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Amber Heard Files For Divorce From Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Files For Divorce From Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from her husband of a year, Johnny Depp.

The 30-year-old actress filed the petition on Monday (May 23), citing irreconcilable differences, according to TMZ. The documents say they separated on May 22.

Amber and Johnny got married back in February 2015.

Sources tell the site that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and she is asking for spousal support.

Just last month, the couple issued an apology video to the people of Australia for bringing their two dogs into the country last year with a false immigration document and without going through the required 10 day quarantine period.

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  • Jess

    Requesting spousal support after only a year of marriage? Hmm.

  • Juicy Lucy

    This man used to be so handsome but those days are long over. Cigarettes, alcohol & lots of drugs have done him in. Now he’s over 50. Pool old fool.

  • Jezza

    NNNOOOOOOO!!! I don’t know what is real anymore! Oh, wait…

  • CourtneyBettyEricLee

    Right after his mother died and as he’s in the middle of a press tour promoting his movie. Cold Amber. Cold.

  • CourtneyBettyEricLee

    Right after his mother died and as he’s in the middle of a press tour promoting his movie. Cold Amber. Cold.

  • Mandy

    Johnny really had let himself go in the last year. Just looking at pictures from right before they got married he looks a lot younger. It’s like his age hit him all at once

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Damn Johnny, you didn’t get a pre-nup? Now she might take half of his 300 million fortune!

  • Kaitlyn

    The guy goes to children’s hospitals in character and without cameras or paparazzi announcements in order to brighten the days of kids in really horrible situations.

    For me then I have a hard time judging the beauty of a person like him based purely on his looks.

  • British Latin American

    She probably wants to go back to women!

  • Mrs. Freeze

    She already has a woman, been with her for a year.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    Sadly, no pre nup

  • SquidBillie

    She’s hideous…everyone knows she just used him (and all his connections) to get a career in films. Too bad she’s one of the worst actresses on the planet.

  • Kellyp

    Amber is an opportunist

  • SquidBillie

    She’s a witch

  • Hell Dahmer

    what a bunch of bullshit comments for a bullshit article. according to the press and the internet; they divorced like 100 times and Amber got pregnant 50 times lolll

  • Visitor

    The old man didn’t GIVE her a career like he promised. Ouch!

  • leila

    cashed in his long time partner/mother of his kids for a 20 something bimbo who prefers women. He will pay for his stupidity…. she wanted a career n money. Depending on the outcome guess will see if she gets any money cause the girl cannot act. I don’t feel sorry for him everyone knew she wasn’t into him

  • GroundControl500

    Yea, not quite how it happened. Pretty sure it was Vanessa who left him. She was seeing someone else for quite a while before they officially split. It happens.

  • GroundControl500

    They haven’t been married long enough for her get all that much.

  • MollyBD

    I’m SHOCKED!! Absolutely shocked. Guess being with Johnny couldn’t guarantee the no-talent gold digger a career. No man can do that for you.

  • Casey C

    is a single person surprised? like seriously? they’ve never had any chemistry together – seriously on the red carpet burnt toast has more chemistry – and he’s always looked more excited to see other people than his own wife. it was never going to last and the signs have been there from practically day one of their marriage

  • HG

    Not sure whose dumber prince or Johnny? No will and no pre nup RMFE!!

  • HG

    Pray tell who might that be Insider info person?

  • disqus_tu0VPi4B9Z

    Well, everybody knew that a divorce will be the end of both. He abandoned a good woman, Vanessa. So now is time for him to face consequences of his acts. Sorry Johnny, we love you but it is your fault.

  • suk bin

    hey ! Who the fuck do you think you are to judge ? o_O

  • Dolly

    Wow. Fifteen whole months. I’m surprised it lasted THAT long. She’s way too young for him and he sounds like he has a drinking problem.

  • jane

    i bet Vanessa is having a nice laugh right now, and a good bottle of wine to celebrate

  • Arwa M.

    I really wish to understand where most men get such high self-confident. A 50 something male believes he’s very special that a 20 something beautiful lesbian female (and I don’t care about her acting skill, it’s not like he cast her in a movie) to fall for him?!! Of course it’s always the money.

  • Dream Girl

    If only he can prove that her intentions are deception to defraud him, he may keep his millions. He can say he was not in the right state of mind and he was scammed as to why he didn’t take preventive measure to secure his assets.

  • 777

    Wow, Depp is an idiot.

  • Ulysses Joyce

    Well ,in biology a man is attractive pretty women who can have babies with and yes that includes men in their 50s.

  • Joher

    He’ll learn his lesson

  • Revengefan0101

    Young women are only with old men for their money. They usually have young lovers on the side like Anna Nicole Smith.

  • Revengefan0101

    She’s only entitled to half of the money he made while they were married if they got married in CA.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    From what I know, they had a civil marriage in California I and later did another one in some Caribbean or something. Either way, Johnny should have got a pre-nup. He is worth 400 million dollars.

  • londongirl75

    That’s why she married him!!

  • Vavyan Larkin

    No surprise at all!

  • Mrs. Freeze

    I think this woman totally took advantage of him and now she looking to him for spousal support.

  • Little Paper Stars

    He’s looked so rough this last year, there’s been such a marked difference He seems like a good guy, he likes to be under the radar even wit his charity work, make some questionable film choices and just do him. She seemed to think she was jumping into some power couple scenario and he’s not into that. He’s better off without her, she was onlly ever out for what she could get. What he got for the next Pirates alone is a huge sum of money, wonder who gets the dogs lol

  • Batman0829

    She waited just long enough so the marriage couldn’t be annulled and walks with half his money. Pff…

  • ladynai

    Maybe the men don’t care…I mean, they want what they want. They aren’t liked for “themselves,” but their money or a green card or whatever they offer. I think it’s more of a woman-thing to want to be loved in a romantic, soulful, unconditional way. So, maybe it’s not confidence as much as a lack of caring. Look at how men talk about a man having a ‘hot’ wife as if she is a commodity like a car – objectified and other men think he’s a worthy because of her looks. Short of telling him “you disgust me” these men will believe the lies a young thing tells him because he wants it and can pay up. Like Anna Nicole’s husband was like 90! He can’t have thought she was genuinely into him. She testified that she did her wifely duties in the court case, but she didn’t get his money. It’s a business deal for the women and a s3x deal for the men.

  • ladynai

    Maybe you mean “attracted to”? She wants to know how old men believe they are attractive to the 20s women who pretend for money, fame, etc.

  • ladynai

    What I don’t understand is why she needs support when she kept working during their relationship. I only get support when you are supporting your husband (or wife’s career) and have to travel, give up your own finances for the couple/team. And they don’t have children…I’d think she’d go full golddigger and have his children so she could lock on 18 years of child support.

  • Clovis

    For real?! haaaaahaha
    *Koff*. Sorry. They’re both a-holes.

  • Clovis

    Nah, my bad.

  • Clovis

    Tom Cruise did it. :)

  • bbm

    poor Johnny, if you wanted the Leo life.. clue is Don’t get married

  • Ash

    MGTOW Johnny. Try to consider that.

  • xica

    Dumb Johnny… Who didn’t see this golddigger coming?