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Katie Holmes Gets Temporary Tattoos at Joe Zee's NYFW Event

Katie Holmes Gets Temporary Tattoos at Joe Zee's NYFW Event

Katie Holmes is a denim darling while attending the Old Navy + Joe Zee party held during New York Fashion Week on Thursday evening (September 4) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress looked like she had an absolute blast while getting temporary tattoos placed on the back of her neck and on her left forearm.

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Katie was spotted earlier in the week shopping around a card store back in Los Angeles, where she just purchased a new home.

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the fashion week event…

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katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 01
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 02
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 03
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 04
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 05
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 06
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 07
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 08
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 09
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 10
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 11
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 12
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 13
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 14
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 15
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 16
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 17
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 18
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 19
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 20
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 21
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 22
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 23
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 24
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 25
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 26
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 27
katie holmes gets temporary tattoos at joe zee nyfw event 28

Photos: Michael Simon, Justin Campbell
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  • Nathan

    Katie is so cute in these pictures

  • yuk

    why does she always wear what looks like yesterday’s make up?
    she might have looked ok here otherwise but the make up especially around the eyes looks old and smudged.
    Her face seems greasy or dirty too. Maybe it’s just the tone of it and she can’t change that part.

  • Fashion Week

    The once aspiring “fashion designer” (try not to laugh) is going to this bottom barrel event just to get snapped during fashion week? Is Katie Holmes back on the ho-stroll as they call it?

  • Carrie

    Katie looks gorgeous and so happy! Good for her.

  • lr

    I will never understand her appeal-she’s average at best.

  • Wurry

    She’s schilling products like a Kardashian or P Diddy.
    I thought she a steady flow of hush money from Tommy?

  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes Dancing at the party.

    kathleenelie instagram.
    Katie looks like she would be so much fun to hang out with she’s cool as hell.

  • @7 and @5

    @7ROFL! What is funny is that you think that is dancing.
    @5 for the life of me I don’t get it either. Her looks are plain at best

  • Mary

    Not a big fan of the jeans being so tight that the zipper shows, but otherwise not bad at all, especially for the usually dowdy Holmes. She needs to up the shoe game, though!

  • K-Flop – 2014 The Year of

    2014 year of…..

    Holmes & Yang closed shop (Flop)
    Bobbi Brown contract fini (Flop)
    Dangerous Liaison tv pilot not picked up (Flop)
    The Giver lukewarm reception (Flop)
    Every red carpet appearance was a fashion fail or Leslie Sloane lead by the nose (see The Giver premiere pics) etiquette/how to walk class.

    Coming up

    Days & Nights a whisper release (no trailer) this month (9/26) to limited theaters (few in NY) and VOD

    Miss Meadows indie style release in Nov to a limited theaters (few more than NY) and VOD

    Mania Days nada

    2014 Year of K-Flop

  • Nolan

    love her!

  • Nathan

    @K-Flop – 2014 The Year of:

    K-Flop the “Days and Nights” trailer was posted a few days back on Katie Holmes Daily facebook page here. is the link.
    I not gonna lie though it kinda looks like a piece of crap. but I still think “Miss Meadows” is gonna be her comeback movie and she may even have a chance at winning an award for her performance in it.

  • Caryn

    @K-Flop – 2014 The Year of: Actually I saw the trailer for Days and Nights and I must admit she was good in it. Shocked the hell out of me since she was so bad in the trailers for The Giver and Miss Meadows as well as most of the other trailers I’ve seen her in. I’m going to see D&N because I love Hurt and Janney’s acting. Hoping she is up to their acting level and doesn’t bring the cast down like she did in All My Sons on Broadway. That still remains one of the most cringeworthy theatre experiences ever.

  • K-Flop – 2014 The Year of


    Has it been released to media outlets and VOD distributors?
    K-Flop’s team isn’t rying to sell it like Miss Meadows.

    Limited exposure – ie, K-Flop fansite to check off a completion box (re: IMDB).

    Her team has an image to sale (strong, versatile lead female actress, able to carry a film) vs the Days and Nights ensemble with veterans.

    K-Flop’s still trying to sell she is A-list for her acting skills and not for being the ex-Mrs Cruise or Suri’s mother

    Just like the ‘Not Without My Daughter’ and the ‘I’m So Mid-West’ PR image projected for the last 2 yrs, it will be only a select group that are gullible to believe the PR facade.

  • Caryn

    @K-Flop – 2014 The Year of: It’s on FB Loving Katie Holmes site. Can’t find it anywhere else. Film got mixed reviews, but I’m a huge fan of Hurt so I’m going!

  • Poppy

    K-flop even her Hallmark ad was a subtle reminder she is Suri’s mother. Everything is staged and it’s not a coincidence she was photographed buying children items to remind everything of Suri.
    There are a lot of things in the store and that was chosen.

  • Danelle

    So, how does this work? Flying cross-country at the start of the school year to attend NYFW to make or keep connections to keep her name/face out their to help promote her projects (films)?

    New York is where many of the fashion/stage connections are made, but California is where all of the movie connections are, so it looks like a lot of back and forth to jumpstart her career re-reinvention after the 2012 divorce reinvention.

    I don’t think this year her or her team will say they’ve gained any footing into this new focus of her being a solid actress, but what is lined up for next year? Mania Days still doesn’t have a release. The Woman in Gold doesn’t seem to be a major vehicle for to establish a comeback. And the “All We Had” deal hasn’t been clearly defined.

    I really don’t think The Giver, Days and Nights nor Miss Meadows will do anything other than to say she is getting and completing jobs.

  • Danelle

    correction – ‘out their’ meant ‘out there’

  • Porter

    I see comments on boards saying “Wait, why do blogs post pictures of her working but yet I never see her in anything”. That isn’t going to change much after these smaller projects get released. Might make her imdb look deceivingly better but in reality who goes there anyway?
    She is 36 in a few short months. At pushing 40 she is going to look very silly doing this sort of lame event to be seen.

  • Nathan


    Katie said awhile back in an interview that she would like to find an interesting character on tv to play. I think that’s also why she moved to LA there is way more television opportunities in LA than there is in New York.

  • sara

    @Danelle: Katie lacks the charisma to be an A list big screen actress. I think she’d be better off being back on the small screen. She has minimal talent when it comes to acting, but there are a lot of actresses and actors that have minimal talent that manage to make a career in Hollywood. Take Chris Hemsworth. He is certainly not a great actor, but he has that indefinable thing known as charisma which is why he is able to pull in the female audience for Thor. Katie certainly is no Meryl Streep. Nor does she have the ‘charisma’ of say a Monroe. I don’t think anyone would say Monroe was a great actress, but she had something that drew people to her. And as Katie’s champion on this board, Annie, has pointed out–maybe she just wants to work and doesn’t care if she opens a picture or has a leading role. Except for her most ardent supporters, I think most of us can agree that she has had opportunity after opportunity thrown her way as Mrs. Cruise–modeling assignments, her so called fashion line, Broadway, bit parts on TV and parts in movies and she has yet to shine in any of these opportunities. However, there is nothing wrong with taking a part here or there, a modeling assignment here or there and supporting her daughter and socking away money for her future.

  • Danelle


    We’ll see.

    For some reason I think the purchase of this new CA home and being bi-coastal is an effort to gain that independent A-List/Celebrity name recognition with her name alone – non-Suri/non-Cruise. At least that is how she comes across to me.

    Michelle Williams has carved out her niche as a solid actress, primarily indies but is respected by mainstream too, and yet she is able to do theatre and movies and lead a regular life in NY.

  • Nathan

    Katie’s got TON’s of charisma it’s what got her famous in the first place. Kevin Williamson said when he saw Katie’s audition tape for Dawson’s Creek that he couldn’t take his eye’s off her and was totally under her spell.
    Katie Just needs to find the right part because she’s got the talent and the charisma plus she’s gorgeous.

  • @Sara

    I think she is in a mode of “I’ll take what I can get”. She tried movies, she tried Broadway, she tried the tv pilot. Now it’s like she got advise or thought of it herself that she should move to LA and try another tv role.
    However, I don’t think she should be looking to star since I don’t think she can carry anything on her own. Either a character role , the friend of the star in a sitcom or an ensemble cast type thing where she blends but it’s not up to her.
    I know some thought she had planned the move back to Cali but I tend to think it was decided quickly. I agree she planned the NY move to get custody but moving back to LA was sudden and she had just been looking at new apartments there and tried for that NY based tv role.
    So I think this is a “nothing else has worked lets try LA and more TV”.

  • @Nathan

    Nathan did you watch any recent interviews with her? she really seems lifeless to me.
    Are you sure you aren’t seeing Joey Potter?
    Katie as a teen was cute and different since she was not the typical pretty blonde type so she was good opposite Michelle.
    However, she is 35 now and there is a huge difference. That ‘glow’ leaves most teens in their 20′s as it did her.
    It’s like looking at a child star always in the position as a child.

  • Nathan

    # 24
    Did you see Dawson’s creek? she totally carried that show. sure it was called Dawson’s creek but it was her show she was the only one that was in all 128 episodes.

    Katie would be the star of any show she’s in.

  • Nathan

    # 25
    No to be honest I hate it when people call Katie Joey potter because that show was many years ago and IMO she looks way hotter now than then.

  • Missy

    I doubt the story about her trying to buy a place on the upper west side was true.It was published just a couple of weeks before news broke that she had moved back to ca. She had probably already purchased her ca house. I remember she was spotted in calabasas a few months ago, probably house-hunting.I agree that the decision must have been fairly recent, cause if her tv pilot had been picked up then she would have stayed in ny.
    Whatever her reasons, I think it’s probably for the best. Suri can lead a more quiet life in a gated community (yes even with the Kartrashians). I assume that she’s started school by now. Glad that she’s not hounded by paps.

  • @Nathan

    Um, K Nathan.

  • Susie#1

    Gee, I had hoped that once Katie left NYC it would be the last we saw of her; unfortunately that’s not the case. If one is bi-coastal, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have talent, or projects. It’s very possible that her career is dead in the water. Why not just let it RIP.

  • Just a Comment

    #28 – I think it is true. The New York Post would not have run that story if it wasnt’s and if you consider, Katie’s home in Calabasas cost HALF the price at $3.5 million versus the cost of the Upper West Side Althorp apt at $6 million PLUS taxes & monthly amenties (that can run in the thousands). When you really break down her wealth and consider she has to pay income taxes, her biggest paycheck came with the marriage contract with Tom Cruise. When she was on Dawson’s Creek she lived in North Carolina in a $200,000 townhouse. Pre Cruise she did not dress with top designer clothes, nor lived in a mansion. Before Cruise she lived 5 years with Chris Klein. They broke up in April 2005 and immediately Katie met Cruise and 2 months later June 2005 they were engaged to be married the next year Nov 2006. So I do believe Katie was advised NOT to buy that New York apt in the Upper West Side and she was wise to listen to her fianancial advisors. She is not exactly churning out box office hits. And yes she did become a partner with Altherna but that was last year and she might have had to put some financial investment in the company to become a partner and I seriously DOUBT she has made a l ot of money in that venture.

  • Just a Comment

    Its time for her to invest her money because Suri is now eight years old and Cruise’s child support stops when Suri is 18 years old and that is less than ten years from now. How fast does time fly? It was 9 years ago that Cruise and Katie appeared on Oprah’s couch in 2005 and its now 2014. That’s how fast time flies. And in that time Katie has yet to be in a bonafide hit but she’s had many opportunties. No I am not a hater just stating the facts. In 9 years and 7 months, Suri will be 18 years old and Cruise’s child support checks will stop. Katie will be 45 years old. Cruise (the millionaire) will be 61 years old. Good luck to them. Live your best life!

  • Just a Comment

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t know them etc., but there are facts that we the public know. Cruise’s child supports will stop when Suri is 18 years old. Katie hasn’t been in any big hits lately and unless she looks really great OR becomes a successful producer or great actress there is a very good chance she won’t be appearing on too many more movies or television shows because there are a lot of actresses out there with a lot of talent, beautiful women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, and younger women heading to Hollywood everyday trying to break into the entertainment business. Katie is in a very lucrative and competitive business. Talent, Youth and Beauty are necessary and even then you might not get a break.

  • Missy

    I wasn’t trying to argue about whether or not Katie could afford that apartment. I have no idea and don’t really care. I just meant that I doubt she woke up one day and randomly decided to move across the country. I think she had been looking for a place in ca for a while before it was reported that she bought a house there. We only heard about the house after she moved in and neighbors spotted her. She prob quietly purchased it some time before that. I even remember reading that she was spotted in Calabasas in June.

  • yoyo

    what kind of tattoo is that? cos I see a metal thing?

  • annie

    I don’t get this obsession about her work, about her being A list or whatever list you people go on about. People are even talking about her financial situation 10 yrs from now. I bet they don’t even think about their own finances 10yrs from now
    I’m a huge fan you all know that, but I see someone who is working, not squabbling with her ex about money increases, she doesn’t even talk about him, thank god or else you would all be saying, she talks about him to stay relevant,
    She bought herself a beautiful house, where a lot of families live, it seems to have privacy for her and her daughter, and seems very happy with things.
    I don’t see any difference between Katie and lots of other actresses, if anything she seems to be in more movies than them, they are not more successful than her so her services are still wanted regardless of what you guys have to say. And I bet she has lots more lined up than we don’t know about. Since there seems to be a lot of speculating, maybe she already has something lined up that we know nothing about, and that’s why she’s back in CA.
    And by the way she looks great, love that style on her!

  • Admit It

    Annie you know you were one of the main ones saying how great an actress and how successful she was going to be. In 2012 it was 2013 was going to be her year. In 2013 it was 2014. Now in 2014 it’s 2015.
    Or to some it’s changed now to “at least she is employed”.lol You also don’t know if she is ‘squabbling with her ex” or not just because you don’t read about it.
    You did just as much “speculating” and were wrong about her future so others can speculate until the cows come home if they want to.
    #31 you are probably close about her finances. She is not poor but without Cruise’s child support she would have to work. I don’t think she is set for life unless she wants to live very modestly.

  • Missy

    Well said annie. Said everything I wanted to say but better.
    Let’s just say people define success differently. Some people feel that consistently working and playing interesting, complex characters is a sign of success. Others feel that you must be a-list or starring in blockbusters in order to be successful.
    As far as squabbling with her ex-. I think the point is that she has not gone to court to demand more money like a lot of ex-wives of wealthy men do.
    Just a Comment keeps saying that Katie didn’t have much money prior to Tom because she lived in a 200k townhouse when she was on DC . Does it ever occur to anyone that she wisely decided to save her money, especially know how fickle the industry is?
    This whole idea that she’s living off of Tom is kind of hilarious. So how did she pay for the house that she bought? The 400k per year that she reportedly gets is not going to pay for a $3.8 million house.
    But if it’s true that she didn’t/doesn’t have much money then that only makes me respect her even more. She didn’t try to go after her ex’s millions, only asked for child support. She just quietly goes about her business, providing for herself and her daughter the best she can.

  • whatevessssss

    That child support money is paying most of the mortgage as it was in NYC.
    And you really want people to think that Katie wants to only do these small indie films and parts no one is going to see? Yea right. It’s all she can get. If she didn’t want more she wouldn’t be shilling for Hallmark and going to every dlist event she can to get out there and be seen trying to beg to stay relevant.

  • Just a Comment

    To #36 & #38 – Katie can’t go to court to battle for more money, she signed an airtight prenuptial agreement and she has no leverage. This is Cruise’s 3rd divorce and everytime he probably made the prenuptial agreement more confidential and restricted with less wiggle room and protected himself more than his previous divorces. Although Katie was paid very well for the 5 years they were married. According to Andrew Morton’s biography on Tom Cruise, Katie signed a prenuptial agreement when she married him that paid her $3 million per every year they were married plus jewelry, clothes, etc, and IF they stayed married 10 years there would have been renegotiations to that prenuptial agreement for a higher payout. As you know, they were married only 5 years. So this basically rounds up to $15 million dollars give or take. If you go to IMDB it lists some of her salaries per movies, etc. so I will say her biggest paycheck came for her performance as Mrs. Tom Cruise. Yes, Katie had made some money BEFORE she married Cruise but she was not a very wealthy person. When she married Cruise that exposed her to a life she had NOT lived before. They would stay at the Caryle Hotel when in New York before Cruise moved her into his first apt in the American Felt Bldg, the George V Hotel in Paris, etc., this was all new to Katie, during the marriage to Cruise she had access to top of the line couture fashion designs, etc, flew on his private airplanes, used heliports when leaving and arriving to New York, etc. The one that walked away like a bandit from her divorce with Tom Cruise was Nicole Kidman. When they divorced after 10 years of marriage, she walked away with a substantially big settlement rumored to be in the 100 million dollar range. I think if she had not married Cruise and not gotten money from the prenup for the marriage contract she would not be on this Just Jared thread. Whatever she was paid previous to marrying Cruise was also taxed by the government so I doubt she had a lot of money. She was not poor but she was not in a position to buy an Upper West Side apt in the Althrorp bldg definitely BEFORE and AFTER Cruise. No I am not a hater, I am an observer of the TOM KAT era and post TOM KAT era.

  • @40

    Don’t take Andrew Morton as gospel. He does pull some things out of his butt.
    I don’t think she was paid to be married but some pre-nups do stipulate how much you get if it last so long vs if it last shorter time.

  • Just a Comment

    And since Katie reportedly started dating Cruise immediately after breaking up with Chris Klein (after living with him 5 years), you can definitely see the difference in her lifestyle before, during, and after Cruise. Had Katie stayed with Chris Klein I seriously doubt Suri would have attended the school Avenues in New York ($40,000 per year tuition). Katie was paid during her marriage to Cruise so when the divorce came there was nothing to negotiate it was all discussed & agreed BEFORE they got married. So financially speaking, it was a win win situation for Katie Holmes marrying Tom Cruise because he also gave her child support payments for Suri until she reaches 18 years of age. Katie’s marriage to Cruise paid her more than any movie role thus far. What made Katie rethink her marriage was when Suri started getting older and the church of Scientology wanted to become a bigger part of her life. That’s when Katie bolted. I don’t think Cruise is the biological father of Suri but it doesn’t matter anymore. He has claimed her and is paying for her existance, tuition, medical expenses, etc. so he is being responsible regardless if people accept him as her biological father. He fulfilled his financial role as father in Suri’s life.

  • popeye

    Just A Comment is also NG. Different name,basically the same essays. Yeah,sure, Nicole Kidman got away with the bigger financial settlement but in the process lost her children to TC. Katie, on the other hand, has her daughter, and that says it all.

  • Just a Comment

    #41 – Whether you take Andrew Morton’s word as gospel or not, he’s not your run of the mill gossiper. Cruise threatened to sue him but backed off. And during the time that the biography on Cruise was released (in 2005), Cruise would sue people who spoke against him. Andrew Morton is no dummy and also has a legal team.

  • @41


    People like to quote Morton when it fits the narrative they believe and other times say “he pulls things out of his butt”.

    If its about Tom Cruise and/or Scientology, its gospel. If its about Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes, its fiction.

  • Missy

    Whatever you say. I still think it’s funny that people insist that she’s living off of child support. She may not be the highest paid actress in the world, but her endorsement deals alone probably netted her more than what she makes in cs payments.
    I also love the constant contradictions. If you honestly believe that 400k per year is enough to finance her current lifestyle-which includes mansions, staff, 1st class airfare, designer clothing, etc, then how can you say that she didn’t have much money prior to Tom? She certainly made more than 400k per year even after income taxes.
    Whatever, not going to get into a debate about how much is in her bank account. Don’t know and don’t really care. I think she has more than what her critics assume. But if she doesn’t that actually makes me respect her more in a way.

  • Missy

    Could be wrong but I don’t think #41 was defending Katie.

  • Just a Comment

    Popeye, you might be NG since you remember the essays and the name NG. Nicole lost her children to T.C, but Katie (the Catholic) knowingly put her daughter into this situation (marrying Tom Cruise who’s a wealthy Scientologist) and that speaks volumes about her. Katie sold her soul. She’s a sellout.

  • popeye

    Just a Comment, fyi, Katie did not immediately see TC after breaking-up with Chris Klein. There was that time when she was hanging-out with Josh Hartnett and April 2005 she was seen in London supporting Joshua Jackson in his play. That was the last time Katie was seen in public, in London with Joshua. Two months aftr, June 2005, TomKat was born. That said, there’s no doubt Suri is TC’s. Pathetic how people could think otherwise!

  • Yep

    Good point. Holmes has primary custody but she can’t keep his daughter away from him. She will always be his and they will have a relationship. Holmes is the one that new about the cult and had his child anyway.