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Twitter Reacts After Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve 2017 Performance Goes Horribly Wrong

Twitter Reacts After Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve 2017 Performance Goes Horribly Wrong

Mariah Carey‘s performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2017 did not go as planned and Twitter instantly reacted to the incredibly awkward moment.

After the 46-year-old entertainer clearly lip-synced to the class song “Aude Lang Syne,” the backing track for “Emotion” started and Mariah did not seem prepared for that song to play.

VIDEO: Watch a clip of the performance now!

“Well, Happy New Year! We can’t hear!” Mariah said while trying to figure out where in the song she was supposed to be. “We didn’t have a check for this song, so we’ll just say it went to number one… I’m going to say let the audience sing.”

“We didn’t have a soundcheck for this New Year’s, baby. That’s okay guys,” Mariah added. “Put these monitors on please!”

Mariah continued trying to get into the performance, but just performed the choreography with some vocal riffs. Eventually she just gave up though. The next song was “We Belong Together” and she started to sing along with the backing vocal track, but ended up giving up on that one too. At the end of her time on stage, she seemed defeated.

Read how Twitter reacted to the moment below.

Click inside to read many more tweets about Mariah Carey’s performance…

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  • j b

    She has always been cheap to her fans. Not surprising she got caught cheating and lip syncing.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Greatest voice of a generation? Josh Groban set your sights higher please the rest of the world has. People with pipes do not lip sync. period.

  • Aspire2InspireTheWorld

    She was clearly drunk. It gave me Britney 07 VMAs vibes. Still love her though.

  • justwanttocomment

    Once a professional realized things went wrong, they would have improvised, or would have been prepared in case this happened. MC is so worried about perfection, she can’t even do that! Just relax, not every performance has to be perfect, especially live in front of millions of people – it was New Years Eve – just enjoy and have fun! Now everyone knows the performance was messed up and she was bothered by it. She gave up. We all know parts, if not all of it, are lip synced – so what? Put your best foot forward and sing on!

  • Fabiola, MSN

    Horrible, just horrible. She was so drunk she couldn’t get down the stairs. Mariah Carey hasn’t been relevant in, uh, FOREVER. Why not get someone who can at least perform like Adele or Madonna or Taylor Swift??

  • Fabiola, MSN

    EXACTLY! Madonna fell down a flight of stairs but got back up and turned in a kick ass performance. Mariah’s behavior here is just unprofessional and wrong.

  • AeeJay

    LOL. her voice is horrible anyway.. very mediocre.

  • Jasmine

    I feel bad for her. That has got to be embarassing. But as an artist 20+ years in the game she knows that she is supposed to perform first before partying. She was drunk on that stage and made a total fool out of herself.

  • Jasmine

    That might have worked if she was sober. She forgot the words to lip synch to. You cannot improvise unless you know the words to the song. She was too drunk to remember and should have waited until right after the performance to party instead of before.

  • les des

    She was holding a microphone, why didn’t she sing? that’s what she does. And when it did work, she couldn’t keep up with the lip syncing. I won’t even go into the grotesque outfit with the oak tree legs stuffed into “flesh colored tights”….

  • stevearizona

    I demand an investigation into the Russian hacking of Mariah Carey’s performance tonight.

  • Meli j

    Technically she was singing with the playback. This was an absolute shit show but you cant say she was never one of the greatest.

  • VanityInsecurity

    One of the greatest would never do what she did on stage. she’s pretty much a disgrace to real singers.

  • 🎆🎉Broad St Mummer🎉🎆

    No one wants to see a smooth performance. Train wrecks are so much better

  • Jon Morrison

    Mariah Carey is the furthest thing from the greatest voice. That honor belongs to Layne Staley of Alice In Chains

  • Meli j

    Back then she was. Today people can say whatever they want. Point is there will never be a voice like hers. It did exist at one point.

  • Jn

    don’t project your racism onto Black folks of all ppl

  • Arx

    You must be 10 years old because Mariah Carey was once an amazing singer. I suggest you look-up her earlier performances.

  • VanityInsecurity

    SO I have to be young in order to have an opinion that isn’t in sync with you or ppl who believe she’s horrible.. whose the 10 year old now?

  • Milton Schledorn

    Iris Chacon should start sending Mariah bills for stealing her wardrobe!!!

  • LaCroix

    was once a very long time ago.. when was the last time she gave a live performance that was amazing.. I’ll wait while you search youtube for it.. and who gives a damn what she use to be.. point is she acted like a spoiled diva on stage. her talent is gone.

  • Mimi Westcott

    So sad to see someone that used to be so talented not be able to get through a performance. She seemed intoxicated. She admits that she loves a “splash” of champagne but I think it was more like a tidal wave. She is going to be so sad when she wakes up tomorrow and realizes that she is the big news story of New Years day.

  • Sofeuh

    being considered one of the greatest is subjective. Her voice always annoyed me gave me headaches especially that high pitched screech she does. She hasn’t given a mediocre performance in a long while. let alone an amazing one. Diva is always on point tho. Not much room for anything else.

  • Joy

    That weren’t no microphone. ;)

  • Joy

    Ashlee Simpson cackles maniacally in her underground padded cell.

  • Joy

    Your tattoo avatar gives me utter delight!!


    VanityInsecurity is saying as a professional performer, she failed. She appeared to not care, and didn’t even try to save her stink show.

  • Jan

    You are so wrong. Look up Morisette Amon from the Philippines she whistles too but she holds it longer hitting every note thank Mariah can. You are welcome :)

  • Jan

    If it’s just voice we are talking Morisette Amon has more whistle controls and higher notes. But what amazed me with Mariah Carey are the songs she wrote way back. These days artists and singers share the same passion but lacks uniqueness for everybody is trying to be like somebody. Classic will always be classic.

  • Robin Sonn

    Why is she dressed in a bathing suit on a Winter night? No class, no talent and no thank you.

  • Robin Sonn

    once, when? you mean a great screamer.

  • Pearly

    Do the lift

  • Pearly

    Awesome. Just like the end of the clintons political career!
    Burn this bich down

  • jay

    I’d never watched someone jump a shark on live t.v. before…

  • Tagg63

    Once is the apppropriate word

  • Ash

    When I was growing up Mariah’s voice was everything! She can reach any note flawlessly. Sigh, those were the days.


    I didnt notice the lip synching. I DID notice Mariah doing a Hillary Clinton imitation: She could walk up stairs or more than a few steps without assistance from her male backup.


    I mean she could NOT walk more than a few steps without assistance.

  • rkoen


  • patsy

    Sad that these live performances are so dependent on the technical support. She first stated “we can’t hear”. But The dancers kept dancing so they heard music. The audience heard music. Mariah heard music but she didn’t hear her prerecorded voice to lip sync to. Only the backing track. She could have sung to it. She knows the lyrics. I think she was afraid of missing notes and embarrassing herself. Well she embarrassed herself more by not even trying to sing.

  • patsy

    Suggest that these so called live shows hire singers who simply sing without all the dependence on technical accoutrements. I am not sure any exist. Sinatra would have performed fine.

  • patsy

    I didn’t think she seemed drunk at all. She is a perfectionist and her prerecorded vocal track failed and she wasn’t going to sing with her natural voice. If she were drunk she would’ve tried to sing.

  • Meli j

    Hitting whistle notes and high notes does not make a singer great. It is impressive but look at Whitney. She didnt have much range. Plus thats in the Philippines not the USA. Mariah had something that most singers today don’t. There will never be another like her

  • Meli j

    Legends dont die. Mariah has never been a performer. I agree she couldve tried to sing anyway but you cant take away her legacy no matter what she does. No amount of hate will take away the talent and success she has had.

  • Cedrik Thibert

    She doesn’t know the point of New-Year’s Eve celebration and what the countdown was for apparently. Even if we tried to explain her that it drops at Midnight, she would say it’s right-wing propaganda and she ain’t buying it…

    If she needed to ask when does the ball drop, she shouldn’t have been performing there!

    Obviously, she voted for Hillary Clinton!

  • Cedrik Thibert

    Hillary Clinton lost the Election, it screwed her plan and she doesn’t know what to do anymore.

    There is no Leadership in Washington anymore in order to tell her what to do and when to do it. :)

    It’s Liberal panic. :)

  • Cedrik Thibert

    Obviously, she was not program to think by herself. :)

  • Cedrik Thibert

    Well, HIllary Clinton lost the Election so there is no Leadership in Washingrton to tell her what to do and when to do.

    It’s Liberal panic!

    Her world has ended!

  • Sharon Brucks

    What did she mean they couldn’t hear? The dancers were dancing, crowd singing. That poor dude had to totally walk her around like she was a lost Barbie! Why ANYONE would go to a concert of her’s is beyond my understanding…they might as well stay home and listen to a recording because that is what you are hearing anyway. I think she forgot the words.

  • Sharon Brucks

    She was never one of the greatest.