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Sophia Bush Dating 'Chicago P.D.' Co-Star Jesse Lee Soffer?

Sophia Bush Dating 'Chicago P.D.' Co-Star Jesse Lee Soffer?

Sophia Bush is reportedly dating her Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer!

Sophia met her new beau Jesse on set of Chicago P.D.,” an insider told E! News. “They’ve been secretly dating for over three months, but only their close friends knew. Jesse is super-sweet and they are really cute together.”

The news comes just one day after it was confirmed that Sophia and her longtime boyfriend Dan Fredinburg split back in February.

The new relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Sophia and Jesse sure do look super cute together in all their Instagram pics!

DO YOU THINK Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer make a cute couple?

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  • Ali

    I hope so! l love these two together so adorable.

  • Lily

    Again, this isn’t news. We’ve known this for months. It became obvious when they tried to hide it. Cute couple though.

  • Autuum

    OMG, they’re so so so cute together!

  • Ali

    I wonder if one of their friends got paid to release this info. Sucks if they would do that. I’m happy for Sophia and Jesse two sweethearts!

  • Effy

    I think we all knew the other day when JJ posted about her break-up six months ago that her having a new boyfriend would be the next thing we heard about her. PR is desperate for her show.

  • Christina

    17th time’s a charm…

  • Mila

    I LOVE SOPHIA!!!!!
    If she’s happy then I 100% support her!!!!

  • Tia

    Love these two together!!!!!!

  • Jess

    This is news to no one, but word about her split needed to be out 24 hours before this confirmation, clearly. Maybe Jesse was tired of being a secret. I like Sophia, but maybe if she stopped dating her costars, her relationships might last…or maybe not, poor Dan.

  • AHHHH!

    This makes me dorkishly (yeah, I know that’s not a word) excited!!!! I FLOVE them on Chicago PD! Excellent chemistry. <3

  • Ashley

    Everyone expected this news to come out eventually especially after the confirmation of her split with Dan…that did not take long.

    Agee with everyone, we all knew it.

  • Caro

    Both of them are so good looking and charming! OMG why am I so happy with this news! Don’t know don’t care either. I hope it continues for a long time.

  • Jaelyn96

    I think they are adorable together and seem like to spend a lot of time together. Though source got it wrong, sophia didn’t meet Jesse on the Chicago PD set! they knew each other way before that when they filmed Hatfield and Mccoys. So they are best friends as well as costars. And well someone said that dan is dating someone else already

  • Kristi

    Obviously these two could date whomever they want so I say HOORAY for them. I thought they knew each other before Chicago PD. Didn’t they do a pilot for Charlize Theron? Now I’m very excited for season two Chicago PD hurry up and get here.

  • Jen

    Dan and Sophia mutually decided to end their relationship after coming to the conclusion that with their residences and with the careers they both have, their relationship just wasn’t going to go anywhere. Dan is always traveling all over the world because of his job and barely comes home. And Sophia has to live in Chicago for most of the year because of her show.
    But as great as they were together, Sophia and Dan still remain very good friends. They realized it was for the best.
    As for Jesse, he’s a great guy as well. If Sophia’s happy, then that’s all that matters.

  • Kelly

    Dan has a girlfriend too. I don’t care about the past I care about the future. Jesse and Sophia for the win. :)

  • Whitney

    Clearly, the media is stupid as always.
    If they bothered to check their facts, then they would know that Sophia and Jesse have known one another for a few years now. They starred in a pilot together that wasn’t picked up but still remained good friends. But from the looks of it, after being together all the time while filming their show Chicago PD, that friendship blossomed into romance.
    Good for them

  • ?

    I am wondering the same thing I doubt a publicist would do this. It sounds like someone who knows them leaked these stories in a row. Money talks. Anyway I am happy for them both they radiate happiness.

  • Georgia

    Sophia and Jesse = <3

  • A fan

    These two are awesome together. And Jesse was totally nominated for an Emmy….. #Sophscores

  • Sara

    Jesse was nominated for an Emmy?! Where is the info, that’s exciting.

  • Riley

    @Sara: Yeap, Emmy 2006, 2007 and 2008. Here the video from 2007 minute 2:30

  • Sara

    Thank you! I never saw him in soaps. He was good looking and the extra years now sure look good on him!

  • Elsie

    Yeah, the “source” isn’t correct in stating that they met on Chicago P.D.. They knew each other prior from filming a failed pilot. It’s clear they are very close. And I think they’re extremely cute together. Jesse is super adorable and seems like such a nice guy. Plus, he seems to really adore Sophia….so, I say go for it, Soph! You can’t help who you develop strong feelings for. And it’s great that they started out as friends.

  • anthrax

    I love this girl, but geez, it’s getting ridiculous. They look hot together, but every freaking time you just know she will be dating her cute co-star, c’mon

  • Lauren


  • Ana

    Sophia and Jesse are bright, successful, good looking. I bet they know how they feel about each other. They could date anyone they want and they chose each other. Not all relationships last but I sure hope this one does! I am on their team for sure.

  • Anna

    I always liked her. But not anymore- WHAT A WHORE!!!

  • diane

    We al now this
    boy nr?
    god she move fast
    how long this is gone last
    good luck for her but i don’t now

  • Lina

    I love Sophia but she does this thing every time… I mean c’mon! I’m not judging but still…. I don’t really like them, I mean he’s cute but he looks like a teen and I always imagined someone more…”mature” for her but hey… the heart wants what the heart wants. Sure as hell she could slow down a little bit. I mean, last year Dan was the “spark to her match”, “the best boyfriend she ever had”… and then they broke up and after three months she started dating someone else… That was fast. And I know Dan already has a new girlfriend (like a lot of you just said) but I don’t care, I’m not here to talk about Dan, I’m here to talk about Sophia and sorrowfully if a man starts date someone after a month from the break up no one cares or talks about it, but if a woman do that… well it’s another story if you know what I mean… It’s unfair but it’s the truth. Look, I know I’m gonna receive a lot of “insults” for this comment, but before writing stop and read… I’m just telling the truth here.
    This relationship will be the ruin of the already (in my opinion) “half” done Chicago PD.
    And always in my opinion they wont last and neither the show…
    By the way, going a little bit off topic, I’d prefer her with Taylor Kinney if she really has to date some co-star. But Taylor have Gaga and they’re happy so…
    Have a nice day all of you.

  • c

    He looks like a teenager while she looks her age. Given how all her relationships seem to go, I don’t see this lasting so I hope they keep it from affecting the show in any way.

  • Hallie

    Jesse may look young but he’s 30 years old, only 2 years younger than her. I don’t see the big deal. Also, he’s been working in Hollywood since he was a kid; he understands the business and he’s very mature. I think they’re a good fit.

  • Dana

    I’m really happy for Sophia and Jesse.
    They have sizzling chemistry and look awesome together.

  • Please

    Double Standards! Give it a rest. Sophia is a gem, you all know that. Date away Sophia. You have the best heart of all. You and Jesse chose each other. two of the kindest people out there. God bless you both.

  • deep

    good luck to them and all the best but sophia and her co-stars are becoming a running joke now. i feel bad for her because its hard to date when you work long hours. but sophia has become the butt of co-star jokes…saw so many snarky comments on twitter already.

  • Kris

    People will always make snarky comments because that’s what immature people do. People say the dumbest or the most insulting things on twitter and other forms of social media about the nicest people everyday. People who enjoy being snarky will always find something to rant about or be cruel about because that’s what they revolve their pathetic lives around.
    As for Sophia and Jesse, all that matters is that they’re happy together. The rest is no ones business.

  • Leave them alone

    Jesse does not look like a teenager and he doesn’t act like one. Leave them alone. You can’t help what the heart wants. They have been friends for awhile before CPD. It’s their lives they can do whatever they want. Sophia always get talked about dating costars especially the ones on one tree hill. Those costars could have said no they didn’t want to date. I only see her getting blamed. Leave her and jesse alone

  • mikey

    The show is a piece of crap anyway and will get canned probably before these two even break up

  • suzybel

    Love the show, love these two together, they make great chemistry.

  • Kelli

    Best show ever!!
    Can’t wait to see Sophia and Jesse back on my screen!

  • Heather

    Judgemental people. really? The world goes around. relationship begin, continue and sometimes end. Do you realize how hurtful and unkind your haste remarks are to others? You know nothing about their feelings or them. Look to your anonymous self. Hiding and being cruel. Spiteful, nasty heart. Jesse and Sophia are real people. They are bright, hard working and gracious. Look at yourselves and see what people would say about your life. Criticizing someone for dating. Really? Pitiful.

  • Jamie

    #34, No double standards. I think anyone who consistently dates nearly every co star they work with is unprofessional.

  • Kayla

    I don’t understand how Sophia and Jesse dating is going to affect anyone’s personal life. So any judgemental idiots can just shut the f$ck up and focus on their own pathetic lives.
    If Sophia and Jesse, want to date, it’s THEIR business.
    If Sophia wants to date co-stars, it’s HER business.
    Some people on social media are just psychotic. Get over yourselves.

  • Jess


    They have been friends before Chicago PD. Yes he is her costar but they are also best friends.

  • Kate

    @anthrax: Exactly. I remember people joking around about how long it would take til she was dating one of the Chicago PD guys and now it’s a reality.

  • Terri

    Kayla #43
    Absolutely agree!
    Jesse and Sophia for the win.

  • R

    Kayla proves herself to be the psychotic one.

    Sophia was obviously cheating(physically or emotionally) with this guy, and a publicist revealed they were dating. It’s ALWAYS a publicist who is the source.

  • Pepperona

    She kind of looks like Natalie Portman in that pic. Anyhoo, I will always know him as Bobby Brady in the Brady Bunch film remakes.

  • Natalie

    @R: no
    Noooo, I’m going to go with….YOU’RE psychotic.
    If you knew what the helll you were talking about, you’d also know that Sophia and Dan are still very good friends. In fact, Dan and Sophia still talk to one another on social media and tag each other to this day.They still follow one another and to highlight this point even more, Jesse and Dan follow each other on social media as well. If their had been any cheating involved whatsoever, do you really think any of them would still bother acting like friends or continue to talk to one another? I don’t know what the rules are in your little world but here on Earth, any signs of cheating would lead to drama and tensions. The fact that they’re all still friends proves that Sophia and Dan left things on great terms and both moved on to other relationships.
    You know what? I say keep the comments coming. It’s no wonder Jared absolutely LOVES posting about Sophia. It always draws all of the fans and the little crazies out from their little hiding places and always generates his blog with a lot of hits. It’s always a win, win for him. Lol

  • lol


    Love Sophia but she doesn’t generate a lot of “hits” LMAOOO. That would be Angie and Brad and Jlaw. Sorry to burst your bubble.