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Orlando Bloom is Shirtless Sexy & Soakin' Wet in Malibu - See the Pics!

Orlando Bloom is Shirtless Sexy & Soakin' Wet in Malibu - See the Pics!

Orlando Bloom goes shirtless while taking a dip in the ocean on Saturday (May 24) in Malibu, Calif.

On the same day, the 37-year-old English actor showed off his blue and red socks while going shoeless outside of his home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Earlier in the week, Orlando carried a small bag while jetting out of Heathrow Airport.

It was recently announced that Orly has sold his Hollywood Hills home for $3.9 million, according to L.A. Times.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom going shirtless in the ocean…

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orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 01
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 02
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 03
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 04
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 05
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 06
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 07
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 08
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 09
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 10
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 11
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 12
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 13
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 14
orlando bloom shirtless sexy in malibu 15

Photos: AKM-GSI, INFPhoto
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  • jo

    He’s gay

  • Daniele

    @jo: #1

    Everybody is gay, huh? You people in this country are obsessed.

  • kil

    He is ugly.

  • spicy

    I wish the guys I dated were that ugly.

  • Lol

    Wow. The trolls are lazy today. Boring, tired, old insults fired off in two word sentences?
    I guess that even the trolls are left near speechless at his beauty.
    He’s gorgeous. Every inch of him.
    I’m still curious about whatever role for which he is growing out his hair.
    I love his long curls. And I’m glad that Flynn seems to have inherited them.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With the Kerrdashians: The sad sight of an aging teen heart throb trying in vain to make the world think he’s still even remotely attractive (well, he needs his looks because he has no acting talent to speak of and he has to remain famous somehow) and the even sadder sight of his one remaining fan defending him to her last, pathetic breath. Also, both he and the monster Melon Head need to cut their hair. The curls look ridiculous on Bloom and Melon Head has none to speak of and the longer his hair gets the more obvious it is that the are keeping it long to cover up the fact that he looks nothing like his supposed father.

  • Elena

    @Lol: P.S. Its a holiday in America, f**kface. Some of us only have time to check gossip between swims. Maybe you should come out of your cave and get some air and NOT spend the rest of the day refreshing this page to see if I respond after this comment. ;)

  • liz

    he’s not ugly, he’s just not AS hot as he used to be. but still looking good. I never cared for Miranda kerr, but I miss seeing him with her.

  • @elena

    Uhm, when did anyone appear to be looking for you? Or are those troll-socks really yours, and you are responding to ‘lol’? They didn’t use the singular ‘troll’.
    You make no sense whatsoever. As usual.
    It’s a shame that you are so blinded by hate for a total stranger, and his beautiful son, who have never harmed a hair on your thick little head.
    You really need to get a life. A real life, away from the computer.
    Go out and take that supposed swim of yours. It will do you good.

  • gah!


  • @6

    His performance as Romeo was listed as one of the top ten Broadway debuts. The NYT praised his skills as an actor. But I guess that people paid to give their educated opinions of talent don’t know as much as a random, hateful troll who spends her time eating Cheetos in front of a computer, right?
    Have you even seen his work in Sympathy for Delicious? The Good Doctor? Romeo and Juliet? Or are you just happy wallowing in your ignorance?
    Hateful and ignorant is not a good way to go through life. In fact, it’s most likely the reason that you are still alone.
    So sad.

  • @Elena

    “supposed father”?
    Yep, you just exposed yourself to be a delph-IDIOT!
    Those are the only hags that can’t seem to see (through their fat, bloated eyes) that Flynn looks EXACTLY like Orlando.
    I guess that you are ranting over here because your pathetic little site is DEAD!

  • sara

    He really is beautiful, isn’t he.

  • psychs

    Feed them and they will come. Don’t respond to these stans they really wanted to relieve their daily tension.

  • Zachary

    This guy hasn’t been sexy since 2005ish.

  • LOL!!

    #’s 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are all the same person. Someone has too much time on her fat hands.

  • silly trolls

    He looks great! Still sexy at 37.
    The trolls on here are most likely out of shape and unhappy with themselves, so they take out their negativity on others. What a shame.

  • @16

    No they aren’t. There are a lot more fans than haters.
    But of course, it hurts your head to hear the truth.
    Pathetic loser. You’re not on Delphi now.

  • spicy

    Actually, I’m not one of the psycho’s (yourself included) who post here regularly. I genuinely think the guy looks hot. In the buff. Sometimes he looks rough as hell. But still better than my dates. I’m assuming, if you think Orlando Bloom is ugly that your dating history must be spectacular. Lucky you!

  • Rofl

    If he’s ugly, then 99% of the world is hideous and should crawl away and die.

  • becca

    @spicy: If you think Orlando’s hot, that he is the epitome of male attractiveness, your dating life has been truly pitiful. I’m sad for you.

  • Nancy

    Orlando looks gorgeous and still looks like he has not aged at all. I love that he’s letting his hair grow long. There are rumours he may be coming back for the next Pirates movie which would explain his long hair. @3 orlando is gorgeous. @5 Orlando looks gorgeous with his curls and it’s so cute that Flynn has his curls. @6 Orlando is not aging at all. He looks gorgeous at 37. Why do you insult Flynn when Flynn is a cutie? Orlando is Flynn’s father because you can see Flynn looks exactly like him. Why do you and the delphi people say such untrue and mean and cruel things about Orlando and Flynn? Flynn is the cutest kid. @11 Orlando did a fantastic job as Romeo. He is a terrific actor and he did a great job in Sympathy for Delicious and The good Doctor.

  • @5, 12, 18 (Lol/spicy/Nancy)

    Your obsession with this “delphi” thing is akin to madness. I don’t know what it is, if it’s real or if it’s a figment of your twisted imagination, but when you talk about it you sound deranged and downright frightening. Maybe you should get help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

  • @23

    And now you are pretending that you never heard of Delphi? Lol.
    You wouldn’t have latched on to their post if you didn’t know.
    And since when is speaking the truth = madness?
    Denying obvious truths because they don’t fit into an agenda is what is akin to madness. And since Flynn ooks exactly like Orlando, denying his parentage makes you, and your cronies, the deranged ones here.
    But you can’t see that, can you. Since you are a member yourself, I mean. And don’t even try to deny it. No one is stupid enough to defend those idiots but the members themselves. And since we know how few of you there are left, we also know that you haters use sockpuppets all the time.
    Obsessed, mad and a pathological liar. That’s a delph-idiot for you.

  • @23

    Oh, and still trying to claim that there is only one fan here? When you morons keep getting caught using sockpuppets?
    That’s hilarious.

  • looners

    @LOL!!: I believe you, no one had a good holiday i see.

  • YES!

    Looking good, Orlando!!!

  • Anon

    Orlando is one hot, gorgeous man.

  • Spicy

    @take your pick
    So now anyone who comments here positively [or negatively] about Orlando Bloom is labeled as being part of this sick thing you two have going? You’re nuts. Both of you.

  • @29

    Yep, that’s JJ for you. In a nutshell.
    Of course, that also applies to any gossip site that allows for anon comments.
    Fans and haters go at it tooth and nail. Always have, always will.
    But I do tend to root for the fans. It’s only logical that they would support and defend their idols. Especially when some of the ‘hater’ comments can get unbelievably and unnecessarily nasty. Attacking children, for example, as one poster did in this thread. That guarantees a knee jerk response from any fan. And I’m sure that is exactly what the ‘hater’ intended. I guess that they crave attention, so they beg for it at any chance.
    Fans will always post to defend Orlando, or any other celeb that they follow. Haters feeling the need to attack said celeb, just to get a reaction, is what seems “psycho” to me.

  • @12

    It’s a safe bet that anyone In Harry Bloom’s circle who was not let in on the fact that his wife was a wh0re who went out like a b*tch in heat and found a family friend to f**k and knock her up not once but twice so that she could secure Bloom’s name and his legacy thought, told him, and truly believed that resulting b@st@rd spawn looked EXACTLY like him because that is what they wanted to see. Kinda like you.

  • @29

    Please see post #31
    That is a perfect example of a hater desperate for attention.
    A double whammy. Calling Orlando’s mother horrible names when they have no insight into the situation. And again, pretending to be blind to Flynn’s obvious resemblance to Orlando.
    Now can you honestly not expect a fan to respond to a post that nasty?
    Even though we know what they are trying to do? They want to engage us in a fight, then they will claim that we are stupid for defending a total stranger. Then they will claim that we are obsessed, when they are the ones coming to post for no logical reason. But if we ignore them, they will keep posting. Whereas answering them with undeniable facts will make them disappear. At least they disappear under the first usernames they used. They will come back as sockpuppets, though. I firmly believe that #31 is ‘Elena’. Few posters are as nasty as that one.

  • @32

    They will never disappear! They are so lack of the intelligence to stop attack any celebrity! And Elena is a famous w*ore, who was want to be pregnant by Orlando and then poison him! And now she can’t be on peace without attacking Flynn! Or the other children. She must be the same s*it like her parents. And they are proud of IT, like shes proud of them. End of story!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando look’s soooo good.

  • Viv

    Hot!!! The man looks stunning! Orlando Bloom! You are officially a gift to the Humanity! Love you!