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Adriana Lima Becomes a Glamazon for Amazonia Beverages

Adriana Lima Becomes a Glamazon for Amazonia Beverages

Adriana Lima is white hot while kicking off the summer of the #UrbanJungle with Amazonia Beverages on Saturday evening (May 31) at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown in New York City.

The 32-year-old Brazilian model, who has been entangled in Justin Bieber hookup rumors over the last few days, celebrated a fundraiser for the St. Luke for Haiti Foundation at the Sunset Saturday party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Earlier in the week, Adriana hosted a workout as a fundraiser for the organization.

FYI: Adriana is wearing a Rebecca Minkoff dress.

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Photos: Gary He, Insider Images
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  • Mila

    She is stunning and never seems to age !

    But Justin Bieber, seriously ?!? He is old enough to be her little brother and I’m pretty sure he is not her type…

  • gfrgte

    overrated panty model with less than 10 Vogue covers, LMAO. Cindy,Linda,Christy & true supermodels have over 60 at least. Shes a joke.

  • LMAO

    shes copying miranda fameh*.

  • keep

    Her skin looks literally flawless in the close up!

  • Frozoid

    Leaving her kids behind for a week to party in Cannes with Bieber,failed marriage..attending events and never seen with her kids…this woman is just as bad as Kerr.

  • Sayer

    Adriana was not with Bieber. She’s not as desperate as the big-headed Australian. I don’t believe those rumors. All she did was take pictures with the Biebs.

  • gross

    Plugging for a product filled with junk lol. That is NOT real Brazilian coconut water! shes so stoopid

  • Sayer

    @gfrgte: You’re a moron. Vogue has a PORN STAR on its cover last month. Blake Lively has 2 covers. SKANK Rihanna has 3.

    VOGUE has ZERO credibility.

    The HF industry has always preferred GERMANIC-looking models. Adriana can’t fight against that prejudice.

  • Frozoid

    @Sayer: lol shes so dumb, she would. she cant speak english and dates ugly men, shes clearly not picky to looks. She was beyond wasted in the photos I saw hanging all over Leo too. Beiber and her also posted the same book on the same day to their instagrams. He gave her a present after their lil sleep over.

  • Frozoid

    @Sayer: no shes a lame model thats why. Shes a derp face with the same expression. and funny the industry likes her (very few but they still like her. Many gay men like Adriana. Givenchy designer,hair stylists etc….)face it shes a derp model. and Linda,Cindy,Christy are far from ugly and they are loved by the hf industry because they have versatility, something open mouthed panty model has always lacked.

  • smh

    @gross: you seem to be the idiot here my darling. She herself told Amazonia Beverages to get their coconut water from Brazil if they wanted her to endorse their products. The owner of the brand said this much to Forbes last year… you’re welcome to keep making a fool of yourself though

  • gfrgte

    @Sayer: hunny every iconic supermodel in history ruled the pages and covers of Vogue.landing Vogue covers has always been the pinnacle of modeling and being at the top of your game for a model since the 60s. But typical for a fan of an underwear model to know zero about fashion and true supermodels. Doutzen is flawless and has over 30 Vogue covers already.

  • gorgeous

    Did anyone here watch Fox and Friends yesterday? She was on and and it was so funny lol. She has a lively personality and my heart warmed up to her when I saw how she helps women and kids in Haiti. She also made me want to go to Brazil while watching the show.

  • miranbar
  • the

    @LMAO: now why would she copy Miranda Kerr, the most notorious attention hor in the history of modeling? Preposterous. Miranda has been doing nothing but being the face of cheap commercial brands for the past 3 years. I won’t even talk about her fashion career because she has none.

  • the

    @gorgeous: I watched it. I also read on WWD that her charity organization raised 3 million dollars last year. Such a generous woman

  • lol

    @gfrgte: Exactly. Not counting the first ladies and queens that have been on Vogue over the years as well, but leave it to an Adriana stan to denigrate it as not worthy of the poorly spoken panty model

  • rave

    @the: lol I want to talk about how many Vogue covers Miranda has. Lol. It’s pretty embarrassing that in her 30s she has remarkably very little.

  • Tracy

    She is absolutely stunning! wow

  • justine

    i have been reading all these comments above and i am quite surprise Adriana fans are even responding to the insults. remember ” let the world say what it will “why do you guys not simply let them say they wanna say be smart and ignore them ? i mean have you guys not seen after all this time going it’s pointless : not everyone will like her, some people for some reasons simply like to hate on her and at the end of the day Adriana is still living her life and being happy, with two healthy daughters and a great career to arm those insult : she already have 2 vogue covers this year, 2 harper bazar covers and 3 editorials in vogue japan and usa, and vogue Italia and Brazil covers are coming later this year, plus international watch company campaign with cate blanchet emily blunt and Karolina Kurkova and she still take time to do charity work for children in Haiti which makes me so proud of her.

  • nowadays

    She has such a wh*rish face as most models nowadays. I’ve always prefered models with big smiles that look better when they smile rather than when they are serious or sad. Serious/sad or simply grossy expressions are sl*tty while big smiles are, apart from happy, good-hearted, affectionate and kind. The adjectives which make a man love you rather than f*ck you.

  • cool

    @justine: and Maybelline, Kai Motors. I actually didn’t know Emily Blunt and Kate banlchett were part of the IWC campaign. This makes it even all the more bigger. Sad that the haters are jealous because they wish their favorites had all this going on

  • Shish

    The Miranda fans are ever more aggressive because Adriana has been on a roll and Miranda has remained stagnant and reduced to a commercial model for random brands. Times seem to be tough for them. I’m not complaining though lol

  • 29ER

    Chill. Adriana Lima put her arm around the little Beaver boy orphan because she knew in her heart of hearts that he needed the help.

  • mirandafan

    @rave:Miranda has only been a famous model since 2008 or so with 7 or 8 Vogue covers. Adriana has been a model since the 90s with only 9. Tell me which one is more embarrassing? LMAO….
    theyre really equal. I find it funny how Adriana stans swear shes “sooo much more important” than Miranda. I could see if she had a career like Kate Moss, but she SOOO DOESNT. Shes equal in the fashion world to Miranda if anything but at least even Miranda gets bigger English speaking spreads. Adriana only gets foreign work.

  • rave

    @mirandafan: Miranda started modeling in the late 90s/early 2000s.

  • far fetch

    @rave: right? Miranda started modeling a year or two after Adriana. Adriana now has10 (counting Italia). Miranda’s stuck with 6.
    @mirandafan: Oh sure. That’s why she’s the face of Amazon Beverages in the US and Maybelline.? Needless to say VS. But bye all means keep pretending their careers are anything alike. I mean teacups for grandmas and shop style are in the same league as Kia Motors and IWC

  • far fetch


  • meh

    Pretty face, but her body….. meh!
    What is Amazonia Beverages? Is it something new?

  • Uhhh…

    Why is anyone even putting this Goddess and that tween- boy body Miranda in the same sentence? She’s nowhere near the same league in looks or body as Adriana. Please, you make me laugh lol!

  • dra

    @rave: Haha, they wouldn’t want that to be talked about. as they don’t want to be grilled alive with the bitter truth.
    Adriana is on fire. I can’t wait for her Kia commercials during the World Cup. This is even better than the Super Bowl commercial as this is literally worldwide. So happy she is actually back to work again in full force and in supermodel style

  • mare

    STUNNING!!!! She is my favourite model by far! Always so positive and seems hard working! :)
    I don’t believe these Justin rumors for a second. First people said that she stood him up, and that that she hooked up with him…right… his team can’t allow JB to look like an idiot so they released these false rumors…
    Fans here are crazy, why do you always have to bring up Miranda when discussing Adriana?! Boring…

  • Tanya

    Except for writings comments full of jealousy over this pretty lady, anyone knows what brand of shoes she’d wearing?

  • ceci

    Adriana is the best!!!Kisses From Italia.

  • Me99

    You are so desperate.If Adriana was just a panty model she would get 3covers of Vogue in less that 2month.Then she will appear on the cover of Vogue Brazil and maybe Vogue Mexico.So in total-5covers?Keep tellig thay she is just a panty model,lol

  • Me99

    I think Candice is a panty model.She is not working at all this year.Just lucky magazine and vogue brazil.She is not even taking part in fashion weeks,so bad

  • gg

    I can’t believe she’s worth $60 million. It seems as though the more integrity you have, the harder it is to make money. It seems that all you have to do is be fine with being an idiot and the money will flow like the falls into your account. And by being an idiot I mean, have no integrity nor value nor know what neither is to begin with. Nor care. Everyone in entertainment has no problem degrading, devaluing themselves and others and all life. I’d rather have the husband and kids than all the money in the world. And in her case too – $60m. Seriously.