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James Franco Goes Back to Brown After Sporting Blond Hair

James Franco Goes Back to Brown After Sporting Blond Hair

James Franco sports his natural brown hair while shooting scenes for his upcoming film Michael on Friday (August 15) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Charlie Carver and Zachary Quinto, who got a set visit from his boyfriend Miles McMillan.

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Charlie is taking on the role of Tyler, “who gets involved in a relationship with Michael (Franco) and Bennett (Quinto) and is heartbroken when Michael rejects his homosexuality.”

The day before, James rocked blond hair on the set of the movie.

30+ pictures inside of James Franco and Zachary Quinto shooting Michael

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james franco goes back to brown hair 01
james franco goes back to brown hair 02
james franco goes back to brown hair 03
james franco goes back to brown hair 04
james franco goes back to brown hair 05
james franco goes back to brown hair 06
james franco goes back to brown hair 07
james franco goes back to brown hair 08
james franco goes back to brown hair 09
james franco goes back to brown hair 10
james franco goes back to brown hair 11
james franco goes back to brown hair 12
james franco goes back to brown hair 13
james franco goes back to brown hair 14
james franco goes back to brown hair 15
james franco goes back to brown hair 16
james franco goes back to brown hair 17
james franco goes back to brown hair 18
james franco goes back to brown hair 19
james franco goes back to brown hair 20
james franco goes back to brown hair 21
james franco goes back to brown hair 22
james franco goes back to brown hair 23
james franco goes back to brown hair 24
james franco goes back to brown hair 25
james franco goes back to brown hair 26
james franco goes back to brown hair 27
james franco goes back to brown hair 28
james franco goes back to brown hair 29
james franco goes back to brown hair 30
james franco goes back to brown hair 31
james franco goes back to brown hair 32
james franco goes back to brown hair 33

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  • Eli

    @truth hurts:
    You’re not a Pine fan? LOL yeah right! Someone mentions CP and there you come out of hiding! If you think calling ZQ on his BS is ” hate and venom” then all I can say is they’re your words not anyone else’s. And if that means we love him you must be one of those old, old folk who believe “yes’ means “no”! Man, are you dumb or are writing cr*p because you have nothing to say?
    Ask a specific question? Why? can’t you read the questions already asked? smdh.
    Heroes at best was ok. was cancelled after 3 seasons so cut the BS about it being a mega hit. LOL
    You really have a problem reading and understanding English don’t you? NOBODY mocked Gyllenhal! they mocked “give it up” because she suggested that ZQ should knock on JG’s door to introduce MM. But YOU just couldn’t figure that out and I had to explain it all to you?
    God, I’m done talking to STUPID people!

  • Just sayin’

    @truth hurts
    “Heroes” lasted 4 seasons.
    The first season was the best and was received well.
    After that it steadily went down.
    After season 3 & 4 this is what was said about it :
    New York Post said “This show, which was once so thrilling and fun, has become full of itself, its characters spouting crazy nonsense.”
    So just stop with the mega hit nonsense…

  • truth hurts

    @Just sayin’:New York Post LOL“Heroes” was a mega hit all over the world, you can not change facts to your liking, heroes decline coincided with the famous writers strike in HW, which unfortunately did fall apart many successful series, but the impact and success of Heroes was huge, perhaps comparable only to Lost,follow your own advice and just stop with the mega red carept nonsense

  • Just sayin’

    @truth hurts:
    Just cut the BS. Google wikipedia – Heroes.
    Read it. Oh I forgot you have a problem understanding English! OK you are excused. lmao

  • truth hurts

    @Eli: God, I’m done talking to STUPID people!

    So how do you look in the mirror every day?
    I do not give a sh-it about Chris Pine, how many times do I have to tell you before you finally understand?
    maybe you’re the only one here with problems reading and understanding English don’t you?

  • Just sayin’

    Oh since you brought it up, there’s no red carpet nonsense. There’s a valid question for you. Why doesn’t Quinto take MM on the red carpet or to Alist HW events? And DON”T, DON”T bullsh*t Because this topic was done to death about a month back and none of the Minto fans could come up with an intelligent reply.

  • truth hurts

    @Just sayin’: yeah as soon as you just cut the BS. Google Zachary Quinto dating Miles

    Watch it.Oh I forgot you have a problem dealing with the truth! OK you are excused. lmao

  • Eli

    @truth hurts:
    How do I look myself in the mirror? oh very easily and happily!
    Now let’s talk about you, you freaking hypocrite. I knew if I gave you enough rope you would hang your stupid self. You accuse people of being pinto fans and slashers (#40) yet have the audacity to ask “I do not give a sh-it about Chris Pine, how many times do I have to tell you before you finally understand?” And yet even though people have said again and again that they are not slashers or pinto fans they get accused over and over? And that I guess is ok? You fu*king hypocrite.
    Now I’m really done here. sheesh!

  • Just sayin’

    @truth hurts:
    Oh no you don’t get away that easy. We are talking about Heroes. ZQ & MM is a different issue. Stick with the point and don’t repeat what I say like a dumb parrot!
    I’m done here too. Talking to you is making my brain bleed. Quinto’s fans ARE SO DUMB :((

  • truth hurts

    @Just sayin’: Only a couple of weeks ago Zachary flew to Paris for fashion week, Because Miles was there, they attended the Bulgari fashion show, an evening packed with big names, Zachary and Miles sat and chatted amiably with Erick Bana and the former premier dame of France Carla Bruni.
    So,yes your valid question is not valid at all, as I said justr ed carpet nonsense

  • truth hurts

    Now I’m really done here. sheesh!

    Well, finally some good news, Goodbye honey, nobody will miss you,chop chop

  • lurker

    @ truth hurts
    You are embarrassing yourself. Which part of “red carpet”, “Alist HW event” don’t you understand?
    No one as far as I can see said anything about “Paris fashion week” and NONE of the people you mention are HW Alisters.
    So who’s spouting nonsense?

  • truth hurts

    Quinto’s fans ARE SO DUMB :((

    aww look how the arrogant full of super “pinto shipper tiger” becomes a scared kitten and runs away when he meets someone who calls out his bullshit with real facts and valid reasoning, so cute

  • Hollywood party

    @lurker: I thought you were gone,you just can’t help yourself huh?obsessed so much?lolz

  • Van

    Miles’ father Jim McMillan is the co-owner of Oliver Mcmilan.

    “OliverMcMillan is one of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking, mixed-use development companies. The award-winning firm, known for revitalizing communities through real estate development, has designed, developed and manages more than eight million square feet of mixed-use projects, with a total value exceeding $3 billion. OliverMcMillan celebrates its 35th year in business in 2013.” Source Oliver McMillan website.

    Google away, it’s all totally true. They are very wealthy. Far more wealthy and well connected than Zach, actually. Anyone in La Jolla or San Diego knows this. Miles and his sister are the only two natural children of JIm. They will inherit a fortune. Kris, Miles ‘ mother, also has two old sons from a prior marriage.

    Miles was fine before he met Zach. Through his parents’ political and social contacts he already knew lots of well connected people. All this nonsense about Miles using Zach is only in the minds of people who know nothing about his family.

    Second, Miles is under contract to several agencies and, just like other top models, cannot appear to be endorsing specific fashion designers unless he is being compensated. He has to be very careful when his picture is taken, as well, unless he is in personal clothing and is not seen to benefit from the photos.

    Zach was just with Miles’ family at his sister Linsey’s wedding. They are together for real because there is no way the McMillans would endorse or need any of this fantasy fake relationship conspiracy spouted here.

    Really, the amount of ignorance here is astounding.

  • Red

    @Just sayin’:
    Quinto didn’t take Jonathan Groff on the red carpet. Was their relationship was fake?

  • Oh well

    @Van: Damn, some people got all the luck, so Miles is not just beautiful, and a talented artist, he also comes from a wealthy and influential family and he is dating Spock! I

    I hope he has smelly feet, you know to compensateI just kidding M. ;)

  • Van

    @oh well

    If you want to see what Miles will look like when he is older – check out his dad – a very handsome man who looks just like Miles. Read his bio too – he is a very charitable person as well. And it mentions Miles at the end.

  • Piia

    @Van: You are one of the very few people that make any sense in this thread. Thank you for writing clearly and politely among all this netspeak and namecalling. It is also good to have some facts among all these fantasies.

  • Van

    @piia thank you. It would be nice to have a civil discussion.

    For all their money, Miles and Zach are much alike. They wear normal clothes and walk around NYC carrying backpacks rather riding in chauffeured cars. Miles’ mom and sister are both psychologists. Zach has always talked openly about how valuable he finds working through issues with his therapist. Miles’ parents are also very involved in charities and donate heavily to the Scripps Institute ocean research fund. Zach is also a big supporter of charities and the environment. I’m sure Miles is more comfortable at these types of events than red carpets. The two of them were seen at several such events this summer.

    Miles’ mom and sister went to see Zach at Glass Menagerie and later his mom and dad went again, All this bizarre stuff from these commentators here is simply not reality. Miles has often said in interviews that he has a wonderful family..

    I won’t be surprised if Miles accompanies Zach to Hollywood events, but if he’s not comfortable doing them it’s really no one else’s business. I believe we should wish people happiness in life, not succumb to nastiness.

  • Tanis


    Van – thank you for being a voice of reason :) I agree with Piia. I also agree with what you say about wishing people happiness and not succumbing to nastiness.

    I don’t understand where all the other nonsense comes from – to me it seems as though they are a happy couple, and decent, normal people. Just because someone is a public figure doesn’t mean they lose their humanity.

  • Van

    @tanis. Very true. Public figures do receive terrible comments. Even their relatives. Look at poor Robin Williams daughter, she’s not a celebrity yet after her father’s death she received terrible comments and even pictures on her Instagram and Twitter.

    This has also been a problem for Miles’s family. Most of them are now off public social media because of the comments like we’ve seen here. Lots of stuff about Chris Pine and calling Miles names and such.

  • Jo

    Thank you for your resume of Miles family. Quite the PR stunt you pulled there didn’t you? No one said Miles was a gold digger until YOU brought the concept up at #19. What has been said over and over is that Miles is faking it with Quinto to make it in the entertainment industry.
    You are well aware that FAMILY WEALTH has NO BEARING on people making it in HW. Do you want examples? here they are : All the HW actors (Alist at that) who kids never make it like Rumer Willis. Wealthy businessmen’s daughters like Paris Hilton, whose family wealth far exceeds that of the McMillans. So I really have no idea why you brought up MM’s family other than to deflect from the real issue being discussed here which is that ZQ and MM are faking it.
    Quinto being at the sister’s wedding is not proof that they are together. It could mean that the family is grateful to the actor who is helping their son “make it” in the Industry and whose play they got tickets for. Afterall, Miles is young and if he has a family that cares for him I’m sure they know what’s exactly the name of the game is.
    Yes the comments here kind of got out of hand but let’s remember this is a gossip site and the insults were traded on both sides.
    The questions asked in pages 1-3 still stands. They’re not new questions. They have been asked over and over but NO ONE can ever answer them. Strange isn’t it?
    To recap – Van, it is pointless and rather disingenuous of you to introduce the “gold digger” concept and then provide an answer to your own assumption.

  • Jo

    No, after 3 years of dating, nothing. not even a confirmation of the relationship. but heaps of pics in the gossip blogs. strange for a very private guy isn’t it?

  • Jo

    Sorry Pia but there were no FACTS given about any so called “fantasies”!

  • Jo

    “wishing people happiness and not succumbing to nastiness.”
    To blindly believe everything you see and read about a celebrity on the net and wish them happiness is naive. when people ask questions about these celebrities when what they do and say contradict each other is not “nastiness”.

  • Jo

    Comments come with the territory. Has been for how long now? Don’t like the way the industry runs? Don’t get in it!
    You know Van, you and your herd of sheep are something else!!

  • ah, the pics!

    You go girl!
    Funny how Hollywood has manipulated the public from days before the internet. It’s common knowledge that celebrities manipulate their images and gay actors “beard” and yet, NO ONE wants to discuss this. As soon as you question something the PR shills are on your back, with how nasty you are, how jealous you are, you have issues, get a life and the list goes on and on. But the actors? they can lie through their teeth, THAT”S OK???

  • Red

    You still didn’t answer my question at all. Quinto never took Jonathan Groff on the red carpet. So was it a fake relationship? How do you know that they dated for 3 years?

  • Red

    @ah, the pics!:
    You don’t understand what “beard”.means When someone has a “beard” it means they are gay and in the closet. They hope that by showing a girlfriend, people will not realize they are gay.

  • Jo

    No one knows for a fact whether the relationship was fake or not. The so called “relationship” was strange to say the least. I’m not going into detail here because it would take too long. If you like, you can check out the Quinto/Groff threads here which have some very interesting facts.
    They dated for 3 years because the “Kirkland Dogmatic” blind item was on the net about January 2011 and said they were dating for a few months. which makes it at least oct 2010. The blind item was revealed to be Quinto & Groff the day after Quinto came out in Sept 2011.
    There was also a very interesting Grinto time line by “anniebanks” which started in May 2010.
    May 2010 to May 2013 makes it 3 years, yes?

  • ah, the pics!


  • ah, the pics!

    ooops! sorry about that.
    I understand exactly what “bearding’ means. It was given as an example of what some people don’t like to talk about.

  • Red

    “No one knows for a fact whether the relationship was fake or not. ”
    You admit that you personally don’t know facts about Quinto’s dating life. So why the hell do you keep accusing him of faking a relationship with Miles McMillan? How is your life affected by Quinto’s dating life?

  • Jo

    You asked me a question and I answered it. All polite and nice as they say.
    I don’t know Quinto’s dating life for a fact neither do you.
    If you don’t know “why the hell” I think Quinto is faking it , then go the hell back and read the damn threads without asking stupid damn questions.
    You want to know how it affects MY LIFE?? the freaking damn audacity!
    Now go moan about how people are soooooo insulting!

  • Piia

    So this whole conversation is about whether Miles McMillan and Zachary Quinto have a real or fake relationship? Let me ask you some questions.

    1) You say that Miles McMillan is in supposedly fake relationship becaus he wants to make it in Hollywood, right? Many models do want to go to acting, but probably not all. I have understood that Miles McMillan wants to be a painter. Have you evidence he wants to do something else? Has he expressed a desire to act? Is he taking acting lessons? Does he have an agent for acting? I know that he does have several for modelling.

    2) You have given examples that money is not enough to make it in Hollywood, and that I think is true But there was also an example that very well known and connected parents are not enough to make it in Hollywood (Rumer Willis; I’m sure others can be found too). Why would Miles think that Zachary Quinto would have enough power to help him make it in Hollywood? I don’t think Mr. Quinto is that powerfull at all. But perhaps you have better knowledge about that?

    3) Even bigger question is why would Zachary Quento want to be in a fake relationship? He doesn’t need a beard in the calssical meaning of the term. He doesn’t need to have a fake relationship with a member of opposite sex to hide his homosexuality. He is out and can have relationships with men openly. So I assume you mean he HAS a real relationship with a man who is not out? As some of you are saying Quinto’s previous relationship was also fake, this assumed real relationship would have lasted several years? Are you perhaps thinking about Chris Pine? Or somebody else? What evidence you have about this relationship?

    4) If we assume that Zachary Quinto is in longtime relationship with somebody who is deeply on closet, why would he have came out in the middle of that relationship? Wouldn’t it have been easier for both of them to stay in the closet?

    5) You accuse Zachary Quinto of not beeing privat enough, but then you accuse him of not giving you enough information about his privat life. Why do you think he owes you any explanation about his life and relationships? I think all he owes you or me as an actor is to give a good performance when I buy a ticket to go and see him act, either in a movie or in theatre. As a producer he owes me to make as good a film as possible, so that I feel that I have spent my money well when I go to see it.

    6) If you believe that Zachary Quinto is in a real relationship with a closeted man (Chris Pine?), why couldn’t he have a real relationship with Miles McMillan too? Polyamory does exist. I admit that this is of course pure speculation. But if Zachary Quinto really would have succeeded to seduce two such genetically blessed creatures into his bed, well, all I would say is: well done Mr. Quinto, well done indeed!

  • Piia

    Why is it that you always see some typos only after you have submitted you peace, but then you see them so clearly? Sorry about them anyway.

  • Piia


  • well

    But if Zachary Quinto really would have succeeded to seduce two such genetically blessed creatures into his bed, well, all I would say is: well done Mr. Quinto, well done indeed!

    Mr. Quinto must have a HUGE * cough *personality

  • Jo

    1. What I said was, he was faking it to make it in the entertainment industry which also includes HW. You say he wants to be a painter. But he is now a model. So yes, there is evidence he wants to be something other than a painter. Has he expressed a desire to be a actor? The answer to that is, unless he has publicly said so, no one other than those close to him know. But the fact is, a vast majority of models fade away by 30. Only a handful survive as supermodels and that’s almost entirely among female models. Unless MM wants to fade away into the blue he has to find another line of work. Painting unfortunately is not a very lucrative profession on average. As such we can assume, as a normal young guy who would like to be employed/have money, he would like to climb the modeling ladder (where he is no. 11) to a much higher ranking or get a foot in the entertainment industry. I’m not going into the male modeling industry and how much less they get paid than female models etc. etc. Also, does MM have any education other than his schooling?
    2.Of the male actors who are out AND “unattached”, I think Quinto with his part in Star Trek would easily be one of the more powerful in HW. Others who are out have partners. Producers and directors who are gay have a “harem” of pretty guys to choose from. I honestly don’t think MM with his looks stands a chance. Also if he only wants to fake it because he already has a bf (Richard Chai) that would be problematic. Quinto who wants to fake it ? Perfect!
    There is no guarantee just because he fakes it with Quinto he’s going to make it, but he gets a heck of a lot of exposure. As a model, he gets to go to fashion events and gay events he wouldn’t be able to set foot in, if he were by himself. You get the idea where I’m going….trying to keep this concise!
    3. Whoever Quinto’s bf is, he’s hidden. As you say, an out actor has no reason to hide his bf. But In HW? that most often means closeted. I think we’ll leave CP out of this. What evidence do I have? Let’s just say I don’t believe Quinto is celibate.
    4. Coming out, is entirely up to Quinto. He says he came out because he doesn’t want young gay guys to suffer bullying. It’s not for you or I to decide when he has to come out. And also, I don’t think Quinto has ever bearded. Who knows what pressure TPTB applied when he got the part of Spock, to beard? Coming out probably solved a lot of problems for him.
    5.I have accused ZQ of not giving me enough info about his private life? When? Please, I can do without his crazy antics! It is Zachary Quinto who posts his private life all over the gossip blogs. Then he tells everyone he is a very private person and doesn’t discuss his private life! I can write a whole page about Quinto, his private life, the gossip blogs and how he uses social media. Do you expect people not to comment?! If Quinto shows no respect for his private life, you expect others to? But then, if it was a relationship that was faked for publicity, man, does it work like a charm!
    6. As you say, your point is pure speculation.

  • Van

    There is a well accepted practice in science or investigation that presented with two competing hypotheses, you choose the simplest one rather than the one with the most assumptions. Faced with the choice of a complicated fake relationship or a simple relationship documented by photos, friends instagrams, professional photos (Getty, New York Times, and others) and the fact that they live and travel together for more than a year – rational folks would choose the later.

    Miles has never presented any interest in being in entertainment. He has repeatedly stated that after he graduated from NYU 3 years ago he decided to continue with modeling because it might give him some opportunities with his art in fashion or photography. He’s very shy and uncomfortable on video during interviews.

    Miles is 25 years old. He has lived in NYC away from his family for 8 years. He is not very young. People who manage billions in property don’t need free tickets for a play from an actor either.

    @Jo you have called Miles, a gay man, “girly” or a “girly man” repeatedly. That’s plainly a homophobic slur.

  • Van

    Benedict Cumberbatch – A lister celebrity – having lunch with friends in NYC last fall – Miles and Zach.

  • Piia

    @Jo: 6. As you say, your point is pure speculation.

    As are all your points too.

    By the way, I wasn’t talking only to you.

  • Piia


    Have you ever heard about a circular argument? In science it is frowned upon. You are doing it. Like this:

    Miles McMilan and Zachary Quinto are in a fake relationship (you assume). But Zachary Quinto is not celibate (speculation), therefore he must have a secret boyfriend. Because he has a secret boyfriend, he and Miles McMillan must have a fake relationship.
    If we, for example assume that Zachary Quinto is not celibate, but has some fun=sex with random men when he feels like it, there needs to be no secret boyfriend. And then he and Miles don’t need to have any kind of relationshipat all. Which they still obviously have.

  • Jo

    When I said “As you say, your point is pure speculation.” I meant your point no. 6 about a “Polyamory” which you yourself said was pure speculation.
    @ Van
    Sorry but your “hypotheses” doesn’t work in a place like HW where fakery and manipulation is rife.
    That BC pic was already replied to in a previous thread when they said – meeting Quinto’s friend in a grotty cafe doesn’t translate to taking your bf on the red carpet at a HW event where Alisters mingle.
    God I’m sick of the inane nonsense repeated here again & again. Go read the past pages all your questions have been answered.
    Sorry didn’t mean you, you asked some interesting ones.
    Unless some one asks something relevant no more replies from me. Jeeze, someone else can take over!!

  • Jo

    No, wrong.
    Everything in a gossip blog is speculation/assumption. Trying to apply some scientific theory to gossip and HW is beyond ridiculous!
    I think ZQ and MM are fake because ZQ keeps saying he is this real private guy and yet he flogs his relationship in the gossip blogs. He never takes MM to any major HW events or on the red carpet. He calls the paps and indulges in pda when he full well knows they are taking pics, MM peeks over ZQ’s shoulder to see if the pap has taken the pic. Richard Chai hangs around their epic pda fest (same one a few months back) you want me to go on?
    Whether he has a hidden bf or not, the MM relationship is fake.

  • Piia


    You say that everything here is speculation. I agree. Then you say that you believe something and give me some interpretations about situations you know nothing about. Then you state a fact. But it is still not a fact. It just what you believe to be a fact.

  • Van

    Yes everything in a gossip blog is speculation. No that is not an excuse for sloppy reasoning.

    You obviously dislike ZQ a great deal, as well as effeminate gay men. You also prefer to live in a negative oriented fantasy world where facts are irrelevant. Or you are a troll. Either way there can be no discussion which a few of us were enjoying.

  • Anna

    Just my two cents. At this point, it would seem wise not to feed trolls and stir further insanity. Why feed trolls or people who are clearly suffering from some sort of psychotic break, are detached from reality, or suffering some sort of serious delusions? At the very least they’re ignorant, uninformed, unconnected, and/or bitter about something.

    People can comment on and compliment/support/praise Zach and/or Miles, and their relationship together, while totally ignoring lunacy from certain comments. That really may be the better course of action– To let the uhinged talk to themselves or amongst themselves and talk around them and ignore them when they try to bait.

    Everyone who is sane knows that Zach and Miles are not fake. Nobody but the lunatics here are pushing that ‘theory” because it’s not a real theory. Everyone in the industry knows Zach and Miles are not fake. And I say this as someone who is very connected to Hollywood. Miles is everywhere Zach is. Zach has Miles at everything with him, events with Oprah and Weinstein included, I know, I’m sometimes at these events and speak from a place of knowledge, etc, Just because they don ‘t walk a red carpet doesn’t mean a thing (omg, they must be fake because they don’t walk a red carpet– who even uses that nonsense as a basis to measure a relationship? Hilarious.)

    And I’ve come in to contact with Zach at events before Miles was in his life, and have never seen him like he is now. Ever. I can’t expound enough on how much Miles is everywhere, and for the record, Miles is the sweetest, and the most fun, he’s really awesome– at least from my observations. And while the vitriol spreader here seems to have an issue with him, everyone in industry circles pretty much seems to think he’s gorgeous, as well. So let the hater(s) here hate.

    It would be my observation that Zach is much more seemingly open and publicly affectionate with Miles because he’s in a different place in his life– in a relationship that truly brings this side out in him. Why jump to it’s fake because he’s behaving like someone who is genuinely very happy? Go figure. Trolls. Crazy. Good for Zach. This seems very different than in the past with Zach, at least to me, anyway. And for the record, these pics we’re seeing here on Jared? This is tame as far as their affection goes. This is more private/guarded. They’re affectionate, much more than this behind closed doors– at least the times I’ve seen them. I’ll leave it at that to respect their privacy.

    Oh, and, Richard Chai has a boyfriend– that boyfriend is not Miles. Of all of the fact free comments that keep coming up. Lol. Everyone in NY (and fashion circles) knows it. Are the people who are making things up in their head at all connected or in touch with reality? Even if he was single– it wouldn’t matter. Because besides the tinfoil hat person/people here, everyone knows Zach and Miles are a very real couple.

    Furthermore, it would probably be unwise to accuse anyone of being a “Pinto” fan who is doing this. Word smush names are pretty awful, but since that is how they refer to themselves… Point being, the “Pinto” fans, while they can act deranged, their more vocal/less tinfoil hat people are actually very supportive of Zach (and thus his relationship with Miles) and their, we’ll call them leaders on Tumblr and all else, are very clear that there are boundaries, limits, things that shouldn’t be done. Some of them will even post info or a picture f they come across it or leave a kind comment on Zach and Miles related topics. Say what you want about them, but they’re not vicious, and they very likely wouldn’t be calling Miles names like this, they really do support Zach, they’re also not dumb as a box of rocks (most of them, anyway), or truly detached from reality. They do know better than the tinfoil hat stuff they instigate in fun. At least the people who try to keep it in line try to help make that the case. They even post when their fanbase gets out of line telling them to get it together. (It’s my job to know what’s out there and those are my observations).

    Also, people that have problems with the posts of crazy should begin flagging this poster (as it seems to be one person/maybe two returning with different names, etc). That way Jared can IP check and start looking in to what has become a serious issue post after post. And a history of behavior can be built with this poster(s) who goes crazy and spreads nonsense in every single post.

    Again, just my two cents. And also a thank you to those who have tried to bring sanity to what is a hilariously unstable commentary.

  • Van

    Thank you Anna for the factual information. This was what I was attempting to do from a LaJolla / San Diego perspective. The McMillans are a lovely family, as Miles often says. And hard working. Mile’s older stepbrothers were both nationally ranked track and field stars in college. Jeff is still a professional pole vaulter with the USA Track and Field Association. Paul is in the Navy and is also a professional writer for track magazines.

    Many folks have found it interesting that Miles’ dad founded Oliver McMillan with his lifelong friend and Zach founded his production company with his two long time friends. There are a lot of common values here.