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Dan Stevens Lands Role of The Beast in 'Beauty & the Beast'!

Dan Stevens Lands Role of The Beast in 'Beauty & the Beast'!

Dan Stevens is in negotiations to play the The Beast/Prince in Beauty and the Beast, THR reports!

The 32-year-old The Guest actor will play opposite Emma Watson as Belle and Luke Evans as Gaston.

It was quite the day for Beauty and the Beast casting – Luke was just announced as Gaston earlier and now we have Dan‘s confirmation as The Beast!

Bill Condon is set to direct the currently all British production. We’ll be keeping you posted as more casting rolls in over the next several weeks!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Dan Stevens as The Beast/Prince??

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  • anna


  • Lola

    ugh, no

  • Cate

    Ew! Seems we can’t ever get a good-looking Prince in the Disney Beauty and the Beast movies. The transformed Prince was more hideous than the Beast in the original animated film and now we get this guy in the live action version. And I know he’s only 8 years older than Emma but he looks so much older.

    All the casting so far for this movie is pretty disappointing except for the possibility of Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts.

  • luna

    he’s good looking i think he just need to take pounds to look stronger and the beasts is supposed to look massive !

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Perfect. I love him on Downton Abbey. He was so charming.

  • Guest

    I liked him in that Tombstones film with Liam Neeson. I’m open minded to him in this role, but are they going to sing?

  • Revengefan0101

    What about Ed Westwick instead?

  • JEN

    Liam Hemsworth!

  • Amelie Summer

    I Think Daisy Ridley or Allison Williams would better Belle instead smug emma Watson

  • vn_102

    Was hoping for younger prince after Luke Evans too old for Emma fiasco, but apparently we got older 30 something dude as well for prince.

    Actors real age didn’t actually matter, the real problem was their looks.
    Evans was looking like 40 something, while Emma looks half his age.
    Dan looks his age, so it’s passable, just wish they would pick someone younger and looks around Emma age.

  • Rainbow3000

    This is actually a good choice

  • Jones6192

    Why does everyone think its a bad thing for Gaston’s obsession with Belle to be even more sick and creepy? I think it will enhance his villainy. Isn’t it a given this movie will try to be a bit more mature with its tone and themes than the animated film, anyway?

  • Jones6192


  • Dee

    Um yep! Totally down!! Saw him in “The Guest”…..nuff said. Good job!

  • Revengefan0101

    I would have liked Felicity Jones as Belle.

  • LiiL

    excuse me…but who are you?

    would prefer Liam or Ryan Gosling. Great Expectations.

  • Scarlett

    Whether you like it or not this is who Bill Condon has cast, so there’s really no need to be dream casting it anymore. And maybe not judge the directors choice until you actually see the film.

  • dd83

    gosling is bi, mostly gay. gross.

  • dd83

    He’d be ok but not masculine enough for the role.

  • dd83


  • Maria

    Dan Stevens is perfect, and his casting is FAR better than Emma Watson, who is SUCH a mediocre actress.

  • Maria

    YES, smug. She has an attitude that stinks to high heaven…..

  • LiiL

    yeah, thats why he has a beautiful wife Eva Mendes. oh and almost forgot a cute baby daughter…

  • Maria

    Emma Watson is the one miscast here. Dan Stevens is incredibly charming and good looking, and can definitely scruff up and play a brooding beast. Emma is a one trick pony. She’s a terrible actress.

  • Missy

    Mhm, he looks more like Prince Charming to me. But let’s wait. Maybe he’ll surprises me :)

  • Chingpei

    Allison Williams can’t ACT her way out of a Paper Bag …. NO Talent !!!

  • Dory Phore

    Emma is not miscast. She looks identical to Belle form the animated Disney movies. She also has the cerebral nature of Belle.

  • Maria

    She most certainly does not. She could NEVER appear to be kind or passionate like Belle. She is as far from Belle as she could be. And Emma is a terrible actress, so no hope for her to even act like she is anything like Belle.

  • joele keilso

    … Are gay!

  • joele keilso


  • joele keilso

    Well she is way better actress thanYOU COULD EVER HOPE TO BE.

  • joele keilso

    Felicity looks like Belle. I agree with this choice.

  • Maria

    How childish. I have zero desire to be an actress, and I sure know mediocrity when I see it.

  • joele keilso

    Stay in the kitchen woman. Females do not exist on the internets.

    And Emma Watson > You.

  • joele keilso

    I’m sure you have lots of desire to become a cook and a maid, no? Shouldn’t you be cooking me breakfast, lunch and dinner for me and clean the dishes and mop the floor? Women do not belong on the internets.