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Justin Bieber Shares Photo of Orlando Bloom's Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr After Fight Video Surfaces

Justin Bieber Shares Photo of Orlando Bloom's Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr After Fight Video Surfaces

Justin Bieber has seemingly responded to the video that surfaced of him allegedly arguing with Orlando Bloom.

The 20-year-old entertainer posted an Instagram photo of the 37-year-old actor’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr, simply with the symbol of a crown as the caption.

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Justin quickly deleted the photo after a few minutes, but you can see it below.

In case you missed the reported fight video, it doesn’t show a physical altercation, but sources told TMZ that the duo went at it inside Cipriani restaurant on early Wednesday morning (July 30) in Ibiza, Spain.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s posting a pic of Miranda Kerr?

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  • Effy

    Well I’m officially a fan of Orlando.

  • corea

    Justin is a spoiled immature brat. He’s just posting pictures of Miranda because he’s angry that Orlando was out partying with Selena. Orlando is too old for this crap. He needs a better class of people to be around, not hanging out at the same clubs as this 12 yr old.

  • Guest

    Some one needs to smash that kid’s nose in

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: For realsies, guys, this is just too funny for words! Miranda Kerrdashian b@nged a baby boy and now now he’s getting all up in her ex-fake-husband’s grill about it and all the world has to do is sit back and laugh!

  • letsbehonest

    What a va gi na muscle. Why the fuq is everyone that is attached to Selena even messing with him? Selena looks for her own drama and creates it I bet that’s why she’s been expanding her circle lately. Believe me i hate this kid and wished they abandoned him at a secluded island. Seeing Orlando stooping down to this level and reading about Cara tweeting to Justin really says a lot about Selena and what she is creating. I never liked Selena and her whole I’m innocent and believe in Jesus crap! She seems really shady and fake.

  • assman

    MK hooked up with Justin Beaver, what a riot, no wonder divorce, I would kill myself

  • CeeCee

    Didn’t Miranda sleep with Justin Bieber while she was still married to Orlando? Is Justin rubbing it in?

  • Tibi

    That little shit. My mouth actually dropped open when I read this post. Very low blow.

  • Ugh

    The dictionary has a picture of him next to the definition of ‘d0uchebag’

  • Keira

    @letsbehonest: You moron! Orlandos wife screwed Justin it only says it on the article.

  • @2

    He was out to dinner with a group of friends. Not his fault that this twat was also there.
    He was probably jealous about Selena, so most likely said something about Miranda. Little piece of sh*t needs a beat down.

  • Whatever!!!

    Let’s see how tough that Canadian weasel is when he’s not surrounded by his bodyguards – someone needs to kick his lady butt. Zit faced little twerp.

  • Living in a box

    Girls are crazy.

  • LOL

    The way I see it, Orlando made a fool of himself. How old is Orlando? 37. His reaction confirmed it. His ex slept with Junior Justin. Afterall why would Orlando go after Bieber. And clearly she must have liked it because she was tired of Orly…who strays if they aren’t bored or tired of their partner. Not only did she stray she wanted out of the marriage.

  • letsbehonest

    @Keira: I don’t think you understood my comment. I knew about Justin and Mirandas little love affair. If Orlando hadn’t been connected to Selena, that reason only would have made sense. Then you have Cara who has taken a vacation with Selena and spent time together where they more than likely bonded and talked (about Justin). Well she tweeted him a not so happy message. My point being is that Selena has something up her sleeve and instead of avoiding that drama she gets closer to it. Now knowing that she’s friends with Cara who is known for taking drugs and that tape leaked of her and Justin sniffing coke i feel that Selena does have that influence on Justin.

  • P

    I think is so stupid that you guys thing Miranda slept with Justin. Is just so stupid.
    Justin is being so inmature.

  • assman


  • cali

    I read a long time ago that Justin slept with Miranda. She really loved the idea of getting it on with someone so young.

  • Lola

    HAHA love how you deleted the comments calling you out on the fact that this happened today and you kept saying it happened last week

  • ?

    If Justin and Miranda had gotten together he would have posted a candid shot of her, and not a stock photo from VS.
    And you have it wrong when someone said that Orlando made a fool of himself. He handled it with class. He could have beaten the cr*p out of Justin, but he didn’t. He had some words with him and walked away. Maturity at its best.

  • Kath

    Orlando sounds like another person who cant stand this little boy wanker…..simply because Bieber is a smart a*se mouth…nothing more. Hes a sh*t stirrer especially posting a oic of Miranda. You all have to be stupid if u think anything happened between Miranda & Justin. Gosh look at ELENA….constantly thinks she knows all & she didnt even know that Orlando didnt just spend time with Nina….but Erica…..but shes sooo stupid she doesnt know who she is. You could clearly see Erica with Orlando. Quick Elena….go back & have a look at the Nina story….u w*nker….and read my comments……dumb a*se

  • Sunshine

    @Kath: you have to be stupid to still think after this happened that she didn’t sleep with him.

  • ,


  • Nope

    @Sunshine: Or they could just be a cynical b*tch like myself, because at this point I’m 100% convinced the affair didn’t happen precisely BECAUSE they’re all so determined to tell everyone it did via this kind of thirsty PR stunt. Don’t Bloom, Gomez and Bieber all share some form of represenation, too?

  • Sunshine

    @Nope: Doesnt look like a PR stunt to me. Looks like a guy who is pissed off when a child flaunts the fact he slept with his wife in public. Since Orlando has made a big deal about not wanting any fallout from the divorce being able to be read by his son when he is older I hardly think he would then “set up” a pretend fight suggesting his wife was a cheater with a teenager. She did it. He was pissed. Beiber got in over his head and hid behind his bodyguards.

  • Nope

    @Sunshine: You have your opinion, I have mine. Mine is that I wouldn’t put anything past celebrities and having just googled, these people do share representation and they sure are all getting a lot of publicity out of this. Nothing would surprise me. It’s great for Bieber’s stud (hahahahahahahahaha!) reputation and Bloom is getting more career buzz out of the separation, supposed revenge sex with Gomez and now fight with Bieber than he’s had for years.

    My vote for the next twist in this circus goes to a follow up on the Bloom/Nina Dobrev comic con story. Isn’t she meant to be joining the boat half of them are on? And she shares representation with Bloom too. What are the bets that next, we get stories about how Bloom and Dobrev are comforting each other after Bieber taunting him about Miranda Kerr and Ian Somerhalder hooking up with Nina’s friend Nikki Reed?

  • venezia

    I’ve read that people at restaurant applauded Orlando,Justin Biberòn is much loved lol

  • Candice

    @Kath You are such a Stupid B I T C H!!!! Ur blast Elena yet your just as obsessed with Miranda defending her as if you f-ing know her…. Lo ser!!!!

  • Sunshine

    @Nope: um Justin Beiber doesn’t share representation with Orlando. Selena and Nina do yes as do half the stars in Hollywood . But Justin No. You need to google more carefully.
    And no, no one has said Nina is going anywhere near James Packers yacht because yes it is James Packer’s super yacht Orlando is holidaying on with Packer’s wife Erica. I don’t think Nina even knows the Packers. Its funny what lengths some people will go to avoid facing the truth of Miranda’s cheating.
    Did you know Beibers ex bodyguard made several tweets earlier confirming he had slept with Miranda. He has since been made to take them down.



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  • guest


    Justin did not flaunt anything. You people are to immature, perhaps children. Justin did not post the photo of Miranda until AFTER Orlando took a swing at Justin. So you got it all wrong.

  • guest

    By Justin saying “what’s up b*tch”, is what set Orlando off. There was NO Miranda photo involved until after the altercation. Justin allegedly posted a photo of Miranda after the altercation, on twitter, then deleted it.


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  • Sunshine

    @guest: He said to Orlando “She was good” referring to Miranda in bed. Thats flaunting it.
    Posting the picture was just the stupid childish action of an idiot who had been made to look a fool in front of a restaurant full of people….. Who actually applauded when he ran away.

  • Nope

    @Sunshine: Chill, sis. I follow celebrity gossip, that doesn’t mean I care about any of these people; I don’t give a fig if Kerr hits it with half of Hollywood and it wouldn’t surprise me if she had, considering old rumors via Lainey. The only part I’m questioning is whether it happened with Bieber specifically, because all involved seem to be benefiting from the publicity surrounding it too much for me not to side eye. And Google is telling me Gomez, Bloom and Dobrev are all repped by Scott Wexler and Aleen Keshishian at Brillstein and Bloom, Bieber and Dobrev are all repped by CAA and that until a couple of months ago so was Gomez. If that’s wrong, fair enough, but it seems like an interesting amount of rep overlap for something that has gotten them all a lot of publicity. And a couple of weeks back there was a story on about Dobrev and lots of others (inc Bieber) being due to be on a yacht in the same location to celebrate Riccardo Tisci’s birthday, which is why I threw my silly guess out there; I could as easily have guessed a Dobrev/Bieber rumor was up next for the same reasons.

  • Miranda and Justin

    Miranda had sex with Justin so she could get a record deal, because she wanted to be a popstar even though she can’t sing. She knew she was going to be kicked out from the VS since the other girls hated her guts, and she left with pride thinking she would be the next lady gaga because of Justin. But apparently Justin just quickly drilled her holes and didn’t sing with her after all. lol Anyway, poor Orlando that he was married to that gold digger, and its great that he finally has woken up and left that h@@kerr. Love and support for Orlando team.

  • Skippy

    Bieber is obviously taunting Orlando for some reason why would he post a photo of Orlando ex wife than delete it if nothing happened

  • Emma

    Swedish newspaper has the video of Orlando throwinc a punch. There was a swede there who filmed it! Seems like aftonbladet is the only site that has it?

  • Wtf

    A real man definitely doesn’t fight his battles over instagram. He’s such a little pussy and everyone knows it now.

  • Realtalk

    Its easy to be a thug when you have bodyguards to clean up your mess. Orlando is huge compared to Justin’s scranny butt and would have kicked his ass. You can see the size difference in this video //
    Just proves miranda is no angel as she portrays. How desperate are you for fame that you would have a fling with this fetus? Ugly ugly ugly. Inside and out.

  • go go

    Haha she’s the ho I thought she was, but Bieber, yuck! Anyone with fame I guess

  • xyzc

    PR at work. Two gays fighting over a beard, now thats funny

  • Lol

    The twat’s fans have shown up, I see. I guess that the story broke after their bed time, so they are making up for it now. All of them acting like this is Orlando’s fault, and not that tiny little piece of trash, Justine’s.
    The two videos say it all.
    Orlando is minding his own business, talking with friends, and Justine walks over pretending to be a tough guy. Skinny chest all puffed out.
    Justine says something nasty to provoke Orlando, then when he reacts, Justine hides behind his bodyguards. The punch would have landed but for the bodyguard.
    Orlando, being a real man, walks away, only to have Justine follow him, continuing to run his mouth. When Orlando turns, Justine again retreats behind his bodyguards. Even though Orlando is just talking, the brat is still cowering behind his paid employees.
    The fact that the restaurant cheered when Bieber left, also says a lot. That means that he must have been mouthing off all night.
    It’s hilarious that he proved himself a coward. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    They are both disgusting. Justin Bieber needs to grow up, learn to respect people and get his act together. Orlando Bloom needs to act his age and stop hanging around people in their early 20s or throwing punches at a someone who is almost young enough to be his son. Its like he’s going through a mid life crisis and it just comes off as creepy.

  • lulz

    @Anonymous: um hello? You’re acting like Orlando willingly associated with bieber? They were both outside Cipriani and that little girl called out Orlando thinking he’s hot sh!t and can get away with being a d-bag. Any sensible person would shut that little girls mouth up, idgaf how famous he is, he’s still a certified a$$hole and needs to be put in his place. Anyone with a brain should be supporting Orlando, things could’ve gone much worse considering how confrontational mr. beaver is.

  • PuppyLove

    Quick, contact the “Asians Read Minds!” poster and fight the conspiracy!

  • lol

    @Anonymous: Dad of one Orlando being at a bash with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and then getting involved in an altercation with Bieber is sad on so many levels.

  • wtf

    @lol: cipriani is a place to EAT, not a club you moron, anyone with money can EAT at cipriani, who was there doesn’t mean a thing. you’re acting like celebs know which other celebs are gonna dine at the same restaurant at the same night when they make reservations, god Ur a stupida$$.

  • LOL

    Bottom line is Miranda jumped ship on her “perfect” marriage to Orly.
    If it had nothing to do with Justin…common sense would be…why would Orly go after him.
    Orlando knows Justin tapped his model wife….and that is something he can never get over!

  • Uhmmmm

    Orlando was there with a group of friends. He wasn’t “hanging out” with any of those other celebs.
    Is he not allowed to eat?