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'A Dog's Purpose' Producer Says Dog Was Not in Danger After Watching Unedited Video

'A Dog's Purpose' Producer Says Dog Was Not in Danger After Watching Unedited Video

A Dog’s Purpose producer and animal activist Gavin Polone is saying the dog featured in the viral video from their set was not in danger.

After viewing the video in its entirety, Gavin explained that he believes the video was edited with an agenda in attempt to make money.

“I looked at the video of all of this. (The dog) gets under the froth of the water but he is lifted up by the diver. He came up and he was fine. If your stated goal is to never use any animal on a movie set ever again, then they are trying to use the video that someone probably sold to TMZ to get a commitment for that,” Gavin explained.

He added, “I’m not saying there were no mistakes made but the whole thing is becoming untrue and unfair, and I feel like they and the person who cut the cellphone video together are using the media for their own agendas…There are so many things that you don’t see…there are raised platforms under the water. There is a (scuba) diver under the water. You don’t see the safety people on the other side.”


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  • Indes

    Yeah, right. You got caught and now you’re trying to save your ass. I’ll be boycotting this movie.

  • SaraJ

    Was the dog going to die? Probably not. BUT would he be traumatized? Possibly to treat humans and other animals worse afterward, or be afraid of water? Yes.
    That dog was thrown into the water made to look like riptides and then was slammed against the wall by the rushing water and had to be pulled up after who knows how many seconds of fear under the water. Dogs can’t swim in water like that!! HORRIBLE.


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  • Koos


  • Camden Coxon

    @disqus_W8kHd7YQBr:disqus I completely agree. Sure the dog wasn’t in danger of dying…but it was CLEARLY in distress, and if THIS is how movies featuring animals are treated, then we should all be up in arms, they can back peddle all they want.
    Want I want to know is, IF the Animal Human Society were on site with this film (as we’re presumed to assume they’re on site with any film) why wasn’t this picked up by them and stopped? Why did it have to come to a random person videoing this footage for it to come to light?
    Deplorable. This movie is not getting a cent of my money.

  • illumina

    I have no problem with trained animals being used in movies but in this case the circumstances are uncertain. It’s not a matter of safety measures being in place so the dog wouldn’t have died. If the dog thinks he is in danger of dying, it’s cruel. It’s like me holding you up with a gun and later saying there were no bullets in it so you weren’t in danger.

  • Wendy

    Just because he wasn’t going to die doesn’t mean it’s okay to traumatize the poor animal. Should have used a dog that was trained for those waters, not a dog that was clearly terrified.

    I won’t be watching this movie.