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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Engaged!

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Engaged!

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are getting married!

According to E! News, the 36-year-old Vampire Diaries star and 26-year-old Twilight alum are engaged after six months of dating.

Sources tell the site that the couple has “been in love for years” but were just friends. “They’re so happy,” the source added. “They were crazy happy from the start. Their families love each other. It just feels really right.”

Ian and Nikki were first linked back in July 2014 after they were spotted working out together. Her divorce with ex-husband Paul McDonald was finalized earlier this month. Ian famously dated his co-star Nina Dobrev for several years before calling it quits in May 2013.

Congrats to the happy couple!

See below for a gallery of Ian and Nikki’s cutest photos…

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Credit: Getty, FameFlynet Pictures; Photos: AKM-GSI, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Scarlett

    In love for years? I’m sure their previous partners are thrilled to hear that

  • Scarlett

    In love for years? I’m sure their previous partners are thrilled to hear that

  • lorena

    OMG!!! I’m so happy for them, they deserves all the best..Ian will be a married man.!!!

  • charlie

    Doomed from the start… wont last… and Nikki will get the lot in the divorce just like she did from her last marriage….

  • laura

    Maybe it’s not even true, but why do all Hollywood people keep rushing into marriage? What is dating for six months? Nothing…
    And she had just broken up with her husband, and he was in a serious relationship for three years… I mean, how serious can they be, both in their first real relationship after a serious one had just ended?
    And if they really had been secretely in love for years, why did dshe get married to Paul McDonald, and why did he stay with Nina Dobrev for years?

  • lee lee

    This will last a long time.

  • Jenny

    been in love for years? damn… poor nina and paul.

    wish them the best if it’s true

  • laura

    I guess that for them marriage isn’t that important… After all you can always get divorced in a few months if it doesn’t go well.
    I thought you would get married after a few years of being together, years in which you get to know each other well, you discover each other’s good and bad sides, you realize that you have common goals in life, you decide to sacrifice your own selfishness for eachother…
    That’s really sad, because they make it seem like marriage is worth nothing!

  • 6 months?

    They’re both going to look like assholes when the the euphoria wears off and they breakup

  • karl

    Nina Dobrev was in 24 age,she didn’t want marriage and left him.Now he marries to the 1 st woman after Nina!!!! Wish them happiness,but it seems he wants to prove Nina Dobrev something!!!!

  • J2020

    Maybe is too soon, but Ian broke up with Nina almost two years ago… He is in his late 30, he wanted settle down with Nina, but she wants to live the single life with Julianne Hough. People has been so rude with this relacionship, but no one remember that Nina start dating Derek Hough only a few moths after broke up with Ian. Me, I’m just happy for him… I hope Nikki would be the one and he could have the family that want

  • elisa

    that was fast!!! i like them but she just got divorce :/ and half a year dating its nothing ,maybe she is pregnant?? i dont know but i hope they last

  • Yasmin

    ‘him and nikki have been in love for years.’ . During Nian and she was married. LOL they make me laugh so much, trying too hard sweeties

  • vn_102

    What’s the rush?
    Did she even finalized her divorce yet?
    Did she got knocked up this time? Coz it seems like this was the most popular reason for celebs to get engaged so soon.
    But then again, this was her usual MO, she was engaged to her first husband just after month of dating.
    Anyway anything that starts too soon, usually just ends as soon as possible as well.
    So let’s bet how long her second marriage will last.

  • Lil_Ruty

    I think it’s too soon. She married Paul too soon as well, and look how that turned out. She never even had a rebound phase… One relationship to the next. It’s quite sad actually. Poor Paul, lets forget about Nina for a sec, but Paul he was married to Nikki for two years and they still work together. Ian and Nikki are being disrespectful, trying to keep it under wraps… They are so obvious. Her hiding her hand with a t shirt while he carries her bag, all the posting and PDA, surprised they’ve waited this long. All I know is the bet things in life are worth waiting for… Apparently their love isn’t.

  • Revengefan0101

    Didn’t she just get divorced??? I hope this is a joke.

  • Revengefan0101

    I think this is for PR but it’s in poor taste.

  • Lauren Earle

    I’ll admit they are a cute couple, but who am I to say its too soon, all the best to them.

  • to be/not to be

    if true then wish they be fortunate:)

  • soggybiscuit

    will not last

  • Dilara

    “Been in love for years”???

    Oh, wow I’m sure Paul and Nina are thrilled… I mean it’s not like Paul and Nikki separated in March or all of them were friends right? Nikki wasn’t sitting right beside Nina on her birthday dinners? I have a question are they in love when they went to double dates together too?

  • Dee

    was thinking the same thing. these people are not for real.

  • A G

    Nikki Reed… Where do I begin? She seems like a very nice person, she’s also beautiful. But there’s something weird about a girl who has been technically married for nearly two years and has spent the last 8 months of her marriage claiming that she’s divorced, and she was spending her time in the arms of another man. I’m sure Ian knows more than the rest of us about this whole situation, but what’s the rush? Take your time, they’ve barely dated. Also, it’s weird to me how he and Nina were so silent about their relationship, they’ve dated for like three years, but they were always denying everything, or insinuation without really saying it. Why is he so open about his relationship all of sudden? Now that He’s with Nikki, there’s not a day that goes by without him publicly telling everyone that he loves her, and vice-versa… I predict that they will last for a year or two, maybe three… Then, plot twist, she divorces him. In the meantime enjoy yourselves, but this whole thing looks shady af.

  • Michelle

    Love is always better the second time around and you know what, I wish them all the love and happiness and joy in this new adventure. It’s 2015, be happy and live and that’s just what they’re doing. All the best Ian & Nickki!

  • A G

    She was officially married for nearly three years, she announced that she was divorcing Paul McDonald around march 2014, but prior to that they were living apart for like 6 months… In fact Nikki Reed might as well been married for like what, two minutes? She was probably already over Ian when they double dated back then… I’m not judging, I don’t know her, but right now she definitely looks like the kind of girl who jumps from a man to another… She filed for divorce like a week ago and she and Ian have been dated for like 6 months. I don’t know whether this is a joke or real, but if it’s real, and I never thought I would think so poorly of Ian Somerhalder, but they both appears to be another case of fake Hollywood people…

  • Aleisha1988

    Shaking my head at all the bitters who must know Ian and Nikki personally to offer such words of wisdom and life information. Don’t you have your own life to organise instead of Ians?
    Who are you to tell them what they are feeling, what they should be doing and what time table to live by? If YOU haven’t gotten over YOUR heartbreaks regarding Ian, such as “Nian” etc….well after two years, that’s YOUR problem and your problem only. This snarky BS has become boring. It’s been going on for too long now and it’s not going anywhere. The past is the past. Congrats to Ian and Nikki :)

  • lorena

    maybe you think ,ian should be fucking every single woman that he saw, But that is your queen, who can’t keep her legs closed , she can get enought dicks

  • Tardis

    I think Ian is making a mistake, felt wrong from the very beginning but what do I know about their relationship. Maybe they are truly in “love” for life.

  • Hannah

    Congrats to the amazing & beautiful couple!

  • Hannah

    Actually she’s been separated for a year. the ddivorce jyst got finalised later as that’s how it goes.

  • dM

    Hating on someone for being happy is just sad. And it always says more about you that the people you are hating on.
    You don’t know them personally. And anyne still using the PR argument clearly doesn’t know what PR means.
    Nikki & Ian have done nothing wrong, they fell in love & possibly got engaged & are getting so much hate just for being together tha it’s ridiculous.Nina fans have really sunk low & proven to be the most disgusting fans on the planet.

  • Revengefan0101

    Sure, it’s not PR but somehow there’s always a new post on JJ about them and the paps “just happened” to catch them walking around together all the time.

  • dalovelee

    I am beginning to realize that for people in Hollywood they live in a bubble and getting married is like going to the amusement park. Just for fun. It’s not a serious thing. They don’t wake up and have to go to work and struggle to pay bills. It’s just about endless fun. And then when the amusement rides stop being fun..they get divorced. And later meet someone else to go to the amusement park with.

  • beara

    Big shocker. Why so fast to jump into another marriage when the ink is barely dry on the first failed marriage???!
    Congratulations anyway!

  • guest

    congratulation Ian and Nikki,!!! so happy for You and wishing you nothing but the Best.<3 You have have been trending WW for hours so many People are so happy for You. and Nikki..

  • Sam

    So a woman who is in touch with her sexual side is labelled a whore? What is wrong with you?

  • Lilly

    Seriously the ink ain’t dry yet and she obviously did learn for her mistakes and is now engaged ,ya! That’s really gonna last RME! Maybe he wants kids he’s ten years older, still not a good reason to rush.

  • LiiL

    I’m really happy for them, they perfectly fit for each other.

  • Francesca ♡

    Congratulations! I am very happy for them.

  • tia maria

    Is this a joke? She only lasted 2 years in her first marriage, if they get married it will unfortunately probably end in divorce again after a year or two. Not buying they have been in love for years BS. That said wish them the best of luck.

  • Badh

    Now waiting for the divorce!

  • Badh

    Really, show one proof! Because she has not been caught with one man and proven to date anyone after this dick Ian! Keep the vulgarity for yourself. All Ikki fans are this way. The New Kardashians!

  • Badh

    There was never proof they dated, at least one kiss or something. And it was 6 months after Ian when this broke.

  • guest

    Aaaand Folks, that’s Hollywood celebrity life, don’t ya just love it , lol

  • Alessandro Wickham

    oh i have to comment, now i think low of ian i mean hes a nice guy and all that, but seriously theres something not right with nikki, she just wants the spotlight and i think because he wants a family and kids and all of that nikki’s manipulating him, its obvious so i hope them the best but i doubt it, ian is a nice person he seems like it i dont know him, but im afraid shes gonna end up with his organization when they file for divorce

  • Tina Isabella

    I also have to make comments on this. Nikki made a comment that she is not ready to commit to Ian due to the fact she wants to stay single for awhile and then all of a sudden they are engaged. What changed — pregnancy? PR? offer neither could refuse? or something else. What about Ian? The vacation is over and he still hasnt shaved or cut his hair. Is he trying to look like Paul? Nikki looks like Nina he might as well look like Paul

  • guest

    This is better than reality T.V. I wonder who would get custody of the animals if they divorced ?? or maybe they would have joint custody, like one week with Ian and 1 week with Nikki, than again it could get ugly..oooh the plot thickens…I’m giving this article a 5/10, soley based on entertainment purposes only :) The moral of the story is this…take everything you read with a grain of salt (A large one) and stay tuned for Part

  • xyz


  • clmguest

    Congratulations to Ian and Nikki on their possible engagement. I point out to all that becoming engaged does not mean they are going straight to the altar tomorrow. They have already been playing house for several months, so becoming engaged after her divorce was finalized in December 2014 is not a big jump. It takes time to prepare for a wedding. I am glad that they are not hiding their potential lifetime commitment any longer. I pray that God will bless them with sincere love that will last through the rest of their lives together. Marriage is a difficult endeavor no matter who you are, so hopefully the things they share in common will help them get through the day-to-day trials of married life. Rooting for you Ian and Nikki. All the best.