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Lindsay Lohan: Look at My Bellybutton Ring

Lindsay Lohan: Look at My Bellybutton Ring

Lindsay Lohan, in a sequined belly-baring top by Alice + Olivia, drops by TRL on Thursday to talk about her upcoming drama George Rule co-starring Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda.

Georgia Rule opens in theaters tomorrow. 30+ pictures inside of Lindsay‘s bellybutton ring…

Lindsay‘s bellybutton ring — YAY or NAY?

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lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 01
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 02
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 03
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 04
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 05
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 06
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 07
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 08
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 09
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 10
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 11
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 12
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 13
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 14
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 15
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 16
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 17
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 18
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 19
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 20
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 21
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 22
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 23
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 24
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 25
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 26
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 27
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 28
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 29
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 30
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 31
lindsay lohan bellybutton ring 32

Photos: Getty/Scott Gries, AP/Jeff Christensen
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  • Mia

    ewww i’m going to have nightmares now that close up’s toomuch

  • screwher

    so stale

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    she’s such a cutie when she’s not screwing up.

  • MissyB

    What the hell happened to her forhead? It’s got the biggest wrinkles on it… she’s only 20 years old!

  • liz

    haha she needs to hide her gut.

  • AndrĂ©

    Her forehead is wrinkled because despite being rly white she’s always on the sun..she should’ve never tried to ben tanned..Julianne Moore is just as white and red-headed as her and her skin is so pretty.
    Lindsay is pretty..but her tommy looks like a pregnant woman tommy.

  • Shmoo

    Tore up from the floor up, as usual.

    Get yourself a clue and some hips, Linds.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Lindsay’s “always on the sun”?? is that like the new celebrity hot spot or something? Lol

  • MissyB

    Andre – I agree, Julian Moore is SO beautiful and she too is a red head.. her skin is gorgeous!!!! The sun sure does age you. I definitely can’t get over her wrinkles though.. they’re massive! Otherwise she’s so gorgeous!

  • WTF

    She’s is disgusting and btw where is her “surgery” scar???

  • MissyB

    No 10: If you are referring to her “appendix” it’s called “Key hole” surgery – they enter through your belly button which actually prevent scarring!

  • hoohan is a disease on legs

    Disgusting HOHAN probably HIGH right now on drugs+alcohol!She’s got that hard hooker look like her stage mom>she looks trashy to me no matter what front she tries to put out>waste of talent.


    IS She High,Drunk? The Blonde hair,weave extentions, black eyebrows, frown on face makes her look very aged, as old as her stage mom.Tired of seein her body parts.,needs to go back and take re-hab seriously and get an education>waste of talent,cuz shes not a bad actress when she applies herself.Til then wish she’d go away.

  • Lucie

    Shouldn’t she be back in rehab by now??

  • Coke and Cola

    Now that is one disturbingly unattractive girl. She looks “devil-infested” as my granny would say. No hope for her ever.

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    Ugly, trashy, useless.


    She’s NOT as all UGLY! I’ve seen her recently in a few interviews and she’s really good at them, cheery and witty.

    I think she’s a way better actress than most and what you base your assumption on her is pure gossip, because I highly doubt you know her personally. Cut her some slack, when I was 19/20 I used to go clubbing every night, it’s not a big deal when you go that often. It’s like chilling with a movie.

    And if any of you BAMZ fans are posting negative about anyone other than your false Gods, in doing so, don’t you realise you’re contradicting ever argument you’ve ever used defending your obsession? (rhetorical)

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    She is ugly INSIDE and dumb. This girl only lives for superficiality…Never doing charity, she lives to enjoy drugs and party, good for her, but I am sick of her pretending to be an actress. She should stop taking, I mean stealing roles made for other people who ACTUALLY deserve them!
    She has nothing better to do in her f*cking life than whoreing herself out all the time, fire her crotch, and doing drugs.
    She is a waste of air. What bother me is that she is famous, and doesn’t deserve this fame in my opinion. Honestly I wondn’t be so judgemental if she weren’t famous, ’cause if so , she probably would have a miserable life….Instead she has money, success, health (well, not for long now), fans (I am not sure), etc…

  • yara

    she’s cutie girl but don’t have nothing on her head beside her obsession to fame and drugs

  • VeronicaK

    hohan is a complete waste of space!

  • ilovehugh

    I used to just be really annoyed every time I saw anything with her in it. But, now, I just find it so sad. This girl has just about everything. She should be happy! Obviously though, she isn’t. She is just self-destructing. She is obviously not happy with herself, or she wouldn’t be looking for constant approval, or drowning herself in booze and drugs. Brit has the same problem. Both of these poor girls need help. Not funny anymore. Just sad.

  • AndrĂ©

    If u plp consider her a waste of space then u shloudn’t even visit this site cause Lindsay is kinda person websites like this one are all about.
    If u don’t like celeb gossip then why coming?
    let’s not be hypocrits.

    Fug Face,
    in the sun? at sun?
    i dunno..i’m brazilian.

  • Mmmmm

    Yuck, that freckled belly is gross!

  • Celene

    she could be a great “classy actress” , but her whole obsession with fame is killing it, i mean the way she acts in front of the paparazzi, it just shows she thrives to be in the spotlight, why does she have to go to places where there IS going to be paparazzi, it kind of distracts her from being looked upon as an actress, and believing the characters she plays.

  • Celene

    although she did look good on the letterman show.

  • melissa

    she is jus partyin it nite and day and lying bout it. like its noooo problem. im surprised she stil hasa job. shes probly on drugs anyways. watch what publicity sh’ell crave next.

  • seth finley from sfx

    it happens.

  • seth finley from sfx

    some of us just get our belly buttons peirced to be satisfied

  • seth finley from sfx

    but hey, not bad. keep it up, lindslo.