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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Are Dating: 'The Relationship Is Solid'

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Are Dating: 'The Relationship Is Solid'

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are going strong, a source reveals.

The 24-year-old Oscar winning actress and 37-year-old Coldplay front man “are still dating and have been dating,” a source told People.

“Even though they are both busy, the relationship is solid. They see each other when they can,” the source continued. “She understands that the children come first with Chris and his relationship with Gwyneth is based around the family and it will always be a part of his life. Things are good between them.”

Jennifer and Chris spent the day before New Year’s Eve together in a photo that surfaced of them eating dinner.

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  • lauren

    so basically jen is the 4th or 5th wheel to chris, im gussing kids and goop are his first priority, the his band/music and jen. poor jen .

  • Courtney

    Yeah and we all know how “accurate” these “sources” are. Just because People said it does not make it gospel. They’ve been wrong before. When in the past two months did they have time to spend together? November Jennifer was busy with Mockingjay promo, Chris was in London for most of that month, December 14-18 Jennifer was in New York for preproduction work for Joy, Chris had his European concerts with Coldplay Dec. 3-13 (which Jen did NOT attend, though she had the time and money to go). Christmas was spent with their respective families. The only pic of them actually together recently was the 30th and it didn’t even look that romantic. NYE and NYD Jennifer spent time with her friends at the racetrack in Santa Anita while Chris was in Big Bear with his friends. Now Jen’s in New York alone for whatever reason (maybe more work for Joy). I know couples don’t have to be with each other 24/7, especially in this case because she’s an actress filming on location a lot and he is busy with Coldplay. MAYBE there’s truth to this, but given the past timeline, I doubt that they’re seeing each other. Just stop with this story, you’ve shoved it in our faces long enough!

  • happy666

    And her mother had to speak seriously to Chris. Sad.

  • Courtney

    JJ, if you wanted to drive your headline home more, you probably should have used the picture of them eating sushi together. Just saying.

  • Denise

    Bullshit. In november and december they were always in different places. What are you saying? I have a pic of Martin,his kids and a brunette that looks like Alexa Chung,together in NYC on a train..just before Christmas. I knew that the showmance was not over yet. Someone close to Martin is playing dirty! Thank God Jennifer will be at work very soon.

  • endia

    Married man and kids… Why is this okay? hmmm

  • Clara Tezolin

    is easier Jennifer back to Nicholas, of that be with Chris

    pathetic this story of Chris and Jenn

  • VanityInsecurity

    Jennifer wth are you doing with this ugly old man? ugh!

  • Nathi S.C.

    Oh jees…. Not again. Are they trying to somehow brainwash this idea of couple on us?
    Dear gossip journals: STOP trying so hard! It makes hard to believe in the entire thing.

  • dalovelee

    I may be alone here, but I am not believing the Jennifer and Chris dating stories anymore..every so often the internet creates this ongoing fabricated stories to peak internet, for instance the ongoing Jennifer Aniston is getting married stories or Robert Pattinson is dating everybody he was standing next to stories…and the ever classic Angelina vs Jennifer confrontation stories..These stars don’t outright say this is bull so these made up dating rumors gets spread around online. Do we remember when there were rumors Kristen Stewart was dating Nicholas Hoult?

  • suomi

    If they do to see each other, and some sort of “relationship” so be it.

    CM and GP not together anymore physically. Only already to sign both

    divorce papers. Not the first Hollywood couple where the age difference, children of included.

    If these sources of are right. I remember Johnny Depp and Amber Heard managed

    to hide of their relationship with from 2 to 3 years before to the public, and does not any photos of of them

    paparazzi succeeded in taking and all of them the gossip consisted of these

    Famous sources of: D fun to follow this and take the popcorn.

  • Diane

    no pic no proof! ;-)

  • C.R.

    I think he’s just a fun thing for right now..nothing more.

  • Jan

    What a shallow person you are…good luck with your life.

  • Penny Dreadful

    I hope that idiot over at Lainey Gossip is choking on it.

  • Blah!

    I can’t stand this “couple”. They are so boring.

  • Stephen Belcamino

    I love this video of Jennifer kissing this girl – extremely hot!

  • ell


  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Jesus…how much longer will Hoop/Huvane be pushing this nonsense?…oh, that’s right, until Goop has finished promoting, doing press for that trainwreck of a film, Mordecai…good Lord.

  • kimmy

    Eww…i really cant stand this attention seeking fake bitch im sure she is doing this for more publicity. Idc if chris dating other celebrities just not this bitch.

  • Evelyn Apricots

    The photo is published in the Jan. 12 issue of In Touch Weekly. The girl Chris is with is his sister.

  • TeamBella76

    I hope she doesn’t carry his baggage around she doesn’t need it ! I love her though and I hope one day she ends up with someone like Liam they would make beautiful babies.

  • Shenanigans

    not the internet..,their PR create the stories.

  • VanityInsecurity

    you assumed I’m talking about his looks.. so I guess you are the “shallow” one. I never specified in what way he was ugly.

  • LaCroix

    you just got burned.

  • vn_102

    This fauxmance is getting ridiculous by days.
    Their PR needs to do more efforts to sell this trainwreck showmance with “some sightings on gossip webs” nor some “fans pics” nor “leaked pics” of them in christmas or new year, without those “evidence” even average joe whose not into gossips things could spot their fakeness miles away and humiliate their desperate for more coverage clients even more.

  • Taylor

    She could do so much better than a man who has children and is separated from his wife.

  • solargeknowles

    Chris Martin is sexy, get that London D, J LAW!

  • name2

    How do you know for sure it’s his sister? Is it his sister Nicola, who’s an actress? I sure hope so

  • Dede

    She has a choice. She is choosing to be on this position because she wants and this is exactly what frustates a lot of people. Why would she want that at her age? nobody gets this. She values her privacy but still go involved on this mess then she get ride of all but now is back into it Good job, jen!

  • Dede

    People’s story is obviouly not reliable, they admited in the past they had 2 sources saying completly different things. They also admited their reps had no comment. Then the obvious they “have been seeing each other a lot” like how? they were both busy and when he was working in Europe Jen was free and still didn’t go there with him. Still there is something off about it all. Why did she meet in on the 30th? are they such great friends like that? waiting to see of E! post anyhting today.

  • MeMe

    Only people in a bubble believe Martin/Lawrence are “solid.” LOL I can think of a few other things that are as “solid” as this story…

  • MeMe

    I went to click on the link of that In Touch pic on the other thread and the user has now made their profile private. Its a Coldplay fan.

  • MeMe

    I saw a pic of Nicola. Not sure but maybe.
    I don’t understand why an up and coming actress would cover up so much and not want their pic in a tab along side their famous brother? shrug

  • Denise

    I never saw a pic of his sister have some link? Can be his sister..but this means that he have a sister that looks like Chung so much!

  • MeMe

    Google Nicola Martin
    The chin looks different and the eyebrows aren’t as dark, but the pic is 4 years old

  • Courtney

    The pic of them on the subway last month?

  • suomi

    I do not believe they are have been fixed and become fixed now or ever. Time will tell all things are possible and could also think of positively / when not all the time is not of any and all PR

    to which the children are run supposedly / by. Really outrageous thinking.

    Nothing else important to children when no one is not pulledWhereunto PR issues.

    And I do not buy that CM would do ever like that. Sorry to think this of, I do not mean to be rude.

  • suomi

    I hope in Figure is Chung. And the picture is sure to taken by a lucky someone.

    And from the picture about this photo of money, to which I guess no one / do not care, do not think I do not know anything about this gossip tabloit. What is a pity or they will / gossip tabloit know who it is and does not care about that.

  • Denise

    The point is that we can not be cartain. Can be his sister..but, can be also Alexa Chung. They look alike so much!

  • Jess

    Okay Chris’ camp, keep trying with your ridiculous showmance. I see you. Stop trying to make it happen, it’s not cute. She deserves better than that cheating hot mess of a fully loaded baggage cart

  • Joy

    Think its time to face the fact that Chris is not secretly dating/in love with Alexa!

  • Denise

    I don’t know..but sure is not with Jennifer Lawrence. Its time to face this fact!

  • Joy

    I’ve never thought he’s dating Lawrence. 2 single people, maybe having fun, maybe not. Guess we’ll never know the real truth.

  • Nada Nada Nada

    What a joke! Why can’t tabloids let this go?

  • Name

    So now In Touch is saying it’s his sister. Maybe, maybe not. I found a more recent pic of her (Nicola), but it’s small. At least I think it’s her-it looks like the older pic of her. And she’s listed as living in London.

    Compare her to the pic I found of Chung in sunglasses.

    While they have similar features (squared off jaw, for one), N. Martin has a rounder face and narrower smile than Chung. The woman with Martin had a more angular face and wider smile, more like Chung.

    Until you posted it, I didn’t know N. Martin was an aspiring actress. In the Telegraph story, it says she wasn’t going to use her connection to Paltrow/Martin to help herself out. That was a few years ago when she was getting started. But since then, her career seems to have stalled. I looked at her body of work, and she has only 2 credits, both from a few years ago.

    Is she still that adamant about not using her brother’s/sister in law’s connections that she’d wear sunglasses indoors when with him?At this point in her career, is N. Martin still in a position to do that? If someone who’s getting papped is wearing sunglasses, it usually means they want to be seen and recognized, but not *easily*. That would be more in line with Chung. N. Martin’s career is such that she wouldn’t be recognized at all if she didn’t have sunglasses on, except maybe by Coldplay fans.

    And why would N. Martin, if she looks similar to Chung with sunglasses on, wear them and consequently create confusion? Wouldn’t she and her brother want to make it clear who he’s with and not invite speculation at all? It’s not like paps are taking pics of him to see her.

    Then there’s the pic itself. Martin seems somewhat protective of his kids when it comes to paps. He can’t do much when a pap is at a distance, but this is very close. He would’ve had to see the person taking it. So why would he allow this pic to be taken, unless he was ok with it? And that brings us back to this-why is he ok with it?

    Interesting that after Deni posted the pic and it was in other places, some Coldplay posters started popping up all over wherever the pic was mentioned. I understand it is/was on some Coldplay fan site. Now you’re saying it’s been deleted from the gal’s Twitter timeline.

    It’s interesting some of them even thought it was Chung. From what some have posted, they seem to be very familiar with every aspect of Martin’s life/career. So why would they think it was her, unless the woman looked *so* much like her they thought she was? It wasn’t until In Touch said it was his sister that they calmed down. And why did the one gal delete it from her timeline? Because she now believes it wasn’t Chung, or because others told her to delete it because it could be?

    It all makes for something that’s not adding up at all. If it was Martin’s sister, why the sunglasses cover up? If it was Chung, why the pic in the first place?

  • Name

    Here’s another question I thought of-

    Is In Touch one of Paltrow’s tabs? Don’t know, just wondering. If it is, maybe that’s why they’re saying the woman is Martin’s sister and not Chung (like Star said it could be) because Paltrow doesn’t want anyone to know it is.

  • MeMe

    All good questions and observations @name! I still think its Chung as well. The smiles *are* different and why a sister–who no one really knows–would feel the need to go incognito on the train with her brother makes no sense. The pic does look papped rather than fan taken. For one, does that look like your typical grainy iPhone pic? No. It doesn’t look like a picture that was randomly taken by a fan.

    Another thing. Who got the Star pic many days before the actual magazine comes out? That looks like an edit that is given out before the publishing for a client to look at and make changes if they wish. So here we have a “Coldplay fan” getting ahold of a magazine edit many days before it was published. I went on Star magazine right after this was tweeted by the Coldplay fan and searched for the pic online. I couldn’t find it. I searched high and low for anything online and could not find that pic. It may have been out there, but as far as I could tell that pic was not searchable as “Star Magazine, Alexa Chung Chris Martin rekindling” online. How did that happen?

    And the tweet was accompanied by the Coldplay fan saying he/she “was so over this” regarding the Martin/Chung speculation and how comfortable everyone looked. No one mentioned Chris’s sister.

    It wasn’t until this rumor that this picture was his sister that the Coldplay fan made her twitter private. The same day. Someone is covering up tracks. I just don’t know if its Martin or Paltrow. And I don’t know why. But someone clearly didn’t want that pic and speculation out there anymore. So it gets released to InTouch with the sister angle–which looks like it is NOT a Goop publication as they were all over Goop about her infidelities, search it.

    In other news, Chung sent out an Instagram on the same day as the pic vanished (and everyone privatized their accounts and posters on TheMetro started speculating about the sister connection) that basically said “up uranus pisces”–Martin is a Pisces. This was only days ago. So there is no doubt a Chung/Martin connection. She deleted the post not long after.

    Did Chung get mad a Martin because that pic was out there or did she get mad because Martin/Lawrence pic was out there? This is the question.

    I’m pretty sure Chung is now in LA. She has her clothing line store opening us this week I think. The store is in Beverly Hills. UPDATE: Store opening on the 20th

  • Name

    I looked all over for the Star pic as well. Not just once, but over the course of a week or more, because I wasn’t sure when it would be posted online or show up in the paper. I couldn’t find it either.

    Now you’re saying it’s only been released to InTouch with the “sister” angle, and all traces of the Chung reference/discussion have been deleted and replaced by the “sister” ones. I’m not familiar with TheMetro. Is that a Coldplay fan site? If so and they’re the ones pushing the “sister” angle, like posters were on the People story, then it looks like they’re circling the wagons. It already seemed like they didn’t want anyone thinking/saying it’s Chung. If they’re on a Coldplay site pushing his “sister”, then it looks even more like a coverup.

    Interesting about Chung. If she’s mad about the pic of her and Martin, that might explain it disappearing from the Star and coming out in InTouch as his sister. If she’s mad about the Lawrence/Martin pic, then maybe it’s because she wasn’t told by him the dinner was happening and/or the revving up of the “showmance” again by him.

  • MeMe

    To clarify, I have not seen the InTouch or TheMetro “sister” stories. I have only seen them referenced here by some posters and am assuming they are out there. The new guys seem to be referencing them often.