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Stefano Gabbana Fires Back at Elton John: ‘He’s Ignorant’

Stefano Gabbana Fires Back at Elton John: ‘He’s Ignorant’

Fashion designer Stefano Gabbana is firing back at Elton John after the singer called for a boycott of Dolce & Gabbana after hearing the pair’s comments on IVF.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t expecting it from someone like Elton John I used to think – and I stress ‘used to’ – was intelligent,” Stefano told Italian newspaper Corrier Della Sera. “What’s going on? You preach understanding. You preach tolerance. And then you put the knife in? All because someone else doesn’t see things your way? Is that supposed to be a democratic way of thinking? Enlightened? He’s ignorant, in the sense that he denies ways of seeing things that may not be his but are just as deserving of respect”.

The openly-gay couple and fashion designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, originally said that people “are born to a mother and a father. Or at least that’s how it should be.” They also referred to children of chemistry as “synthetic children.”

Make sure to read Elton‘s full comment on the issue if you haven’t seen it yet.

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  • jason

    i salute stefano gabbana

  • Just

    I agree with Stefano Gabbana, in the sense that all children should be born to a mother and father, But i don’t agree that because it’s In-vitro they are synthetic, And Elton and all the others are too hypocrite , people have the rights to their believes and opinion.Having an opinion and believing in something others don’t believe in does not mean that you are haters.

  • Ifigeneia

    So, now THEY are offended and play victim ? Please. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when that freedom of speech offends, the statement is viewed as an insult to parents -straight or gay- who have been blessed with children thanks to chemistry.
    ”That’s how it should be” ? Who are you to say such an absolute thing ? Gay or straight, whoever wants to nurture a child has the right to resort to adoption and/or IVF to become parents.
    Yes, Elton John overreacted with the whole boycott D&G thing, but they called his and other IVF children ”synthetic” and that description is inexcusable, highly ignorant and offensive.

  • carrie

    Well said!

  • lamour9

    See this is the common misunderstanding when it comes to freedom of speech. Of course you are entitled to your opinions just as the D&G founders are. But having an opinion you express freely does not mean you are free from the consequences and reactions of those affected by your opinion. In this case, Elton John is equally free to offer his opinion and he is then responsible for the consequences of his opinion. So, my question to you, Just, based on your post above: Why is Elton John’s opinion less valid than Stefano Gabbana’s?

  • Raspitou

    Dolce & Gabbana are confused. Their argument is that someone who preaches tolerance and understanding should not disagree with their comments. This is wrongheaded.

    See, it’s one thing to try to censor their free speech and say they shouldn’t say anything at all. But that’s not what Elton John and so many others are saying…what Elton John is saying is that the CONTENT of what they said is ignorant. And it is.

    I’ll give you a more extreme example. If, hypothetically, John Mayer comes out and says that black people are an intellectually inferior race….I can respond that his comments are abhorrent and backward, correct? He can’t respond that I should be ‘tolerant’ and ‘understanding’ of his idiotic viewpoint. Now, I recognize that he has every right to say it and express his viewpoint…because freedom of speech, etc. But I also have the right to point out that he’s saying something that makes no sense and that is prejudiced….maybe even hateful.

    If you’re not with the times and are expressing super-conservative viewpoints that belong in another era, maybe 50 or 100 years ago…expect to get flack for it. Don’t ask for tolerance when you’re being judgmental and intolerant. Just like a racist in my example above can expect to have the right to speak, but should also expect people to tell him what an ignorant tool he is being.

    Simply…if you speak out of your áss, people are going to explain why you are wrong. Becoming indignant when your point of view is medieval only makes sense in your subjective little head.

  • jane

    Dolce and Gabbana are right. i’ve always thought IVF kids are fake too because a couple couldn’t conceive them together naturally. maybe the world synthetic is wrong, but c’mon, a baby from a tube isn’t natural conception no matter how you want to spin it. a couple that has to pay for procedures to get pregnant isn’t doing it naturally, that much is obvious. well, they are trying, but with no success.

  • Francesca Simoni

    dolce only spoke his opinion , he didn’t insult anyone. elton john and all those extremists instead insulted him for his opinion. just because he’s gay he has to accept everything other gays have decided?? isn’t he entitled to his opinion?? live and let live people!

  • Me

    No, THEY’RE ignorant.

  • Spokane

    So you are saying that people that can’t conceive naturally should not be allowed to have children? So you think they don’t have the right to make their dreams come true with their spouses? They are children! Beautiful and unique no matter what. Your comment shows how heartless and cruel you really are!

  • Me

    THEY chose to make their comments public, therefore people are going to respond – whether its in agreement or disagreement.

  • neil adlington

    Uhmm, both parties take their “issue” and them selves way too seriously. But why I am I not surprised, consider the source; fashion and pop music.

  • Me

    Assuming a child needs both a mother and father is ignorant to all the single parents out there who still do a great job raising their kids.

  • julia

    what Elton (and fame people who repeat what he says) should said is I don’t agree, it’s crazy what they say, etc, etc but not try to boicot their work, that’s childish, stupid!

    How he asks for tolerance and respect of his feelings and actions when HE and the people who repeat what he said don’t do it?

  • Jay

    To be fair, when someone involves your children it’s pretty hard not to take it seriously.

  • Sandra Oh

    The more this asshole talks, the worst they look. #boycottdolceandgabbana

  • Cruizin1960

    So, no one, in your opinion, is permitted to speak their mind on their beliefs…that is, unless it agrees with your vision? If they had spoken out and said that people who have sex before marriage are sinners, etc. would you still be b*tching?

  • Cruizin1960

    And Elton is a damn hypocrite. He preaches tolerance, etc…but apparently only means tolerance of things that HE believes in and supports. Elton wants a boycott? Fine, I will boycott him for his ignorance and lack of respect for what are obviously religiously motivated beliefs.

  • Me

    Are you dense? Speaking out against a group of people is the opposite of tolerance

  • j k

    Did you not just read the comment you are replying to

  • Ifigeneia

    It is one thing to ‘speak out’ about something and another to insult others and their choices.What you call ‘speak out’ sounds like judging to me.

  • jane

    it’s not heartless. it’s ok that they have kids that way, but is it a natural way of conceiving? no, you can’t say otherwise. it is a “fake” way and another word for fake is synthetic, so i get what they are saying. just imo i have always thought that people who cannot have kids together naturally shouldn’t have them at all. it’s like God’s way of saying that it’s the wrong partner and you weren’t meant to have that kid together. which is why gay and lesbian couples cannot have kids together – wrong partners. anyway, i don’t care either way about who said what, but i see D&G’s view

  • Winston

    So someone spoke an opinion. Big deal. Who cares if you are offended? There are people today who stay offended 24/7 just so that they can lecture and bully others. Those people are the ones that truly offend me. Just miserable.

  • Winston

    Freedom of speech means the freedom to insult. So you were insulted?

  • smmy33

    When you actually read Stefano Gabbana’s comments, they are very thoughtful and heartfelt. “I could not imagine my childhood without my mother,” he said , very beautiful .

    In these days of thought police somebody has dared to air their opinion. A gay man daring to say he believes children need a mother.

    Elton John and other like are are quick to denounce because they want to deny it matters not having a Mother.

  • plez

    Does Dolce consider being gay “synthetic” “unnatural” since being gay is not part of the traditional male/female relationship?
    Just seems weird that a gay man would have such an opinion about children.

  • smmy33

    Elton John 67 years old , when his children are in 5 th grade their father going to 75 .

    Imagine your childhood with a two fathers one 75 years and no mother .

    Children are just experiments, so adults can full their life wishes.

    And they demand everyone not only comply with their views but approve as well or they going run you out of public life and try to destroy your liveyhood

    These are the same people demanding tolerance from others.

  • smmy33

    Elton John is being a tolerance bully- agree with MY view or else!

    If Etlon John felt so personally aginst what they were quoted in Italian paper then he can express his views opposing them .

    You don’t go and try to set a boycott because someone expresses personal views different then yours .

    Boycotts were used to stop atrocities , like genicde or South African apartheid … Not because two gay have different views on child rearing.

  • Von

    For goodness sake they have expressed an opinion. Based on Mr John’s outrage every business in the world should be closed down if the owners happen to disagree with him. Elton, you are not that important.

  • Me

    Elton John is also worth over 100 million dollars and those kids have top nannies and people to care for them. Not to mention he will leave his kids with an estate worth enough money to give them a great future.

  • Me

    Except I know several kids who were raised by a single father and they’re now in college getting Masters degrees. Meanwhile my friend that had both a mother and father growing up is now an addict in and out of rehab

  • Me

    You are disgusting. Telling someone who can’t conceive that it was God’s way of saying don’t have kids is VILE. My friend was brutally raped and attacked and she can’t have kids but she’s an incredible mother to the kids she did have with IVF.

  • Gloria Dean

    every child deserves a mama!!! at least they should have female nanny. those kids will be angry and feel cheated when they get older and see 99% of their friends have a mama and daddy.

  • Von

    Here we go again, the tolerant being intolerant towards difference of opinion.

    We are living within a culture of manufactured ‘offence’, basically they cannot stand non conformity or difference of opinion and would rather character assassinate or demand apologizes and retracted opinions.

  • Von

    Elton John isn’t just expresses his opinion , he’a demanding a boycott , that goes beyond expresseing difference of opinion to trying to inflict harm aginst individuals for their opinion.

    It isn’t Freedom of Speech if you someone harms you physically OR financially.

    Elton John could have just left it with his views or that he wouldn’t purchase their clothing he should not have demanded everyone else not buy their products or start a boycott

    And for some one who’s gay he should remember how quickly that can turn AgainsT him.

  • Black

    They are right!As a woman and having to deal with all the “benefits”coming with the title ,I am personally offended that gay men do even dare to argue about it!Here it is,I said it!I’m on my period,you know what I’m talking about,don’t you Elton?So,deal with it!!

  • Von

    Why does Elton John think everyone agrees that two gay men should pay a women for her eggs and womb to have children or that a men over 65 should be having children .

    Elton John doesn’t demand people who buy his music or go to his show think exactly like he does, so why does he DEMAND business owners he shops at should think exactly like him.

  • Me

    And yet whenever black people like Azealia Banks voice their “difference of opinion” that white people are trash, you’re all very quick to shut them up. Sounds like this difference of opinion complaint only applies when someone says something you don’t agree with LOL

  • Me

    You don’t have to AGREE with his choices, you also don’t have to go out of your way to publicly demean parents who use IVF and tell them their kids are fake. Learn some tact

  • Me

    Self loathing is very common in the gay community, especially for elderly gays

  • Me

    Because people like you make them feel cheated. I bet you wouldn’t make such a comment about a child whose mother died young

  • Von

    You’re pretty stupid to compare someone saying they hate “white people” which she is quoted in Playboy to someone not believing in paying a women to produce and carry a child for them because they believe their lifestyle isn’t the best from child rearing.

    Reading your comments I know your aren’t the brightest bulb, but even you can tell the defence between hate speech towards one group of people and personal views on morality and child rearing .

    If the designers had said they hate gay people or all gay people are trash your stupid post would have some validity.

    Besides the fact , don’t know of any white people demanding and staring a boycott of her music .
    Maybe because they could care less and aren’t insecure as a race that her ranting don’t me shit to them or anyone else.

  • Cruizin1960

    I was speaking about Elton’s reaction. D&G made a comment of their beliefs. Elton took it to a personal attack level. D&G have every right to believe that the intervention of science in procreation is wrong…just like genetic engineering is wrong for others. There are many who view IVF as the stepping stone for creating designer babies. D&G merely stated their beliefs. Elton’s raging is out of line.

  • Cruizin1960

    It was an interview for a magazine. They didn’t just decide to post to Twitter or FB. The comments were in response to questions. They are not judging anyone…merely stating their own personal beliefs.

  • Me

    I do think Elton had an overreaction but his cry for boycott stems from a sense of betrayal. D&G are both gay men who have benefited from people like Elton John fighting for acceptance. These men turning around and putting down gay parents is a stab in the back. And you also have to understand that he’s basically attacking Elton’s kids. If someone came after my kids, I would be raging mad too

  • Me

    Hilarious you’re calling people stupid yet have grammar mistakes all over your comment. Paying a women? Could care less? Anyway, I wasn’t comparing those situations, I gave you an example of people being intolerant towards a difference of opinion. No one gives Azealia a pass for her comments against white people or argues she’s entitled to her “difference of opinion” like people seem to do whenever we speak out against homophobia. D&G specifically attacked gay couples for using IVF,failing to realize many heterosexuals also use it, hence their comments that children need both a mother and father figure

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Speaking out against a group of people is not opposite of tolerance. I can speak against group of rapists and be right.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    BUT CHILD NEEDS BOTH A MOTHER AND FATHER AND SIBLINGS AND GRANDPARENTS. Are you psychologist? Do you read any single book about children’s psychology?

    HOW it connected with disrespecting to single parents? It’s has nothing with single parents.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    respond to comments, not person.

  • Me

    Learn English first, then talk to me about psychology and what a child needs