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Bradley Cooper Grabs Dinner with Suki Waterhouse & Cara Delevingne!

Bradley Cooper Grabs Dinner with Suki Waterhouse & Cara Delevingne!

Bradley Cooper keeps his head down low while going to his car after a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse on Wednesday evening (August 6) in London, England.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse and her model pal Cara Delevingne, who left the restaurant with a box of pizza to go.

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Bradley is in town while working on his new movie Adam Jones and he was seen embracing his girlfriend on set last week on a break from filming.

25+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse out for dinner…

Just Jared on Facebook
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 01
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 02
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 03
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 04
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 05
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 06
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 07
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 08
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 09
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 10
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 11
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 12
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 13
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 14
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 15
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 16
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 17
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 18
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 19
bradley cooper dinner suki waterhouse cara delevingne 20

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  • LOL

    How the heck did he lose all that muscle and weight so fast??? He looks thin and it not appealing at all.

  • Ew

    @#1 He looks so much better.

    Suki’s just such a slob. Ew. Her hand.

  • Three’s A Crowd

    They all look so happy walking out separately with their heads down and no smiles. Don’t tell me they’re unhappy to be papped, Celebs go to the Chiltern Firehouse to have their picture taken. LOL

  • PR Photo-op

    Suki’s PR team got these photos up FAST, even the Daily Mail doesn’t have them up yet. Notice most of the pics are of her. lol

  • Bradlifer

    Lol! New set of pr pics! Hahha and this time not
    Even the clingy whure bothers to put on her fake
    Smile and cling on to him for dear life as she always do. And the location is a dead give away. Paps are crawling outside that place and celebs go there in order to get paped.

  • Bradlifer

    Lol! New set of pr photo op pics. This time not even the clingy whure that normally Clings on Bradley for dear life put on her fake smile and hanged off of Him. And non of them look happy. And I also love the location. A place packed with paps and a place where celebs go to
    Get paped. Dead give away for planed pr photo op pics.

  • Jan

    Why are there no pics of any of them together? In every photo all three of them are alone.

  • Cinesnatch

    What do they talk about at dinner?

  • Alicia
  • Drake

    @Cinesnatch: They talk about who’s buying the coke tonight.
    Chiltern Firehouse has one of the worst star ratings – 2/5. None of these celebrities are going for the food. Lol Why didn’t Jared include the pictures of Harvey Weinstein leaving? Was Bradley “quietly drunk”? Who stays out until the early hours of the morning when you’re in the middle of making a movie? Chiltern is the perfect spot for Bradley – they’re both overhyped and cliched.

  • P

    I usually think Suki is butt ugly. She actually looks nice here

  • Bradlifer

    Hahhaha ha lol! Harvey was there! Well hello pr couple. Meeting about the contract again? Lol!!

  • Bradlifer

    Lol! Hello staged pr photo op. Had a meeting about the contract again? Lol!!

  • Drake

    @P: Until you see the white stains on the front of her dress.

  • Cara Delevingne

    @Drake: You could be right about the lousy food. The Daily Mail just put up a separate (and more interesting) article about Cara at the Chiltern Firehouse last night. The pizza box in the Jared pics is from the Farmhouse Pizza takeaway. Did Cara even eat at Chiltern, or was she there to keep Suki company while Bradley talked to Uncle Harvey? LOL

  • Bradlifer

    @Cara Delevingne: maybe she took her leftovers with her home. Last time the contract was discussed Leo was the third party this time it is cara. And I love the car pics seating far apart non of them even looking up and not even a slight smile on anyone.

  • Drake

    @Cara Delevingne: That pizza box Cara is holding is suspect as hell. Who carries a fresh pizza like that? Either it’s a stale pizza or empty but carrying “something else”.
    You’re probably right. I’m going out on a limb that Harvey is in town to check out the progress of the movie. Bradley and Harvey talked business which is why Suki called in Cara since there’s only so much conversation to be had about Suki’s modeling and acting careers. Lol

  • Drake

    @Bradlifer: She didn’t take any leftovers from Chiltern. She left from there empty handed.

  • Bradlifer

    Harvey Came to london to talk to his pr couple about the failed photo op pr pics. First Nola where they had a fight and then the other pics that was also fail, sins he was not doing his part of the deal. He came to give them
    A lesson about what he wants. Haha

  • Bradlifer

    @Drake: she has a box under her arm on these pics I hardly think she brought that with her to the restaurant.

  • Drake

    @Bradlifer: Look at the entire set of photos elsewhere. Jared only has the photos of Cara arriving home. In between leaving the Chiltern empty-handed and arriving home, she got a “pizza”.

  • Bradlifer

    Ok i have not looked anywhere else.

  • Rex Features

    Bradley didn’t waste any time putting last nights boring photo-op behind him. Rex has new pics up of Bradley filming today.

  • Dana

    Bradley is so hot!

  • Dana

    You guys sound way too invested in Bradley and Suki’s relationship. Just be happy for them!

  • Alicia

    I think that was a business meeting for both with Harvey…. Rosie-Chef stunts
    @Rex Features: thanks ;) walking again!

  • bradlifer

    @Alicia: and don’t forget their pr relationship and al the bad photo ops they have made recently. And if it was for them both why was Cara there. Harvey has nothing to do with the rosie movie.

  • L

    What a bunch of sad losers, everything Suki touches flops, probably have more pr photos over the next few days, they sado’s

    Bradley and Suki are the most cheerful people pr couple ever (not)

    Why is Bradley drinking when he has work the next day (idiot)

    See that Uncle Harvey has a twitter account, does anybody dare tell him off Bradley and Suki the pr couple (@HarveyWeinstein)

  • Hello

    Is there any other restaurant than the Chiltern Firehouse in London ? They did not want a private night if they went there. Their behaviour is still inconsistent in front of the paps. A night out with SW and CD must be really exciting :-) And BC’s friendship with a man like HW is unbelievable…

  • bradlifer

    @Hello: Friendship with Harvey? LOl more likely business partner and pr manager.

  • I can’t…

    I am dumber for having read these idiotic comments. Where the heck do you come up with these crazy “pr theories” lol?

  • Alicia

    If they want to “keep a low profile” (DM source)…. why they go to the Chiltern Firehouse? photos op translation PR stunt

  • Alicia

    @bradlifer: probably harvey has nothing to do with but “the supermodel” needs advertising to sell the film

  • Dolly

    Ewww. Gross.

    Anyway, this is obviously one of those see-and-be-seen places where people go for networking and photo ops. Articles about Chiltern Firehouse basically say that paps are camped outside of it. What does Brad have slung over his shoulder? A towel? A jacket worn preppy eighties-style?

  • L

    Why does Uncle Harvery thinks everyone will fall for Suki Waterhouse, she has no charm, has no dress sense, her hair looks like crap and lies and gets her stupid family to use Bradley name when ever (not surprised the dog has not used Bradley name yet)

    Nobody cares for Suki, you know what the sad fact this relationship will never end until Suki is rich and famous (that will be never)

    Always hated Harvey Weinstein as he used Peter Capaldi like crap and dumped him and Peter has more talent in his finger than crappy Suki

  • bradlifer

    @Alicia: that just it, he is in no position to do advertising for that movie, he is not involved and she is barely in it, she has a few scenes…it is not like he is the producer or anything and is the one planing PR for it..

  • L A I N E Y .


  • fun night

    always a fun night with Cara
    Did she gave Bradley and Suki some stuff to enjoy?

  • fun night

    remember the photo of Cara in May with a mysterious sachet of white powder ?
    Perhaps she just didn’t want the mysterious sachet to fly away.

    But if Cara Delevingne was hoping to prove that the white powder inside it was entirely innocent, these latest pictures won’t help.

    They show how the 20-year-old model resorted to some desperate footwork as she tried to conceal the packet from photographers outside her home in Belgravia, central London.

    She was fumbling for her door keys outside her home when the sachet slipped from her grasp.

    Miss Delevingne is being investigated by high street retailer H&M over suspicions it contained cocaine.

    The retail giant – which has a ‘zero-tolerance’ drugs policy – employed her as the face of its Divided clothes range earlier this year but said it may drop her from future campaigns if it decides she has used the illegal substance

  • lol

    @L: What happened with Peter?

  • L

    Peter was to direct a film for Harvey and then Harvey told Peter on a plane the film was cancelled (when was flying over to do the film)

  • Jamie

    I’m hoping that Suki spilled something on her dress at the restaurant and didn’t just put on a dirty dress to go to dinner. And, to the person who said Bradley looks thin now, if you look at the photos on the DM, you can see that he still has a little belly. That review definitely sounds gross, so hopefully the restaurant can clean up its act. Not sure what to make of Harvey being there. He could actually be in town to check on or talk about the movie, or it could be for something else…lol

  • L

    Maybe Harvery wants Suki to get an award for her film (more like a razzie) and Cara said she wants a oscar

  • dirty suki
  • L

    Suki has a stain on her dress, what a dirty person she is

  • L

    Harvery is doing Finding Neverland, Gary Barlow is doing the music for the stage adaptation

  • Alicia

    Bradley using a double/actor for his scenes

  • Hello

    @Bradlifer: I see BC and HW relationship as a kind of mentoring relationship. Anyway, whatever it is, HW does not have the best reputation in this industry.

    @fun night: Maybe I’m late but I was not aware of the white powder pics story about CD. It’s from May last year, though but it seems that she has been fired by H&M after these pics. This girl is the best friend of BC’s immature girlfriend, who also posted pic related to cocaine on her Instagram. Cool.
    The sad thing is that a 39 year old recovery addict hangs out with young girls who are related to drugs and party stories. Too bad for his credibility. Unfortunately, I think that his change of behaviour of the last months could be explain by the fact that he may have returned to some of his past bad habits.

  • groovy8899

    Who cares about bradley ‘barry manilow face cooper ‘ and beady eyed suki waterhead. These two are boring and look skanky so does CARA

  • groovy8899

    @Hello: hello also…