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Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Complete ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with 'Dirty Bath Water' - Watch Now!

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Complete ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with 'Dirty Bath Water' - Watch Now!

Kristen Stewart doesn’t mess around when it comes to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The 24-year-old actress completed the viral charity challenge with her pals Nicholas Hoult and Scott Fahrendorf after being called out by Anne Hathaway.

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Hathaway, get this. This is a f-cking real challenge,” she said before they all dumped their heads into ice water for as long as they possibly could. Watch below!

In the end, Kristen says, “In good faith you must believe this was all done with dirty bath water. Please be considerate of California water conservation.”

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Ice Bucket Challenge
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  • hmmmm

    What? It’s supposed to be done with ice and poured over your head.

  • Fercat

    @hmmmm: Watch the video. They committed.

  • SA

    @hmmmm: They did. They dunked their heads, then they took the buckets and poured it over their heads and then the guys took a giant bucket of ice water and just dumped it on her. She dunked and got poured 2x. She kinda went extreme with it tbh. She followed the rules of the challenge though: she said what it was for, she shouted out to someone who has it that she loves, she said who she accepted it from, she did it, she nominated and she added a message for those to respect the drought in CA even though she’s in Japan. I’m not a fan of hers, but I know she’s going to get trashed as always and I’m just pointing out that she did what she was supposed to. I’m not a fan of the F bomb she used and wish she had left it out, but Kevin Hart and others cussed too so I can’t be a stickler I guess.

  • Rhys

    So far part of the best videos! really cool!

  • Taylor

    How stupid…

  • Cate

    So many questions. Why didn’t they just pour the buckets OR large container in the first place. Surely that would conserve water better than dunking their head in buckets throwing that water on the floor and then getting another large container of water lol!? Why is she talking about California water conservation when she is in Japan? Seems like a non-sequitur People all over the world are doing this challenge-not just in California and Nicholas Hoult is English. And who the heck is Scott Fahrendorf?

    Anyway these are all for a good cause. So many random people have done these videos that I wouldn’t expect. It’s interesting.

  • Jen

    Don’t really care for her but she did the challenge, she did it correctly and then some. I may not like her but I can’t diss on someone for being charitable. Good on her.

  • Jen

    @Cate: Well I guess I can’t diss on someone for being charitable, but you can lol. They used dirty bath water, that’s a lot better than most of these celebs who have just wasted clean water. I respect what she did and what other celebs did who recycled it or poured it over grass more than the celebs who just wasted plain clean water. She mentioned California because she’s from California and she’s just giving awareness. She doesn’t have to be physically in California to do it. She’s American too, she’s just in another country right now. Robert Pattinson and Emily Blunt are English and they did it in the United States. Jamie Dornan, the Hemsworths, Eddie Redymane and Douglas Booth did it too. Why does location matter when you’re doing something to be supportive? Are you just pointing out negative things to be negative? Come on, this is for charity. Lighten up a bit.

  • guest

    white trash.

  • Fercat

    @Cate: It’s dirty bath water. It going nowhere but the sewer or plant box.

  • Cuties

    Ha, she did it! And with her co-star Nicholas Hoult! That would give you such a headache, sticking your head in an ice bucket. Ouch. She’s funny, and Hoult, what a sweetie. Love it.

  • Rain

    Kristen of all the people needs to pour a bucket of Clean water on herself because she always looks dirty.

  • Elisa

    I enjoyed their version of the challenge. I love that Nicholas did it with her; he’s a cutie. [I am not sure who the other guy is]
    Kristen nominated Brie Larson and Max Thieriot – two people that I’m a big fan of – so I hope they do it.

  • niagirl

    Bucket check, Ice check, mentioning the charity check, and clear speech. Unlike some people who were either too cheap, lazy and/or didn’t give a f*** to buy a bucket, speak clearly, mention the charity or use it as pr moment. SIde eyeing a bunch of you celebs. Nice job Kristen,Nic and John.

  • Rylan

    @Rain: You apparently missed the joke. She made fun of all the idiiots that are always calling her dirty & it went over your head.

  • Wow

    @niagirl: Side eyeing you…what kind of person judges someone on how they participate in a fun charity? You’re sick. They’re giving to charity by joining in AND by donating…wtf are you doing besides sitting around and being a brat?

  • Cate

    @Jen: Huh? Where did I diss her? I just said if she is talking about water conservation why not just use one lot of water instead of two and the California water part seemed like a non-sequitur considering that people all over the world are doing the challenge and she isn’t using Californian water. I DID say at the end of my post her video was for a good cause but I guess you just decided to skip that part.

    And you are the one dissing people for being charitable, you hypocrite. How exactly is saying “I respect what she did and what other celebs did who recycled it or poured it over grass more than the celebs who just wasted plain clean water” not insulting other celebs charity efforts in these videos. As if making comments about water conservation or pouring it on grass makes other people’s videos less valid. These videos are about raising awareness and money for ALS. Taylor Swift did her challenge on tarmac AND donated thousands of dollars but I guess you don’t respect her as much.

  • moi

    shes very butch

  • OPI Nail Polish poured ice water over nail polish on their instagram…Miley Cyrus used rice, but there are people here complaining that Robert Pattinson didn’t have a bucket or that Kristen was in Japan and mentioned the California drought? At least Rob and Kristen used ice water. In the end, if someone is donating, why do you care how they filmed their video if they’re not hurting someone else? Take your negativity elsewhere..

  • Jen

    @Cate: That wasn’t a diss genius. I didn’t say i didn’t have respect for any of the celebs, I said I respected the celebs who went about it in a recycling way MORE. Just because you like something more doesn’t mean you dislike the other. Maybe “respect” was the wrong word, but all I meant was that I appreciated the celebs who went about it by recycling the water. Your comment was a list of questions of why why why why why instead of just taking the video as it is. You can’t rewind time. That’s how they filmed the video. The end.

  • Jen

    @Cate: Also I do respect what Taylor did. I respect all of the celebs who donated. Like I said, I used the wrong word. I clearly misinterpreted what you were trying to say in your post as you obviously misinterpreted mine.

  • Ew

    This is for charity, which is great, but she couldn’t drop the filthy language just one time? This girl has no redeeming qualities, I don’t get why she has stans.

  • Bw

    wow. WOW. just when you thought this couldn’t get any better!!!

  • Barbara G

    That’s one way to do it I guess but I’m not impressed at all.

  • miki

    come on KStew super fans? How can you still deny she’s gay? Look at this video! She is full on BUTCH!

  • lol

    @miki: Are you hoping she’ll ask you out? Because …if not… I don’t see what the point is of bringing that up as a response to a video regarding charity.

  • miki

    @lol: if you re-read you’ll realise it’s an observation on her sexuality and a comment on her fans negative stance towards the potential of her homosexuality. Why not comment on it? Unless you mean multi-theme commentary is confusing for you…

  • Nana

    @miki: Are you kidding, there are a large group of her fans that call’s themself krisbians, they have a crash on her and wish that she could be gay… Hey, maybe you one of them, because you care so mush about her sexuality.

  • dn

    Dirty water just like her DIRTY

  • Chantelle

    It makes me sick that people are putting down others even when they have just done a wonderful job at bring awareness to ALS and water conservation .How horrible can you be??!! Look at yourselves people!!!She is doing a great job at bring awareness!!Sad to see others putting others down!!!:(

  • Chantelle


    Yes it’s totally stupid to promote ALS and Water Conservation …hmmm 0_o

  • Chantelle


    Redeeming Qualities???
    She brought awareness for ALS & the Water Conservation …also does other awareness/Campaigns.. Awareness for On Campus Attacks, Disability!!!She swears ..big deal..have u seen the other celebs swearing!!!yes!!!!Cut the crap!!!!

  • Chantelle

    @miki: it’s for a role ..she did camp X-ray which she had to put on weight!!!

  • Chantelle

    @lol: right on!!!

  • Rachel

    Robert Pattinson did the water challenge and seriously made my day with his adorable, quirky smile and general likability. THEN Kristen does it and I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap and bleach my eyes. I must quote Michael Scott when I say “Why are you the way that you are? I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.”

  • lol

    @miki: The only thing that confuses me is why on Earth you think Kristen’s sexuality is any of your business. Why don’t you observe nature and find out ways to help the Earth? Why don’t you observe medical studies and try to find a cure to an illness. Why is it better use of your time to observe a video of someone doing a charity challenge so that you can speak to the masses about whether she prefers men or women? You’re ridiculous. Her life doesn’t concern you… it’s none of your business or the business of her fans, quite frankly. This is a post about a charity challenge and you’re supposed to comment on the post, not about someone’s personal life.

  • Amelia

    Woooo go Kristen and Nic!!!Brought awareness to not only ALS but Water Conservation!!!Awesome job:)Favourite one yet!!!

  • lol

    @Rachel: “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.” You hate that she chose to be someone who donates to charity and did a challenge? Or do you hate that her way of giving to charity is not up to your standards? Is it because she used bath water and Robert used clean water? Maybe you should re-read that quote and ask yourself “Why are you the way that you are?” Ya know, since you’re pathetic enough to compare someone’s video when they’re giving back to a good cause and you’re sitting back critiquing. Robert may be likeable, but I’m not sure he would find you so likeable since watching someone do something good for others makes you feel dirty. Robert and Kristen and the hundreds of other people who did this challenge and donated did a very good thing. You need to get a grip.

  • Lucy

    Not really a big fanciful twilight but loved ON THE ROAD and THE RUNAWAYS!!!And Nic from Skins!!!eooo..good job guys!!Brining more awareness!!!

  • Julie

    Woooo go Kristen and Nic!!!Loved loved loved she also brought awareness for Water Cinservation and backed that by using dirty bath water!!!:)not a huge twilight fan ..but after watching her new movies and on the road am slowly becoming a fan!!!loved her movie SPEAK!!

  • Laura

    Can’t wait for EQUALS!!!!!!!!Well done on completing challenge and bring the only celebrity to bring awareness to Water Conservation in California..u can tell she loves Cali !

  • Gina

    Wooooo go kristen and nic!!love both!!!Kristen for all her independent movies and nic for skins!!!!:)Best ALS video!!!DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!!

  • http://justjared Brenda Hamilton

    First of all, Kristen IS NOT A lesbian. I have short hair also and was a tomboy most of my youth but I am not a lesbian. She does not look butchy. I hate foul language, especially the f word but that is all that these people in H/Wood use in their everyday language. Rob Pattinson uses profanity all the time, but I guess that is acceptable. Kristen is great for taking the challenge and so were her friend. No matter what she does, she is going to be criticized by her haters and that makes the haters pathetic. She is a wonderful young actress and I wish her tons and tons of happiness and success in her life.

  • Nana

    @Chantelle: Some people like to put her down no matter why, remember that story when she helped to raise 500k, for sandy relief and even then, people trash her because oh no, she helped to recover streets and houses for people’s sake!

  • Nana

    @Rachel: Wow, you just proved that most hate comments in KS articles comes from crazy RP fans, but you been too obvious dear, now job done and you can back drooling on his video, I’m shure it can make your day one more time! lol )))))))))

  • crisk

    Kristen is my love, my pride !!! Eagerly awaiting new movies !! So cute !!!

  • Mimignyc

    I think she’s trying to get rid of the tramp reputation by turning gay.

  • Mimignyc

    I miss the girly Kristen.

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