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The Model Who Wore 'The Dress' Says The Color Is...

The Model Who Wore 'The Dress' Says The Color Is...

Meet Laura Coleman – she’s the model who actually put on the “What Color Is This Dress” dress and modeled it for the fashion brand!

The dress was designed by Roman Originals and it is currently available on their website in the BLUE AND BLACK, white and black, red and black, and pink and black. Sorry to anyone who saw it as white and gold!

“Okay so I was the first to wear this dress and just to confirm it’s definitely black and blue! #thedress,” Laura wrote on her Instagram account.

Read all the celebrity reactions to the dress color now!

Just Jared on Facebook
the model who wore the dress says the color is 01
the model who wore the dress says the color is 02
the model who wore the dress says the color is 03
the model who wore the dress says the color is 05
the model who wore the dress says the color is 06
the model who wore the dress says the color is 07

Photos: Roman Originals
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  • bbm

    ok, we got it, we know it’s black and blue, JUST EXPLAIN WHY SOMETIMES WE SEE IT WHITE AND GOLD IN THAT PICTURE

  • ss

    the picture was taken in low, poor quality lighting, and the owner of the picture most likely increased the brightness of the photo, which made it look white and gold.

  • lOsT

    The only thing I see is that this is one ugly dress.

  • Dora Glasberg

    What a ridiculous story and “event’
    The dress was made in assorted color combinations
    The model wore the black and blue version in her photo
    The version in question – was a different color combination,
    Is the internet, and the model insane.?
    Where’s the story?[

  • Danae

    I was pretty sure that the whole story was based on two photos of the same dress in different colour combinations…until I looked at the same photo with my two flatmates and I was the only one to see it black and blue. Brain, WHY?

  • themoreyouknow

    RIP intelligent life

  • ShakoDeka

    Is it sold out already?

  • Lindy Lu

    Well the company’s sales are up 347% So I guess they are happy.

  • granky161

    This is so stupid. They manipulate the picture to change the color then ask what color is the dress. Obviously the dress is white and gold in the manipulated photo even if it’s orginally black and blue.

  • Max

    then how come some people see it as black and blue and some as gold and white. if they are looking at the same picture. science can explain it, you dont. google or just be quiet.

  • Levi Demi

    Did you even read, there is no white gold dress, that is the one in question, even the original tumblr poster said it is black and blue. I’m assuming you are one of those who only seen it white and gold, because repeatedly white gold people just call people stupid and crazy for seeing it blue and black…yet they can’t accept that they are the ones seeing the wrong colors, despite evidence abound its black and blue, and zero that’s white and gold. Many people have seen it change color, I’ve seen it white when I was really tired…accept that your eyes are playing tricks.

  • granky161

    People see things differently but to me I see black and blue in the picture where the model is wearing the dress but the viral picture is white and gold which may have been manipulated. I don’t care enough to google the science behind the colors of this ugly dress, it’s not necessary when I can see it with my own eyes.

  • Ashley

    The only colors I see are blue and black.. I don’t get where people are seeing white and gold. Weird . I’ve turned my brightness up on my phone too still the same color 😑

  • Justin Aniston

    What I reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyy don’t understand is the girl who started all this on Tumblr (?) how the hell they saw gold and white? Because when you see it live, like when the model is wearing above, how the hell did they think it was gold and white? WHAT, OH MY GOD, WHY DO I EVEN CARE.

  • Justin Aniston

    SORRY, another comment: But when I show people the dress, with the model wearing it, to people saying the Tumblr pic is white and gold, sees it also as black and blue aswell. So how the heeeeeeeellllll did the people that started all this see it as gold and white in the first place?!

  • Jordan

    If these dresses are the same, what’s with the sleeves on one of the dresses?

    P.S. the dress is ugly.

  • millerz

    but that doesn’t explain why sometimes we see it in white and gold and others blue & black (my opinion purple and brown lol) BUT the fact is what about this image makes our eyes see it in different colors at different moments. I’ve never had a picture do this to me in my life and I HATE IT!! haha it keeps changing on me

  • TeamBella76

    haha knew it !

  • Esoteric11

    I see it as white and gold and I wish I could see that in the “real” color black and blue. My two teenagers see the same pic as black and blue and it has confirmed to them that I’m the idiot!! ha ha.

  • Michelle

    This picture is blue &’black but the other one they show is white & gold!! Same dress but different editing. For that…I believe it was just away to get a name out there. Just my own opinion. We all fell for it! Like I said (WE)


    I think you’re missing the point, rather than pointlessly dividing this into 2 sides…where you believe only one side is nasty about this. (I beg to differ on that one considering your first few words). There is really only one side. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter if it is white/gold or black/blue? She’s correct in saying “where is the story” here. There is none. It’s the same dress where 2 different sides saw something different and absolutely believed in. There is a fable about that. I wish I knew the name off the top of my head. hmmm…


    they are not looking at the same picture.

  • Levi Demi

    How am I being nasty? The article said there is no gold and white dress at the store, she blew off this article saying it was a different color combo, not the one the model wore.

  • Levi Demi

    Yes they were…there are different pictures now because it got big on the internet, but originally there was one and people saw 2 different color combos.

  • totesose

    It scared me the first time it changed colors, I seriously freaked out lol

  • Jed M. Abad

    yes me too, i see it in white and gold.. but i am wondering why other people see it in blue and black?

  • Nae

    WHAT THE?! I saw the news the first time this morning and I saw white and gold, and suddenly I see a BLUE AND BLACK?!

  • Anastasia Valdez

    It depends on what mood your in… The mood your in changes the colors of the dress.

  • Dora Glasberg

    And I never said there was.
    So like all internet LOONS.
    YOU make something up
    and then respond to

  • Dora Glasberg

    Hey morons. I once contacted J.Crew that what I ordered
    didn’t not resemble the photo in the catalog.
    They admitted, a prototype was used in the pic but changes
    had been made during production.
    CLEARLY any sane person can see the tan or ocher or
    gold shade on the dress was never black.
    No lighting situation NONE would render black that color.

  • Dora Glasberg

    With so many fatties in America
    WHO would even wear a dress with
    horizontal stripes?

  • breighana o

    that is not the same dress where are the flaps on the dress the model is wherein

  • jessief

    It’s simple: there are two pictures. If it was really the effect that some people would see the same (modeled) dress in two different colors, it CAN ONLY BE seen from that SAME picture, period. Stop saying it is the same dress in two different pictures, pleeeeease!

  • jessief

    There are two pictures, of two similar dresses in different colors. Period.

  • Michele V

    I keep seeing pictures with various degrees of lighting which is probably why people are so confused.

  • lamungu

    I know right and that dress is ugly

  • Milk Manson

    It’s because there is no context to know if it’s in shadow or washed out bright light. The New York Times as a great explanation.

  • amariexo

    I don’t even want to look at this dress anymore. It’s kind of making me mad lol. The pic on the left where the model is wearing the dress clearly looks blue and black, but the photo on the right still looks white and gold to me.


    Thank god this is dead.


    you missed the point…again.

  • Tou Lee

    On the website, I see Black and Blue. On the photo, I see Gold and Blue. To me, I think it is the color and brightness setting of the background and upclose shot. The photo is up-close with poor image taken. I saw the dress in real life, it is black and blue. I don’t see white or blue and I don’t see black and blue. I see gold and blue (light blue)

  • Susan McAuley

    We see it in gold/white because of how our brain registers the situation, we notice the poor lighting and assume that it’s a white and gold dress simply under shadow.