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Kim Kardashian & Vanessa Hudgens Are Latest Victims of Nude Photo Leak

Kim Kardashian & Vanessa Hudgens Are Latest Victims of Nude Photo Leak

Kim Kardashian is the latest victim of the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, according to TMZ.

Nude pics of the 33-year-old reality star without her wedding ring were reportedly uploaded to 4chan and Reddit, the latter of which has now taken a strong stance against hacked photos after being an outlet for the alleged pictures in the past. As a result, the photos were quickly taken off Reddit.

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Kim isn’t the only one who has been violated in the scandal. Vanessa Hudgens and soccer star Hope Solo have also reportedly had their personal pics leaked.

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  • paris

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is such big news, cause its not like we’ve never seen Vanessa or Kim naked before?

  • ha

    Funny how Kim mysteriously gets added to the list just as her popularity is fading.

  • bap

    Who cares!

  • ffgd

    Attention vvhore slutts

  • Jo

    Big shock

  • hehe

    Hudgens? Again…. That girl is just ….the word ”idiot” doesn’t cover it… No wonder Efron dumped her and she went into the drain.

  • god

    I masturbate in hell

  • Deb

    Earlier in the week someone posted a comment to the story about Kanye asking everyone to stand at his concert, they said that sometime this week there would be a leaked video or there would be leaked pictures of Kim. I guess they were right.

  • allison

    How many people think Kim K leaked the pictures of herself?

  • nicole

    @hehe: F*** U Idiot

  • cosmos

    @hehe – Why are you blaming her when the only person you should blame is the hacker? What she does in her own private life is that – PRIVATE! People like you judge and hate her for something she had no part in. I am so tired of the hate this woman gets! She has had one of the toughest weeks of her life with the funeral of Austin’s mom the other day and now has to deal with this BS. I hope they put this ***hole away for a century. Unlike you, I will forever support her because SHE has done nothing wrong. Stay strong Vanessa!! You have so many fans worldwide, friends, family and Austin who LOVE YOU!!! And I’ll always have your back.

  • hugfuga

    Hudgens didnt learn her lesson the first time, wow how stupid or arrogant can she be ?

  • Haters Suck!

    The only way I’d be angry about this is if vanessa apologizes. She, and the rest don’t have to apologize for $hit. You shouldn’t have to apologize for people taking your private property.

  • M

    Did Vanessa not learn the first time?

  • sheesh

    Really? ????? What have we not seen?

  • JRDN

    Who are these people who think they can just invade people’s privacy these days? I guess GREED, MONEY and EVIL is what counts these
    days. So utterly sad.

  • god

    They deserve it

  • Fynn

    Smh, that Hudgens girl never learns.

  • Haters Suck!

    I read a message from a person who claims to be responsible for all this. He claims this is “his job” to hack people’s stuff and he spends hours and hours trying to break in to people’s stuff. I mean c’mon it’s pathetic n

  • kami

    geeze, does anybody really care about nude photos anymore? everyone in hollywood has taken them so it’s no longer a novelty or shocking. why don’t you post names of the few people who haven’t taken nude selfies.

  • aranka paul

    Kim K catapulted to fame by releasing a rouncy x-rated vidio, she often dresses with her boobs exposed for the whole universe to see, she appeared on the street in a totally sheer skirt with her huge lard ass on display and we should feel bad that her naked pictures have been exposed to the public. Are you Fu&^&%g kidding me. This is not news. Now if we read that Queen Elizabeth of England was pictured in a compromising position, that would be news my friend,

  • Dieter

    I saw Kim’s tight ass and creamed my jeans !!!

  • god

    Trashy girls

  • ………………….

    @aranka paul: You forgot that Kimmy already posed in Playboy, so this isn’t big news. She’s just looking for a way to keep her name in the news, and we fall for it every time.

  • Deborah

    One shouldn’t characterize “leaks” of nude photos of Kim as violation–not when she (or her mother) “leaked” her sex tape and taken many opportunities to show her nude or nearly nude. It seems particularly unfair to lump her in with others whose photos have actually been hacked. That’s violation. For KKW–just another day in the selling herself business.

  • Deborah

    One shouldn’t characterize “leaks” of nude photos of Kim as violation–not when she (or her mother) “leaked” her sex tape and both have taken many opportunities to show her nude or nearly nude body. It seems particularly unfair to lump her in with others whose photos have actually been hacked. That’s violation. For KKW–just another day in the selling herself business.

  • miley

    Control-freak designer Marc Jacobs leaked those nude pictures. He wants to control the entire media. He has great influence on Kanye West, Kim, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and more. Read the details at styleangelique blogspot

  • junes

    The only difference is Kim probably leaked her own nude pics. She is famous for a sex tape for goodness sake! Why should we feel sorry for this whore? Hudgens photos could have been genuinely hacked at least. Kim dresses like a prosititue and recently posed naked for GQ. No sympathy for that loser. She was not violated. Stop saying that JJ.

  • junes

    @ha: Extactly. She got zero buzz for her wedding and her tv show is in serious decline. Funny how as soon as Duchess Kate pregency was announced, Kim spoke to a journalist saying she is trying to get pregnant too. Now that this nude photo scandal is going on, she has been ‘violated’ with the likes of celebs like Lawrence, Grande, Hudgens and many more? She will tag along with any celebs news. Just to keep herself relavent. Even when Angelina Jolie’s wedding pics came out, Kim decided to throw in some ‘never-before-seen’ wedding photos of her and Kanye West!

  • kami

    why does anyone care? you should post the names of people who have not taken n*ude pix. now that would be news.

  • OhLawdy

    Major PR stunt by all of the selfie-obsesssed, wildly insecure actresses and models who all want to stay “relevant” – it is so unfortunate that this kind of crap makes the news. Don’t people see that it’s all designed to keep the beauty, diet, and fashion industry in business?

    Also – the Kardashian’s time is up…they have jumped the shark…they are circus sideshow acts…their values are deemed unworthy by society and a lot of celebrities and people in power avoid them like the plague.

  • http://@jen_3178 Jennie

    I’m sick of the whole family & their problems. They have money to fix things whereas real people have to struggle to clear up even a tax mess and they can just flaunt there big ass boobs and there bad situation goes away. I hope there show is cancelled. I used to watch it but then it became dumb. She prob. leaked them herself seems like something she would do to stay in the spotlight. Just like Kanye did at his concert when he embarrassed the disabled fans. Has he even apologized yet and actually mean it. Why do most of the celebrities get away with everything?

  • Maik

    Hope Solo is now Cave Solo.

  • Mary

    Is there really anyone in this world who believes that Kim’s pics were actually “stolen”? I can’t imagine a single person believing that — she is exactly the person who would leak her own pics because she has absolutely nothing going on anymore, and wants to be listed in the same sentence as real celebrities.

  • MackMan

    The collection grows bigger for the fappening no celeb is safe, add to the list Vanessa Hudgens, Kim K and more

  • Asa

    4th time Vanessa has leaked hers, when will she realize no one cares, lol.

  • cindy

    lol at this being a story since Kim has a sex tape and nude pics before. Well Vanessa also has nude pics! I guess it’s newsworthy when there nothing else this weekend to report.So over Kim and Vanessa.

  • dirty gals

    kim k’s are tame, vanessa’s too, kaley’s too, hayden’s too, worst is hope solo maaaan
    man these dirty lil babes love themselves i touch myself all day if i looked like them too

  • JRDN

    @Haters Suck!: Job or no job cmon, these people don’t have all the right to ruin and invade their privacy. I’m sorry for Vanessa,those pics have been so long ago and she’s still suffering at the hands and minds of idiots!. Vanessa has since then moved on from that hurt and has paid dearly for that past and has since been doing good for herself.
    Thank You for the information Haters Suck and Thank You for being so loyal all these years, you’re awesome.

  • Mean

    Don’t want see either of them naked. Two bitches!!!

  • Mean

    No one wants to see these two naked. Two bitches!!!!

  • Mean

    Two bitches!!!

  • Mean

    Twi bitches!!!

  • Guest

    I think they “leaked” it themselves

  • Jade

    How many times is this going to happen to Vanessa before she just doesn’t take these type of photos anymore? I feel like she’ll just always has a chance of her privacy being invaded.

  • Freda

    Vanessa seems to be in the news daily.

  • Martin

    Don’t forget Candice S. I didn’t see her pics.

  • MackMan

    If you missed the iCloud celeb photo leaks watch them hear

  • James

    @Asa: if you don’t care then why are you commenting? Moron.

  • Martin

    Where are Candice’s pics?