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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Reveal More Wedding Photos in 'Vanity Fair Italy'!

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Reveal More Wedding Photos in 'Vanity Fair Italy'!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have revealed even more photos from their star-studded wedding via a new cover story in Vanity Fair Italy‘s latest issue!

The couple’s official wedding photos are now on three magazine covers – they were previously featured on People in the United States and Hello across Europe.

George‘s wedding photos are being used for good though. He will be donating all the money he makes on them to charity, with the bulk of the proceeds going to the Satellite Sentinel Project, according to TMZ.

“Every photo in both magazines will be saving a life,” a source said about the deals George made with the magazines.

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Photos: Vanity Fair Italy
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  • Becky

    Amal looks a lot like Jackie Kennedy. She is very pretty.

  • Sayer

    I really think this woman has married DOWN. Clooney is only a catch to women over 40 (a group he wants nothing to do with, ironically).

    She married him to become a celebrity. A shame. She can do better than this old man.

  • victoria

    Lucky! I wish I could go to exotic places like Italy and spend time in the most beautiful villas, surrounded by delicious food and just chillax…ugh

  • me

    where was the actual ceremony part of the wedding? in the hotel they stayed at or some chapel? the vf pics shows what looks like a church but can’t tell.

  • Hera

    I think she wants to be the First Lady of the United States some day. Let’s wait and see. This is the beginning of a long campaign.

  • annie


    no church. clooney is an athiest and shes some form of muslim. they just said i do in front of guests and then gad a civil ceremony. no God involved.

  • annie

    i cant believe shes changed her name to “Amal Clooney”
    its so corny and archaic


    It gets worse.
    Angelina refused to attend the wedding because Clooney’s radical Muslim bride has refused to condemn the Islamic radicals who are murdering refugee aid doctors and nurses.
    Plus, she has accused Israel of being a racist war criminal state.

  • me

    @6 was it just at that Hotel Aman then? is that where they said “I do”

  • miapocca

    obviously when it involves money,she then worships at the athiest temple

    to each his own

    IHM0..I dont find her attractive..more a chicken pony effect…with heavy brows and a long beak

    But Clooney may find the look very attractive

  • tick

    No one cares about that wedding. Brad Pitt& Ben Affleck didn’t go to it. Clooney is an old man. It’ s his second marriage & his bride is a middle aged woman.

  • me

    middle aged? She is younger then angie and brad is also on his second marriage.

  • susan

    Geez! Why would you give the public this level of access to your wedding if not for famewhoring! I mean fine, give them a few shots and some info so you control whats out there instead of the paps but this level of info is not just to cover for the invasive media its full on cooperation with them for your own purposes. I used to like Clooney but I he just outed himself as a another hollywood douchebag!

  • sillyme

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any celebrity couple that sought out so much publicity for their wedding. Even Kim and Kanye weren’t this bad. I know Clooney is hoping he and his wife will be like the Kennedy’s, but, I don’t think so. She’s no Jackie. She’s not even that good looking. Has kind of a fake, manufactured look to her, like Alec Baldwin’s wife does since she married him.

  • Lena


    Yeah..sorry…. these people are not leadership material. But, with all the Hollywood bleeding into politics using cinema cash to buy political power, I see a backlash coming at some point. It’s only in entertainment fandom that DiCaprio and Jolie and Clooney are taken seriously as political leaders. In middle America were most of the 200,000,000 dwell, no way…. And the Kerry’s and Clinton’s and Kennedy’s will NOT be stepping aside for Hollywood wannabes. But hey, maybe I’m wrong….

  • QueenOfTrashin

    When only their first names are used, it should read “Amal & George”. The female’s name ALWAYS comes first when only the first names are used or when addressing them as “Amal & George Clooney”. Sheesh, one would think that a prestigious magazine would know how it is done in polite society.

  • Lena

    And when I say 200,000,000 I recognize there are over 300 million. But even with the blue states going all to folks like this I doubt that’s 100 million+ but even if so, there are more reasonable thinking people than that. George is just an aging narcissist who wants attention.

  • That and…

    @DOCTOR X: also maybe because she defended Enron and I think brad Pitt produced a documentary against big oil companies.

  • Lena


    How do you know he’s an atheist? I do NOT doubt it. Hollyweird is swarming with them like locusts. But, it makes the white dress ridiculous then doesn’t it? LOL :)

  • me

    #19 the white dress is more of a cultural thing than religious these days.
    When I get married I don’t want to wear white simply because I don’t like the color.
    The tradition of wearing white is less then 200 years old. It doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t wan it to.
    Those that are religious sometimes act like it’s in the bible or other religious text that you have to wear white or that it really means purity but it doesn’t. They only did that a few generations ago.
    Before then it was just “wear the nicest dress you have”.
    Russia I think wears red but recently started following the west in wearing white.

  • M

    Man, you people are all crazy jealous. Get a life.

  • What a snooze!

    @M: You must be talking about yourself. Cloonster has lost his mind and apparently cannot locate to save his life! Telling lies that he is donating the money when he knows d*a*m*n* well that most of this cash is staying in his hands! OOOhhh God is so going to throw a thunderbolt right up his arse and yours too for posting on here to deflect! Amal is in the line of fire too for her sordid participation. A phony marriage that is strictly for pr. Grrr! Just chafes my arse!

  • What a snooze!

    **** means a*r*s*e*

  • Rose

    LOL! Desperate much? Clooney’s PR team are obviously trying way too hard to make this marriage seem real. Exactly how many magazine covers do they need anyway? And no I’m not jealous…why would I want to marry a 52 year old? He’s old enough to be my dad! LOL


    Amal defended Enron because there is no proof that Enron is guilty of anything.
    And please, no links from the kooks on the left like Brad Pitt, who make stupid mindless movies about moderate Republicans.

  • yep

    Congrats! They make a gorgeous coupe! I think it is really awesome they way they gave the movie straight to charity!

  • Anal Alamuddin Publicity Stunt

    If George & Anal Clooney think they’ll ever live in the W.H. as commander in chief/first lady, they’re dead wrong. He’d never even get voted into the California Senate. He’s not Berlusconi (Burlesque- oni) living in Italy where Playboy models are promoted to Minister of Equal Rights. He’s attended one too many bunga bunga parties. It’s true, and very obvious, that he’s so knee-deep with the media that he can get them to write, do, say, erase anything. Truly disturbing display how the U.S. media will swallow up and spew out anything, particularly things of no significance like this here carnival of a “wedding”. At least he’s got the part of a major hypocrite down pat, which seems to be an essential “quality” of most U.S. politicians these days.

    If some celeb were to ever win my vote, it’d have to start off on the right foot, my interest that is. Seeing him p-i-m-p himself, her, his parents, his supermodel friends, the butt-ugly in-laws, etc. during a negative growth economy, when 24% of Californians are living in poverty (most of those children), when 5 states are in an extreme drought, when middle eastern terrorists are beheading innocent Americans right & left, when there’s women disappearing right and left in Virginia, when the average American can’t keep food on the table, etc., this s NOT the time to even consider politically a falling down drunk actor who will put women on payroll for mutual publicity contracts in ordervto convince the public he is something or someone otherwise. Its disgusting for him or anyone to even entertain that idea. Any day now we will see a falling out, a divorce, etc. I dont give this charade longer than 3-10 months. Anal Alamuddin will want a real career again & maybe even a family. They’re already beong booed by the public right & left.

  • Cate

    She is so gorgeous.

  • uncle ziad
  • So sick of you lot

    @DOCTOR X: why you had to bring Angelina Jolie “name” in to this?

  • Cassie

    @Anal Alamuddin Publicity Stunt: Oh stop your drivel. GC doesn’t really want to be a politician, and I don’t think he’ll change his mind. He has indicated lots of times he doesn’t want to be in public office, and he can do more behind the scenes, ie. the Sentinal Project, or directing films to tell any important story he wants. Besides, he is real about admitting to doing a little pot and too much drinking in the past, present too I guess. This was just a lovely wedding with some stars in attendance, and he wanted to have a nice celebration for his bride and family and friends. He is, afterall, a Hollywood star himself. In addition, You have no proof at all that the newlyweds did NOT give the profits of the magazine spreads to charity, so don’t act like you know everything about their business or motives and move on to someone else to criticize. There are plenty of politicians or people now who do not share enough of their millions. The newlyweds are on their honeymoon and don’t care what you think anyway. You’re wasting your breath.

  • porquenonn

    When do the Franklin Mint commemorative plates go on sale?

  • Anal Alamuddin Publicity Stunt

    And so he hires a beard named Amal Ramsi Alamuddin. .. a.k.a.

    George, you are a total dumb azz!

  • Grace

    I wonder why he isn’t wearing his wedding ring in the Vanity Fair pictures. It’s the same type of pose as the other magazine covers, just without the ring.

  • What a snooze!

    @uncle ziad: Hmm… Real classy turf he is. Well at least we know where the criminal she inherited comes from. Apple does not fall too far from the tree.

  • Clooney’s Hiding Behind Wife

    What i really want to know is why on earth he feels the public should or would care about his latest bimbo? She may be educated & made a small mark legally, but why does anyone care? She’s not an American but she’s being pushed down Americans’ throats. His quest to be beloved worldwide has made him look so much more self absorbed than ever before. Isnt the rest of Hollywood sick of him? Ten years ago if he would have made political aspirations i think people would have sat up and paid attention. Nowadays he just comes off as a know-it-all, self-ingratiating, manipulative, one-sided do.uche who occasionally makes a decent movie & does something respectable in the name of charity. That and having connections are not enough to qualify one to pursue anything politically. Didn’t Dems & Repubs learn anything after electing George’s equally sleazy pal, Arnold? We dont need another big-mouthed, overpaid, drunken entertainer botching up an already faulty political system that’s failing the common American. Someone needs to tell this guy to sit down, shut up, and disappear from the media. The more i hear these days, the less & less i like him. There’s a reason why Brad Pitt is a more beloved as a philanthropist- he knows when to keep out of the limelight and put his egoaway from public sight. George is like an addict who can’t get enough of himself & his publicity. Its gross. He’s become a shameless, smug, p.o.s. who should take his beaky wife to Europe & disappear for good.

  • GC: The Great White Wonder

    Well, now i think i know why Nick Clooney gave such a weird speech at their wedding regarding Hope (you know, the same trigger word used for Obama): George, the Great White Saviour for the Sudan is using this mediacharade with his equally smug new wife to fan the flames of their pyrple heart efforts, which, to themselves, makes them like Princess Diana. It’s really no wonder all this was timed as it was. George is featuredin the latest Newsweek. Now let us all bow down and wworship the ground he and his wife walk on. They really do believe their own hype:

  • Gobeon

    Lovely, classy couple. They have it all, hope they can do some good in the world and live happily ever after. The wedding looks like it was incredible, gorgeous, and fun at the same time. I wish them well.

  • Gobeon

    George is awesome, much more than a movie star, he is actually a hero.

    To the brainless troll/internet stalker, its obvious to everyone that you are posting under a lot of different names to try to make it look like people agree with you. Why don’t you get a f ing life? Get some psychiatric help, get rid of your computer, and go outside and live. You’re wasting your life away, posting bs about the Clooney’s online.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    @Clooney’s Hiding Behind Wife:
    Europe doesn’t want him nor his Islamic crow-faced witch wife & her terrorist gypsy Arab relatives either.
    Hopefully he disappears to Lebanon, Afghanistan, or UAE & fades in their kitsch gilded pyrite ostentation for good.
    Deranged megalomaniac losing his faculties.
    All about money!!!
    Product placement of watch, suit, the tequila money-laundering venture, Amman resorts ( his sister-in-law Talia works for them), fashion side show with huge incentives….
    Complete farce.
    He’s not respectable. Neither is his cokehead, Islamic educated but vacuous skeletal wife.

  • Daisy

    @DOCTOR X: Is there any evidence of that?

  • Marie

    The media has been saturated by this marriage. Real or not, I have had enough. She needs to return to her Barristers Chambers and do some real work, or give it up and become completely ensconsed in being a movie star’s husband. And GC has IMO surrendered all rights to privacy, given the absolute unadulterated circus that was his wedding. He should be upfront about his aspirations – be it politics or not or whatever – and stop this carry on. I used to think he was wonderful and found her to be mighty – but given the absolute offensive display of conspicuous consumption in preceding weeks – my opinion has irrevocably changed. Oh and – I dont know any woman in the legal profession in her mid to late thirties – who takes her position seriously – to wear an outfit like that one AA wore the day after her wedding that barely covered her private parts. It was disgusting.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    Added to that, especially the inane bombardment of stories in publications in print and electronically that generate so much media exposure with the aim of advertising revenue.
    Public isn’t even aware of it.
    Her junior law experience or education isn’t promoted.

    No, she’s been promoted as a fashion model in a fabricated contemporary fairytale. All fake.

    Publicity teams think they can take an unattractive woman and turn her into a media iconic sensation.
    These pathetic parasitic PR image strategists delude themselves that their challenge is to change an image. Physical transformations:
    Commercial advertising is the objective,
    Stylists, plastic surgeons, photoshop all come into effect.
    End product is an illusion and not a very attractive one at that.

    George Clooney sold out to this long ago.
    An insecure, weak man easily coerced.

  • Daisy

    @DOCTOR X: no evidence? What planet are you living on? They were found guilty of fraud and insider trading. The committed false accounting on a beyond audacious scale. Didnt you see ‘The Martest Man in the Room’ Documentary? They tirned the power off in Califrner decision to work as legal adviser to Bahrain’s king, Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, who has been blamed by rights groups for systematic torture and repression, raised eyebrows, but sources at her chambers in Doughty Street, London, say she is a tough, combative lawyer w

  • Daisy

    @DOCTOR X: no evidence? What planet are you living on? Enron were found guilty of fraud and insider trading. They committed false accounting on a beyond audacious scale. Didnt you see ‘The Smartest Man in the Room’ documentary? They turned the power off in California in order to create false panic. Those people are evil!

    But it’s not just Enron Amal has defended. She’s currently defending both Gadaffi’s son and his right hand man. From her firm Doughty Street Chambers own website :

    “Members of Doughty Street’s International Criminal Law team are currently or have been involved in the following cases:

    John RWD Jones QC and Amal Alamuddin are defence counsel in the case at the ICC against Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al Senussi. And Wayne Jordash QC represents the Libyan government in the case.”

    From the Guardian;-

    ‘Her decision to work as legal adviser to Bahrain’s king, Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, who has been blamed by rights groups for systematic torture and repression, raised eyebrows, but sources at her chambers in Doughty Street, London, say she is a tough, combative lawyer…”

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    Real objective though is public profile image restructuring and revenue from advertising and affiliate marketing. False claims that the money made from stories published about his recent staged publicity arranged “wedding” went to his Sudan charity are LIES.
    Only a small percentage for tax deductions was contributed. The rest was kept as profit.

    Added to that, especially the inane bombardment of stories in publications in print and electronically that generate so much media exposure with the aim of advertising revenue.
    Public isn’t even aware of it.

    These PR image strategists manipulate public perception.
    Commercial advertising is the objective.

  • JM

    When will this PR-campain stop?

  • Daisy

    @DISCLOSURE ~ gratis: How do you know that? (I must admit I suspected this might be the case). But where’s the evidence?

  • please read

    Quit fighting, everyone. This whole thing, from start to finish, was a FUNDRAISER. All proceeds from the whole thing are for his Satellite project and she was happy to be a part of it. He’s not gay, not running for public office, not promoting a film, etc. Everyone was in on it: guests, hotels, the magazines, Oscar De La Renta, etc. Yes, everyone in the public and media was fooled: that’s just George – the consummate prankster.This is also why every last detail was leaked. Its why you see pics of them in tux & gown, but none of the actual ceremony(ies). It’s why the ring was flashed from the start; who made it, how many carats, it’s cost. It’s why the father’s strange speech was given. It why the tequila was advertised by Rande to the well-planted paparazzi. It’s why George told the paparazzi and the protestors outside the civil ceremony that he wasn’t really getting married. Clooney knows how to milk the press and now you know why he milked it. Btw, did anyone catch in the Vogue Italy pic that George doesn’t have his ring on? So please, on the remarks to those involved and to every commenting online. This wasnt meant to tear people apart. It was meant to add continued hope for those in the Sudan. Peace, y’all!

  • Daisy

    How can it have been a fundraiser if it cost £8M? Why not just give £8M to charity? You can’t possibly believe this was an act of selflessness? Why did her ring cost half a million dollars? (Yes, that’s what it cost)! You really believe this wasn’t self serving?!