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Gerard Butler Tried to Hide His Tears While Watching 'Dragon 2'

Gerard Butler Tried to Hide His Tears While Watching 'Dragon 2'

Gerard Butler sits down for an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday (June 12) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actor was joined on the program that night by Tony Shalhoub and Chris Rock.

Gerard recently chatted with Rotten Tomatoes about watching his new film How to Train Your Dragon 2 in the theater and how he had to hide his tears.

“There were very beautiful women [next to me] and you want to maintain that macho exterior,” Gerard said before demonstrating the noise that came out of him. “I’m going, ‘I can’t believe that noise just came out of me.’ Especially because it’s my stuff. It’s bad enough getting caught crying at a movie, but getting caught crying at your own stuff…”

Watch the video below to see what Craig Ferguson said that Gerry should have down to hide his tears!

Is Gerard Butler Crying or Falling Asleep?

FYI: Gerard is wearing head-to-toe BOSS.

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gerard butler tried to hide his tears while watching dragon 2 04
gerard butler tried to hide his tears while watching dragon 2 05

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  • Molly

    Hello lovely, very nice to see you! :)

  • Can’tGetEnough When @GerardButler takes a selfie, he does so with grace and poise. #LNSM

  • Aussie

    Gerry want’s to marry an Australian because they don’t use their beauty as weapon. Good enough reason I would say.

  • Always wondered

    I think an AUSSIE woman is perfect for him…us American women, maybe a little too much.
    Cheers! Be careful and get Aussie that knows how to be faithful.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough

    tokinb_ Tapped Fridays show..Gerad Butler and Josh Groban #KellyAndMicheal

  • MRessler

    His interviews are stale now. Same old same old. I feel sorry and sad for what used to be. He looks old and sounds it. Thinking he is still trying to cover up the gay. He’s not interested in Aussie girls but Aussie men.

  • Whatever!

    Nice try loser.
    Gerry is riding high and rising higher with his career and life. Stop being jealous and enjoy your OWN life and then you wouldn’t have to complain about someone else’s.

  • still shallow

    he talks about liking Australian women because they don’t use their beauty as a weapon but all of a sudden he’s afraid to cry enough of “very beautiful women”??? Why?
    Would he have felt more comfortable crying in front ugly women?
    He is and will always be only be about looks.
    He is still the same shallow guy he’s always been. This is a new press tour with the same old stories.
    “I love women from….”
    Change the record Gerry!

  • Ducky

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks CGE. Just ran through all the utubes with Craig and Gerry and think they have reached the “pulling hair” point with their interviews. The last one, Gerry says I can’t take this any more.and Craig goes back to the Bakersfield Has Fallen. The two of them are driving the interviewers crazy. What a routine they have Starting to feel sorry for them but you can’t help but laugh. Bet they will be so happy when the contract is complete.

  • just a thought

    @MRessler guess you missed Jimmy Kimmel live?????????? Today show focused on HTTYD2 not sure what you are watching. Re runs ???????????????????? He is looking good not sure where he goes next but maybe to take a bit of a rest then on to LHF or Geo good luck hope he gets to see mom too

  • MRessler

    All his interviews are the same thing. Boring like he is. I am going to move on. I need younger and he looks ragged and sounds like he belongs in a dive bar hiding behind a grubby raincoat.

  • Can’tGetEnough One of the most perfect human beings ever….. Gerard butler. PS I love you is one of my favorite movies!!!!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Ducky: You’re welcome Ducky! I love watching their interviews. They are both so funny together. :)

  • Can’tGetEnough TONIGHT ON #LNSM: @GerardButler, Tony Shalhoub, and comedy from @myqkaplan!

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Hey Duckster. I’m glad to catch you here. Saying Hi, Hello & Cooeeeeee to you. Can’t believe the amount of threads JJ is serving up to us. All good news for G.B. He’s been so busy, I’m waiting for him to nod off in one of his interviews.
    The ” inflatable ” joke he told cracked me up…because it was just so bad. His child within, it’s very endearing. Cheers :-)

  • interviews

    if interviews are boring, it is because the interviewers ask the same tired questions about his law degree, his dad, his accent, 300, or being a ladies man. Hardly anyone in these press days asked him about the actual voice work or the animation, one or two asked about Gods of Egypt, and no one asked about things like how he felt about CGI, big films, motion capture, or blockbusters. They are less creative so he is down to the same few standard answers

  • Dumbass Obama

    Really, Obama? Thousands of mass serial killing beheaders and thug terrorists are in a major convoy heading for Baghdad and you opt NOT to take them out (easily) in a rapid airstrike? Are you fcking insane?

    You must be in love with your terrorist brothers. Pure slime! Rid the earth of these freaks.

  • puleazze

    @MRessler: You go on then, Gerard doesn’t need some lowlife like you posting cr/ap on these threads, spreading hatred! You no real fan, you have no loyalty in you. Nothing but jealousy is all. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

  • Can’tGetEnough @gerardbutler is so sexy! I was screaming inside as he rubbed my back while we took this picture.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Ducky

    @fromoz: Hey Ozzie, makes me smile to see you here. Oh boy, that was a very bad joke. I was laughing so hard with the “who has the bigger brogue?” Craig,” mine is bigger but you use yours more” Yes, they are loooosing it. They are quick on the draw for sure. Men or boys, some things never change with age LOL
    Wish Gerry would be on Craig’s show one more time before Craig leaves the show.
    I read that you found a way to watch the Kimmel show. Good.
    INTERVIEWS, Yes you are so right about the questions. Have a feeling the boys are done whether good questions or not at this point…. think they are burned out.

  • Ducky

    @still shallow: He knew the women sitting with him including Amy and payed them a nice compliment and called them beautiful. I thought it was very nice.

  • interviews


    Hi Ducky. :) Did you see the Young Hollywood video? Their minds were totally gone in that one. It was funny but it also made no sense because the interviewer just kept asking the questions and not going with their silly vibe. Good interviewers have to know how to segue things together better instead of just race to get all their silly questions out, too. Sometimes they ask a dumb question thinking they are so cool and unique but it is usually something stupid. There was another video asking them about what kind of animal they would train and why. Um, okay…. :-P I guess the day of double digit 10 mins or more insightful talks are gone. Pity. Hopefully Seth Meyers will be better than the blink and miss it Today talk.

  • Taz

    Absolutely love Gerry! I am practising saying his name in Scottish, it is quite hard, I had plans to go to Sydney, where he had been shooting for a month. Lol! I missed sighting him, I could not go, going next month, well, Gerard is so, so handsome, I have never seen such an attractive man in my life! I wish all his movies do well at the box office! Love him that much :)

  • ugh

    i found the stuff Gertard says about women demeaning

    i truly believe he is a misogynist

    this latest HTTYD tour has reaffirmed it for me

    the interview about not all the women were crying when i left..gag

    although tongue and cheek i believe he deeply feels that he is worshipped

    and that weird not crying in front of beautiful women comment

    categorizing Amy as his B team,

    ( she is a goddess for putting up with his cra.p for so long)

    numerous times he calls out fat and ugly chicks

    he is so vain, so shallow

    i hope he never marries

    he is inept at love, real love of a woman

    it was the same old i got another injury interview on JK, and aren’t i adventurous.

    it was braggart and boring

    craig ferguson, was funny, mature and humble throughout however

    i have enjoyed his personality so much more than gerry

    he should mentor his friend more in decency and manners

  • ugh

    @still shallow:i agree with you 100%

    he did NOT pay Amy a compliment, watch and listen more carefully phannies

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Yes, there are some interviews I’m unable to access in Oz, but thanks to CGE I’m able to see the majority. We don’t get the JK show here, only J Fallon. We do get Extra, & yesterday I saw the interview on T.V. where G.B. mentions Oz women etc. I too would love to see him on Craigs show again, & also G Norton, he always has such fun with those two. Very cheeky & relaxed.

  • puleazze

    Before you judge someone, including about walking a mile in his shoes. All you see is what is shown, you don’t know the real story. So go look in the mirror and judge yourself first as yourself, then judge yourself as another would.

  • Ducky

    @interviews: Yes I did see that one too. I think the only cure is to interview them one on one. Together is to much clowning around albeit I love to see the two of them together. Good thing they threw in a movie preview, otherwise the unknowing wouldn’t have a clue what the heck they were promoting. Yes, will try to catch Seth Meyers and will look for your comment okay. It’s got to be better, the suit will help him be more proper….maybe.

  • Always wondered


    Misogynist????? Gerry???? The guy loves meeting women all over the world…That was a stretch. lol

  • still shallow

    @Always wondered:
    That’s the point! Why don’t you get a dictionary because you obviously don’t know what that word means.

  • interviews

    @Ducky: One on one interviews are getting far between too because of these press junkets one right after the other group service :) Meyers was a nice interview I guess. It was nice to here tall tales from Butler but Meyers’ jokes all fell flat. The crowd didn’t laugh with him but they joined in with GB. He was relaxed at least and got to tell something a bit different on older stuff. Didn’t talk much about the movie though, but it was almost 10 minutes I think. Remember when shows used to have one guest for most of the tv hour? Those were the days! Nice chatting with you. Pity GB will be back to paparazzi bugging time next week instead of this nice promotional work. Even in these interviews I get the impression no one takes him seriously, which is also a pity. He has a lot to say and can’t get it all out in time! ;)

  • Always wondered

    @still shallow:

    Grumpy cat.
    No, um, you tend to have a hard time generating sarcasm in your comments.
    I could teach class and invite you.

  • ugh

    there’s a difference between loving women and f*cking them

    perhaps you don’t really know what a misogynist is

    i don’t expect any phannie to agree with me

    i know some out there have heard him speaking very poorly of women in person

    especially the ugly ones

    he has no time personally for the non model type

    sorry but its true

  • Ducky

    @fromoz: If you can’t get Seth Meyers show ask CGE and maybe she will have another way like the JK show. Somehow she’ll make it happen. Pressure is on lol.
    Looking forward to Gerry and Josh Groban tomorrow. They know each other so hope they are on together and Josh sings.

  • Always wondered

    I’ll send out a sarcasm class sign up sheet.

  • Always wondered


    I can’t speak for other girls, but being one that’s probably never going to bump unto Mr. Butler. None of that would ever concern me. :)

  • Ducky

    @interviews: Thank you, I still have to wait a while to see it but sounds good. Do you have any idea if the movie is out world wide now? Will he travel promoting? I would think that the movie will sell itself from here on but have no idea about the junket. Must be getting quite tiresome doing so many interviews in such a short time.
    Wonder if he will do another world wide tour for GoE. That is one movie I can hardly wait for.

  • Always wondered

    I really hope all those unfortunate women who has had their picture taken with Gerry read ugh’s comment and realize the truth about the lack of character that exists in their hollywood crushes – how they get mistreated and ripped apart once they walk away from them. Glad I have never worn the foolish rose colored glasses thinking I’d find a real man of substance anywhere near there.

  • ugh

    @Always wondered: well. that’s good for you.

    how he treats women, all women, matters to me,

    and it affects how i support an actor.

    when a friend witnessed him putting down some heavy set women

    in a bar one night

    my opinion of him was forever changed.

    he uses his fans and his fan sites to promote himself

    and in private laughs at you

    but hey, you don’t care, so nuff said.

  • care to share?

    what exactly did your friend hear? your comment is a little vague.

  • Always wondered


    You want a comment war….? Let’s do it…Let’s insult the crap out of each other.

  • Always wondered


    Yes, please share.

  • ugh

    @Always wondered: my apologies.

    looks like we agree,

    i did not understand your sarcasm comment.

    i just wanted to let some of these women know,

    how gerry works the crowd and his public persona.

    and he does do some meaningful charity work.

    publicly he kisses his phannies, and is their willing player

    but privately his comments are cruel and would crush them.

    nuff said.

    hope they spend more time with those that actually care for them,

    and less time here

  • care to share?

    so, it’s BS?
    Either you know what your friend heard Gerry say about heavy set women, or you don’t.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Has Gerard B ever been on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’? He needs to do so in my opinion, so the discussion is more about his work, not do much about his personal life.

    Every topic in regards to the “guest star” on a talk show is discussed at length, prior to the interview with the producers and the host, etc. I did not watch the clip. However, from what I am reading here…. some men (and women) only get away with what others allow he or she to get away with. Having that need to push those boundaries is adolescent in and of itself. “You’re exhausting, you exhaust me”~ ‘American Dad’ lol.

    I will watch the clip and possibly have a more educated opinion.

    CGE- you’re the best. You bring so much to these threads. Honestly, you should be compensated. :-D

    Night all

  • Always wondered


    You aren’t off the hook that quickly. Next time you want to rumble let me know.
    Gerry has no power to crush me, will never have the power to crush me, because I am a beautiful woman with a beautiful body and on top of that, I have a higher cognitive ability than the average botoxed, airhead hooker that walks the streets in Beverly Hills. Those women are so worthless, the car drivers refuse to hit them for fear of damaging the bumper.
    Gerry can spin his little tales of crap to anyone he wants, it matters not. Other hookers can spread their legs to get what they want. None of that affects me cause I am not lacking in good looking male attention and intelligent males too.

  • Always wondered

    And any loser woman who has to troll a comment thread in hopes of scaring me off by insulting me, is asking for some problems…
    Why don’t you want me to meet Gerry? Is he your property? Do you own him?
    You better hope I never meet you after all the crap you’ve already pulled, if this is who I think it is.

  • care to share?

    This is how some silly fans start gossip about Gerry.
    It isn’t always the press.
    Poster #41 said:
    “when a friend witnessed him putting down some heavy set women
    in a bar one night
    my opinion of him was forever changed.”
    When asked to be specific, suddenly she becomes shy and can’t post any details that can be checked.
    But we’re supposed to believe her? The worst part is someone may read it and then repeat it, without checking the veracity of the statement. And now there’s another set of lies out there about Gerry.
    I know he loves women, but I doubt he’s as bad as some of the posters here make out.