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'Fifty Shades of Grey' is No. 1 Opening Ever for Female Director!

'Fifty Shades of Grey' is No. 1 Opening Ever for Female Director!

Fifty Shades of Grey has not only topped this weekend’s box office by far, but it’s officially the biggest opening ever for a female director!

According to THR, Sam Taylor-Johnson has made history adapting EL James‘ popular romance novel to screen with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

The movie will gross a whopping $90.7 million in the U.S. by the end of the long Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day Weekend, with a record-breaking $158 million take overseas too.

The previous best domestic opening was Catherine Hardwicke‘s Twilight, which debuted to $69.6 million in November 2008.

The rest of the top five includes Frozen (Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck), Brave (Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews), and Kung Fu Panda 2 (Jennifer Yuh Nelson).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Fifty Shades of Grey making this much money?

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  • Tia

    awesome cant wait to watch it. Next week..

  • Courtney Puzzo

    that’s only due to the controversy surrounding the film and the price of a movie ticket official numbers don’t come out until tomorrow afternoon

  • Chris

    The movie was good.Sam did a great job, Dakota & Jamie were perfect as Ana & Christian.The book have a huge following so those numbers are not so surprising.
    I’ll probably get replies like ‘but is abuse,how can you like that etc etc’ & i could write back why its not abuse & thing could go on forever but i’m tired of that happening on every fsog article.Stop cyber bullying & making people feel bad for liking something you don’t.Let them enjoy the FICTION story they choose to read/watch.

  • smmy33

    Dude , who the fu-K writes the posts here , it made 81 million.. Why do you keep adding Monday’s total … 3 days is a Weekend total, not what Monday might make.

    Then you compare it to Twilight 69.6 million , weekend total 3 days .

    Is too much to ask for facts in a blog read by thousands.

  • Violet

    Does this mean this sites obsession with this movie is coming to an end?

  • Maria

    Because it IS abuse. Beating a woman for pleasure IS abuse. NOTHING you say about it being a freakin love story makes it so. Wake up. Is this what we want men to think, that we all want to be abused?? This has to be the worst crap ever.

  • mm366

    I sure hope it does. I hope all media’s obsession with it also is coming to an end.

  • mm366

    Why are you taking it so personal? Rather over the top about something that in the grand scheme things should mean zip to your life I would hope.

  • Caryn Carrington

    I’m sorry, but this was an awful movie. Awful. I’m glad you liked it, but several people when I saw it walked out. Not because of the subject matter, but because the story line, directing and acting were so bad. People left in the theater laughed at places where I don’t think the director meant to be funny. Truly a sad effort.

  • j k

    this is just the beginning

  • Nicole

    2 more movies have been confirmed so i don’t think so

  • Tia

    Yes awesome.

  • Teo Tioliendo

    Fifty Shades Of Grey
    Movie Review
    The Shades of Pleasure & Highlights of Sexuality
    (See movie before reading movie reviews, commentary*)

    The shades of pleasure for Grey were matters of pride in getting what
    he wanted in the highest, in the highest position he earned for himself,
    in matters of self image, in a successful life, worthy of admiration
    for flawless business perfection, shaded with his mystique of mystery in
    private yet public personae. He placed himself in an unequaled position
    of being a man who did not allow a woman to share his photo portfolio
    in the media to strengthen his self definition of his monument of Grey.
    The legacy of Grey the young, giant leader of his company, made him even
    bigger to let a woman have s brief moment of his time that seemed going
    against his image, so smooth, ready, penetrating yet attentive toward
    reaching the point in touching those privileged toward an opportunity to
    look inside his eyes, for what they wanted, needed, and had to come to
    him to get, to feel the steel of his voice, his respected disciplined
    professionalism usually reserved for the office, board table,
    communicated with clear, cutting, swift shining words that embrace the
    needs, terms, to come to the climax of what was to their mutual
    satisfaction. But such strategy, becomes something else when Grey uses
    it get what he wants from a woman. Grey shows such perfection in his
    business, photos in the media, has everything, yet leaves a woman
    outside his inner life, until we see his contradictory patience, and
    curiosity in his ordinary, yet, matter of fact mouth interviewer. She is
    clearly intimidated but speaks so frankly with him she obviously
    doesn’t know her own desires, or know young men of power, or that she
    wants more from him, a man with such strength, or she should, for he
    should be a young woman’s greatest desires. How could she know the pride
    he took in his ability to negotiate a woman into accepting him, with
    all he believed that he could give a woman, who let him, in sexual
    extreme pleasure, how he likes it with women. A man of women’s
    fantasies, he has after all appeared to have appeared, manifested in
    such a man, among men, of the corporate towers of grey. Though his eyes
    are cold, he cools the fever of a woman’s sexual fantasies she usually
    does not allow herself to imagine for herself. Though she can never have
    an unreachable man like this, her soul reaches for him. Though women of
    the greatest beauty, women his equal, women of power greater even can
    not affect him, she knows somehow she affects him, but denies, yet, that
    his world is not changed by her. His gift is knowing people, her gift
    is not knowing and yet knowing her innocence is her reason and comforts
    her, is the attractiveness in her being. His certainty of purpose,
    contrasts against her insecurity shielded by a sharp mind, attitude in
    the cup of her young reasoning, when she pours out her thoughts along
    with a longing heart, without looking into such a man’s eyes knowing he
    will easily see her pride is in his deep insight into her purity at
    approaching dreams, and the challenges, even interpreted extremes, in
    her daily, and intimate personal relationships in her life, with family,
    friends, those who love her, an awareness of love, often denied,
    resisted, or missed by such innocence in her deeper unawareness of her
    self worth. Still gifts are showered upon her, not by a man yet, though
    she attracts many, many men, she doesn’t acknowledge them, the men,
    while her gifts such as a beautiful body, striking eyes, unexplored by
    the inspirations of love, for the purpose for being desirable, being
    loved, to attract by sexual desire by her style, sensuality, beauty, to
    be made love to. No matter how many grades of grey, she remains in the
    shades of grey. It is in her burning desire to know the sexual truth of
    the man she loves, what her love, that she gives in full surrender of
    her body to his desires really means to him. The warning in classic
    works of psychology, about sex are affirmed, that a woman should never
    give in to a man’s sexual fantasies, no matter how romantic he is at the
    start, as if the lie(since what Christian reveals is he is the product
    of a drug addict-a person with a dead conscious which justifies his
    beliefs about his own inability to love, his pleasure of causing pain,
    his belief in there being pleasure for her in pain, in the person she
    loves being the source for her pleasure in pain to be had), himself
    being the same kind of person)* that all men’s sexual fantasies of a
    woman are his subconscious hatred of the female body, brought out of the
    back of the mind is the truth that justifies his full cruelty, and why
    he revels in his brutal whipping of her naked body, after confessing he
    is fifty shades of being so ruin by his beginnings as a sexual being,
    messed up, f… up. He tells the truth, and shows his confession of not
    being about love, but hard sex, is a clear betrayal of Ana’s innocence
    about sexual evil, hidden in the subtle agreement, concealing fear of
    exposure by using the threat of punishment, even to the point of legal
    action, hiding in the willing submission to her man’s sexual fantasies
    of pain tied to pleasure, revealing his true view of Anastasia as being
    like every woman in his mind. Grey is without color, grey is in fact a
    shade, even white is without color but is a symbol of the purity of
    sexuality, intimacy, of love, of virginity, an undefiled love, a blessed
    sexual life, an undefiled bed, that Grey sees as a quality in sex to be
    removed so sex is stripped of its limitations for his tastes in sex
    without love. But Anastasia attractiveness is her hidden power, her
    passionate sensuality. She longs for love, sex, and her thoughts are
    often her desires with the fantasies of many virgin young women. We are
    all virgins at the beginning of our sexuality. We remember the awakening
    of hungering for love after having sex the first time, or feeling
    guilt, or lusting for great sexual pleasure that last forever. But a sex
    pain arsenal kept in a clean sterile room, is a red flag of how unclean
    the perfect man can sometimes be in his private life. Christian Grey
    has perfect tastes in many fine grey ties. He ties a perfect tie knot,
    just as he ties up a woman like Anastasia emotionally, perfectly, by his
    total interest in everything about her one moment, then pushing her
    away with rejections injected with warnings about him, while yet taking
    advantage of her fascination in his controlling qualities, so manly,
    fatherly, but in his bosses knowing all, know what she needs as well,
    giving her his complete attention, regardless of his usual tailored time
    schedule. Anastasia Steele is filled with such emotion regardless of
    how in control Christian Grey remains, as she is swept into the moments
    of unexpected excitement, touching, kissing, and finally giving her
    body, her virginity to please him. Her virginity means nothing to him,
    her love, is less than pleasure and pain for him, yet, she wants more of
    what is not there in him to give. Because distance, formal courtesy,
    and walls and rooms and rooms of excellent taste seduce her to expect he
    has placed her in his private life as equally as excellent and that’s
    why he does all he does for her even she hears him say his real interest
    are narrowed to sex and pain, toward giving him pleasure, which
    excludes her feelings about it, except where she gets pleasure from him,
    his way. They are both loved, by parents, close friends, but are
    clearly unsatisfied in ways that only a conscience for love will heal,
    but sex leads to a dead conscience in Grey, while Ana giving in to
    masochistically allowing her self to experience pain from being
    stroke,slapped, and whipped, after hard sex that fails to revive, or
    bring alive love in her heartless, degrading of her self for a sexually
    heartless man she yet loves unconditionally. Grey’s hatred of his
    origins, deeper hatred of his birth mother, secret hatred of women are
    the cause for him of his view of his true self as unworthy of love, but
    also the cause for his contempt for love and its hypocrisy in his life
    of sex, as he has easily found women who enjoyed, hated, or identified
    with controlling his sex life his way, without conscience, or concern
    for the destruction of the sex life of women, or their fulfillment to be
    with the strongest of young men. But youth are the sexual years of
    pleasure, dreams, beauty, love entertaining and catering to a boyfriend
    or girlfriend, regardless his hidden life of sadistic pleasure, or her
    first orgasmic experience, innocent sexuality, intimacy, sex. dream of
    being loved, being in love. A gold ring usually symbolized the circle of
    love, the tying together of two people in love. Grey glorifies his
    contempt for the sacred ring by using it to tie up a woman, on his
    torcher devices. Showing a woman bound, bent over in willing disgrace,
    as if he defiles her thoughts, breaks her will, satisfies her submission
    to his lies that she deserves to be humiliated rather than cherished,
    loved, honored, sanctified. As I walked behind three of the most
    beautiful black women I had seen at a movie, their burst of sharp,
    squealing laughter, as we left the theater after watching ‘Fifty Shades
    Of Grey’* they looked back at me, smiling, looking a little embarrassed
    they had enjoyed the sexy scenes, and couldn’t control their enjoyment.
    Fine, sexy, these Addis Abbeba beauties were silenced when I asked what
    was it they got from the movie. They only smiled. I said this was a
    movie about sex on many levels but it is a story of how sex affects our
    thoughts, how sex can lead to the death of the conscience, and how sex
    determines the view of our self based on the relationship to our birth
    parents, and how more importantly our ability to love our body, mind,
    soul, and self. A boy separated from his mother can experience the death
    of the conscience. A woman’s love, a woman who gives love to a man is
    representative of woman for a child, even the child within, can bring
    back the conscience, but not necessarily, not for Christian Grey. An
    innocent, virgin, art, sexy, willing, young woman gives all her love to
    such pleasure, yet Grey, she remains a woman, the source of his self
    hate, psychic pain, to be blamed for all that he is, that nobody ever
    sees. Even a virgin, is to suffer for all his pain, though she is
    innocent, in love, has nothing in her life that was anything like his
    mother’s life. The joy of love, making love, beauty of sexuality,
    blessed sex life is unreachable when a man remains in the shades of
    grey. Lifeless, greyed eyes, eclipsed even in the shadow of love, dead
    in his purpose toward showing emotions, colorless love, defiling the
    beauty of a woman’s body for his own pleasure, with sadistic, violent,
    immoral hatred of genuine love, is a man asking for a woman to become
    his sexual sacrifice, to submit to have sex and be beaten until she
    accepts him, accepts pain, has sacrificed her self love, her soul which
    is meant to be loved by a man, but never by Christian Grey who can love
    her. Grey’s accepted what is unacceptable in his sexuality, just his sex
    life. Sex us his weapon for the hatred of the mother in all that is a
    woman, though with deep conflict and contradictions, he feels for Ana,
    but confuses, and uses sex for feeling. His inability to have compassion
    for his birth mother makes him unloving, in all forms of love, leaving
    his life, image, success, love of his step parents, love of a woman just
    another task to be done easily by secrecy, discipline and control. But
    Anastasia’s love tested by the unchanging heart of Christian Grey when
    he whip her though she only showed him how much she loved him. whipping
    her submissive body without mercy. Evil shall destroy the wicked, but
    love covers the multitude of sin, it become climatically clear, her body
    is his focus, not her heart, she is greyed to nothing to him, her body,
    sex was all that tied their souls together, the truth, his true
    desires, left her soul bruised, but her spirit finally released strength
    to her self worth and she went away freed from a cruel and evil man and
    his failure as a man in his life, who cowardly blamed women, for his
    immoral, sick mother’s sex life* addictive life, so grey in his view of
    his mother, in his view of Anastasia sexually, he further pursues her,
    until he is stopped in his desires of punishing her more to convince her
    she deserves what he wants to do to her, while she knows she doesn’t
    deserve his incurable pleasure in enjoying her pain, but that she
    deserves love, deserves more that shades of Grey can never give a
    passionate woman, who has her love yet to give to s man who deserves
    her, all of her, body, and soul.*