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Kate Bosworth Agrees to Have Her 'Life on the Line'

Kate Bosworth Agrees to Have Her 'Life on the Line'

Kate Bosworth shows off her toned legs in short shorts while -exiting her hotel on Monday (September 22) in New York City.

It was just announced that the 31-year-old actress has signed on to star in the upcoming action drama Life on the Line, which centers on “a crew of eccentric linemen who do the dangerous high-wire work of fixing the electrical grid, struggle to hold on to the women they love, until a massive storm threatens to rip their lives apart.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate will be joined on the film by John Travolta and Devon Sawa.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Elie Tahari for DesigNation at Kohl’s sweater.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth stepping out of her hotel…

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kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 01
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 02
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 03
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 04
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 05
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 06
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 07
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 08
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 09
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 10
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 11
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 12
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 13
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 14
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 15
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 16
kate bosworth agrees to have her life on line 17

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  • go go

    this woman is so useless

  • forrest gump


  • forrest gump

    she makes me feel proud!!

  • Boo

    Cute sweater.

  • Amy

    She is so thin

  • go go too

    I thought she stayed at the bowery? Did Alex get that after the split?

  • moderated

    Did alex get the bowery after the break up?

  • thin

    so thin

  • Dear god

    Jesus eat something your legs are begging for food

  • ?

    Toned? No. Scrawny? Yes.
    Poor thing looks like she is going to faint from hunger.


    Thin, yes, but not skinny. She’s always been thin. She looks really nice. Beautiful.

  • Tulip

    Kate looks fantastic. She’s thin but a very healthy thin. I’m so excited she’s doing a movie with John Travolta. He was great in Pulp Fiction!! Kate is going to have quite a few films coming out within the next year! YAY!

  • Films

    @Tulip: She doesn’t look like a healthy thin though, she hasn’t in years. Especially not at the Met Gala.
    “quite a few”. What’s she got? Two? Two isn’t quite a few. And this one hasn’t been filmed, so who knows what its release date might be.
    I still have a soft spot for Travolta. But I hope for the sake of the actors that the script is better than the press release’s description of the movie. Because it sounds like a super cheesy straight to dvd movie. That could be fun, but I don’t think that’s what they’re going for.

  • 13@

    More than 2. In total for 2015: Somnia, Still Alice, We shot ourselves, Rememory, Hot bot and Unconscious (executive producer) and now Life on the line. Do your research, it takes like a minut.

  • 13@

    Rememory=Unconscious=the same one.

  • Hubby


    I don’t think films directed and shot by her hubby count. So Still Alice is it.

  • 16@

    Says who? To her it probably does and that makes it a real project (as in they exist), even if they are the only ones thinking it. They are out there – being made.

  • Pretty kitty

    Is she still married. I thought he had a new girlfriend. Must just be a side piece until the divorce is hashed out. So much for soulmates huh…
    Oh and Kate and Alex time share the Bowery. .

  • ????

    @#16: Why wouldn’t films directed by Kate’s husband count? He’s a wonderful filmmaker. Regardless, Kate has Somnia, Still Alice, Rememory, Life On The Line coming out starting this fall. That’s quite a few movies and there’ll be more to come I’m sure. BTW, Michael Polish isn’t directing LOTL and he didn’t direct SOMNIA. He only directed one of the films I listed.

  • 19@

    Yes, I do agree – they count. I was not the one saying it did not. I was just making a point. Regardles of other peoples opinions, like Hubby, those project are real, they exist, even if they are making them themselves. I don´t see why they are worth less, just because it´s not a gig outside the family.

  • Films

    @13@: “it takes like a minut.” Perhaps you should have spent more than a minute on your research, since as already pointed out, Rememory and Unconscious are the same movie.
    @#20 “I don´t see why they are worth less” It’s not a matter of being worth less. But his are indie films, and in combination with the time he seems to take in post production with the fact that he’s got to find distributors, his projects are not necessarily going to be released soon after filming. So the movies they’ve made together so far still may not be released in the next 12 months.
    The two films that will be released, even if they don’t have release dates, are Still Alice (before the end of the year so it can be eligible for awards), and Somnia, which I’ve read that Relativity Media is aiming for a late winter/early spring release. HotBot, which she helped produce, has a distributor, but they’re not ‘major’, so who knows when that will actually get released.
    So Tulip may claim that ‘quite a few’ of Kate’s movies will be out in the next year, but there’s nothing guaranteed.
    This one might make it though, from Deadline:
    EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kate Bosworth, Dave Bautista, and Gina Carano are joining the Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films production of Bus 657, the ensemble heist pic that Robert De Niro already has boarded. This is the latest pic that is part of E/F/O’s overall deal with Grindhouse/Lionsgate, which will distribute the $15M-budgeted Bus 657 along with Hannibal Classics. Stephen Sepher and Max Adams wrote the action thriller that Scott Mann (The Tournament) will direct. Principal photography is set to begin October 13 in Mobile, AL.

  • 21@

    Read again. I did correct myself shortly after.
    And you seem very fixated on release date, but that´s not really the point here. It does not matter if it will be 2015, 2016 or later. Bottom line, to me they are existing projects and I do think they count. You don´t have to agree.

  • Cool

    Great news for KB – A film with John Travolta and another with Robert DeNiro. She’s a good actress and deserves the recognition she’s getting.

  • Films

    @21@: I’m ‘fixated’ on release dates because of Tulip:
    “Kate is going to have quite a few films coming out within the next year! YAY!”
    So in this context release dates (“coming out”) matter, not whether or not, or when, the films were made.
    Maybe you should also go back and ‘read again’ my comment and the comment I was originally replying to?

    @Cool: films with Julianne Moore, Travolta (though he chews the scenery anymore than actually acts, but he’s still fun) and DeNiro. More and better roles than she’s had in literally years. Maybe she finally refocused on it and got better at it as a result.

  • 24@

    None of us knows when some of their smaller projects will be released. It could be next year (Tulip is just being positive), since they have been in post producton for a while now. And we are only in sep 2014. Lots could happen.

  • Buffy

    I don’t know when “Still Alice” is going to be released. From one source I read this fall and another source reported early next year. Relativity is a big distributor, in fact, it keeps some of the major studios afloat. They’ll most definitely release “Somnia”. I imagine “Life On the Line” and “Bus 657″ will be released in 2015. Lionsgate is set to distribute “Bus 657″. So I’d say at the very least Kate will have 4 films released within the next year. IMO, anyone who can go from a sweet romantic comedy like WADWTH to a meth addict (Homefront) both so convincingly played by Kate has a very wide range. Many actors play the same old, one note roles. I find Kate’s choices in characters risk taking and interesting. That’s one of the reasons why I like her.

  • Too Busy for Baby

    India Times is saying:

    Actress Kate Bosworth is reportedly ready to start a family but needs to find time in her busy schedule.

    The 31-year-old, who married director Michael Polish last year, has reportedly been telling her agents that she doesn’t want to take on any more roles in the near future as she wants to focus on getting pregnant, reports

    ”Kate’s dying to get pregnant, but her schedule hasn’t allowed it,”a source told America’s OK! Magazine.

    The source also said that Bosworth has also started taking prenatal vitamins and is carbo-loading in the hopes it will boost her fertility.

  • pretty kitty

    @Too Busy for Baby:
    maybe her husband should try having sex with kate instead of his mistress…

  • pretty kitty

    oh and kates fake hair looks like a wet mop pinned to her head..

  • Whycantipost

    @Too Busy for Baby:

    More like too skinny and unhealthy for a baby. She probably doesn’t even have periods anymore. I saw her leaked pics, she is sooooooo painfully skinny.. And by the looks of it those pics were old (she is even skinnier now)..

  • kyeman

    How nice for Kate that she can take time off work in order to become pregnant. @pretty kitty: Who is this mistress you are referring to?

  • KoZee

    Where is the clothing line that Kate has been hinting at for over 2 1/2 years now?! Did it go the same route as her singing career?

  • pretty kitty

    time will tell…. where’s he been?? not with kate.. montana lady maybe??

  • kyeman

    Is this conjecture & speculation or do you have some juicy secret-squirrel information that you are not sharing with us?
    I hope it’s not true. The Kate & Mike Love Fest was her best performance to date. I will miss it!!

  • VanWood

    @pretty kitty: That relationship seemed a bit immature to begin with. Didn’t they have a weird public blow up at a party shortly before they got engaged? They seemed very insecure, like a high school couple trying to prove how much in love they were. It shouldn’t matter what other people think. At least no kids were involved!

  • @pretty kitty

    oh poor silly little @pretty kitty ,
    your still fantasizing about kate i see, what a state has she put you in.

    you spend so much of your time thinking about HER life and pathetically analyzing every inch of kates body and personal life i doubt someone as empty as yourself has anything better to do anyway.

  • @ #31 ,#34 #35

    there is no montana mistress except for in @pretty kittys stupid head!!!!
    dont pay attention to Pretty Kitty she’s absolutely obsessed with kate and will not let it go .
    she’s been posting idiotic lies about her all over the internet for YEARS and has tons of forum profiles dedicated just to spread lies about kate .

  • pretty kitty

    @@pretty kitty: @@ #31 ,#34 #35:
    lies you say?? where is mike?? they have playing happy campers from day 1 but where has he been for over a month now?? not with his soulmate kate.
    i don’t track their every move but he stopped tweeting his lovey dovey wifey over a month ago, only retweets her “i love you baby” crap.he’s too busy with the mistress to bother sending an original tweet, or he realized she’s an unstable hot mess and quit her.
    where’s mikey?? easy to hide in montana….

  • pretty kitty

    july 16th was the last time he was seen in public with her.
    for 2 famechasing in love spidermonkeys it is odd that he disappeared and dropped off the radar 2 1/2 months non???
    no by her side at tiff? no more fashion show purse holding??
    where’s mikey??

  • kyeman

    @pretty kitty: I admit that it is odd seeing her without him, but I don’t think that’s evidence of an affair. Maybe he is just working on a project or he prefers Montana. Like you said, time will tell.

  • Scottie

    @pretty kitty: Mike seemed so crazy over her. It doesn’t seem likely that he’d stray this quickly. It’s barely been a year. Maybe it was just too good to be true.

  • pretty kitty

    wait till their joint movie is done being promoted and mike will pull the plug
    i don’t see him too busy for tiff or nyfw.. they live for that stuff

    1 year of hot mess crazy is like 7 dog years in hollywood.. the drug and eating issues and wear on someone fast..

  • kyeman

    @pretty kitty: “1 year of hot mess crazy is like 7 dog years in hollywood” So funny!
    When is their joint “movie” supposed to come out? Is it an actual movie or another Bosworth Ad?

  • pretty kitty

    “we shot ourselves” who knows?? gotta find a distributor for their “Art” first

  • Tanter

    If you look at her instagram you can see that she’s been in Montana too.

  • @Pretty kitty

    @pretty kitty ,og my your mind is so small isn’t it?
    wow so you spy EVERY post about her and notice he hasn’t been seen a couple of months and then you come to such a lame assed conclusions that he must be f***ing some other chick!!!!
    your pathetic that’s obviously where your own love life has been going and you are so desperate your now putting all your own man’s shit on mikey .

    your sad old wench and always making up lies about others that clearly mimic your own disgusting behavior and self loathing.

  • kyeman

    @Tanter: I am not on Twitter or Instagram, so I will take your word for it, but I did notice that this site used to offer many, many posts of Kate. They have tapered off considerably. I was assuming it was because she and Mike were living in Montana now. I certainly don’t blame them for getting out of Hollywood.

  • Toronto’sBitch

    No one should pay special attention to @prettykitty as she’s a *5star askars and kb stalker/obsessive ,thats when she’s not feeding Laineygossips bottom.

  • Toronto’sBitch

    ,p.s @prettykitty since much of your obsessions witth kate are becase of her ‘ex’ ‘boyfriends’ why dont you go and stalk his real life wives/gorlfrinds like alexskars real wife (supermodel) caroline or orlandos new ladyfriend/s ..
    i mean that’s what most o this is about …the former guys in her life .
    Go on ,get out all that raging choca mocha , go have some mean girls fun with those blondies..

  • Hypocrite

    @Toronto’sBitch: Pot meet kettle!