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Harry Connick Jr. Gets Into Argument with 'Idol' Contestant (Video)

Harry Connick Jr. Gets Into Argument with 'Idol' Contestant (Video)

Harry Connick Jr. gets into an argument with American Idol contestant Quentin Alexander during the live episode on Wednesday (April 15) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old judge gave some negative comments to the contestant’s performance and Quentin responded by saying “this sucks.”

He then said it was “wack” that two of his friends were in the bottom two and up for elimination that night.

“If it’s that wack, then you can always go home,” Harry responded. “Because Idol is paying a lot of money to give you this experience and for you to say that to this hand that is feeding you right now, I think is highly disrespectful.”

Quentin then clarified his comments by saying he was saying it was “wack” that two of the best performers were in the bottom two. “For my personal feelings, it sucks to see two people who I’ve grown to love go home. That’s what I mean by it being wack. So I’m not disrespecting this competition,” he said.

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  • rich r

    Nothing to see here folks just Quentin acting like a punk.

  • Jo

    Quentin is really not nearly as good or big as his ego is. Also in future judges might take into account a performers maturity and demeanor as part of the competition.

    Trying to intimidate the judges should mean an automatic fail.

  • annibella

    if anyone was disrespectful it was harry .. who’s talking about money?!! he was talking about his friends .. he expressed his frustration thats all for harry to turn it into something else is “wack” and “disrespectful”… the guy didn’t say anything wrong i’m glad he stood up for himself and clarify what he said … harry need to go home and relax

  • b.nice

    Harry was acting racial against that young 21years old kid he always attacking that young man every time he performed Harry is always negative against the black contest

  • Prof59

    Nah, it was all good. Too much was made of it. Quentin was sincerely sad that people were in danger of leaving, and didn’t really have the words to express it fully. Harry took it the wrong way and made it a thing that it wasn’t I’m glad Quentin took the high road, not that he had a choice. But it was mature to to clarify himself.

  • shay

    Harry connick Jr. is NOT racist in any way, he Loves New Orleans and plays the blues. I’m so sick of the race card being thrown around every time a black person is criticized in anyway.
    And why is NO one commenting on the fact that in 2015 somebody is still using the term “WACK”??

  • Karl Bergerson

    A punk with little talent.

  • cato cato

    American Idol is still on!?!?! America ran out of singers several seasons ago this kid can sing at all!

  • Anna Stern

    Does anybody care about these talent shows anymore? Does anybody believe these people will become superstars? I mean… These kids are just competing for the sake of competing now. If they’re still interested in making these shows relevant at least find people who appeal to the mainstream America. And by that I mean, overproduced generic good looking teenagers with an expiration date. Who are we kidding?

  • Enilda Rivera

    I agree. Harry made a big deal of nothing. Just wanted some of the spotlight I guess. Glad Quentin cleared it up for him..

  • Guest

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  • Dee

    Yes they do care. I love American Idol and I love the way Keith Urban judges. Keith tells the contestants how they can improve without crashing their dreams. You can criticize without being mean. Harry has turned out to be a Know It All judge.

  • Dee

    You must watch American Idol or you wouldn’t
    know this kid cannot sing. Love American Idol, except the best judge of the three Keith Urban gets very little attention. Keith is the one with the real talent. Harry thinks he owns the show and Ryan Seacrest kisses up to him and J Lo.

  • Dee

    Harry is negative period. Harry for some reason thinks he runs the show. He used to be funny, but not anymore, his ego has gotten in the way.

  • Terri Backhaus

    If they want to be in the entertainment business, then they have to lose the punk attitude and learn respect for those who just may know more than they do about entertaining. Criticism is part of life. Having hurt feelings and having little hissy fits will end their career real fadt

  • Terri Backhaus

    Oh OK , lets call ithe judge racial. Tell me, what if the judge was black? Give us a break and stop with the race bating

  • mm366

    From what I read and hear (don’t watch the show) I think you’re 1000% correct on all fronts.

  • mm366

    Did you even read or watch the vid? Please try that before deciding that someone was having a “punk attitude” or being disrespectful. Its like you automatically decided that the thread header was the end of the story and the contestant was in the wrong.

  • Dee

    Harry tries to take over the show, he wants all of the attention even though the two super star judges are Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopaz.

  • becky

    Just ignore the race thing. Just let em cry. Its getting so old and obviously ignored.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Harry is a moron. Quentin even pointed to the two contestants when describing what was “wack”. Quentin handled him with more patience than I would have.

  • Penny Dreadful

    He’s an entitled little creep.

  • Dizzy Dee

    This is what happens when kids are taught that there are NO losers. Guess what kids——-

  • Terri Backhaus

    Have you ever been in that business? You do not get anywhere by whining and feeling sorry that your feelings are hurt by someone judging you at an audition somewhere. You move on. Oh and yes he was acting like a punk

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    Quentin should have kept quiet. These contests are decided by middle america. Middle america hates ungrateful entitled people.

  • Dee

    Harry made a big deal out of nothing, again so he Harry could be the center of attention. Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopaz knew what Quentin was talking about. I’m sure this is going to hurt Quentin next week, fewer people will vote for him because Harry made a big deal about it.

  • Marco

    Another gangsta wannabe

  • plez

    PR stunt. Idol is slowly dying and I guess Jlo fashion show is not bringing in the ratings.

  • brian.downey

    earn $100.000 a hour easy money!!

  • Chardonnay Olsèn

    tbh I feel like he was mad because of the comments harry gave him..If you want to be in this type of industry you have to learn to take constructive criticism.. his whole attitude change when harry gave him his comments….and you mad bc two people have to go home?This is a competition ……………. O.O THIS IS NOT A EVERYONE WIN THE GOLDEN PRIZE TYPE THING….. all am saying is if you to soft for this world jump out… and there are judges and directors who are much meaner and who are disrespectful…but Harry was not he said what he said in a nice way…

  • toastie postie

    Yeah, someone wake up Harry. He was wack. The other two were into the groove. I think this young man’s style is not Harry C’s groove. HC is a a very good singer. His style often puts me to sleep, but that doesn’t take away from his talent. HC totally got it wrong. Kudos to the young man, even though I don’t like his style either. Handled himself very well. I haven’t really kept up with American Idol since Simon left.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    I disagree, he even pointed at the two ppl he was talking about to begin with.

  • Dee

    Who made Harry Connick spokesman for American Idol ??? Ryan Seacrest should have handled it and I am sure it would be in a classier way.