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Kirsten Dunst Responds to Nude Photo Leak, Criticizes Apple

Kirsten Dunst Responds to Nude Photo Leak, Criticizes Apple

Kirsten Dunst has broken her silence after her nude photos were leaked along with those of several other top female celebrities.

“Thank you iCloud,” the 32-year-old actress tweeted along with emoticons of a slice of pizza and a piece of poop.

Kirsten is clearly criticizing Apple for lack of proper security as the hacker was allegedly able to access the iCloud accounts of all these celebrities to obtain the photos.

While Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Kate Upton have all confirmed that their photos are real, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice are saying theirs are fake.

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  • mitchie

    the Pizza and Shit icon = PIZZA SHIT (piece of shit) jared lol

  • Matt

    Ariana Grande lies.

  • Lol

    Don’t blame iCloud.

    ANYONE with half a brain should know nothing is private. It just takes the right person to hack into everything.

    Use your brain, kids.

  • liz

    OH COME ON. iCloud is not to blame for THEIR stupid decisions to take nude photos in the first place. it is common sense to be careful what you keep on your phone- there is no excuse.

  • ladyb

    I understand that people should not be taking nude pics of themselves but there are a lot of things on my computer that I do not intend to share with the public…my passwords come to mind..Apple should get whatever caused this fixed. Until then, I will stick to Samsung.

  • kary

    I think the worst pics are JLaw and Kate Upton, they must be really pissed up right now, they totally can take all naked pictures if they want to but you need to be smart enough to lock the option “share on icloud when wifi is on” or something like that it doesn’t matter if you delete the pictures they will be on icloud… Apple sucks just because is incredibly easy to hack that ****

    BTW Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice need to be responsible for their actions, I mean come on, those pictures are no fake, they don’t even need to apologize for anything, those pics were PRIVATES

  • shooshanha

    well, as alanis once said “you learn!”

  • M

    Don’t people realize that the cloud apple works with is run by Microsoft!!!!

  • Mary

    I agree with you @Kary, even though they (celebrities) should know better, it’s partially apple’s fault for allowing hackers to access private accounts so easily. There are worse pictures than Jlaw’s and Upton’s, Melissa Benoist’s and Avril Lavigne’s come to mind, but seriously I do feel bad for all of them because they were intended for personal use. Kirsten has done nude scenes before, and I still understand why she is upset. One thing is to expose your body to the world because you want to and another different one is to be exposed by a third party without your consent. But at least a lot of the celebrities seem to be moving on by just tweeting something simple and not denying or making a huge deal about it.

  • Ava

    You people are scary.. Someone hacks into people private accounts , steals their private photos, even deleted ones and private information and somehow you guys blame the celebrities for their own violation and humiliation .. It’s no different then if someone broke into their home and robbed them or going to a public place and using their bathroom expecting privacy while some perverts actually taking pictures of you with hidden camera .. Stop blaming the victim and think this is ok because their famous and gave up all their rights .

  • Paula

    @ava ….. They blame the celebrities because they want to view the stolen pictures that are obviously private and it makes them feel better and less dirty if they can tell themselves it was the celebrities own fault and they somehow deserve being treated less them human because they put themselves in the situation.

  • ms grey

    if you don’t want your nude photos seen don’t take them

  • kissbi

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  • Toni_Soprano

    @Paula: I could care less about seeing any of these pictures, speak for yourself. I’m not a celebrity worshipper. She has some nerve blaming others for her pics getting leaked; the answer to that is don’t take them.

  • offtheproperty

    *They get to spread their favorite photos all over the world.
    *They get to pretend they never wanted anyone to see them.
    *They get to feign righteous indignation and defend their honor in court.
    And not a single one of them is above stooping to this trifecta of lies.
    That’s your actresses for you.

  • reality

    Personally I don’t blame the celebrities but it does make me wonder, would the public + celebs make a big deal if the pictures had been of them fully clothed? I find the obsession with female nudity to be more disturbing. A naked body is just a naked body and people should stop being so shocked. Yes it was an invasion of privacy, but nudity shouldn’t be taken so seriously, especially adult nudity. I actually find the reactions to nudity much more disturbing than the event itself. If these celebs are so disturbed of being seen naked, than why take the risk of immortalizing it in pictures, it doesn’t make sense.
    In a weird way they are lying to themselves and the public by keeping what they perceive is a “good girl image” as if a naked body is something to be ashamed of. Take and actress like Rooney Mara (just an example) she’s nude in some films, yet no pictures of her have been hacked, you know why because she probably has no need to take naked pictures of herself since she is comfortable with who she is. Now take someone like Kate Upton who just last week was all like ” I’ll never do nudity” because she obviously feels like “nudity” is not a good thing, yet obviously spends lots of time doing exactly that. If anything I think they are pissed that their hypocrisy has been exposed.
    BTW I am against the invasion of all peoples privacy, celebrity or not, but I noticed that this issue isn’t even about the invasion of privacy; the fans of high profile actress like Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the most pissed off, as if this is something personal to them and it’s quite frightening how involved fans get involved with celebrities lives. They think that someone put a gun to Jennifer Lawrence head and made her take her clothes off, but in reality this is something she did herself and that’s her problem. The fans are angry because they had this image of her in their heads and this hacking “scandal” broke that image. Meanwhile she had a lot to do with creating that image too, wanting to be a “perfect” “good girl” and according to popular belief good girls don’t take their clothes off,,,whatever.
    I also find it weird how so many have jumped on this defending bandwagon like they are going to get a metal or something yet these are the same people who I’ve never seen supporting vulnerable real life women and girls who have actual problems. But oh no a celebrity has been wronged, let’s call a meeting of the internet police to save the reputation of these celebs. I’m not saying celebrities don’t have problems, I’m sure they do but let’s not make this something it’s not and focus on real life problems not some stupid pictures of someones tatas and butts.

  • GotG

    Seems a constant occurrence from geocities, playstation, army to icloud.

  • Danklin24


    Lmao good luck with your samsung/android piece of crap, it’s less secure than any iPhone.

  • Danklin24

    @M: um no it isn’t

  • Danklin24

    @Mary: Avrils is fake. It wasn’t a d*** in her mouth. It was photoshopped

  • Danklin24


    You’re dumb. There are other ways to take nude photos than on a cell phone and storing them on a cloud service. Digital cameras come to mind. Celebrities are dumb because they think their cell phones are untouchable yet still continue to do stupid things with them

  • IA

    @reality: I agree completely with everything you said.