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What Color Is This Dress - White & Gold Or Blue & Black?

What Color Is This Dress - White & Gold Or Blue & Black?

This dress — which originated on tumblr — is causing the greatest debate on Twitter right now!

What color is this dress? The colors are debated all across social network right now on what color scheme it actually is. Many are saying White and Gold, while others are insisting on Blue and Black. What do you think?

See what the celebs had to say:


Emmy Rossum: “I’m very confused. I distinctly see that that dress is blue and black.”

BJ Novak: “white and gold”

Lucy Hale: “i saw white and gold, then i saw blue and black. now I’m confused.”

Scotty McCreery: “I see White and Gold. Who’s with me? Band is pretty much White and Gold with a couple weird ones that say Black and Blue… Looking at you joey and jayme! Loll.”

Hailey Baldwin: “Nah it’s still black and blue like my SOUL apparently….”

Ally Brooke: “ITS BLUE AND BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jake Miller: “Honestly though if you don’t see white and gold you’re color blind straight up”

Click inside to see the larger photo….

Bigger picture below…

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  • ched ink


  • Sandy McFarlane

    ok but the very first time i saw it it was clearly white & gold to me, but now its clearly black & blue……… this is really messing me up tho

  • JoAras


  • demetria lovato

    that “real answer” is actually fake… the photo is just from a photo this woman sent another person about the dress and there’s another photo where it shows the dress on the woman at a wedding. anyhow, the photo is actually blue and black. the lighting in the photo is clearly yellow. so if it was white the dress would be yellow/white and not the blue/white in the photo. if it were white you would need very low blue lighting to create the same color that the dress is in the photo. so it’s black and blue.

  • Sara Parker

    He’s full of crap and just wants to take credit where credit isn’t deserved! I saw white and gold the first time I looked
    At it read all the tumbler comments and than it was blue and black when I looked at it again. There was no change in my emotional state in the 30-45 seconds!

  • elia

    the real answer is a fake and the account is fraudulent. you should remove it

  • kat


  • DragXStar

    You can see both color sets; it’s just a matter of perception. If you look at it starting from the top, it looks gold/white. However, if you scroll down to the comments and slowly scroll back up, you see black/blue. It’s just how your brain perceives the situation/ picture.

    In literal terms, the top of the dress is dark gold color, but the bottom is a dark grey color. (checked through paint)

    I assume that everyone would be able to see the real colors if they’re looking at it in real life and not as a picture/photo form. Which means that the main problem is most likely how our brain uses the background of the picture/photo to assume what color the dress is. This being said, I don’t think people can say what color it really is until someone “clearly” confirms it or if we see it in real life/ different photo because “emotion” does not change the fact that I can see both sets of colors.

  • jane

    it’s ugly, that i can see for sure

  • elia

    Your eyes have retinas, the things that let you interpret color. There’s rods, round things, and cones that stick out. The “cones” see color. The “rods” see shade, like black, white and grey. Cones only work when enough light passes through. So while I see the fabric as white, someone else may see it as blue because my cones aren’t responding to the dim lighting. My rods see it as a shade (white). There’s three cones, small, medium and large. They are blue sensitive, green sensitive, and red sensitive.

    As for the black bit (which I see as gold), it’s called additive mixing. Blue, green and red are the main colors for additive mixing. This is where it gets really tricky. Subtractive mixing, such as with paint, means the more colors you add the murkier it gets until it’s black. ADDITIVE mixing, when you add the three colors eyes see best, red, green and blue, (not to be confused with primary colors red, blue and yellow) it makes pure white.

    —Blue and Black: In conclusion, your retina’s cones are more high functioning, and this results in your eyes doing subtractive mixing.
    —White and Gold: our eyes don’t work well in dim light so our retinas rods see white, and this makes them less light sensitive, causing additive mixing, (that of green and red), to make gold.

    **** UPDATE to prove this theory I turned my phone brightness from the lowest to highest and saw it switching from white and gold (at the lowest) to light blue and darker gold (at the highest) meaning people that see blue and black are more sensitive to light (better eyesight and not looking at the sun like your moms told you)

    **Also if you see white and gold sometimes, blue and black another, or a combination of the two, your eyes are very average, and it could change because of YOUR rooms lighting or the tilt of your phone. This is the same manipulation they use for optical illusions

  • Olivees

    Is this a joke? I’ve been checking the same photo for hours and its been blue and black.. I’ve tried changing the brightness from dark to light on my phone and laptop. So no, I don’t understand these theories. I haven’t seen it on tumblr so maybe its just a tumblr thing?

  • piste_five

    um no.

  • Cheyenne

    Split the difference. Blue/gold.

  • Abe6772

    I actually see blue and gold lol

  • Abe6772

    Um ye.

  • Guest

    You people do see the white and black cloth in the background of the bottom left half of the dress.
    Are you people seeing ‘black’ seeing that background fabric as identical coloring?
    If so you need your eyes checked.
    If not then you must realize that even if the real dress is a pale blue off white and a dark grey/black then IN THE PHOTO – WITH THE LIGHTING
    It shows IN THE PHOTO as a blue tinted shade of white and a muddy slighty grey yellow.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    I call BS. It is a fake. It is Black and Blue in this picture.

  • Guest

    Further I do personally believe the original dress is a white and dark-grey/near black. That is NOT the colors being reproduced accurately in the photo.
    For an experiment – go take your blackest cotton clothing into a store and take a photo of it with your phone. If possible use the flash and also photo without flash.
    Set your devices background to black not anything other than its black – you will have a choice of White, Black, or some other color.
    Now see if the ‘black’ trim in the dress is THE EXACT SAME as that black background.
    If it is not the exact same color then you are reporting what you are seeing in the dress incorrectly.

    I do realize black, the absence of all color/light is not in fact the black I am asking you to compare to – Like black paint, black crayons, black permanent marker, black ink – it is not actual real black…….. but that is what we are comparing it to here. The color we associate as pure black color.

    Further Print out the image as high res as you can.
    Take an India Ink fountain pen and draw in over it
    Or take a black sharpie and draw over some of the ‘black’ you are seeing.
    Are those colors IDENTICAL to you

    The answer is absolutely not unless there is something WRONG WITH YOUR EYES

    Click on the Image above it will bring you to the account this should have a medium-dark grey background for the page – if it doesn’t change browsers?
    Are you seeing the ‘black’ dress are a DARKER color that the medium-dark grey background????????????????????????????
    I will presume you did not.
    So what you are saying is you believe BLACK is a lighter color than an not quite dark grey?

    Stop the madness people and have some common sense.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Hell nah u are wrong. I had the dress in two different tabs and it was white and gold. Then I switch tabs and it was blue and black. Then I kept witching it was blue on both pics. Im high af but when I saw it change colors I got sober af.

  • susan

    The dress is blue and black. It’s a simple as that. No meltdowns or negative events effecting me either. I call BS!

  • Legendary Trolly

    Exactly. Its some mental thing not an emotional thing.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Me too.

  • lol

    This reminds me of that Reddit hoax post about that town in Arizona. Bastards.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Yall need to get laid

  • Eda Ercan

    It’s obviously WHITE AND GOLD!!!

  • lee lee

    All I see is that I wasted a minute of my life looking at that picture.

  • sari noy

    You can see the dress either in black and blue or white and gold by doing what I am doing. I have a laptop and when ever I push the screen back the colors become darker and when I pull the screen closer to me colors become brighter so take either picture of the dress either where it looks B&B or G&W and do the “push” and “pull” thing and you will see that when you pull the B&B screen closer to you the dress will look White and gold and when you push the screen back the picture of the dress where it looks white and gold will look blue and black to you.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    This is complete B.S. I see Blue and Black here and on (that incredibley annoying ) site it is gold and white.. How can this be mood when I look at them at the same time and see different colors?

    It isn’t. It is a lie. It is lighting and tonal hues in the pictures. Just a scam.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Demetria is right. It is a lie. I looked at two pictures from two different sites. I looked at them at the same time. They are hued differently. Lighting and tonally. One is gold and white and the other is black and blue.


  • The Ultimate Temptation

    It is due to the angle the photo is taken and the calibration of the screen you are using, either case, the dress is ugly, so who cares in what colour it comes.

  • silb

    I see black and blue, but my brother says it’s white and gold. That’s strange.

  • Giedrius Bagaliūnas

    Its just whitebalance, your eye ability to adabt and stupid dress

  • Leigh Travis

    The guy from Twitter is a liar, don’t know why that jerk is taking credit. It started on Tumblr by two women, and the dress was worn to a friend’s wedding. It even says so on snopes. Don’t give thie guy credit he doesn’t deserve.

  • BOJI

    Saw white n gold but it changed before my very eyes to blue and black, Amazing!

  • Mike

    I like the explanation except for one small thing: Red, Blue and Yellow are not the primary colours! Red, Blue and Green are the primary colours in additive mixing, and Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the primary colours in Subtractive mixing! It really annoys me that people still don’t know this!

  • RayonLight

    So, yesterday, when I first saw the picture, I saw white and gold. This morning I went to see it and again, white and gold. Now, a 1 hr later, it’s blue and black.

  • Mierzwiak

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • ur.all.idiots.

    maybe you should google primary colours before you attempt to correct someone.

  • Erin

    BOOM!! DEBATE OVER!!! It’s blue and black, the photo is not white balanced so it looks different than it really is. This is the site it is sold at. They have blue, white, red , and pink but the lace is always black.

  • Mike

    Maybe you should google it before you try and correct someone also. I’ve studied physics and a quick Google search will prove that I am indeed correct. So before you try and correct someone with your lack of education, go and read a book for once in your life.

  • Ellie

    It looks blue and gray to me.

  • Sam

    Check out the real ‘Is it white or is it blue’ product at lol

  • Laney

    Blue or white? White or blue? Blue Lizard Sunscreen bottles change from white to blue when they’re exposed to UVA/UVB light. See for yourself!

  • Silversong1

    blue and gold thats what i see

  • Hei

    I’ve seen both colours with the same picture. I also believe it depends on the picture you saw first. It’s hard to unsee something once you’ve seen it, and it’s difficult to convince your brain otherwise.

  • Hei

    I’ve seen both colours with the same picture. I also believe it depends on the picture you saw first. It’s hard to unsee something once you’ve seen it, and it’s difficult to convince your brain otherwise.

  • TLW

    thought about it again as I was watching some video from my security cam. When it records through the dark a blue/brown towel looks gold/white when I play back the tapes. Nite vision…haha. So why do our eyes see things as if we are looking through darkness?? Some of us.

  • Leaping Through Fear

    It’s not fucking blue and black. For fucks sake, if you open it in photoshop and colour pick it you get brown and grey blue, which are literally white and gold in a shadow.

  • Ann8123

    see it as black/blue so almost all of you will see it like me.

  • M Ei

    About color i guess it’s a trick if you work in design you will know when you invert black and blue will give white and gold, this is not about color, It’s about how to study the spread of something may be related to a person or act quickly ….. Do not be fooled and think a little bit to read more and see here: