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Kate Moss Hangs Out of Window

Kate Moss Hangs Out of Window

Kate Moss literally hangs out with fiance Pete Doherty at the Hackney Empire Theater in London on Thursday night.

The engaged couple definitely “didn’t seem to be with it,” said one onlooker.

Kate hung her head out of the window, staring raptly at Pete as he serenaded her with his guitar.

It seems Kate is redefining dangerously in love!

Bigger pictures of Kate Moss hanging out a window inside…

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kate moss hanging out window 01
kate moss hanging out window 02
kate moss hanging out window 03
kate moss hanging out window 04

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • gia

    is it coke or love?
    they’ll end up badly, but that’s just par for the course w/this hot-mess stardom.

    still love her

  • jeannified

    God, she needs to get it together and FAST, or she’s gonna end up loosing that daughter of hers! TRASH!!!!!

  • aneglo

    dat guy need 2 b shot! argggghhhhhhhh gts 2 me so much!!!!

  • blah blah

    she is trying to hard to be consider as a “rebel” while she is not

  • pam

    did you notice that her style looks a lot to brigitte bardot
    she is brigitte bardot wannabe

  • So sad

    I don’t think she ever stopped using the drugs.

  • newbie

    gia Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 8:15 pm – flag comment
    is it coke or love?
    they’ll end up badly, but that’s just par for the course w/this hot-mess stardom.

    still love her


    why would anyone love her???


    Moss got beauty but no BRAINS hehe

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    why cant she just d i e!!!

    why do people like her?!?!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    oh yea, she is really ugly.

  • Shauna

    Even Keith Richards (and he is certainly one who knows all about drugs, wild party women, and the consequences) thinks that it will end badly. Kate is a survior though. I personally believe that she has been using coke since she first entered into the modeling profession back in her early teens, and has never quit.

    It may sound judgemental, but Kate has always been self absorbed, and her choice as a husband seems more focused on her own gratification, rather than providing a stable home for her darling little girl. In her thirties now, it would be nice to think her focus could be directed toward the needs of someone else for a change, but that would require something that I don’t think she posesses.

    Hopefully Jefferson Hack can provide a stable, secure life for her while her mummy lies wasted with her drugged out new husband. Life is a non-stop party for Kate, and mind you, she has chosen her man very carefully. Like peas in a pod.

  • Kate

    I still think she’s very pretty

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    The ‘uglier’ always find the ugly pretty. lmao

  • andré

    She’s gorgeus!

  • andré

    I’d totally love to have this self-destructive life she has.

  • coalharbourqt

    There is nothing gorgeous about her or her situation, sorry. How is it that this woman still has custody of her daughter? Why hasn’t Child Protective Services stepped in?

  • madmax

    what a great mom.

  • Dancer

    Wow, that is very attractive–a cigarette hanging out of her mouth! The two of them are probably going to OD on coke or something one of these days.


    I think it’s cute to see that they’re so much in love … but i can’t say so about that Pete dude … lol !

  • Jewel

    Jefferson Hack should seek sole custody of Lila, as Kate’s lifestyle seems to be spiraling out of control and Pete (a sorry excuse for a human being) should not be allowed anywhere near the child. The whole situation is pitiful. I suspect that sooner rather than later Kate’s druggy life will catch up with her and ruin her good looks and life for ever. I don’t understand why she is still with Pete, when she has so much to lose.

  • angelina_mmm

    she’s a desperate ho
    she is embarassing acting like a kid

  • BettY

    She need to stop being with Pete. I dont think hes good for her…She has a daughter, that should be her main focus. Not partying around and probably take drugs with that trashy drugger Pete. If shes not stop soon she maybe end up really bad. She is 32 or something, right?Her crazy party days is over…Both should go to REHAB and be there for a while and then come out and act like responsible parents. Becuse Pete has a son, if you guys didnt know that. So I hope someone really help them so that they can get there life together, for the sake of their children!!

  • black

    Crazy bitch……really now.

  • bobo

    She is really odd looking but then again a lot of models are
    like stella tenant.
    Because she is that rock chic/hard chick she is just living it out now in front of the cameras. Pete isn’t helping her by always engaging the paps …
    they are a messs

    and that daugher of hers
    i just pray she will be ok…

    really though what did we all expect, she was exposed and exposed her self at a very young age to a very tough industry that would make anyone half crazy

  • Who Cares

    I am a huge fan of Kate as a model, but I have no idea what she’s doing personally. The one I feel sorry for is her little girl. That poor child has seen lord knows what already and could have Pete as a step-dad- a very scary thought! Kate is gorgeous as a model, but man she is starting to show the wear and tear of a hard lifestyle. I don’t get the attraction to Pete Doherty at all. It is definitely a loaded relationship and she is setting herself up to relapse again. You cannot stay around someone who is still using drugs (as he claims) and not eventually fall into old habits. It is unhealthy and she’ll either die or she’s going to have to kick him out the door for good. She needs to open her eyes and get a clue.

  • andré

    People..stop being so judmental..
    her daughter is Kate’s problem..
    we have nothing to do with their life…
    i wonder if “great” parents don’t have trobled kids too…u all r just being silly and childish thinking that raising a kid is as easy as you u even know the girl’s father? maybe he’s even crazier than Kate…
    and what if she OD? At least she had some fun..and life sucks anyway…

  • andré

    And the more outta control she gets, the more i like her..cause she does things i don’t have the balls to do.
    Yet..she’s a succesful person..her clothing line seems to be really nice. She’s an intelligent person.

  • Who Cares

    Andre…her little girl is only 4 or so…why would she be trouble?? And I am sure she isn’t breaking her back as a mother…she can pay nannies to do that…Kate is behaving irresponsible as a parent…exposing her daughter to an admitted drug addict…in order to remain a recovered addict herself, you cannot be in a relationship with someone who is as self-destructive as Pete Doherty has proven…no, it isn’t my business…but regardless, anyone with clear eyes can see that her behavior is immature and it will only hurt her daughter in the end…if she wants to self-destruct, lovely, but she has a responsibility to that child…

    And Andre, you like her b/c she was a cocaine addict? Because she is living with a boyfriend who has been arrested numerous times and has admitted he still smokes crack everyday? How appealing that must be…I should run out and do the same… I love her as a model, but come on…what is appealing about her life? She has made tons of money for sure, she is one of the most famous models…but look at her personal’s one jumbled mess…how would anyone envy her and her relationship to pete Doherty?? I don’t get it…

  • Mediterranean

    Here is the plan, they should be locked up somewhere far, far away from everybody and kept there until they disappear eventually.

    Please her daughter doesn’t need this at all.

    They are disgusting.

  • yul

    she is the british britney

  • onurenu

    she just wants to be on the headlines blah blah blah
    poor peoples!!!

  • Jess

    Have you seen the latest pix of Pete’s face….. They explain it all. Open sores all over his face, blood coming out of his nose, black dirt under his finger nails, greasy dirty hair. Thats just the parts we see…………

    I could hardly look at the pix. She HAS to be on drugs big time, how else could she be letting those hands touch her, she’s kissing that face, they’re —– etc., etc.

    GAG – GAG

  • Lara

    Its so sad that some people actually think this is cool!She is a drug addict dating a bonified junkie!I think fashion world needs to cut her out,i am sick of seeing her face,she is absoloutely revolting and to think she is a mother………………

  • Mondo Bongo!

    That’s why they call it DOPE!!!!! :(

  • Juno

    AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. What is that list of idiotic acccidents called? Darwin’s award? or Something? Whatever.

  • shalalala

    La cocaine, dance like a machine kakaka
    doherty keep rockin