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Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Performs Uplifting Song for 'America's Got Talent' Finals! (Video)

Kechi, who survived a plane crash as a child, is back with an uplifting performance of the song “Conqueror” for her final performance on the America’s Got Talent stage!

The 27-year-old singer sounded amazing while performing the Estelle song during the live taping at the Dolby Theatre on Tuesday (September 19) in Hollywood.

Kechi, I just love you. Everything about you. That wasn’t a song. That was an anthem,” Simon Cowell said while judging the performance. “You’ve become an artist, not a contestant… And the night you needed to it, you just did it.”

Kechi: Singer Performs Beautifully Empowering “Conquerer”
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Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Gives Moving 'AGT' Semi-Finals Performance! (Video)

Kechi delivered another memorable performance on America’s Got Talent!

The singer, who survived a plane crash that killed nearly all of the other passengers, performed the Frances song “Don’t Worry About Me” for the semi-finals on Tuesday (September 12).

“I’m never speechless. I can’t do what I want to do. All I want to do is hug you and I want to hold you. That’s all. I don’t have words,” judge Howie Mandel said after the performance.

“I’m sharing the sentiment here,” judge Simon Cowell said. “I don’t want to judge this… [but] it was your best performance by a clear mile.”

Kechi: Singer Moves The Judges With “Don’t Worry About Me”

Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Covers Emotional Katy Perry Song on 'America's Got Talent' (Video)

Kechi is back for another emotional performance on America’s Got Talent!

The singer, who survived a plane crash as a child, sang an inspirational Katy Perry song, “By the Grace of God,” for her quarterfinals round performance on Tuesday (August 29).

“What’s happened now is tonight you came out as the person I always believed you wanted to be,” judge Simon Cowell said to Kechi while judging the performance. “You are important in these days and ages, when people need people like you as an inspiration.”

Kechi: Singer Delivers Inspirational Cover Of “By The Grace Of God”

Kechi, a Plane Crash Survivor, Delivers Another Stunning 'America's Got Talent' Performance

Kechi wowed the judges yet again with her second performance on America’s Got Talent and she has moved on to the next round of the competition!

The 27-year-old singer was one of the only survivors of a plane crash in Nigeria when she was 16.

Kechi sang the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud” for her audition on the NBC series and now she is wowing with the Donny Hathaway tune “A Song For You.”

“What I can say for sure is you deserved your place here tonight, not just on your story, but on your talent. That’s the truth tonight,” Simon Cowell said during his critique.

Watch the video below!

Plane Crash Survivor Wows 'America's Got Talent' Judges with Her Vocals (Video)

Kechi is about to make you tear up from her emotional story and amazing performance during this America’s Got Talent audition!

The Nigerian native was one of only two survivors in a plane crash in 2005 that killed 107 people and she used music to help her heal.

Kechi now lives in the United States and she auditioned for the talent competition using the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud.”

You can watch Kechi‘s audition on this Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent at 8/7c on NBC!

Kechi Catches The Judges’ Attention With An Inspiring Performance