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Gerard Butler Makes Out with His Mystery Gal Yet Again!

Gerard Butler Makes Out with His Mystery Gal Yet Again!

Gerard Butler and a mystery woman have a makeout session while standing outside of D’Amore’s Pizza on Sunday (August 31) in Malibu, Calif.

The 44-year-old actor appears to be kissing the same woman he couldn’t keep his hands off of just a week prior at another spot in Malibu. They sure make a good looking couple!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last week, Gerard made a special appearance on the final episode of Chelsea Lately and even sang a little ditty for the host during a star-studded finale.

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gerard butler makes out with mystery woman again 01
gerard butler makes out with mystery woman again 02
gerard butler makes out with mystery woman again 03
gerard butler makes out with mystery woman again 04

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Phannie#1

    Nice job Gerry!! Best wishes, she looks like a down to earth fine kind of lady!!

  • Phannie#1

    Fun…not fine. Fun is far more your style!! Good luck!!

  • I think so too

    @Phannie#1: Very nice pictures and they both look comfortable in each others company. Go Gerry!

  • Only the paps

    ever saw them together.

  • Tara

    Hahaha! She’s so trashy. Look at her huge camel toe! LOL.
    I am glad he’s happy though!

  • Yawn

    To me it looks like a photoshoot for a (bad) romcom.

  • Obvious!!!

    Why JJ continues to say a “mystery gal”? It is obvious she is his gf. WHy JJ does not write the article as it really is. If it is the same woman he has been making out for quite some time and hanging out with, dont you think it is obvious he is her bf or his steady gf?

  • riffing

    Mystery because JJ ain’t got a name yet. Come on JJ get on it.

  • Not obvious!!!
  • Happiness Is A Good Thing

    It’s nice to see someone actually be happy out there. If they are having fun, more power to them. Just let them enjoy it. Life can be very short, so live it up!

  • anna

    She looks around his age range I hope he stays faithful to her. Love how the paps always know their where abouts like they just randomly wait outside a pizza place hence they took opportunity and made the most out of their PDA session. I dont understand why ppl need to do that your going home with that person

  • Nasty Troll

    @Tara: You dumb broad. She’s wearing boots.

  • gia

    @ obvious your right what don’t jj says it’s his girlfriend what is the mystery with that do jj knows something we don’t.


    Told everyone that he was really into the Nobu girl. Most obsessed fans said, “Nooooo, it’s just for the paps”. Yeah right!
    They look happy together. He has a smile on his face and she’s smiling all the time.
    Good for them. I hope she takes a trip to London with him and possibly meet the family. Will like her more than MG.
    You go Gerry! She’s so pretty ; -)

  • :-))

    @Nasty Troll:Lol, you don’t know what a camel toe is, right?

  • Phannie#1


    As would most of our love lives. She doesn’t seem to be a model, she looks over 30 and she dresses and acts like a normal human being. All a big plus in the direction of a girl more interested in the person rather than the celebrity persona. You see boring rom com, I see a partner who just might care about the real Gerry. I for one wish them the best!! We’ve all said he was coming to look like a man stuck in his 20s, this looks more natural (those goofy swim trunks aside)


    ITAWY!! I said in a previous thread that I’ve got a good feeling about this girl. She’s make up free, and you’re right, dresses normal. So much like Gerry.
    This is when you know that some fans talk about him wanting a “normal” relationship, but when it comes along, they still find something to attack. This is girl isn’t on twitter blabbing. LEAVE HER ALONE!

  • Nice to see

    @Happiness Is A Good Thing: Isn’t that the truth.
    Looks like they got to eat their pizza in peace anyway. Nice couple. They look good together.
    Hoping she likes to shop and takes gerry for some new duds.


    @Obvious!!!: beeeitch please. Gerard is a male sult.! Plain and simple. He’s trying to break WILT CHAMBERLAIN’s record. : )

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations to Ms Psychic. She predicted it and it came true. He found his love in the summer and here she is. Maybe we will see him settle down and start a family too. Good luck to the happy couple.

  • Christy Lundberg

    It is really good to see him happy again. I think the woman is pretty.

  • stells

    They seem to playing up for the cameras lately…. the way GB is secretative its a surprise to see him do this why doesnt he go for casual strolls on the beach with dog hand in hand. She may be his gf but he does start action soon as the paps start taking pics just sayin

  • Give it up

    you want to believe that he’s playing up for the paps. not the case. give it up already.
    maybe he’s really into this girl and doesn’t care what you, the paps or the media think of her or them together.

  • stells

    @Give it up:

    Honestly I dont want to believe it but I hope your right this time as most of his pics with women in the past have been PR linked. Anyway good luck to them she seems nice and hope he settles with her personally after his rendezvous with brandi I just cant see him in the same light lol

  • Give it up

    maybe you haven’t been that into someone before? that is what a couple who are in the first butterfly stages of love looks like. she’s not some twenty year old idiot. you can’t keep blaming gerry for every pap photo leaked. he’s being followed now because they know he has a girl.

  • Yeah, right


    You don’t know when he met her. You probably are Miss Psychic.

    Just stop it already.

  • redrose

    do you think she’s a gemini and do anybody know’s did she go to london with gerry .

  • Twitter

    He still sticks his tongue out to other girls :-))

  • Twitter

    @redrose: There was only one tweet from Heathrow
    Doesn’t say if he was alone or not.

  • She won’t go to London

    It’s a work trip. And she might have her own business here or work. Not every woman can just pack and leave to chase him like a puppy dog. Gerry loves that about a woman. Someone that has her own life.

  • Teresa

    At least he’s not trying to take off her top. Gerry you need to grow up and act you age.

  • qas


    why? so he’ll act like you grandma?

  • Jolie

    He is grown. It’s just a couple hanging out. Relax.

  • Manny

    Camel toe looks more like a moose knuckle….. Or is she wearing boots??? LMAO….

  • Time

    @She won’t go to London: 10pm in London. Doubt if we will know anything till tomorrow.
    If it is serious, it would be a good opportunity to meet the family, check out the church, you know all the little details like kilt fitting, Comrie bake shop, flowers etc. I’m overwhelmed with this. A wedding planner is definitely needed. You don’t think he would choose Glasgow do you?
    Unless he can make it home for Christmas. Sure she has family too. Maybe a church of her choosing.

  • zzzz

    She looks like a man or more like Vanessa Paradis…

  • Oink
  • She won’t go to London

    You’re getting carried away there.
    We don’t know how long he’ll be there. It’s a work trip after all. She might have her own work here, so it’s not like she can pack everything up to follow him.
    More likely we’ll see her in Louisiana while he’s shooting. It’s not a long flight. I have to admit, that they do look cute together. He’s comfortable with her. And she with him.

  • Mother?

    The romanian press who took the pics “know” that she’s a mother?

    Gerard Butler seems like a bee that goes from one woman to another. Recently, the bachelor was photographed kissing a young mother fire which press the United States does not know anything.


    @Wrong Girl -from last thread; The camel toe I spoke of is from this new set of pics. Where the girl is holding Gerard’s hand while speaking on his phone,( it wasn’t his wallet he was putting back in his pants ), her pants are way up her crotch, and there it is. No injury I can think of on anyone would require her, or Carmella to wear her pants like that. Not accidental either. Just not classy.
    Very glad he’s over the first part of this journey, and safetly in the UK. Don’t like the “looking a little lost” comment. Wouldn’t the HB people be there to meet him? I hope Amy got to go. She’s nice and actually helpful.

  • qas


    No, just a bad translation

    “mama focului” here translated as a mother fire, is
    “like a house on fire”…

  • Time

    @She won’t go to London: But he does have time to kill and most likely will see family. I know, I know, can’t help it. Having a bit of fun that’s all.

  • Mother?

    @qas: Haha thought so. They can’t find out her name but know she’s a mother ( on fire ) :-)))

  • She won’t go to London

    I didn’t say that he didn’t want to take her. I said that she probably couldn’t go due to her own work commitments here ; -)
    It’s in the early stages. There’s plenty of time for family meetings later.

  • Pamela

    @Time: You’re either 12 or 85. Are you the same troll who had him married to the last girlfriend after a week in Scotland in a castle? LOL. Calm down and get a life. You might also look at all the countless threads just like this over the years. I suppose you were also the idiot troll who had him marrying Carmella after one day at Disneyland last month. You’re a total moron.

  • @Oink

    What’s the matter piggy? Is it feeding time?

  • He can’t win

    If he hides his girlfriends, then he’s ashamed and it’s only a hook up, if he doesn’t hide them, then it’s a show for the paps.
    He can’t win.
    I think he’s matured and finally realises that he needs to ignore the media and his fans. He’s going by his gut on this one.
    One thing is for sure, his fans won’t let him enjoy having a girlfriend. And that’s the truth.

  • Jules

    Ewwww!!! She’s UGLY!!!!
    Gross camel toe!! At least she’s not wearing the same shorts in this pic.
    I thought he liked beautiful women??
    This one looks like an ugly transvestite sporting that moose knuckle.
    I guess he’s had his run on beautiful women. Shame.
    At least Madalina was something to look at.
    I can’t believe how homely she is in the light.
    Is he drunk all the time??
    Her face makes me want to vomit……

  • so true

    @He can’t win:

    Absolutely true!