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George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Make It a Family Night in Italy!

George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Make It a Family Night in Italy!

George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin mingle with their family and friends while out for dinner at Ristorante La Colombetta on Wednesday night (July 2) in Lake Como, Italy.

The 53-year-old actor’s parents Nick and Nina joined the couple for dinner after arriving in town earlier in the week. Amal‘s mother was reportedly also in town so it is likely they all got to meet!

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If you missed George‘s movie The Monuments Men while it was in theaters earlier this year, make sure to check it out on Blu-ray or DVD today.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney out for dinner with family…

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george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 01
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 02
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 03
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 04
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 05
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 06
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 07
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 08
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 09
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 10
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 11
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin make it family night 12

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  • Yo I

    Che noia che barba , che barba che noia !

  • Yo I

    Che noia che barba , che barba che noia !
    Et as gorilla …

  • Reb

    I’m trying to figure out, why her and why now? It doesn’t make sense. I really see this as more of a publicity relationship. They won’t marry.

  • Verity

    Is that not Karen Duffy in picture 11? She can’t get a mention JJ.

  • SleepingBeauty

    Seems that Clooney is doing the wrong thing after waiting for so long to marry the right gal. They don’t know each other on a daily basis. I’m sure Amal has nothing to lose, and she wouldn’t go forward with this insanity if it was another ordinary proposing after 2 minutes.

  • princess charming & charmettes

    to prince and princessses charming, and the not so charming world too.

    when you are young its better to date around rather than tie yourself down to one person right away. odds are the person is wrong for you. if you have not dated a lot you’re not going to know “the one” is “the one” when they enter your life. clooney dated enough for lengthy periods to know when he found the right one and he also advanced in age and with age comes experience. he shoudl know by now how to know he found the one. i don’t recommend people sleep around or live together in sin either. the one thing many do wrong is sleep around. the other thing many do wrong is live together. the third wrong is to not wait until marriage. hang onto your virtue and your personal happiness. ( i don’t care that its 2014 either. you should still holdout for “the one.” be free and be happy loving life and many people just no sex. you are truly free when you date around with no sexual involvement with anyone. be happy. blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see god. ciao

  • Seriously

    What a hideously ugly woman Amal Alamuddin is. Every single shot here shows a transvestite clone. I’ve never seen Clooney with an uglier woman.

  • Craig ’75

    Is he gay? This beard sure makes me think so.

  • well I stymied to comment!


    The most unbalanced union in Showbiz. The uneducated school dropout, mediocre talented, conceited actor with classic movie matinee ageing looks. And the university graduate, grotesque ugly masculine Arab drag queen: Amal Alamuddin.

  • well I stymied to comment!

    Clooney’s payback to Hollywood power-players Jews who made him struggle for 15 years as an aspiring actor till he got his big break?
    So he decides to marry a Palestinian supporting Islamic Arab??

  • Fifi

    He either feels like throwing up at the pretence just looking at such hideous Amal…
    Or…he has crush on her name-dropping, ostentatious mother
    Or…he drinks so much to endure.
    He slept with so many people…mAybe he has warts in privates too like Baria & Amal have on their face

  • she’s elegant

    when you insult amal you are also insulting clooney
    she’s elegant and your insults won’t stick because anyone who can’t see she is beautiful and elegant needs glasses and not the drunk glasses.

  • tuning out

    Oh, I can’t like an actor anymore who pollutes the world with such an aesthetically unappealing companion. Artists are meant to stimulate our senses with beauty. Clooney is creative artist.
    Not the bizarre & grotesque.

  • tuning out

    @she’s elegant: only retatddds like you who are paid to post so. Part of the idiotic pr network. The whole world can see how ugly Amal Alamuddin and her wart faced mother is as much a fameho.
    AMAL ALAMUDDIN IS UGLY & that is the general consensus.
    Sell ice to Eskimos. Losers

  • tuning out

    @she’s elegant: retarddds like you are paid to spin crap.Ugly woman. Destroying his brand. Alcoholic or Closeted bisexuaaal.

  • So True

    @Seriously: Agree, she is by far the ugliest of all the women he’s ever dated. And the media calls her beautiful!!!

  • LOL

    @Fifi~ George excels in bullllshit & image flaunting…FOR MONEY.
    HE’s making big bucks with this Media blitz cash cow.
    Analmudhole & her mom Barrel ALardFat are making their %.
    George is OCD afflicted for sure.
    Deranged man who has killed off his few brain cells through closeted…
    Yeah that.

  • Awww…

    Poor passive-aggressive pussssy with the emotional marurity of a 10 year old. Pathetic moron. So besotted with his own image & public reaction.
    Messes up his work like Monuments Men because he can’t concentrate.

  • Awww…

    Poor passive-aggressive pussssy with the emotional marurity of a 10 year old. Pathetic moron. So besotted with his own image & any public reaction.
    Messes up his work like Monuments Men because he can’t concentrate.

  • Looselipz

    Wow, such disdain for Georgie’s beard.
    I am equally curious as to why such a shotgun engagement.
    I think there’s some sort of equal worship they have with each other. He’s always dated women who he probably couldn’t engage in any intelligent conversations with.
    I think he’s deep in the closet.

  • Clarence Clay

    @princess charming & charmettes: generic or specific? cos Amal Alamuddin slept around. She’s had boyfriends from as far back as university. No one married her, obviously. Unless like a typical Islamic fundamentalist she’s paid to have plastic surgery to sew on a hymen illusion so she can sell herself as a “virgin” which is a common practice amongst Islamist Lebanese. Mind you, she looks like she had transgender reassignment surgery, more than anything.
    Anyway, you can date & date. Then after 6 months the pressure increases and men usually want sex or marriage, if you’re celibate. Others need to test compatibilty before marriage so they just engage in foreplay.
    But this couple is old. She’s approaching 40.
    George is old & used up fro sleeping with so many people too.
    Promiscuity isn’t good.

  • Marco


  • Anonimo

    @Looselipz: he’s complex-stricken about his lack of education & feigns articulation. Faux intellectual.
    Also, since he became the butt of ridicule & bad jokes as a stereotype.
    So, he brainstormed with a defective PR network…
    he forfeited any matters of the heart (since he didn’t have any) for a “practical” substitution: unattractive, masculine woman in lieu of sex-flauting bimbos.
    What he got in the trade off:
    Ugly woman, namedropping mother-in-law & good education…
    All for image.
    But alas, her education doesn’t lift his image. She may have studied at university, but by no means intellectual nor creative.
    Her vocabulary limited, she didn’t even know the word “pathos” at school.
    Lucky her family had money.
    George Clooney deserves trash. Whether trailer trash or gypsies.

  • cowbulls

    Amal is used to small needle dick Arabs so Clooney’s tiny member would be right up her alley. Wink & you miss it. Hahahaha.
    Amazon Stacy Keibler could take 3 well-hung cocks at time in double penetration & still control the service.
    Fagggott assss Clooney got what works as a beard.

  • cowbulls

    *****D I C K S


    Ugly camel fiancée.

  • *yawn*

    Freak-footed, skeletal, thyroid-bulging eyed zombie tries to act like she’s coy by hanging her head to copy Princess Diana (as advised by the old crone hackers of the PR network) but her massive humped nose hangs somewhere near her chin.
    How could Clooney have stooped so low?

  • B.C

    and that’s a lawyer………….?!!!!
    Maybe it helps to read a self-help book…how I behave in public!

  • Susie

    @Reb: Gerorge Clooney is totally gay, he has hidden it well for all these years but his career is over and he wants to stay in the spot light, he has dated as many actresses as he can but he is old. He thinks that dating a career women will get him into politics but she is a supporter of PLO a terrosist group and has defended Senussi who is a war criminal and rapist.

  • jewish women are bimbos

    jewish women are whores who sleep around with men for money. they are mean jealous golddiggers and their hubbies hate them. they prefer black women to short ugly bignosed loudmouthed jewesses.

  • B.C

    He needs a AUDREY HEPBURN.
    not a career women!

    “My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman.”

    “My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman.”

    “The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

    “Happy girls are the prettiest”
    ― Audrey Hepburn

  • Anomaly of the senses.

    @B.C: and Audrey happened to be pretty and not with massive Toucan beak, nor freakoid Halloween bug-eyes, nor a Freddie Mercury buck-toothed mouth, nor vulture claws for feet, nor as skeletal body, steel wire hait.
    Amal Amaluddin is hideously gross.
    Audrey Hepburn had a small retrousse nose, almond eyes, sweet smile, sexy lithe figure.
    He is FORCED to date the freak by his handlers…

  • Rose

    I’m SO not digesting this fake publicity arrangement.
    The least credible of the lot. I don’t think he’s gay at all. On the contrary, a womaniser with an appetite for many.
    The hired help plain escorts are getting less & less credible. No one bought the last 2-3 girlfriends were real relationships. But nobody especially believes this is real.
    Reeks of Rock Hudson revisited is what most think. Dreadful PR team. His peers must be pity him.

  • B.C

    An Advocate for Children

    In addition to over fifty trips to Third World countries, Audrey worked tirelessly to raise support for UNICEF’s programs and increase public awareness of the challenges facing the world’s children. Audrey had always kept her distance from the press, and, despite her acting career, speaking in public “scare[d] the wits out of [her].” However, her new job required numerous speeches, press conferences, and interviews to effectively raise public awareness. As she had done for each film, Audrey put her all into doing the best job she possibly could. “Audrey did so much hard work – before as well as after,” says Christa Roth.

    “She called for all the information we could supply her with about a particular crisis spot,” says Roth. “She not only went on her mission well briefed, but she could speak of particular problems – not just UNICEF ones – with a detail that convinced her listeners she had used her time well, and wasn’t simply bringing back a sincere but rather superficial view of a country. She wanted, above all else, to be credible.”

    Roth says, “Her professionalism was terrific. She knew how a sentiment had to be boiled down into a phrase, a ‘soundbite’. She was able to deliver it with all the force of her art.” She received more coverage than any other UNICEF ambassador before or since.

    Every year between 1988 and 1992 Audrey hosted, with Roger Moore, the Danny Kaye International Children’s Special in Holland, which was broadcast worldwide and drew enormous donations. In 1990, she performed in a series of benefit concerts for UNICEF, reading selections from The Diary of Anne Frank, integrated with an original orchestral work by Michael Tilson Thomas. Also in 1990, she co hosted Concert for Peace with Jimmy Carter, Francois Mitterand, and Nelson Mandela among the participants. She took part in the World Summit for Children, launched UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children reports and even drew a simple but beautiful sketch of an Ethiopian woman and baby that she donated to an auction to benefit UNICEF, which sold for $16,500 and was put on a UNICEF Christmas card.

    On April 6, 1989, Audrey made the first of two congressional appearances, testifying before the House Select Subcommittee on Hunger. She told the congressmen, “Less than one-half of one percent of today’s world economy would be the total required to alleviate the worst aspects of poverty and would meet basic human needs over the next ten years.” In her second appearance, in June 1991, she urged a boost in aid for Africa.

    “The work Audrey Hepburn did for UNICEF was imperative for us” said Lawrence E. Bruce, Jr., former president and CEO of the US Committee for UNICEF. In 1991, President George Bush gave Audrey the highest honor any individual can receive in the United States – the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She said, “I have been given the privilege of speaking for children who cannot speak for themselves, and my task is an easy one, because children have no political enemies. To save a child is a blessing: to save a million is a God-given opportunity.”

  • Ah, Bite Me!

    @B.C: yes. This. And not unscrupulously defending anyone as a junior nobody solicitor with an asssss-kissing fawning mother.
    Audrey genuinely participated in benevolent work. The beautiful Bardot chose to save animals.
    Some of us who studied criminology, prefer to champion infanticide in all societies, especially our own back yard.
    Or pedophilia.
    The societal shame hat so many choose to ignore because the predators often have connections.

  • jews are a danger to americans

    the jews are trying to control world population by claiming there isn’t enough food to go around or there isn’t enough land
    other ways they try to control the population is through war and birth control.
    they are all about decreasing every other race except theirs.
    they jews control the media because they own over 90% of the media, including newspapers television cable
    in america, there are too many jews in public office compared to the rest of our population who are not jewish.
    the 1% is all jewish.
    the 1% controls 99% of the world and this 1% are responsible for all the wars in modern history.

    bottom line: jews are against peace and this makes them a danger to america and anyone who wants peace. jews prefer war to peace
    jews are immoral, leading the world to hell.

  • fight the good fight

    fight the good fight
    by renouncing the jews and their ideologies
    vote them out of office
    buy them out or destroy their media ownership
    sue them for discriminatory hiring practices. make it a front page news by getting your own radio and tv shows and take them down or buy them out.
    i encourage the hispanic population to get involved in media and on tv regularly. you are not represented enough in the media on white tv. and you are represented unfairly with false stereotypes.

  • Ah, Bite Me!

    @jews are a danger to americans: they’re a religion, ignoramus. Not a race pr se. CREED.
    Sammy Davis Junior was a Jew. So is Whoopi Goldberg. Dumbass.
    Stinking Arabs breed with camels & some mutation occurred. Hence spawn of genetic mishaps like Amal Alamuddin & her Arab clan.
    Indigestion alright.
    I’d barf up dinner too.

  • Jill Angie 9 ~ CIA

    Oh, I don’t criticise people based on looks. Granted George Clooney is too good looking for this person to whom he’s “engaged” for publicity.
    But calling her ugly, tranny, beast, circus escapee freak is outright mean. Not at all funny.
    Perhaps you should address her immoral practices & calculating scheming awful personality. Hmmm?

  • Save George

    RUN, GEORGE!!!!

  • pete

    @Susie: If this is true that he has picked this ugly women because he wants to go into politics why is the media supporting it.

  • cindy

    I live in California. I would never vote for someone married to her and her ties to the PLO or defending terrorist. He is insane. Instead of wasting his time with this woman, he should be here in California getting to know the Californians and their problems. Governer Brown was a bachelor for a long time. Now that he(Brown) is married it makes me wonder if he is running for the presidency.

  • What a snooze!

    George is a coward! He allowed his handlers to destroy a woman’s reputation, career, life, and everything that had meaning to her. They successfully blocked every avenue for her to succeed. Why?? They love control. Now it is spread around Amal is pregnant? It will be a spawn of Satan. He an atheist and she is just a demon. This will not end pretty! His family seems to go along with this mess. I wonder about them?
    People beware! If he runs for political office, if it is not rigged,they will be skewered. Well deserved lynching I say!

  • What a snooze!

    @cindy: Cindy, he is not interested in doing good for Californians. California has not had any politicians in a long time, who did what was right for that state! George will just be another one. Amal wants power to abuse. They are hosing him out of tons of money. Parents are embarrassing if you ask me. George and family is not going to fare well with this. Mark my words!

  • Suite 69

    @What a snooze!: imagine how ugly their offspring would be. If a eunuch can have children, that is. But maybe egg donation & stuff.
    Her gross features are much more manly than his. One ugly little gonzo Arab half breed running around Italy or LA. Aaron Spelling had an unattractive spawn too.
    Looks matter.
    Physical appearance matters in this shallow & fickle world.
    That’s why George is a control freak about his sillhouette…

  • cowbulls

    @What a snooze!:
    He couldn’t bone an Amazon like Stacy, stupid.
    We did. Maybe Amal Amaluddin can peg anal instead.

  • ouch

    He is with her because he chose to be.You are a bunch of racist,prejudiced loosers spilling hate all over.He is going to marry her no matter what you say and you all are going nuts because you can´t deal with it.Let it´s better for your health.

  • cowbulls

    @ouch: ah, suck my scrotum!
    He is with her cos he has to be! Orders. He’s a passive-aggressive loser who does as he’s told. Everything is controlled. He signed his life away for fame & fortune. Knows the rules if the game. If he can’t stand the fugly drag queen, that’s not our problem.

  • No way

    Poor George. This is suicide. He’s so unhappy. I think he’ll die of some serious illness soon from all the pretence. He must be mad. I mean, spending all this time lying to the fake fan forum PR trolls like many who post here. Anal Alamuddin confided that the wedding is on wknd of Sept 27 & in Venice.
    George tells her not to read all negative comments online. Yet he can’t stand her. She’s self-assured & smug cos the power players decided he must marry her for political reasons.
    Fail…again. They sure just like to bully him.

  • jews are a mafiosis family duh

    someone doesnt’ understand jews which is understandable since most people are actually followers of the true god JESUS CHRIST

    jews are not a religion.
    they are a family under the auspices of religion
    they avoid taxes by becoming a banker doctor lawyer judge politician or filmmaker…
    jews are a family; they are not a religion
    nepotism abounds in the filmmaking industry. if you are not jewish they make you take your clothes off for film.
    they are a mafia hiding under the lambs wool of a family. are you allowed to join their family of religion? no. you have to be a member of the family to be a member. that means only by birth or marriage. you can’t just join. they won’t let you in if you are black for example. go try going to their synagogue and see for youreself. your not welcome. you don’t realize fully until you get exposed.

    time to consider taking legal action for nepotism in hiring practices and positions of power. america is mostly white not jewish. yet jews classify as white on an I-9 form. there is no category for semite.
    anti semitism is a made up word its not real becuase there is no category on an i-9 for them. but there is one for hispanic, latino, african, asian, chinese japanese. go online and look at the pdf of the I-9 form. see for yourself. start seeing how the jews are nepotistically favored in hidden positions in society.
    i’m thinking lawsuit myself.
    multiple lawsuits.
    discriminatory hiring practices for a start
    make sure you get a lawyer and judge who sees it your way…class action lawsuit is the way to go