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Eva Mendes Hides Baby Bump After Pregnancy Reveal (Photos)

Eva Mendes Hides Baby Bump After Pregnancy Reveal (Photos)

Eva Mendes covers up her baby bump with basically anything she can find while heading back to her car on Wednesday (July 9) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actress was revealed to be pregnant that same day and this is the first sighting of her we’ve had since March!

Eva and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling are expecting their first child together after dating for several years. They have kept their relationship completely private and have even kept the pregnancy under wraps for seven months, according to several reports.

It was just announced that Ryan has booked his first job since the baby news was revealed. Make sure to find out about his new movie role!

FYI: Eva is wearing a Hatch dress and carrying a Longchamp bag.

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eva mendes hides her baby bump after pregnancy reveal 04

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  • Jemma

    She’s basically confirming it then…..she doesn’t seem the type to play a practical joke on the paps like this.

    Anyway there were some really nasty remarks directed at her when this broke that I originally thought were sexist but then I found out she said she mostly didn’t want kids (though that might change) while Gosling said all he wants to do is make babies……so ehhhh….hopefully not a bandage baby.

    Also conspiracy theory, but did Eva get those stories released of Ryan hating Rachel and wanting her fired? In anticipation of the Rachel + Ryan fans going crazy?

  • Really?

    God she’s an idiot.
    Why bother hiding now? Everyone has been so supportive and happy for them. I don’t get it.
    She looks like a fool, trying to cover up like that.
    It’s okay Eva. Let it all hang out.
    We love you! And Congratulations!

  • Secghnjbn

    She needs to get over herself ASAP.

  • xyzc

    Smth tells me the baby is not Gosling’s

  • poppy

    I find this really funny. What is the point of hiding it now? Congrats for hiding it 7 months tho I think this is a new record.

  • dramatic

    Ridiculous!! Can she be more dramatic?? Going to such great lengths to cover her belly. It’s as if she’s ashamed of it. Understandable that the paparazzi are annoying but come on! Own it Eva!! you’re not the first pregnant woman in stupid hollywood we’ve seen. I’m sure your belly is nothing special. If Jennifer Garner (classy woman) for example, can proudly walk around without being this dramatic, I’m sure you can too. Ugh! Stupid.

  • Jen

    @dramatic: All I got from it is that she doesn’t want to give paps a photo of her stomach. She kept it secret for 7 months so she clearly didn’t want her pregnancy to be exploited and now she doesn’t want paps to get a paycheck for ‘getting the money shot’ at her and her baby’s expense. Leave her alone.

  • CJ

    how awful it must feel to be ambushed like that. of course her instinct was to protect herself & her privacy. who ever leaked she was pregnant, or that she was at this place at this time is a despicable human being.

  • Jen

    You all do realize that some tool who gets a free photo will make seriously money off of it, right? Would you want some creepo to make bank off of your pregnant belly? Not everyone is a attention-seeking actor like Vanessa Hudgens.

  • sexiestdogalive

    god she is ridiculous , she could be happy to have a baby with gosling without that nobody would give a crap about her. she is 40 her little career is over long time ago, she doesnt get any roles anymore, so at least dont act like you are so important.
    how can gosling go from mcadams to her is a mystery to me, but she will always be the one that got away for him.

  • jen

    @Jen: why bring someone who has nothing to do with this post into it? smh

  • rach

    Under the radar for months then within days of the news breaking she’s suddenly out and about. Talk about drawing attention to yourself. Just get on with your life, everyone knows so why draw any more attention to yourself.

  • Jules

    Wow her ankles look amazing for 7 months pregnant! I wanna know her secret, lol
    I wonder who it was that broke the news?

  • Wauh

    Wauh, people are so mean. So, just because the “whole world gives them things up of approval and gets totally crazy about it” she should now be showing her stomach off to everyone. Maybe they wanted to get through this pregnancy without people following them – and you guys are giving her shit for hiding it? If she is 7 months along, they obviously didn’t want to make this a peanut gallery thing and some idiot leaked that information.
    And why also give her shit for showing herself out and about now… well, because life keeps going.
    Damn, people are so fast to be nasty. I know this is JJ, but damn.

  • Wauh

    *thumbs up

  • Jules

    @rach: At 7 months pregnant you have a doctor’s appointment every 2 weeks, then it moves up to every week until delivery. She doesn’t have the option to never leave the house. She’s gone this long without the public knowing anything, so I’d say she is trying NOT to draw attention to herself.

  • Kenike

    It’s remarkable how Eva Mendes hid her pregnancy.

  • shopgirl

    She has every right in the world to hide it. It is her body, or not?
    If she wants to keep some things private, why not. As an actress she can not keep a lot of privacy.
    And for some women baby bump is still the most beautiful and intimate thing in life.So”surprisingly” they do not have the desire to make money with it on the cover of every cheap magazine.


    Their teams are the ones who leaked it, so yeah she should own instead of pretending like they hate the attention.

  • Danae

    With people treating her as some kind of a royalty, no wonder she is so full of herself. I have no idea why people treat her pregnancy as some kind of a wonder, this is simple as hell, she had sex, she is expecting a baby, she’s going to be a mother, period.
    I can only imagine what will happen when the baby arrives.

  • planet earth

    Another stupid celeb with a small brain with her head up her butt

  • sexiestdogalive

    @shopgirl: yeah because she always was such a private person when she called the paparazzi to make pictures of her and ryans dog…please whats there to hide they already comfired it.

  • idiots

    @jen: I’m surprised you’re defending d-list attention seeker hudgens to begin with Lols, that person was just doing a factual comparison.
    @sexiestdogalive: hey did you think that maybe things with Rachel and Ryan didn’t end well at all and that’s why they broke up? Common sense idiot, stop daydreaming about them, the notebook is not real, your “one true pairing” is not getting together, stop being immature AF. all of the Rachel-Ryan shippers need to LET IT GO! I don’t care for mendes cause she’s simply not a good actress IMO but seriously, you will NEVER hear from ryan the real truth about his relationship with Rachel or the reason they broke up. Movies and reality are two VERY different things people, my god how young adults can’t separate fiction from reality is sad, I bet ryan thinks it’s sad too.

  • MimiB

    It’s kind of ridiculous going through such contortions to hide a baby belly. It’s almost like she’s baiting the papz to attract their attention. They’ll be hounding her now, to get the “money” shot. She could diffuse their attention by letting it all hang out for the world to see [as if we're interested] Now, photographers be lying in wait for her to get the first shot.

  • sexiestdogalive

    @idiots: oh please like i was mention the notebook, or did i say that they should be together instead of mendes and him or that she should be the one that he should have a baby with???
    I was just wondering how he can be dating two so diffrent woman…..thats all….read better and chill out!!!

  • DanaJ

    And how is her hiding or not hiding her pregnancy YOUR business, you bunch of lousy idiots???

  • Oby

    I’m with you on this one. Women have babies, its part of life. She’s become very annoying.

  • Rodoletti

    Olive oil ! gives a wonderful complexion.

  • Sam

    If these superficial people did not want anyone to know they’re having a kid, they would not announce it and live outside of Hollywood to protect their privacy. Instead, they announce it and go out the next day to be pictured.

  • shopgirl

    Look, if she chooses to avoid the paparazzi pictures of her belly, she has every right to it. And that’s it, period. No one can criticize her on that. You may not know this, but every pregnant woman has some unusual desires..
    And anyway, why would anybody so desperately want to see her belly ??? A little creepy, too.

  • sexiestdogalive

    @Sam: AMEN

  • Another pillow baby? Highly doubt she is pregnant. Seems too high maintenance to push the baby out herself.

  • Heidi

    It’s annoying to me that Eva Mendes expressed no interest in kids and is now having one (presumably naturally) at 40. My sister has been trying forever and nothing. I know we shouldn’t be speculating on this but it truly is an obnoxious couple. One second they are breaking up…. then Eva is apparently threatened by his friendship with Rachel…. now they are about to deliver a baby together. And are being, in my opinion, weirdly secretive about it. It’s weird.

  • Annabelle

    I can see why they probably hid it and why she’s covering herself. How would you feel if the entire world hate you because you’re ‘in the way’ of delusional peoples minds about your boyfriend getting back together with his ex? I feel really bad for her! The baby is not even born yet and many articles online have said how it’s disappointing this baby wasn’t his and Rachel’s. So yeah don’t judge them if they want to keep this private. It’s their life and their baby; they can do whatever they feel like doing. I just can’t believe all the negativity that’s coming from people. So what if she didn’t want to have a baby? She’s human! We change our minds all the time. Just let go the whole Rachel/Ryan crap it’s been over for years and it’s obviously not going to happen again.

  • MichelB

    I lové. Éva bag
    y’a quelqu’un ? know the brand

    Thank you

  • Love The Shoes

    @Jen: “@dramatic: All I got from it is that she doesn’t want to give paps a photo of her stomach. She kept it secret for 7 months so she clearly didn’t want her pregnancy to be exploited and now she doesn’t want paps to get a paycheck for ‘getting the money shot’ at her and her baby’s expense. Leave her alone.”

    Thank you Jen for being the voice of reason. She and Ryan didn’t announce that she was pregnant! They apparently allowed Ellen to verify what the tabloids seemed to be relentless about in their pursuit of the story. We know the trash press wouldn’t have stopped and if she wants to obscure and prevent NotOK, Ugh, Stank&Lies, OutaTouch, and Stunk from getting pics, more power to her. Angie and Brad had to move from country to country in an attempt to exercise their right to not be owned by the pap’s and their employers. Again, I ain’t mad at Ryan and Eva at all and more power to them for saying; H NO! WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE OUR UNBORN CHILD TO SELL YOUR TRASH!

  • courtney

    it’s part of being in the film business stars don’t get much of a private life. they hid it for so long because she’s of advanced maternal age and it’s her first pregnancy. some women also try to hide their pregnancies if they’ve lost one or multiple attempts previously

  • Anna

    What’s she going to do once the baby is born? Stuff it into a bag whenever the paps come around. I think she’s unstable. I feel bad for the kid, honestly.

  • Marsha

    She just doesn’t look pregnant to me. Certainly not 7 months along. But I could be wrong. Do you think they could be using a surrogate?

  • LOL

    I think the hiding it for 7 months and then leaking the news and even this is really just PR. The paps are only after her now because yeah they want the pregnancy shot for $$$. It’s equivalent to Beyonce dropping her music unexpectedly which makes the news.

    Not even a Ryan Gosling fan, but 90% of partners who are excited about having a baby don’t do a whole hiding thing…which makes me suspect Gosling and her were on the outs but of course now he’s got to do the honorable thing and stand by her.
    If she truly wanted to keep her pregnancy secret she could move from scheduled doctor’s appointment via chauffeured car service. ALL DISCREET.

  • Just me

    This woman is ridiculous. I swear she thinks she’s royalty.

  • Jessa

    She probably hid her pregnancy for several months because she knew that she would have been dogged by paparazzi the entire time. Those vultures will do anything to get pictures even if it means chasing someone down the street and in a car. It’s not safe. Also, his deranged nutty fans have been so nasty since this pregnancy news broke. Can only imagine having to endure several months of abuse. Not suprised she hid it for so lomg.

  • haha

    I’m sure it’s via surrogate..There’s no way Eva would get pregnant even if she could at the ripe age of 40. Plus, she’s an alcoholic. I doubt Ryan would risk impregnating her knowing she’s drinking behind his back. This is another Blue Ivy in the making ahha

  • MaisyRL

    lots of the comments seem to be ageist/irrational/misinformed. 1)Eva is 40 and said she didn’t want to have kids in the past. guess what? i know plenty of women that have changed their minds when they met the right person. And shame on the women that are cutting another woman down bc of her age 2)Ryan and Rachel were gonna get back together. Yea…in the delusional minds of people who can’t get over the notebook. 3) Hiding her belly: Celebs don’t want paps to get $$$$ from their kids/babies pics (unborn fetus’s in the womb count). I know, the Kardashians have brainwashed everyone into thinking everyone wants to show off every part of their lives just like them…but that is just not true. i *do* agree that Eva shouldn’t be in LA if they wanted to keep this a secret. either way, good for them. they’ll have a gorgeous child.

  • Anna

    Ok, that’s just silly. If I were pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby, I’d flaunt my big belly like a rooster in a hen house!

  • jade

    If they are so concerned with privacy and being left alone, why do they stay in LA? Ryan is successful enough to relocate elsewhere. Especially if he’s going to be raising a family now.

  • Isabel

    I don’t understand the logic of some of these celebrities. These types of shenanigans only serve to attract more attention.

  • haha

    @MaisyRL: shut up grandmaw!

  • Love The Shoes


    “@MaisyRL: shut up grandmaw!”

    And how about you stick the binky back in YOUR mouth and shut up? You’re an immature idiot but I think you’re aware of that already.

  • http://Yahoo Rita

    Hard to believe that Ryan Gosling chose a recovered heroin addict to have his child. Eva was heavy into drugs and is a has been actress. At 40, I’m sure she knew exactly what she was doing by getting knocked up. So disappointed in Ryan Gosling for choosing a woman with no class and so much older than him. Says a lot about him that’s for sure. Maybe he is into drugs too so it worked out! I bet he is