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Halsey Calls Iggy Azalea a 'F--king Moron' in New Interview

Halsey Calls Iggy Azalea a 'F--king Moron' in New Interview

Halsey clearly is not a fan of Iggy Azalea and she slammed the rapper in a new interview.

The 22-year-old “Now or Never” singer was opening up about featured artists on her album and how there are people she would never collaborate with.

“There’s a lot of people I wouldn’t put on my record,” Halsey told The Guardian. “Iggy Azalea: absolutely not. She had a complete disregard for black culture. F–king moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.”

Halsey reportedly defended her comments in a tweet that was since deleted. “I don’t regret saying Iggy has a disregard for black culture,” she allegedly said.

During the interview, Halsey defended rapper Quavo, who has made homophobic comments in the past. She took to Twitter to apologize to her fans for what she said and claimed that she didn’t know about the comments before working with him.

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  • Cool Boots

    That was totally rude. I wonder what their beef is really about.

  • Max

    Halsey, time for your Xanax!!

  • Sansa Squad

    there’s a way to call people out tactfully but this just makes her sound like a vindictive, bitter person. hope her team is giving her media training or her career is going to disintegrate too…

  • gir

    This girl was right about Iggy phony behind I personally do not care what race you are when you sing RB or Rap just be authenic. RIP Teena Marie

  • Gina

    Or maybe Halsey just meant exactly what she said. She is biracial after all, so it’s personal.

  • dcruz87

    bye ashley

  • dcruz87

    lmfao yea its “personal” cuz she was being called out about her hypocrisy of hiring an homophobic rapper so she needed a scapegoat and easy target to change subject

  • Effy

    Wow, Halsey is such a classless person. I bet she’s the same person who tweets bs stuff like “be kind to others” etc. Wasn’t a fan of Halsey before and clearly I’ll never be.

  • Casey C

    I think so many people forget Halsey is mixed race/biracial so this is kinda personal for her, AND she’s right.

  • SquidBillie

    I’m sure Halsey isn’t exactly MENSA material herself.

  • SaraJ

    Yeah. Halsey is directly on her way to losing it. Shaving her head, the crazy wigs, gaining weight, probably on drugs.. she’s on the Katy Perry Crazy train.
    And she was just popular because of one feature she did on someone ELSE’S song. Sit down.

  • Gina

    Here’s a concept Einstein, being wrong about one subject doesn’t make you wrong about another. Shocking, I know! I don’t claim to know why she chooses to be offended by one thing but not another, all I know is that what she said about Iggy is spot on.

  • Cooper

    But I’m also sure that Halsey doesn’t recognize the privilege that comes with looking white. Idk Iggy response to the whole thing is what was wrong. How does an Australian know about black culture in America? Especially, when T.I. was there helping her create her persona.

  • Cooper

    It also doesn’t make her any less of a hypocrite. Don’t cast stones when you live in a glass house.

  • Cooper

    She is right about what she said but people are also right for being a hypocrite as well. SHe acts superior because she is so “woke” but only with certain things. She just seems really angry and hateful because Iggy wasn’t the only she tried dragging. She was also calling out Britney Spears. Really she is attacking everyone who has sold a lot more records than her.

  • Max

    I used to like her, but her behavior is really weird, like she’s unstable or something. Don’t forget to include Bella Thorne on the Crazy Train, she’s losing it too.

  • chaz

    Yes because Slamming Iggy is the cool thing to do for irrelevant artists that no one has heard of. Who is this chick again?

  • Effy

    She could have responded in a mature way. This isn’t junior high, she clearly has the mentality of a thirteen year old.

  • Danae

    she’s the one creating ambitious art about stolen mattresses and Rovers you cannot afford, I guess

  • Gina

    Her hypocrisy and double standards are noted, but that doesn’t negate the truth in her sentiment about Iggy in my eyes . I know how to compartmentalize.

  • Gina

    Halsey has mentioned in the past that she is aware of the privilege she has by passing for white.

  • NerdyBirdy

    you’re over, bitch

  • Evadsmith

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  • lolme

    she sounds like a bully and conceited.

  • sandyman
  • Rebeccajsanchez

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  • Fred alonso

    iggy is terrible garbage

  • Andrea92

    More than anything no one over the age of 18 should have that hair color.

  • dcruz87

    But isn’t this Halsey girl supposed to be all about anti-bullying and feminism as well? She didn’t need to bring up and blast Iggy like that period but surely she could’ve still shown her anti-Iggy stance without needing to call her a “f- moron” and saying she was delighted to watch her downfall…. especially when she brought it out of the blue to, again, deflect from her own hypocrisy which, yes, matters a LOT in this case cuz proves she’s an idiot who can’t even justify her own choices and stances she’s supposed to stand up for (but clearly doesn’t cuz even if what she said about Iggy is spot on then she also wouldn’t be collabing and hanging out with the likes of Justin Bieber and Machine Gun Kelly, she used Iggy cuz she’s an easy target period and that’s vile to kick someone when they are down particularly a fellow woman in an already highly sexist entertainment industry).

  • dcruz87

    But even then she’s still being a BIG ole hypocrite and not entitled to be that harsh about Iggy when she’s going around collaborating and hanging out with Bieber and Machine Gun Kelly…… both well-known for disrespecting black people and appropriating black culture.

  • Gina

    I don’t give a f*ck about her motives, ANYONE could’ve said the exact same thing about Iggy and I would’ve agreed. However, if Iggy wants to call Halsey out on her hypocrisy, then she can and she’d be justified.

  • Gina

    Not everything is mutually exclusive to me, honey. I can think Halsey is a hypocrite while at the same time thinking that Iggy is a cultural appropriating moron.

  • dcruz87

    But we’re talking about Halsey here since her hypocrite a$$ was the one saying it. Someone else saying it in a diff context then it would’ve been a harsh way of saying but it might of had some validity then, but coming from her idiotic mouth – nope, sorry hunty!

  • dcruz87

    Not when she’s hanging out with MGK and collabing with Biebs, that only makes her a hypocrite as already explained. Sorry if your brain isn’t able to process basic comprehension tasks & not allowing you to get something like this. :( xx

  • Gina

    Clearly you’re the dumb ass not able to process basic comprehension skills when I’ve stated several times that I agree that she’s a hypocrite.

  • Gina

    Your obsessive anger about Halsey isn’t gonna change the fact that Iggy is a culturally appropriating moron. Sorry hunty!