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Oops... Britney's in Rehab Again!

Oops...  Britney's in Rehab Again!

Starting today, Britney Spears is back in rehab, at an in-patient facility in Los Angeles. Many thanks to her family and friends who got her back in there! Hopefully she’ll receive the help we all know she needs for herself and her two sons! But knowing her, she’ll be out tomorrow! Let’s cross our fingers that she won’t, though. Here’s the official statement from Britney‘s rep and manager Larry Rudolph:

Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

And here’s a quick Britney rundown in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock the last couple days:

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  • Capriciousdiva

    Get well soon Britney x
    Maybe she’s suffering from post natal depression?

  • cheddar

    No it’s post-famous depression. I hope she does get better. Her boys need her.

  • tanique

    i’m actually VERY happy to hear this. i can’t knock anyone trying to get help. out of all the young girls, she is the one i’m pulling for. so, i hope this is a good thing for her.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she is just dying for attention, and will do anything for it. she just isnt talented or smart enough to know how to go about getting possitive press. when you’re dumb and talentless you have to do dumb things to stay famous.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    lmao. Even the women of the View said this morning that Fed-Ex is a better parent than she is. “He isnt the one out partying everynight” – Barbara

  • alice

    Me too..rooting for you Britney! On another note, it could be post-natal depression. I had two babies extremely close together as well and it runs you through the mill of emotions. You literally do not own your body for a couple of years, or at least you feel that way. And for fug face maniston…her attention grabbing stuff might just be that but perhaps its to get help and not necessarily positive press.

  • LV

    Oh my. Maybe she will take it seriously this time.

  • msguidedmama

    I was hoping the head shave would deter her from partying-make it easier to just stay in and clean up. THen the next day she is lounging poolside at a hotel? I am sure she has a pool of her own??? And then out partying the next night? One last hoorah before rehab? Is she doing the Lindsey Lohan method?? I hope not.

  • blech

    I hope she gets better for her kids’s sake and for her own sake. But if this beetch expects any sort of sympathy so she can make a comeback, she’s sadly mistaken.

    I’m gonna pray she goes to rehab, gets better, and then goes FAR, FAR AWAY SO I don’t have to hear about this attention wh*re ever again.

  • Marivic

    I, too, hope she pulls through all of this for the sake of her kids. i’m rooting for her! all these people that call her talentless…she wouldn’t be a famous popstar if she didn’t have ANY talent. even if she lipsyncs her whole performance…it takes TALENT to memorize all the lyrics and all the dance moves and look good while performing. why is it that SHE out of all the “non-talented” people out there got this famous? because she has TALENT! DUH! so stfu and stop commenting on posts about her if you don’t like her. with that said…GO BRITNEY! ^_^

  • Mediterranean

    I do hope that this is not another way to be a headline again.

    I want to believe this time that she will get what she has needed for sometime. She has to do it for the sake of her babies! Damn, it should not be like this……

  • Amanda .M. Harrison

    Thank Goodness!!! I Think There is still so much hope and Love for her, Some of us truely do care and she should be left alone to heal from What is causeing her so much Pain that she wants to destory her owen self. I think we all have a point where we Feel like Giving up, But She is Gonna be OK!!!!

    Good Luck Britney, You can do this and you will!!!
    God Bless You and Your Family At This Hard time, Hope to see You Happy Real Soon!!! A Careing Britney Fan,
    Amanda Harrison

  • ragin cajun

    Come on Brit…..people from Louisiana do not go to rehab – we go to Mardi Gras! She went to school in Mississippi, maybe that’s why she cannot hold her liquor. Natives like us do not go to rehab for drinking – we go to mental institutions or jail !! Just don’t know how you can be an alcoholic after just a couple months of partying. Also didn’t know that they have rehab for post partum depression – which is more likely the case. As much as she dreamed of being a young mother – be careful what you wish for – she sure didn’t take to motherhood. Brit’s problem is she was never told “No!” growing up. Her family put her career first. They even lived apart with Jamie Lynn staying at home with her Dad at a young age away from her Mom while Mom tried to further Brit’s career on Broadway. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pulling for Brit too – she’s a hometown girl, but spit out the gum, stop damaging your hair, be proud of your children and take some time to figure out who you really are, put your kid’s first, faith second, family third & then your career………if you don’t k-fed’s going to get those kids……much luv to brit!!!

  • Ikho

    I hope she gets teh help she needs. Somehow I don’t think that is going to happen in all of these so called “rehabs”. She needs to go be a normal person and get the HELL OUT OF La la land!

  • Stefanie

    She is a nutter… i wish her all the best…she need’s it!
    BTW Brittney, oops you did it again! hehe

  • Tina

    does the public really have to know everything she does? i agree with ragin cajun, it’s not rehab she needs, she needs psychiatric help. but whatever makes her stop airing her dirty laundry to the press is good enough for me.

  • kc

    i kinda feel bad for saying this, but charma can bite in many different ways!! why i say this? well, if it wasn’t for that scumbag k-fed…she never be introduced into drugs, and if she didn’t steal a pregnant womans man and then EXPECT him too be faithful ( what an iodiot!!!) maybe she wouldn’t be going through all of this. i think deep down inside, she wants help, but she’s lost. and unfortunately, when your sooo… drawn in addiction, not even your children’s lives can dig you out. i hope all well for her, but maybe she should THINK BEFORE YOU DO brit!!!

  • tm

    i hope britney spears is going to recover soon
    she deserves to be happy

  • cella

    I am looking forward to the future when Britney Spears is well and back to releasing her new music. I think she makes brilliant records and it’s sad to see what has happened to her.