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Celebs Take Sides in the Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight

Celebs Take Sides in the Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight

Fans aren’t the only ones buzzing about the fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber – celebrities are also getting fired up about the news!

Which side are the celebs on? Well the vocal ones all seem to be rooting for Orlando at the moment. We will keep updating with any additional reactions!

“Orlando Bloom didn’t try to punch Bieber. It looks like he tried to flick him in the head. That’s way, WAY better,” Arrow star Stephen Amell wrote on his Twitter account.

The Vampire DiariesCandice Accola added, “I’m glad Orlando Bloom smashed that weiner Justin Bieber. #smashedweiner.”

Click inside to see more celebrity reactions to the fight…

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  • Jen

    I don’t condone violence, but I know sh*t happens. I don’t like Justin Bieber and I have no doubt that he purposely got under Orlando’s skin. I can’t say much more on it because I wasn’t there. But in response to this particular post…I sure do hope none of these celebs are advocates for anti-violence, anti-bullying or any other campaign if they’re publicly cheering on someone for hitting someone else. I definitely understand where they’re coming from because, like I said, I can’t stand Bieber…but when you’re a celebrity, you have a different audience than some average Joe cheering on Orlando on Twitter. I hope what I was trying to say made sense.

  • heather

    Now I know why Justin never smiles. It reveals his gayousity.
    He should now live in northern Canada. Nobody goes there and he’d better not be seen by anyone lol

  • GGGive

    candice was hacked… and justin is an idiot

  • LovePattz

    No amount of money could buy this little @sshole any class. I have just become a HUGE Orlando fan!

  • Natural Nia

    LOL at how everyone hates justin! i remember one of the first interviews i saw of him…it was way after everyone else was already crazy about him, but i thought, wow, now i see why everyone likes this kid! he was sweet, humble and cute…but NOW, totally different story! sad.

  • Just sayin’

    Well, not that I like Bieber, but Orlando acts like a child as well.
    And congratzt to Candice. I always liked her. Now I see that she’s just another idiot who can’t keep her mouth shut. I mean…It’s their thing. So other forgotten ( or D-listers) loosers are trying to remind about themselves?
    And it’s pretty clear that the fight was about Kerr. And I hope she will hide under the rock. One is to pull uglies with an other man. Banging that child… it’s not just s-l-u-t like. It’s disgrace.

  • Nancy

    I am definitely team Orlando. Justin comes across as an ass. Orlando did the right thing by standing up to him.

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but in the past I’ve spoken out against celebrities who attacked him, citing that he’s just a kid but now he’s really starting to piss me off.

    Justin’s a little kid playing in a big man’s world (and influenced by douchebag Usher).

    I hope Orly kicks his butt the next time he sees him.

  • Effy

    Miranda and Justin are both going to be extremely disliked now and they deserve it. Orlando has been completely classy ever since he’s been in the spotlight. Bieber is a punk and needs to learn a lesson.

  • Ana

    @Natural Nia: excuse me, he’s always been an ignorant. I watched a clip of him where he was asked about the continents of the world and he didn’t know them. He already had an age…

  • James

    I don’t care if justin is the biggest douche in the world, you can go around hitting someone 17 years younger than you. Also, I saw the video, bieber was just minding his own business. Sorry but this time I’m gonna have to be on Biebers side.

  • bicurious

    If Bieber was in his wheelchair then I would think Orland shouldn’t have punched him but since Bieber was standing up I approve of the punch.

  • Nina

    Sorry but if it was the other way round, bieber would be in prison by now and ww3 would be commencing.

  • Does any of you a-holes realise that Bieber is made by you? He was just a little boy, who wanted to do his thing. And he got attacked day and night. And celebs did it a lot too. So stop bitching that he’s such a douche now. You created him. Being hated just because you’re a lucky little boy who got his chance… How would you grow up in his place? Never was a fan of his, but bullying is disguisting. And Orlando almost could be his father. You people destroyed that boy and now you’re sending him even more down… sick world.

  • Fugitive

    Justin has become a victim of himself. Justin can come back as before if you free him from pressure and criticism. People have always within their inner self. Sweet and innocent, cute and kind. Free Justin!

  • Rome

    Thank God! That screwed up kid needed a punch . Good job Orlando

  • Girl

    @Fugitive: Your comment may sound serious but no, he’s been an a*shole since teenage years.

  • Braggart-Boys

    Since everyone (women) here love to jump to eroneous conclusions as to the real reason orlando tried to hit beiber …i will throw in my two cents in .
    i think that absolutely NOTHING happened between mirander and beiber except that it only happened in bieber’s own warped mind….yeah beiber probably went and told his dumb hoodlum ‘friends’ something happened ,guys do that to big themselves up.
    let’s be serious now why on this earth would mirander ever get intimate with little baby beiber?
    and that’s the real reason orlando felt the need to defend his (former) woman.

    sorry never happened

  • path

    In fact, it’s embarrassing to see Orlando down to the level of this annoying Bieber, the Bieber’s kharma is to be a mediocre little rich boy, is his punishment.

  • ivan

    Obviously we have 3rd rate actors approving of bullying as some do in this site; you should be proud. those scum will not have my support nor of his millions of fans in whatever they do. Justin did nothing wrong. In fact Orlando’s wife and her lawyer have stated there was no affair with Justin Bieber; just friends. Orlando started it due to jealousy. case close!

  • womenshealth

    @ivan: what bullying? He will always be recognized by his stupid fans who feel kind of related to him too lol

  • Camila

    haha I agree @Girl, He’s a jerk. @Fugitive are you serious? free Bieber from pressure and criticism!?!? people criticize him for the things he does. Did you forget that he pissed in a Janitors bucket? how about the time he egged his neighbors house? or when he spit on someones face? Yeah he’s the victim! (rolls eyes) he could have handled these situations like an adult but no he went on to act like a jerk. Second, Orlando doesn’t seem the type to start a fight without good reason, I heard Bieber made a comment about his ex Miranda and that there is disrespectful. I don’t condone violence at all, I’m not saying Bloom is right for trying to hit him, but I understand Bloom. There’s obviously more to this story.

  • no

    If he didnt have a kid with Miranda I dont think he would have defended her. If this has something to do with Miranda of course.

  • nico

    @Hannah troubled?? yeah being filthy rich and thinking you’re God like is being troubled, he’s a spoiled brat there is a big difference. Don’t ever compare your situation with your son to Biebers. Bieber is being criticized for his actions. I’m sorry to hear about your son, bullying is horrible and no one should have to deal with that, but your son doesn’t go around thinking he can do whatever he pleases and get aways with it. Fame got to him, money changes people.

  • zzzz

    @nico: It changes people mostly when they come from poor ignorant entourages…

  • Come on

    @Hannah: Fyck you Hannah, everyone wants to see Justin Bieber burn. Orlando should have kicked him instead, then he would not have missed

  • EB

    Orlandoooo I love youuu Orlandooo!

  • kako

    Its all that baby named Flynn. I hope he grows up to be evil, sick and mad. Similar to Justin lol

  • theo

    If Justin hadn’t posted that stuff on instagram I would have maybe had sympathy for him. Now I do believe he instigated the swat on the head by saying something rude about Miranda. always & forever a d b a g

  • Jenna

    @womenshealth: @ivan: To “Ivan” I can’t believe you support Bieber in anyway. He’s a grown man making immature decisions and has to deal with the fallout. I have zero sympathy. In that respect, I do hear what you’re saying about ‘bullying’. Even if I feel like he should have his butt kicked from here to Africa, I don’t think celebrities should publicly cheer on the fact that he was hit. Sadly it promotes that they support violence, even if it’s just a punch. It makes them hypocritical when they comment on other acts of violence as wrong.

  • ouchgoodbye

    Justin Bieber is already a has-been . When has he last released a song>
    He deserves to get punched . But the BIGGEST loser is miranda kerr if she even flirted with him…she has a kid -grow up

  • remember da truth

    James #11, you don’t have eyes if that’s what you ‘saw’. I wasn’t there, but saw the video and heard what was said. Bieber made an uncouth remark about Miranda to Orlando because Orlando ignored him when he walked by and tried to shake his hand. Orlando ignoring the punk and not acting like he’s ok withJustin’s past douche behavior with the mother of his children is understandable and an adult way to be dignified about it. He didn’t say anything, he was as classy as always.

    Then, of course, Bieber has to open his mouth, then run and hide behind his bodyguards. Orlando had every right to go after him.

  • Candor33

    Bieber is looking for press. What a putz. He is still falling, down, down, down

  • remember da truth

    Ivan, oh pleeeeeze….. yeah, Justin did nothing wrong…. it’s not BULLYING to respond to provocation. BULLYING is when you pick on someone weaker. This was two men, one starting trouble deliberately (as he often does) making comments about the mother of another man’s child, then hiding behind his bodyguards because he’s not much of a man to begin with. And PUNCHING? we all wish… and not because we all love violence, but because this punk has been asking for a smackdown for a long time now. All he got was a slap on the head, not a punch, then he goes outside and is smiling about it…. He’s an A*S*S*.
    Someone needs to let him know that just because he wears a hat backwards and gets tattoos doesn’t mean he’s too cool to face the consequences of someone who will actually let him know when he’s crossed the line.

  • remember da truth

    Even if I hadn’t seen the video, all I need to know is this:
    Has Orlando Bloom ever been involved in a scandal? Has he ever been rude or disgusting or even disrespectful to another person?


    Has Justin Bieber ever been involved in a scandal? Has he ever been rude or disgusting or even disrespectful to another person?


    Who is more likely to have started a fight and acted like an ignorant douche? The guy who has deliberately vandalized property, both private and public? The guy who has spat at people repeatedly unprovoked, and hides behind bodyguards pretending to be some tough guy?
    Or the guy who has always behaved with dignity, maturity, and class?

  • Jena

    @remember da truth: I get what you’re saying, but how you justify that is pretty weak. If someone does bad things and another person doesn’t…but they get into a fight and the bad person wasn’t in the wrong, it’s not cool for him to be labeled as the one in the wrong. I’m NOT saying Orlando was in the wrong and Justin was right because Justin WAS the one in the wrong…I’m just saying that the mentality that “a few times wrong = always wrong” and “usually innocent = always innocent” is a flawed way of judging situations. If you did something wrong and got a bad seed label on you as you go through life even if you’re not the wrong person in every situation, you wouldn’t like that. That’s why the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing exists, because your history shouldn’t determine your position in every situation. I was in fights in high school…sometimes they were my fault and sometimes they weren’t, but if I was judged on every time it was my fault, I’d get blamed for everything. You know what I mean?

  • Paris

    Can Fustin Beaver just go away? Him and Slutena Homez are so annoying.

  • Effy

    Why is their sympathy for Bieber? He acted incredibly immature by posting that Miranda then Orlando instagram pic. He’s a douche bag and his mother obviously didn’t do a good enough job at parenting.

  • aquarius64

    @ivan: Your idol is going to pull this mess on the wrong guy next time. A guy who is not afraid of his bodyguards (and may have his own posse) and get up in his face..and do worse. This guy will not fear jail.

  • Tess

    @Effy: Miranda has always been a whore.

  • LOL

    I don’t get why people are cheering that Orlando attempted to punch Bieber..What has Justin Bieber done to anyone here personally?

    This is an example of the media follows him around every second of the day..He lives his life in full view 24/7. Wasn’t it Orlando who said himself if had been his age and had so much money he’d be in all sort trouble himself.
    It’s the media who stalks these young entertainers, revs up animosity because they are rich and live spoilt lives and then cheer at someone become violent against him..
    If anything this whole incidence proves people love violence, in the face of all that phony anti violence talk Hollywood actors like Orly like to feign they are about.
    What exactly has JB done that you are cheering him getting punched?

  • Brige

    I love Dominic response! so funny <3

  • chris


    Bieber called Orlando a bitch. You can hear it in the video

  • http://N/a Cherub

    Well someone has to do it!team elf prince Legolas!

  • Elsie

    I’m only sorry he didn’t land the punch. That little runt needs knocking down a peg or two!

  • Just Sayin’

    @Just sayin’:
    Great job at jumping to conclusions. A+ . Candice’s account was hacked just in case you didn’t know. And really, calling some a slut? You seem like a delightful person!

  • hee-hee

    He didn’t hit him hard enough!

    Always think that Orlando and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden could be twins.

  • Meh

    @James: You saw the different video then. Or, TY for the update, Justin! I’m Team Orlando, btw.

  • Meh

    @Jen: It really doesn’t, sorry!

  • Meh

    @: I must protest! Orlando couldn’t possibly father such a…thing. Thankfully, it’s not in his genetics. And please! I didn’t “create him.” Let’s straighten the facts, shall we? He is not being “hated just because he is a lucky little boy who got his chance” – he is being disliked/hated/held in contempt because of his disgusting behavior, dirty mouth, inability to learn and become a decent human being. Because he prefers to be a cowardly and spoiled little brat who is hiding behind his bodyguards when he has more opportunities in life than many kids can ever have. He is not a kid anymore – he is 20 smth. or so I’ve heard. So no, I have no compassion for this human trash. He wants to live in his low-life “gangsta world” – his choice. They wash their money of him. But in this case he has to stay in his dark world and stay away from the decent and serious people who are WAAAY out of his league. He needs to learn some manners and finally decide who he wants to be in life.