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Chris Martin Reportedly Writes Songs for Jennifer Lawrence!

Chris Martin Reportedly Writes Songs for Jennifer Lawrence!

Things seem to be going strong between the rumored new couple Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin!

Chris is sweeping Jen off her feet. That’s his thing,” an insider told Us Weekly. “He writes her songs and loves taking her to private, romantic spots.”

A source close to Jen also said that she is quickly falling for Chris. “The better she gets to know him, the more she likes him,” the pal said. “She says he’s super funny and sweet… His music is absolutely part of the attraction!”

According to a recent report, Jennifer and Chris were spotted together at a wine vineyard in the Hamptons on a romantic date.

We sure can’t wait to see the first photos of them together!

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  • ……um

    *EYE ROLL*

  • M4

    Fan fiction…everyone, by now, knows that GP and her PR agent Stephen Huvane cooked up this story in an effort to take attention away from Paltrow’s affair with Brad Falchuk, who left his wife of ten years for Paltrow.

    Martin, for his part gets to enjoy all this PR linking him with Jennifer Lawrence to keep him from looking like a scorned schmuck. E! ran the story (ies) in the beginning but when everyone figured out that it was too much of a coincidence that the stories always began there, Huvane started going with US, Daily Mail, Just Jared.

    It’s all a PR ruse.

  • Courtney

    @M4 Thank you! There is absolutely no real proof to these stories whatsoever! No photos, no comments from them or their reps, nothing! Everything sounds like it’s being made up as they go (the PR people, not Jen and Chris). The first reports that they had been “secretly dating” for months came out on her birthday. Coincidence? This is all second rate teenage fanfiction that hopefully will die down, as a majority of commenters don’t believe all this shit anymore.

  • Penn

    This couple has PR set up written all over it.

  • liz

    oh come on JJ don’t be so stupid

  • Annabelle

    Lol they’ve never even been seen on a date or anything. PR to the fullest lmao

  • pup

    Show me the receipts. . .

  • Annabelle

    I’ll believe it when I see actual pics of them hanging out!!

  • hmmm

    why would any of this be false..afterall he’s the father of two kids..if it is all a lie, just for his kids sake he wouldn’t want untrue rumors about him and another woman especially JL..being linked to him during the time of a spit from Paltrow. And what does he gain, he was already linked to that fashionista stylist..for her if it’s false why would she go along with this and not have her reps deny , what does she gain by being linked with a man going through a split with his famous soon to be ex? in fact this will detract from the promotion duties she has to do for Hunger Games Mockingjay.

  • Courtney

    @hmmm She doesn’t comment on rumors and it took her reps months before they finally commented on the engagement rumors with Nick Hoult. Chris is probably a very private man as well and doesn’t engage in crap like this. Jen said that “sources” like to make up details about her private life. As this comes from tabloids, I firmly believe this is all bull until proven otherwise by credible sources. Jen should probably comment on these rumors soon if Lionsgate doesn’t want to see Mockingjay suffer.

  • Deni

    Just Jared stop please!! It’s all FAKE! There are NO proof…so STOP!!

  • quentin

    Those two are just like JayZZZ and Beyawzze (and equally boring), spinning some stories before going on tour and promoting the next movie.

  • M4

    Except that Jennifer Lawrence does NOT need the publicity…we are talking about one of the most famous actresses in the world, who disappears when not promoting and still the trades, gossip rags continue to write about her because they know her NAME alone will move copy. Lawrence typically does not respond to stories published in the gossip rags about her personal life.

    It is a PR confection stirred up by Paltrow and her PR henchman, Stephen Huvane.

  • Penn

    JLaw is famous at the moment, she doesn’t have the talent to be around for decades. The fact that she in on this says a lot. To be honest, they are both overrated. His music is boring and her acting is awful. They are a good PR set up, since both their fanbase are mostly dumb girls.

  • Jillian

    I just want real proof instead of anonymous sources telling fluff stories before I believe this story. If its proven true best of luck to them but for now I do not think its true.

  • Pooh


    The problem with your theory is that Jennifer has spoken out before about PR setup relationships and that she is against it and wouldn’t do it. Plus she never comments on rumors like these so fans wonder. Will be interesting to see where this goes but right now there is nothing concrete saying this is real.

  • Devlin

    @Penn: According to the established critics, filmmakers,actors,actresses who know what they are talking about and have worked with her/reviewed her work…Jennifer Lawrence will definitely be around for decades. Please…don’t even bother…

  • hmmm

    @Penn sorry but as soon as you said she doesn’t have the talent to be around for decades you sound silly. Even DLister actors have been around for decades.
    Yeah Jennifer is According to Forbes the most powerful actress in Hollywood..sooo why would she need PR and usually people wanting PR and arrange for fake hooking up stories..well they make it a point to be seen. It goes hand in hand..being seen by paps, AND so far they have been low key.

  • pah-lease

    Courtney’s right about it taking months before Lawrence’s reps denied the Hoult engagement rumors. And if she or they don’t deny these rumors soon, it could spill over into “Mockingjay”. Lawrence can’t afford to stay silent or wait for these rumors to blow over like with others. If they’re still around (or confirmed, which I highly doubt) when press starts for “Mockingjay”, she’ll be spending more time dodging questions about Martin than answering those about the movie That’s not what Lionsgate is paying Lawrence around $10 million to do in promoting it to make them money.

    And her success in that franchise is largely due to pre-teen/teen girls looking up to her as a role model. If moms of those girls are upset with Lawrence’s rumored “relationship” with Martin, a man 13 yrs. her senior with 2 kids, they won’t be allowing their girls to spend money on the multiple viewings of the movie or related items that bring in money to Lionsgate. It’ll still make money, but maybe not what the studio predicted. If that happens, it could be a sign of a backlash towards Lawrence and her rather “questionable” choice in men.

    Now there’s news about “Serena” being released in the UK in late Oct. and other countries soon after. Plus a trailer being released in Sept. Interesting this all happens on the heels of rumors about Lawrence joining Martin on tour soon. If that’s true, she’ll be trying to promote that movie either while “on tour” or shortly after. That’s another movie that’s going to rely even more on Lawrence to promote it, especially if studio reps want to get it released in the States. And they really won’t be able to afford their star having to spend time dodging questions about her personal life rather than promoting the movie.

    hmmm asked “why would she go along with this and not have her reps deny, what does she gain by being linked with a man going through a split with his famous soon to be ex?” Answer is-she doesn’t gain anything. In fact, it could hurt Lawrence, especially her relationship with Lionsgate.

    So why doesn’t she deny the rumors? Maybe she’s having too much “fun”, either in reality or fictional. At the very least, she’s living every Coldplay fan’s dream. She now can count as her friend Martin, the lead singer of her favorite band she’s loved for years. Maybe she’s getting a kick of all the rumors, because they’re all connecting her to him.

    Unfortunately, she’s also being portrayed as nothing more than as a way for Martin to get back at Paltrow for dating someone else. And with this “tour” rumor, Lawrence is now being called a groupie in various articles. Maybe she doesn’t care what the tabs say, but one has to wonder how worried Lionsgate is about them. And if the studio is worried, I have a feeling they’ll let her know and expect her to remedy the problem by denying the rumors.

    If somehow the rumors are true, then that’s a whole other level of PR nightmare for Lionsgate and the “Serena” studio. Then Lawrence becomes a liabilty they’ll have to contend with, whch is extremely hard considering her name recognition and drawing power.

  • Guest

    She can do so much better
    Whatever, she’ll be back with her ex Nicholas Hoult once the new X-Men starts filming

  • ActuallyBelieveItNow

    Someone on tumblr just mentioned that Jennifer was spotted at the NYC secret concert on the 6th. Someone won tickets to it and was up in the VIP area with Jennifer. If you want to see for yourself, you can find the tweet at @jacethomas and his wife @_macythomas tweeted about it as well. So that also makes me quite positive that when she got off the helicopter, she had spent a day or so with Chris in The Hampton’s, making that story true as well. Pics or no pics, I no longer thinks it lacks proof. But I do think certain people are taking advantage of it to make themselves look good. *coughChrisandGwynethcough*

  • lol

    Oh Stop It!….she has not committed murder if she is dating Martin. Seriously some posters over react like a tween. People are going to see Mockingjay and/or whatever film she makes, because she is talented. And at 24 she can do as she please. She’s an Oscar winning actress. Studios aren’t hiring her to make Disney movies. So she doesn’t have to be so cutesy innocent she’s a young woman who marches to her own drum. AND she’s professional.Nobody at any studio is worrying about who she dates and Chris Martin and his emo music isn’t Marilyn Manson.

  • Pooh


    I have seen those tweets as well, could still just be friends or maybe more, but a picture will eventually get out or she will be asked when the Mockingjay promotional tour starts and everyone will hopefully get their answer is it friends or is it more. I also agree this has no negative affect on her image, she is 24 living her life and will still sell tons of movies. @lol I also agree her dating Martin would not be seen as a bad thing as he is well liked and considered a good guy.

    With all that said if its real best to them if its not a lot of publicity happened because of it.

  • Courtney

    @pooh @ActuallyBelieveItNow So just because she went to a concert as a FAN, it automatically means they’re dating? And people are just now tweeting about it almost a month later? O.K…

  • Pooh


    They tweeted about her the night of the secret concert on August 6th in NYC its in their twitter timeline on Aug 6th. Plus read what I said, I said their twitter posts do not mean anything because they could be just friends or maybe they are more just going to have to wait and eventually the truth comes out. Until I see concrete proof I still take it as a rumor.

  • Courtney

    Ok, got it. Sorry about that.

  • Courtney

    @pooh I meant that last one for you.

  • LaCroix

    this is beyond ridiculous. what does a young girl have in common with a middle aged father of 2? gross.

  • lol


    really, you’ve never heard of a young women falling for a worldly older dude. He’s not even 40 so how do you get middled age?
    Most young women who are mature dig older guys for that reason, he’s a man and not a boy. He’s been there and he can appreciate that she’s a professional hard working actress with a solid career of her own. So they have alot more in common than him and Paltrow apparently.

  • pah-lease

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow There’s no doubting Lawrence and friends were at the concert. But as Courtney said, just because she goes as a fan doesn’t mean they’re dating. As for the helicopter ride-she was seen flying into NYC in the afternoon of the 8th. However, it’s unlikely it was after spending a day in the Hamptons with Martin. He was in NYC doing appearances/promos all day until late afternoon from the 6th-9th.

    @lol Nobody said people aren’t going to see “Mockingjay”. But the “Hunger Games” franchise is geared towards pre-teens/teens. Lawrence was very careful during the “Hunger Games” tour not to answer questions about her smoking-she said herself she couldn’t because of it being a YA franchise. She might not be in a Disney movie, but she knows there’s things she can’t say/do while promoting this franchise. That fan demographic for “Mockingjay” hasn’t changed. Lawrence is considered a role model to many of those fans, so her possible involvement with an older man with kids is a valid concern for parents. There’s a lot of money tied up in those kids and parents, so that makes it a valid concern for Lionsgate.

    You think this is “over-reacting”. It’s not-it’s the business of movies. If Lawrence was in another adult movie like “American Hustle”, this wouldn’t be a problem. Adults could care less what she does in her personal life, and something like this could actually help her image among that demographic. But for “Mockingjay”, with it’s heavy pre-teen/teen audience, it’s something that can’t be easily dismissed as being trivial.


    Jennifer Lawrence has quit acting and all media, cold turkey, no looking back. It’s over. She’s gone. Bye bye. There are better and brighter things ahead.

  • Vy

    What did she do to herself? She looks sick!

  • aquarius64

    @lol: Look what happened with Kristen Stewart when she was caught out in the open with a married director. Two franchises were in jeopardy. Stewart had to make a public apology to Robert Pattinson and get back with him of the numbers for the last Twilight movie could have been hurt. At the end of the day if your personal life could negatively impact the box office, you’re seen as a problem.

  • its REAL

    i absolutely agree that she didnt go to hamptons at 8th of august but what she was doing in new york for past 6-7 days .and both chris and jen were at the same hotel in new york . she is very private about her personal life and she doesnt have any project except mokingjay promotion she came here in new york to spend time with chris and defenitly they have a very passionate sex during the entire week and immedietly after chris was done with promotion in nyc he flew back to los angeles to spend time with jenifer and celebrate her birthday . i am pretty sure they are madly in love and today it has been reported thad nick just landed in london for a week holiday if nick and jen were couple he gone straight to meet her but thats not the case .guys i am shocked as much as you are and i like both nick and jen as a couple they were too cute together but i think nick was cheated by jenifer . and i have no idea why she bacame such a SL*T all of a sudden and leave such beutiful and handsom nick for that frog .i think she need a older guy to fullfill her sexual desire as he is very experienced


    i think both chris and jenifer will keep there relationship private till the release of mokingjay and after that they will go public with it . i cant believe she is such a S*UT .which women in her right mind leave someone so good looking like nick hoult for this UGLY PIG FCUK named chris martin . this bitch DAYS ARE OVER she completely lost her mind by money and fame . THIS OVERRATED BITCH DOESNT DESERVE SUCH A GENTLEMEN LIKE NICK HOULT

  • ActuallyBeliveitNow

    Someone on tumblr posted links to the videos from the concert where Chris made a THG shoutout as well as when he blew the kiss. So that part seems true as well.

    My guess is that the concert thing is true (obviously) and that she did go with him to the vineyard on August 7th when he was done with whatever he was doing in the city, and that they spent the night out there and then flew back in to the city on the 8th, since Chris had things to do then and because well, we saw Jennifer fly in on the helicopter. She was then back in LA on the 11th at the latest.

    If they’re happy, I wish them all the best, but this screams rebound in her case at least, especially having gotten out of a long term relationship just a month or even less before this thing with Chris supposedly started.

  • ActuallyBeliveitNow

    And how mature, calling Jennifer a slut and a cheater. You don’t know why or how they ended. There are rumors circulating the net now that Nick is the one with the wandering eye and that that could be a cause for the sudden split. Point is, we don’t know what the deal is, so blaming either of them isn’t going to help. It was quite obvious that Nick and Jen were done before the London concert happened, which is when it’s been said that this whole thing started. Might be the truth, might not be. We will probably never find out. But you (TRUTH & its REAL, since you’re clearly the same poster) need to chill with the accusations. It only makes you look incredibly immature. Which I’m guessing you in fact are.

  • Courtney

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow Where’s the link for these videos? I had read that it was at the Coldplay concert in London at the beginning of July that he did the Hunger Games reference. Just checking.

  • Courtney

    @its Real You’re becoming as good at fanfiction as the PR people who write all this crap, and that’s saying something.

  • ActuallyBeliveitNow

    @Courtney (0:50) THG (3:58) Kiss

    The tabloids seem confused as to when it happened, in London or New York, but it was definitely in New York.

  • pah-lease

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow @Courtney So now we have two people who tweeted the night of the concert (Aug. 6) that they were sitting close to Lawrence in the VIP section. Are they those the “multiple eyewitnesses” E!’s “source” reported to have seen her at the show? And since they were there, why didn’t they tweet anything about the alleged “blown kiss” by Martin to Lawrence.

    Also, I watched 2 videos from the concert. At no time did I hear a “Hunger Games” reference or see anything resembling a “blown kiss’ in them. Maybe there are others out there I missed, but neither event were in the ones I watched.

    Even if that did happen-so what? They’ve known each other since Martin wrote a song for “Catching Fire”. At the least, they’re friends, and he only acknowledged her being there. What would you rather have him do, point at Lawrence and tell everyone “Hey, Jennifer Lawrence is upstairs!” so she gets bugged during the concert and crowded by people afterwards?

    As for the vineyard “date” happening Aug. 7-no, it didn’t. According to E!’s “source”, who seems to know EVERYTHING that’s going on with Lawrence and Martin, the “super-romantic date” was on the weekend.

    And as for our “multiple friends” REALITY, its REAL, and TRUTH, those statements are as believable as those made by meme before. For one, Martin was seen in the Hamptons (including with Paltrow) the week after the shows, including on Lawrence’s birthday. But hey, don’t let that get in the way of your rants.

  • Courtney

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow @pah-lease OK, I saw the videos (thank you for those by the way) and I want to respectfully point out that the kiss could have been blown in the general direction of his fans who were cheering him on. Maybe its just a coincidence that he made a Hunger Games reference when she was there, but it was probably just a harmless, fun reference. Its not like it was a secret code to Jennifer or something. He said that so the crowd could appreciate it. I agree with @pah-lease about the people in her section not mentioning the kiss blown in Jen’s direction. Why wouldn’t they tweet about it? Again, I mean this in the most respectable way possible.

  • pah-lease

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow @Courtney Those were the two videos I saw. Both the “Hunger Games” reference and the kiss were so innocuous, I missed them both.
    The reference sounded more like a little nod to Lawrence’s attendance at the show. After all, they had met almost a year before and had talked in London. Martin may have given her the tickets for Lawrence and her friends. Maybe that was his way of saying thanks for coming to see him play again.
    As for the kiss, I agree. From the direction he’s sitting, the kiss went towards the audience that was seated lower than him. At almost all venues, the VIP’s sit in suites or balconies on the side of the stage. I’ve looked at The Box layout, and it seems to be that way for their concerts as well. Again, if it was obviously directed to Lawrence, I would think the people who tweeted before (and others) would’ve said something about that.

  • ActuallyBeliveitNow

    It’s not really about the shoutout and the kiss, because yes, I agree, those are quite innocent and isn’t really proof of anything. But the tweets does place her there, like UsWeekly claimed, so we know that part is true. And it does make the vineyard story make sense as well, at least to me. I couldn’t really find anything regarding what Chris was up to during the latter part of the 7th, I saw that he did some radio interviews and what not, but it wouldn’t be impossible for him to head out to The Hampton’s once he was done for the day and then head back in again on the 8th. It only takes between an hour to an hour and a half to get from Montauk to Manhattan, very doable. Oh and the article Eonline posted regarding the vineyard date didn’t say it happened on the weekend, just that they enjoyed a romantic afternoon there a few days before Jen turned 24. (And that it happened less than 2 weeks ago from when the article was posted)

  • pah-lease

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow According to a number of articles, the “date” happened on the weekend. So either E! didn’t initially report everything the “source” said, or other tabs were contacted after E!’s story ran and were told about the weekend time frame.

    Even if it was the 7th, how in the world did nobody see, recognize, or take pics of them? And why is there only one “source”? I found a lot of articles and pics of celebrities that live in/frequent the Hamptons. The vineyard is a very popular hot spot for them and NY society. But yet, there’s no others corroborating the “source”? Suspicious, to say the least.

    And don’t forget the “spotting” on the beach in the Hamptons. Again, another popular place, but no pics, no corroboration by others. Just one “source”. Evidently this “source” can afford to spend time driving around the Hamptons and beyond looking for Lawrence and Martin, but can’t afford a cell phone that takes pictures.

    Then there’s the pics of Lawrence at the heliport. E! runs them, and only comments on her “post breakup body” or something similarly ridiculous. Nothing about dating Martin. And if paps knew when to find her returning to the NYC, why didn’t they catch her leaving? How did they know about her return, but not her departure? Or even Martin? His appearance/promo schedule was pretty well known while he was in NYC (mostly radio stations, who would’ve advertised his appearances). If anyone thought or knew he was flying in and out of NYC to the Hamptons after he was done every day, why no pics of him leaving or coming back?

    Just remember one thing-the person who benefits the most from all this is Martin. He’s the one who’s “friend” said he’s “sensitive” and was hurt by Paltrow moving on so quickly. So what better way to get back at her than to be linked with a young, carefree, hugely successful Hollywood actress in Lawrence? Doesn’t hurt that she’s going to have one of the biggest, most highly anticipated movies (“Mockingjay”) coming out soon. They’ve been seen together a couple times before this (“Catching Fire” soundtrack, July after-party), so there’s already a “backstory” to link them together. Just so happens Martin and his band have an album their supporting, a new music video, and now a tour. He and the band are getting a lot of free publicity from this so-called “relationship”. Coincidence? Not likely.

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease All excellent points. Like you said, there are many celebrities who visit the winery, so it’s not like everyone present at the time of their “date” lived under a rock and didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know that Coldplay did a song for the Catching Fire soundtrack! I looked at the times on Wednesdays and Sundays for the Wolffer Vineyard and they close at 6 p.m. The sun’s going down a lot later these days.

  • ActuallyBeliveitNow

    I’m just going by what the original source said, and they never mentioned it happening during the weekend. I don’t think the other tabloids had any inside info regarding it, but things get changed and added all the time with things like these, so I’m not surprised that other tabloids claimed to have known when it happened, even though it’c quite clear that their “source” is E!.
    As for no one at the vineyard seeing them and tweeting about it or taking a picture, yes, that strikes me as odd as well, but it wouldn’t be impossible either. They could have been sitting as far away from others as possible, Jen likes to wear hats and sunglasses, the people there could just not be all that interested in spying on others, who knows, there could be lots of different possibilities, but just because no one there tweeted about seeing them or took a pic is not gonna make me discredit the whole thing. Might be true, might not be. But Jennifer being at the concert and then getting off the helicopter makes me think there’s more truth to it than not. But that’s just me. I don’t blame people for thinking the whole situation is shady.

    And the paparazzi not catching Jennifer when she flew out to the Hampton’s (if she flew, for all we know she could have gone by car) or why no one caught Chris, well that’s nothing strange. They might have been tipped off that Jen was on her way from the Hampton’s in to the city and that’s why we got the pics we did. There might have been a blabbermouth working at the heliport in Montauk.

    And Courtney, the 7th was on a Thursday, they have something called “Twilight Thursday’s” and close at 8pm. Just late enough to have been able to watch the sun go down.

  • pah-lease

    @Actually… While it seems the other tabs got their info from E!, it isn’t “quite clear”. Once the initial story is reported for the “exclusive”, there isn’t anything stopping the “source” from selling it again to other tabs by adding details left out of the first version.

    If there was a blabbermouth in Montauk, then why was Lawrence caught only once by paps? Why didn’t they catch her flying in? Or Martin coming and going all those days? Or maybe even both of them arriving at once? If someone knows they can make money by tipping off paps, why not tell them more than just the one time? A pic of her or them together in Montauk would go for more money than just her in NYC. Or why didn’t the “blabbermouth” take a pic of one or both of them in Montauk and sell it directly to the tabs instead of tipping off paps?

    Lawrence at the concert and getting off a helicopter mean nothing other than…she was at the concert and flew into NYC by helicopter on the 8th. That doesn’t prove anything about any “date”. For all anyone knows, she may have gone somewhere just outside of NYC or in a direction completely opposite of the Hamptons. But the fact she was photographed means E! can put the pics together with their story to make people think it has something to do with the “date”. As it is, many articles claim she was caught “arriving” at an “airport”, to fly out of NYC. And some figured it was for this weekend “date”.

    Lawrence has been photographed enough with that floppy hat and sunglasses that she’s just as recognizable with them on as off. But yet, nobody noticed or recognized her? Or Martin, especially if he’s been renting a house in the Hamptons all summer long and has been seen all over with Paltrow and kids (at times)? That place is busy (sometimes packed) every night in the summer, but they went unnotice/unrecognized among all those people?

    If they “watched the sun go down”, nobody noticed a gal wearing sunglasses at 8 pm? If they “sampled wines”, as the “source” states, then they might’ve been inside. Is Lawrence going to wear a hat and glasses inside as well to go unrecognized? That would draw even more attention to her/them. If she took them off, then bingo! instant recognition. And again, Martin’s been seen all over, but nobody recognized him either? What was he wearing-Groucho glasses, nose, and moustache? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Only this one “source” saw and recognized them, and even then no pic.

  • Courtney

    @ActuallyBelieveItNow Sorry, my mistake. You have a lot of valid points, and it could be possible. But Jen has been recognized in her hat and sunglasses before. Also, someone on E’s website pointed out that the helicopter she flew in was a touring helicopter. Not many people who run private flights for celebs will tip off the paparazzi because they get very good business from their clients. Why lose them by calling the paps every time they land or take off somewhere. Again, I see your points, but considering that E is still a GOSSIP site with no other outside sources to back up their claims still leaves me skeptical.

  • pah-lease

    @Actually… I’m going to make a small, but significant clarification in what I said before. Instead of saying Lawrence “flew into” NYC by helicopter on the 8th, I should’ve said she was seen “landing” in NYC.

    That’s it. No idea of where she went, when she left, how long she was gone. Only that she LANDED in NYC by helicopter. That unknown factor is what makes it so easy for E! and other tabs to fabricate stories that they know will sell copies and get clicks. Since Lawrence is known for being very private, her being publicly connected to all these events(seen talking at after-show party, seen at another concert, “Hunger Games” reference and blown kiss, pics at heliport) is tabloid GOLD!

    Tabs live for this kind of opportunity-to have this much on a private celeb (or two, in this case) that would allow them to link it all together and make up a story that people believe. So far, this “relationship” isn’t getting even that close, even among tabs. And that’s saying something.