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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Welcome Baby Girl Briar Rose!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Welcome Baby Girl Briar Rose!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have welcomed a baby daughter named Briar Rose, can confirm.

The name is supposedly a nod to the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. Three fairies are sent to shelter Princess Auroroa from Maleficent’s evil curse and call her Briar Rose! Briar Rose is also used in the original folk tale by Charles Perrault.

No word yet on when the little one was born. Stay tuned to as we collect more details about the new baby!

Congratulations to Rachel and Hayden on the wonderful news!

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  • Storm

    Ew. Bad name. It almost looks like Brian Rose. Maybe Brian and Wyatt will become friends? Weird celebrities.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Who cares jared? Hayden didn’t ask for this anyway. Why Rachel didn’t tell people the truth about when she was due? And when she actually had it? He must not been with her when she had it. No congrats here at all. Maybe Hayden can get back to work on a decent movie. Rachel lied to her co workers that she was due in Oct. Guess the baby is bilson then , since there are no word on when she actually had it or date. Don’t you think that’s odd ? still don’t like Rachel for tricking him into getting her pregnant. When both didn’t still didn’t talk about it. She took too long to tell people. Rachel still controlling no matter what she does. Hayden must not been with her.

  • bbm

    Leia would have been better :P Congrats!

  • Jean Morel

    Briar Rose is absolutely not used in the original folk tale by Charles Perrault, in fact the princess remains unnamed in the original tale.

  • steve

    It’s a beautiful name and they are a beautiful couple. You people are rude and probably ugly.

  • Leila

    Finally beatiful news. They are great couple and this baby is blessing so all the haters should shut up!

  • Jess

    Aww, congrats to them!

  • Joana

    Congratulations Hayden and Rachel!

  • RK Nagarya

    Hayden and Rachel had “Briar Rose” on October 29, 2014…Congrats Rachel and Hayden and God bless…

  • MALO


  • Maria

    Congrats to them! Beautiful name, beautiful parents. Lucky little girl!

  • vernoica

    Ironically. he had his baby the same day the name of the new Star Wars movie came out. I wish he and Natalie and Ewan were in the new movies. Personally I liked the preqauls. Don’t get the hate for them.

  • whizbang

    A budget & illegitimate baby from a budgetary long-time d-listed parents whom soon to become if not still happening ‘jobless’ (all-over-again) as ‘his’ two new movies would surely all tanked & crash at the box-office while her zero-rating TV show would finally scrap. Most likely so that Lucas & Schwarts would be a line-up as major godfathers as they’re the only ones who keep the baby’s parents’ pockets not that empty.

  • Rita

    Congratulations Hayden and Rachel! Other sites have baby’s name as Briar Rose Christensen and she was born on October 29th, last Wednesday.What a cute name! Baby Briar Rose is a week old now. Wish the new family the best, and that they get some sleep

  • Rainbow3000

    Aww congrats. The baby would be very cute!

  • Voice of Reason

    Delores AKA Just me-you are a grandmother don’t you have better things to do, or does your own family shun you?

    For your info and the rest of the idiots that hang here–Hayden was with her, nor at anytime did Rachel or Hayden lie about a due date—because neither mentioned it, in fact they did not release anything AT ALL. Until today through a REP.

    The only thing was pictures with an obvious baby-bump and others talking. You are one crazy person to think Hayden was tricked into this.

    As for due date Delores–it has been known since the 29th, in certain areas on the net-because of privacy and kudos to those that knew, but kept it private it’s taken a week later for people to get confirmation.

    And just to shoot you down–they have been photographed together since. If you did not get your backside kicked off many places than perhaps you would know.

    Just to rub in even more-they LIVE together, OWN a house together, and just for you have a CHILD together.

    Got some rant you wish to post or just for once are you going to understand that you need to move Rita LOL

  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel messed up her show and this to make it rught. Hayden messed his career by laying up with Rachel doung nothing. Don’t care what she name it. Her mom is full are lies. Both her and Hayden told lies about having a child. Rachel forced him to get her pregnant. He should have known hetter to let her do that. She layed up with another guy in jan and went back to Hayden. So that make him stupid and will put up with her doing things like that. Hayden used to dumped women he co star with why not Rachel? You don’t have a baby with a guy you call off your so called engagement with and go back because they have nothing to do. Hayden is not a smart guy to let things happen like that. He don’t have a career but he can have Rachel post all over the internet but she can’t nothing about a career. Hayden lost attempts to have a career for his self. He let Rachel mess that up for him bygetting her pregnant. With all her lies about the family excited about it they are not. Disappointed is the word here. She planned it that way and he excepted it by not saying anything. It not going make Hayden career any better or her either. Both didn’t discuss it she did it herself . Hayden got to be a real man and stop making mistakes like that. He don’t have a career because are it. You can’t get Hayden to audtion for a decent movie like everyone else. He has gotten lazy just like Rachel. Other women he could hsve been with that didn’t want a baby and wanted a career. He left them alone so Rachel could control him by showing up at his door in Canada. Are he kept coming to la to visit so she wouldn’t us weekly to report on him. Rachel did lie about the due date ok! That’s what Rachel knows how to do. Why is this so special anyway? You people ought to be ashame depending this baby and her pregnancy. Rachel lied ok and Hayden just set there and let her like he can’t say nothing about it. Hayden is the she like cause he put up with the things she does. Who cares this baby anyway? No congrats about Hayden and Rachel baby when he could had a decent woman that have a career and not use him. All is publicity for Rachel not him. He should work on a career like he layed up with Rachel got a baby.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel made this baby happen because she want it to be. No blessing when it v was forced. I thought Adam and Rachel was a great couple until she dumped adam for Hayden. Thought Hayden was going make her career and got a baby instead. Hayden should he ashamed for let Rachel get pregnant. If she failed at getting a movie job she going to fail at this. This really bad news not good. Bad news today Hayden and Rachel got a baby because she made him want one and both don’t have a career especially Hayden.

  • amethyst

    You give new meaning to the word moron.

  • Cheyenne Autumn

    You have some serious issues.

  • Cheyenne Autumn

    Run, don’t walk, to the nearest psychiatric care facility. Your jealousy over people you do not even know is insane.

  • Lamark

    Well, they will not have been crazy already! This happens when you think that you are superior and your kids, too. Sleeping beauty, fairy tale…Good thing yet, she was not Cinderella or Snow White!!! Brain Death.

  • Lamark

    Imagine when she will be 60-year-old grandma and introduce herself somewhere, like: Hello! I am Princess Briar Rose from the Sleeping Beauty!

  • Delores Pauldo

    Look people Rachel opened her legs and got a baby. A baby is not important like a career. Hayden failed to realize that what Rachel did and you people fail to realize that what Rachel wanted to happen. She failed at messing up people lives to benefit hers. She layed up another in jan so Hayden could forgive her. No real man put with Rachel but him. Like he can’t do any better. Other woman make money and have careers Rachel don ‘t either. Somebody always giving her something or taking. Hayden should have stopped from coming to visit him in Canada and Hayden should have more movies than let Rachel stop using her birth control. Baby name really? That’s all this about? With no career and that’s what hayden and Rachel didthis yeat for a career. Couples make money they are not making money. He not a movie star just became nothing like Rachel. Rachel made Hayden a nobody real quick. He don’t get hired.for anything and nobody will hired her cause she won’t show up for work. Hope that somebody learn to get make a living for the baby cause Rachel don’t like to work. This being a blessing Hayden knew better. Rachel still nothing with the baby. Wake up people@

  • Leila

    Oh please, that is bullshit! They are both adults and they know what they want. You know nothing about them and their life except the things you read in the news and a 80% of that is false so you have no rights to tell things like that. Hayden got her pregnant and it’s his fault too but they decided together that they want that baby, that is something they both did and not just Rachel. And maybe they even planned for that baby, there are people who care about the more things and not just about career and money.

  • mouth

    Just me is your troll name. Why don’t you get a life?

  • mouth

    It’s better Shaniquqa nay nay. Or whatever ghetto dartboard name the ‘Africans’ come up with that completely stupid.Delbrian.

  • mouth

    Btw, No one will ever introduce themselves that way. Probably HI, I’M BREE.

  • mouth


  • mouth

    All six movies premiered in May. I wish they were too. I don’t trust Disney with Star Wars.

  • mouth

    Yes, when you are in love with a man that you have been with for nearly a decade, it is natural to want to have a child with him. Same with a man that finds a woman that he has been with for nearly a decade and that he deeply loves. It is natural to want her to be the mother of his children to have her eyes and habits and traditions. Maybe I if you had a life and a man by your side you’d understand and more importantly what strangers do would not concern you.

  • mouth

    They are probably afraid of your crazy stalker azzzz. I seriously shudder to think of you around small children.

  • Lamark

    It’s true. The stupid African-American names immediately recognizable and show as a ghetto mind invention. There is worse (and better) than anything, but the bad won’t be less bad just because it’s got worse.
    If someone already says “I’m Bree” means she feels awkward about her original name…