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Kate Upton's Boyfriend Justin Verlander Responds to Leaked Nude Photos

Kate Upton's Boyfriend Justin Verlander Responds to Leaked Nude Photos

Justin Verlander breaks his silence on the recently leaked pictures of him and girlfriend Kate Upton on Tuesday (September 2).

“I’m not going to comment on my personal life,” the 31-year-old baseball player shared before a game against the Cleveland Indians. “I never have, and I never plan on it. I keep my personal life personal.

He added, “The focus for me is on the Detroit Tigers. I don’t want to take any focus away from this team and what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re in the middle of a pennant race. We’re trying to win a pennant. And all of my focus currently is on doing whatever I can to help our team win our division.”

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  • Lucette

    can someone tell me the back story here?
    I know she was part of the picture leak and I saw a comment on another board jokingly saying he had some explaining to do – but I didn’t think much of it.
    You don’t have to get too graphic but I didn’t see her pics so what is he saying he isn’t going to talk about?
    thanks in advance.

  • Amy



    There were pics of his peen…

    There were pics of him with other women…

    There were intimate pics of him and Kate…

    I can’t really say more here.

  • lol

    Oh, tiny d!ck speaks? Did he say anything about the naked side pieces that were also found on his phone? Kate, have an once of self-respect and dump this douche.

  • Lucette

    but they might be old pics so who knows.
    thanks for the update.

  • Kyleigh

    @Lucette- Amy is correct. I’d say the most vulgar picture was a “money shot”… if you don’t know what that is, urban dictionary it.

    @lol- clearly Kate sent the nudes to him, and I assume he got permission from her to take some of the other pictures.

    Granted, I live in MI and am a Tigers fan so it’s hard for me to look at him the same way. LOL However, those pictures should have been private and unfortunately a hacker took that away from them, and all the others exposed.

  • Lucette

    I know what a money shot is.
    You mean of her or of him?

  • lol

    He doesn’t care cos he’s a dude and male bodies are seen as funny meanwhile female bodies are sexualized and the public feels a gross ownership of naked female bodies.

    He will probably get props from men for being naked with Kate Upton. How sad…..

  • Kyleigh

    @Lucette- well the “money shot” was his on her back, technically…

    @lol- it’s true. I do feel bad for these people, but my guess is he could care less, unless it causes issues with his relationship with her. I mean, there were other naked girls on his phone but who knows how old those pictures were. I didn’t hear/see any of him engaging with other women just nude selfies women sent him.


    Meanwhile there are 64,000 non famous Black women missing in the United States,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where is the FBI?

  • reallife
  • @10

    while the plight of missing children is horrible I don’t think the fbi working on one case affects that.
    Just like there are 1000′s of police officers all around the country there are many many fbi agent assigned to different task and offices. So it doesn’t mean they are taking people away from the missing persons department.
    In no way making light of missing children as I can’t even click on your link because I know it is heart breaking . I am only saying the two aren’t connected. The fbi does have a task force for that too.

  • Amy


    I would be embarrassed if I was him. Those pics were not flattering.

  • james


    Silly, don’t you think that the FBI has the manpower and the skills to work on more than one case. WELL THEY DO. They do not stop working on cases they are already on, when they start new cases.

  • okay

    I do believe there should be some kind of punishment, consequence for this type of harassment, attack on women but interestingly enough the ones who would need the most support is a woman living a normal life (non-celebrity) yet she is least likely it to get.
    The truth is that these attacks have been happening for a long time, yet go mostly ignored. It is unfortunate that it takes an A-list celeb hacking for the FBI and Apple to give a damn, when in return this same A-list celeb is not vulnerable to the danger a non famous woman is. It’s actually very sad how much value we place on the life of a celeb vs the life of a non-celeb.
    A celebrity is not vulnerable like a non-celeb woman is, a celeb can hide behind her millions, bodyguards, mansions, security systems. A non-famous woman cannot do that.
    This type of scandal can only raise the popularity of a celeb which equals more money. In the meantime the non-celebrity woman is in great danger of stalking (with no security guards) job loss, shame, social stigma.

    I do believe that there should be some kind of law for this issue but it should benefit the most vulnerable members of society and shouldn’t have taken an A-list actress for people to finally show concern or human decency.

    A celeb is someone who deliberately puts themselves out there to be seen by the public. Non-famous women don’t do that or need that kind of attention thus need more laws and protection for this kind of harassment.

    Every week Kate Upton is in a tiny bikini barely covering her privates and nipples. Mary, the teacher down the street was too trusting and let her then bf take naked pictures of her, after she dumps him, he posts them all over the web. She could lose her job.

    Jennifer Lawrence often appears in lingerie in men’s magazines. Amber showed her boobs on some web cam to a guy she trusted and now her screenshots are all over the web. She’s studying to become a nurse, not a celeb, yet some ahole betrayed her and now she has to deal with the fact that her family or strangers might see her boobs online.

    Much different realities.

    Yes women should learn to not be so trusting or dumb, but its not their fault that there is bad people in this world, bad people who deceive you and pretend they are good.

  • JennyFromTheShop

    everyone get naked nowwwwwwwwww whohoooooooooooooooo naked revolution

  • pp

    He keeps his personal life private? Then why is he posing in nude photos? I heard he looked like an idiot in them.

  • You’re dumb

    @REALWORLD: I’m sure there are alot of missing white women, too. Why would you even mention color unless you’re a racist?


    @You’re dumb:

    Hi, it was the first statistics that came to my mind. But basically 2,300 people(every race and sex) go missing everyday in the U.S. My point was to prove that there are many more important work for the FBI to do.

  • wtf

    @You’re dumb:

    I don’t see how that is racist. The reality is that most of the missing women in the United States of America are black women.

    Despite representing 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 — or 34% — of all missing persons reported in 2012. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, the comparison with other racial groups is unfavorable: Whites and Hispanics are a combined 80.1% of the population, but account for 60% of missing persons.

    This is especially troubling when you break down the numbers by age. Black and Missing reports that 37% of missing minors and 28.2% of missing adults in 2013 were black. No fewer than 270,000 minorities have gone missing since 2010, 135,000 of whom were black and 64,000 were black women

  • Living in a box

    A few weeks or months ago Kate make a statement why she didn’t pose for nude. Now we can see her nude picture for free on internet.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    she’s a freaaaaak. well, most women are but that “money shot” was a funny one, she’s soooo lucky it wasnt on her face ahahaha

  • Kim

    She had a photo of spewg across her back. That is gross. No need to take photos of THAT!

  • Boss Reaker

    I am a guy and think it was wrong to invade privacy, but they should have been more careful also. I do not think this stuff out on pics was appropriate, and as for him he sure does not respect women.

  • alaouig

    OMG her photos are all over the internet even in torrent :

  • Serena


    ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS, check out this link: bit . ly / LeakPictures

  • lolder boulder

    LOL i watched the videos that were posted to. and there is a mystery woman on the phone as well who also had nudes of her.
    the dude has a small wiener but she seems to like it anyway