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Bradley Cooper Goes Nearly Nude for Artsy 'W' Magazine Shoot

Bradley Cooper Goes Nearly Nude for Artsy 'W' Magazine Shoot

Bradley Cooper holds a pair of pants in front of his nearly nude body while posing for this artsy photo in W Magazine‘s February 2015 issue.

The issue highlights the best performances of the year and the 40-year-old actor was honored for his work in American Sniper.

“I had advantages in making a film about the Iraq war. On USO tours, I went to bases in the middle of nowhere in enemy territory. I was with the soldiers in their barracks, and I really got a sense of it,” Bradley said about making the movie. “And, oddly, I had experience from having starred in The A Team. I learned how to shoot guns for that film. After making it, an M4 felt as comfortable to me as a tennis racket.”

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Photos: W Magazine
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  • Myskina

    He looks so gay

  • Soyntgo4it

    Eww his looks better hairy..

  • leila

    just gross

  • dalovelee

    that’s an unflattering pic…yes it’s supposed to be artistic, but it looks like its trying to hard to be.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    kinda rare to see a man posing for a magazine the way women usually pose

  • Ally

    oooooh… N.O.

  • Scarlett

    They shot over 30 other people for this portfolio and this wasn’t even close to being the best shot of them all. Why should he get a solo post, haven’t we had enough Bradley (who I think is great btw) over the last few days?

  • Zoee

    You know what… I just LOVE those picture very dramatic , YES weird but i just LIKE THEM

  • Zoee

    kid of yes

  • Zoee
  • Danae

    That’s how double standards work. It’s not even close to the “nearly nude” standard that has been set for women.

  • Muppet

    Gay….and it’s ok;)

  • LaNard

    Hairless as a newborn baby.

  • Gina

    Oh Bradley, your gay is showing. Werk!

  • Violet

    Send this man to the beach.

  • Missy

    Me too …

  • Stephen Belcamino

    GOD he looks good! If you want to see the video footage instead of pictures of Bradley- go here

  • Gladys

    These pictures are not flattering at all. He looks old and el-posed. What happen to him? These are terrible pictures and what is up with the big clucky shoues…This man does nothing for me at all.

  • Gladys

    clucky shoes…

  • Sassypants

    He always looks nasty to me, his “I’m an a**hole” looking face doesn’t help either.

  • Missy

    Great pics. Supposed to be an artistic impression and not dull typical photos. I like them. Look again …

  • Desperate Bradley

    BC pic is NOT artistic, it is desperate. BC is like his daughter getting naked to try to get attention to get an oscar. He can’t act and does not deserve a producer oscar. Only Clint for directing.

  • Zoee

    Yeah I believe that too its like to expose the absurd, pathetic I think the pic is playing with that

  • Zoee
  • Colette

    As the other thread has become cesspool … did anyone watch Jimmy Fallon last night?

  • Missy

    I only saw the air guitar video this morning but we recorded Fallon last night so I can watch it tonight. I quite naturally like the air guitar although the awkward wig was distracting. I posted on the fallon thread how much I love Neil Young, grew up with him, which I suppose dates me. I was at a party just Sunday, although youngest of the retirees, I am not, they talked about Bradley Cooper. But they are in a generation which sees celebrity news on TV news shows or talk shows so they have no idea about the nasty things that get posted on threads like this. They had no clue who his younger girlfriend was except they had seen pictures and thought she was pretty. “On my gosh” the bright fascinating mature women said, “you’ve got to love Bradley Cooper.” I could write many funny things about my generation, a great market demographic. I am so glad my friends loved SLP and PBtP and looking forward to AS. Anyway …

  • Missy

    You come off as transparently desperate … after all it’s your name.

  • Hello

    It’s recorded but I haven’t seen it yet. I will watch it tonight.

  • Luvstoread

    Why oh why did he have to shave his chest though? :-(

  • Colette

    Listening to Howard Stern. If anyone wants a recap let me know.

  • Bradley Kardashian

    I can not act. I got surgery face, fake blue contact lenses, a big nose, fake lip injections from my daughter Whurehouse family. I want attention to get an oscar nomination. I will go nude with my ugly big feet. I will not have artsy pic and will call paps to take pics of me with my talentless daughter. I will have desperate ugly pic on W. My name is Bradley Kardashian.

  • Jamie

    I’m interested. What did he talk about?

  • Isabel72

    As far as I know, he just posed for the pics, he was not the
    photographer or the concept creator of those photo-shoots; and all of them look
    kind of silly or ridiculous, so that was the whole concept of them.

  • Colette

    See above

  • Missy

    Thanks for the report Colette! What a stitch! In love? Speechless.

  • Polly

    Thanks a lot for the reply !

  • DM

    dude you are in love – no response from daddy
    with a child – LOL
    he is not in love he is a manipulator

  • Colette

    Actions speak louder than words. If a man has the look of love – which Howard said he did – that means more than shallow words. Adults get that.

  • Colette

    Welcome to you and Missy. Like I said, there is still the beginning which I missed. I was trying to catch the “highlights” so I’m sure there’s plenty omitted but you get the gist of the conversation.

  • Colette

    Bradley desperate campaigning for 2 Oscars with Howard Stern.You will not get one for Best Actor or Producer. Clint Eastwood deserves. You don’t. Too many lies during his interview. Lies he is sober when he drinks. Lies he worked out for 4 hours from 5 to 8am. Bradley or Bradley Kardashian as someone calls him :) 5 to 8 is 3 hours. He only worked out for 2 hours. Bradley Kardashian is no Chris Kyle.

  • Missy

    Meanwhile, indulge me to reiterate what I posted on the other thread:
    Rolling Stone review. They are the institution who ought to know, they’re the real rock and music experts:

    “Cooper busted out an impeccable recreation of Neil Young’s solo on “Down By the River” — on air guitar.”
    Read more:

    So much news about Bradley these past few days. What fun it is to ride in the wide open JJ …

  • DM

    the child is not lucky if control freak daddy is in love with her
    the child is dumb and classless
    exboyfriend say she is Young and dumb
    in love with her LOL!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the recap. I can’t believe he actually answered the question about getting laid on NYE. That seems so out of character for him. And, then answering that, but not answering whether he is in love. So, I guess now he’s ok with talking about his personal life.

  • Colette

    how classy he announce to the world he got laid by his daughter on New Year Eve. Lol Stern said BC has the look of love to get a reaction from BC

  • Colette

    Lol Howard Stern always says his guests have the look of love to see what they say. Bradley is so in love with his ugly child he did not spend Christmas with her when he had 2 days off. The look of happy he has a whure who will suck anything to be famous

  • Colette

    lol Bradley manipulator and creep is showing everyone his lack of morals and character for 2 years. His 3 fans on JJ are in denial.

  • Colette

    You will see many more interviews covers for oscar bafta tony oliver. The creep will do anything for money and awards

  • Colette

    To be fair, Howard kind of brow beat him into responding. And he did hesitate and say it quietly. But it would’ve been more gallant had he stayed mum on the sex question and answered the love question.
    There was also this exchange about the Taylor Swift rumor from 2yrs ago. Howard said something about her being 23 and Bradley being able to pull a 23yr old, he’s still young. And it sounded like Robin was starting to say his gf is 23. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the entire thing, but i thought it was funny. Clearly Howard hasn’t met Suki yet.

  • Jamie

    I agree that he should have answered the love question instead. I remember when he was on with Dax back in 2012 and they all got into a conversation about sex and condoms, and Howard asked Bradley if he used a condom with his current girlfriend(Zoe), and he said he’s not going to talk about it.

  • Colette
    Here’s a link to a much more thorough transcript of the Stern show until audio or video comes up.