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Anna Faris Explains Why Her Dog Was Given to Another Family

Anna Faris Explains Why Her Dog Was Given to Another Family

Anna Faris is opening up to explain why she is no longer caring for her dog Pete, who was found homeless and malnourished recently.

Kinder4Rescue, the animal rescue where Anna and her husband Chris Pratt adopted the dog, said that she would be fined $5,000 for breaking an adoption agreement.

“Five years ago I adopted an adorable Chihuahua named Pete, from the Kinder4Rescue Animal Rescue. Unfortunately when our son was born, we discovered that he was allergic to Pete, so I found what I thought was a loving and responsible family to care for him,” Anna said in a statement to People. “My agreement with the animal rescue required me to contact them first before allowing another family to take Pete in. I failed to do this, and for that I am deeply sorry. I now understand the dangers of giving animals away for free.”

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Pete has been found and is back in the hands of Kinder4Rescue. I feared that he had been lost forever and, although he is malnourished and in need of care, it seems he is going to make a full recovery. For this, I am so deeply thankful. We appreciate everyone who has sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers for Pete. Thank you!” she added.

The dog is now back with the animal rescue, which will find a new home for him.

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  • backseatwriter

    Poor mistreated and disposable animals, she was too lazy and uncaring to notify the animal shelter before giving the little guy away. Glad to hear the fine is being enforced. πŸ‘ΊπŸΆ

  • wyattmonk

    Once people have a pet they think that a contract can be ignored because the animal is now theirs. This story shows why a contract is made and should be complied with.

  • Ernestinerayala

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  • FerCat

    What would Cindy Campbell do?
    Yup, exactly that.

  • ugh

    Between this and her husband hunting animals because it makes him feel “closer to God,” this family has no respect for animals.

  • AK

    nothing is dangerous more than a selfish mother !

  • jane

    this is why i hate rescue organizations. once the dog is yours you shouldn’t be indebted to them forever

  • Angela P

    ” I feared that he had been lost forever and, although he is malnourished and in need of care, it seems he is going to make a full recovery.”

    What?? No, you didn’t! You didn’t care at all! You pawned him off on someone else and never looked back!

  • kikilafemme

    this is gross and i her excuse sounds like a load of crap. She had the kid, wasn’t into the dog anymore and just gave it away like a piece of furniture. I will never pay to see another Anna Faris movie again. Screw this girl.

  • kikilafemme

    Uh…actually this article goes to prove their whole point of doing this. If she didn’t want the dog anymore, she literally had the built in option of returning the dog to the rescue so they could actually find the dog a good home. Instead she found horrible home who neglected then “lost” him. I can’t believe people like you get to walk around unsupervised.

  • kikilafemme

    who is cindy campbell?

  • FerCat

    Her character from the Scary Movie series.

  • Lula Fortune

    I call BS she’s a spoiled brat who does what she wants and doesn’t care at all about a living creature in my opinion anyone who could starve and abandon a dog is someone Anna Farris didn’t know well and she didn’t care she just wanted the dog gone. I’d place a bet it was because she couldn’t be bothered to housebreak it anyway and got sick of it and dumped it. Her stupid show should be boycotted.

  • odindorf

    You hate rescue organizations?

  • Arikan

    What a “great religious” family: a man, who likes killing animals and a woman, who passes her dog, when she doesn’t need him anymore, and uses her son as a reason….they are also a “great” ideal for their son….

  • jane

    have you ever even worked with a rescue organization? people like you probably have babies and go unchecked. they do more background checking for a damn pound puppy than people who freely procreate. how is that awesome

  • Starknight

    She deserve a fine. another fucking snob who think rules don’t apply to her. Hmm and chihuahua don’t really shed. So how allergic could her kid be?

  • Bonita

    Sounds like she just put him out on the street. What kind of people does she associate with that would do this kind of thing to a poor, defenseless animal? She looks bad regardless.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sick of hearing this rubbish about people’s kids being “allergic” to animals; it’s nothing but a pathetic lie! They just want to get rid of them.

  • Ron Traguer

    This is why you don’t adopt a shelter dog or marry a divorced women. Clearly, there’s something wrong with them.

  • Ron Traguer

    Lazy people. If you want to lose a small dog in L.A., take it hiking. There’s plenty of coyotes to take care of your dog problems.

  • Do Tell

    I somehow missed this story. What they need to do is make her volunteer at the shelter for a few months. She’s clearly not a true animal person and she needs to learn about what happens to pets when people get them and dump them like trash.

    I agree that once she had her baby, she probably didn’t care anymore. People still get pets for the wrong reasons. They need to be educated.

  • Do Tell

    Look up the case of “Jason Brown” in Reno, Nevada and then say that.

    If you look, brace yourself. It is a “horrible, horrible” case that I still cannot get out of my mind.

  • Bite a Republican

    Glad you hate them, because you won’t be adopting from them. You don’t deserve a pet. They are a commitment, fool!!

  • persononhere

    you have a view into my house? wow, good for you. so, then you see i have 3 dogs, right? and 2 came from stupid rescues and one from the pound. perhaps we can put you in a pound cage for being stupid?

  • Lisaβ„’

    Good for her for putting the health of her child above an animal. At least she tried to find it a good home and didn’t just dump it in the street. If people think this was some sort of abuse I am afraid you have never seen REAL animal abuse. A mistake was made, the dog is fine. Get over it.

  • EL Gringo Smith sucks dicks

    The moral of the story. Dont rescue animals

  • EL Gringo Smith sucks dicks

    Her Son was allergic. Screw the dog you phucking idiot!

  • EL Gringo Smith sucks dicks

    Animals taste so good though yummmm

  • Kelly Garbe

    There’s ways around this. Your pet is your baby. Horrible mother. Hopefully she doesn’t find something wrong with her actual children or they will be cast aside.

  • Lauri

    I have never given a pet to anyone I didn’t know extremely well, but no one can know what is/was truly in her heart. I think it is highly likely that many of the same people posting trash talk would be posting even more trash if it came out that her son was suffering from severe allergies but she chose to keep the dog.

  • cole3244

    pathetic excuse for a human being and she should never be allowed to have the honor of having an animal ever again.