty sure Beyonce and her husband came to the event together in the same car.

  • doublestandards

    She attacked him, she should be in prison with chris brown

  • swrive

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  • sweey

    What’s up with all those illuminati stuff, is that true?

  • Solange FTW

    I love how he wants to get in the car with Solange after she handed his @ss to him and the bodyguard won’t let him. LMFAO, whatta lil bitch!

  • Cali

    She’s probably a Drake fan… or Jay must’ve said something about her hair.

  • KN

    @hilarious: Solange: ” WHY DID YOU MAKE ME GET A BEATLE HAIRCUT!?!? “

  • Sarah

    @doublestandards: You pathetic Fist Brown stans are the worst, Solange didnt beat him green and blue and chocked him till he was unconscious and left him alone at night on the street, like the pathetic coward Fist Brown did. Fist Brown didnt even call help, it was a neighbour who did it. Fist Brown was busy fleeing, like the coward he is. So STFU you disgusting Fist Brown stan.

  • OMG

    How will they manage this? Will it be a new Oprah interview, where Bey only vaguely talks about it? BTW I thing the guy who works maybe for security and filmed the cameras for the lift is a really mean person. That was obviously family business. Arguments happen, no family if perfect.

  • Cory

    I agree with the people saying this has happened before because how in the world can Beyonce come out of that building after her sister just attacked her husband and smile like that for cameras. Solange is still obviously pissed but B looks like nothing just happened. If my sister attacked my husband I’d be pretty shaken up to the point where I wouldn’t be able to fake smile to the world.. then again I am not a performer like Beyonce. These people have to smile through the worst days sometimes or there’d be a story about it… So I think there may be some turmoil in this family and an attack has happened before… JMO..

  • Kelly

    About time somebody stood up to him! And Beyonce is just chilling in the elevator like Solange beats up Jay on a daily lol. We need some good lip readers in here!

  • Mo

    While I believe violence is never the answer…that fight looked very personal and no one gets THAT PISSED OFF for no/a minor reason. And for Beyonce to just stand there and do nothing tells me Jay Z did/ said something bad.
    And maybe Solange was even defending Beyonce for something she thought “enough is enough” type scenario (may be it’s not the first time) cause Beyonce looks scared and defenceless here..

  • yes

    It really looks like Bey didnt see it this first time. She seems annoyed of them both.

  • well

    @doublestandards: It will be interesting to see if Solange gets charged. Ryan Rice was charged and there was only video of the aftermath of a fight.

  • well

    @well: Ray Rice not Ryan Rice.

  • @

    It’s cuz they’re a fake couple.

  • kelli

    if TMZ got the video they will somehow get the audio, if they didn’t already. whoever released the tape heard and saw what happened in the elevator, and there was audio in there, so someone out there knows and doesn’t care and will tell us all. we’ll find out what happened

  • FulaniyiraSpeaks!


    I was thinking the same thing, lmao!

  • http://N/a Anon

    I see the media has been paid in full the pr is on.they are walking on egg shells on what really happened tsk tsk tsk!

  • Anne

    I think Beyonce owes it to all her fans to release a statement. Say something! It doesn’t matter what; at least acknowledge the fact that there are problems going on. It’s better to garnish sympathy than to have everyone speculating and giving the press a reason to tear you apart. If I was in charge of her PR I would’ve had B give a press conference ASAP.

    JayZ is behind her attending these games and staying quite I suppose. There is no denying that all this pretending and fake smiling ,never addressing the issue is going to have a serious negative impact on her career.

  • gosolange

    Look what Sarah MIchelle Gellar wrote on her twitter about Solange lol

    & check out this wendy williams video on her opinion on what really happened, you won’t regret it

  • da’key


  • hilarious

    they said Solange was drunken. But she didn’t seem drunke to me when she walked. IMO Jay is a nice man to let her explode like this. The real macho never let a woman treat him like this even if he cheated. They would punch back.