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Zac Efron Spotted Leaving Michelle Rodriguez's Home with His Overnight Bag!

Zac Efron Spotted Leaving Michelle Rodriguez's Home with His Overnight Bag!

Zac Efron keeps a low profile while hopping into his car after leaving his new girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez‘s home on Sunday (July 20) in Venice, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor left through the side door in an alley and was carrying his overnight bag and a skateboard.

Zac and Michelle‘s relationship became clear after photos surfaced of them showing off a ton of PDA during a vacation in Italy this month.

Their pal Gianluca Vacchi even commented on their relationship, saying the two have a “mutual healthy influence each other and they are very cute together.”

Make sure to watch Zac going on an adventure in a new episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls on Monday, July 28 at 8/7c. Watch a new clip below.

FYI: Zac is wearing Scotch & Soda jeans.

Zac Efron – ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ Skydiving Clip

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron leaving Michelle Rodriguez‘s home…

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zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 01
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 02
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 03
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 04
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 05
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 06
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 07
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 08
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 09
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 10
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 11
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 12
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 13
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 14
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 15
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 16
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 17
zac efron spotted leaving michelle rodriguez home 18

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lauren901

    So paps just happen to outside of Michelle’s place in Venice? Are we really supposed to believe this?

  • Emma

    Oh well Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron believe in sex before marriage. They both are going to hell and will be judged for it.

  • lauren901

    they are grown adults they can do whatever they want.

  • OMG

    No turning back from this one. F*ck buddies or FWB oe even in love for all eternity. Just hope them getting high doesn’t have tragic results.

  • lauren901

    idk why you assume they are getting high at all? yes michelle drink and parties but we dont know if she even does drugs still. fwb yes but its clear the paps were called

  • Sister

    How cute he is wearing her hat with the flowers.

    @Emma I love what you said. 2 funn.

  • OMG

    @lauren901: No I think they followed him from the night before at the chateau and I’m sure they have been camped outside his place as well . they wanted to catch them together.

  • OMG

    @Sister: Oh Yeah to answer you other question two addicts coming home from clubbing. come on your not that stupid.

  • Chris

    EWE Two men sleeping together . I’m crushed.

  • Claudia

    I can’t wait to see Zac in Running Wild next week! I think it’s going to be awesome!

    Love you, Zac! <3

  • Lauren901

    If that’s the case then they did a horrible job then from Saturday night then. They got them driving separately so that counts , so right now it’s clear thr paps are gonna get either Michelle or zac at the moment .

  • Lauren901

    Also the chatoeu maromont is also more then a club , its a hotel and other places inside,

  • Anna

    I am reminded of a limerick:
    There was a young man from Khartoum
    Who took a lesbian up to his room
    And they argued all night
    As to who had a right
    To do what and with which and to whom

  • Cassandra

    I’m sorry but ew. She is way too butch for this pretty boy. Gross gross gross don’t wanna imagine them in bed together !!!!

  • xvlmxx

    @Emma: ROFL

  • SMH

    He probably had a threesome with Rodriquez and her other girlfriend, who also left with them.

  • Odd

    @Cassandra: oddest couple but I thinkhe’s trying to throw off his pretty boy image with her

  • Lauren901

    You mean cara? That end ended months ago?


    He looks uneven, wonder if Michelle used a strap on.

  • SMH

    @Lauren901: No, dearie. The one that was in Italy supposedly, and/or the one she was in NYC with. So Rodriquez obviously has some new chickie and has Zacy in her bedroom too. How interesting. And what a guy, huh?

  • lauren901

    i think i know what your talking about, but i think your referring to blind items and etc, tho i do believe michelle is an lesbian and she is hiding someone, but i think those are blind items. but apparently from what ive read michelle was seen with a guy or a girl and it was ”friendly’ and platontic” but if your implyin michelle is hiding someone while she’s ”with’ zac then i see your point.

  • Hmm

    @HAHAHAHA: I bet you’d pay to see that

  • http://justjared sam

    ZAC , you can do better than this man!!!!!!


    @martian: lauren901 worships Zac. So she gives him a pass for every crappy thing he does.

  • Aliana

    Zac is wearing TOMS shoes :) Price: 55€ originals. 6€ in Aliexpress LOL

  • lauren901

    um i have? when have i done that? ive said hes not perfect person? back off.

    um wtf, first i dont have any kids.

  • jessa

    Well, there’s definately something going on… what exactly…beginnings of a relationship or just fun who knows? They’ve known each other for awhile but I’m thinking it probably turned romantic (beyond hooking up) before that Italy trip. He seems very infauated with her. Don’t see it going the distance. I don’t think she has much of a track record for long relationships while he does well he did in regards to his ex gf who he was still very infactuated with up until the end. There’s probably some PR in there but it appears real.

  • DildoZac

    @sam: No girl in Hollywood would go for a loser. If you go back two years his hookups included losers like him like Lohan and Michelle. He’s got no better options.

  • Truth

    Zac is gay and is hiding a boyfriend. this whole thing with michelle is to make zac look hetrosexual. Michelle is the perfect choice because shes also gay and wont out him.

  • jessa

    The paps obviously followed him and Michelle from The Marmont C to Venice B and waited outside so they could get the “walk of shame” money shot.

  • lauren901

    are you sure your not tc who claims things for the last three years on zac? people like you say things how zac is hiding a bf and etc, just stop. also your impllying michelle is 100% lesbian?

  • jessa

    @Truth: No, the body language (his) on the boat says otherwise.

  • lauren901

    go reads E!’s lastesed story on them its saying how michelle acted ”very single in new york last week” and how zac stayed at michelles for over 4 days and others came and go,

  • lauren901

    ignore ”truth” hes one of those who think they know zac is gay and been saying this for years how he had a bf who he hides and etc.

  • tulisa

    I would rather have him dating michelle than any of the young famewh0res in Hollywood like Miley , Selena , Lily or any one you can think of…

  • Hmm

    He seems to have a thing for bad girls

  • jessa

    @lauren901: Well the fact that he stayed for over four days when he has his own house in Los Feliz should tell you something.

  • lauren901

    well the fact that michelle has people just coming and going like her house is out in the open should tell you things also. then E! implies how they arn’t dating so who knows.

  • jessa

    He seems to have an MO when it comes to women — Brunette hair, exotic, petite, adventurous, a bit crazy and fun…I guess.

  • jessa

    @lauren901: Well, I wouldn’t say they are “dating” either as in exclusive but there is something going on. I just hope he stays out of trouble. He’s been looking healthy lately.

  • lauren901
  • jessa

    @lauren901: Lauren, I don’t know what’s going on exactly. I think he is very infatuated with her more so than she is with him, I don’t think they are dating per se. Of course people are laid back and cool when among friends but in a real relationship shit can real real fast.

  • DildoZac

    @jessa: and lately, strap ons.

  • Mean

    He got some action Saturday night in bed. Hopefully he had condoms. She isn’t that hot.

  • SMH

    I think all this clearly says he has been looking for another Vanessa, since he screwed up his relationship with her because of drugs and alcohol. She was his perfect girl, sweet but feisty, adventurous, happy, and loved life. Michelle is a really bad girl version of her, one that Zac should steer totally clear of with her addictive habits and partying. He’s just gettin in with another bad crowd, IMO. This isn’t going to end well.

  • nonya

    What do you nosy old biddies care what (or who) he does if you dislike him so much?

  • Sad

    When zac overdoses and end up in the hospital, then he will learn, because hanging out with this chick and his old crowd of druggie friends again, that is where he will end up. he just gotta learn it the hard way.

  • yawn

    I notice that Zac has the most boring haters. Most other celebs have some funny haters, Zac haters are just so dull and unoriginal. Wonder why…

  • Oh Please

    @SMH: VH is in his rear view mirror. Get over it

  • jessa

    Well, one thing I’ll say is — he drove himself to VB from the CM, so I would find it hard to believe that he was drinking. He may have done some stupid things but driving drunk and risking being in jail, uninsurable and probably forced into rehab is not something he is going to risk. He has projects that are going into production. He is not that stupid plus his family (dad) would come down on him like a ton of bricks.