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Andy Baldwin: Shirtless in Central Park

Andy Baldwin: Shirtless in Central Park

Wow, what perfect timing!

Just in time for the season finale, The Bachelor‘s Lieutenant Andy Baldwin promotes her shirtless self during a run through NYC’s Central Park on Thursday.

The two-hour season finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman airs Monday, May 21 at 9PM ET/PT.

Who will Andy ask to marry — TESSA HORST or BEVIN POWERS?

Click inside for more shirtless Andy Baldwin and to find out who wins…

Word on the street says…


RealityTvWorld says, “During this week’s “upfront” presentation in which the network revealed its 2007-2008 primetime programming schedule to advertisers and reporters, ABC reportedly presented a video montage that featured highlights of the network’s current season programming. Included in the video was a clip that showed Baldwin kissing Tessa Horst — the 26-year-old San Francisco social worker who just happens to be one of the two bachelorettes remaining on The Bachelor’s tenth season.

“And if you don’t know what that means — the embrace — ignore it; but if you do, you’re a very loyal ABC fan, and yes it was a spoiler. At least I assume it was. Sorry about that,” The New York Times television critic Virginia Heffernan wrote in a blog entry about ABC’s Tuesday afternoon “upfront” presentation.”

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  • creativegirl

    This guy is just too much!!! Not only is he SUPER hot, he seems like a nice, genuine real guy. Not like all the bozos they’ve had on that show lately. The last normal bachelor was Andrew Firestone.

    This guy seems in it for all the right reasons and I sure hope the girl he picks won’t break his heart. It seems he will pick Tessa, but I have a feeling she will flake out on him. Bevin will be devestated because she really is invested into this and him, more so than Tessa.

    I’ve really enjoyed this season of the Bachelor. He got rid of all the drama queens early, and the fact that he was the total package, just made it more fun!

  • LISA


  • Eathan

    Shaved legs? That’s disguisting!

  • Shoegal

    I agree with you creativegirl! Andy Firestone is such a sweet person

  • Mmmmm

    I think its Bevon ..

  • creativegirl

    I think he will pick Tessa, I think ultimately Bevin just has too much baggage for him to consider. But we’ll see. Tessa reminds me of that girl Meredith who got dumped by the bachelor and wound up getting her own Bachelorette show. They have that same exotic look. Tessa seemed to get into it more last week with him and show some true feelings for him. But I think Bevin would be better for him just all around. She is ready to settle down, they are at that same place. But you know guys usually always go for the younger girl.

    Regardless, he seems like a great guy – I just hope that it all works out for him. What a catch!

  • Michael


  • La

    Oh he is cute, woo. I have watched and I have to say GO BEVIN. I just think Bevin is a great girl. Bevin is very pretty.

  • La

    Tessa is pretty also but seems like she isn’t happy.

  • La

    Tessa is pretty too but looks like she isn’t happy ever.

  • Burpie


  • amy

    Andrew Firestone is still the best Bachelor. There’s something very robotic about Andy…he’s so damn boring.

  • katie

    his chest sticks out so much yet he has such little pectorial muscles.. pretty funny. i hope he picks tessa. i think he will for sure since shes been the most guarded and hard to get but he keeeps goin back for more and it seems like he is the one trying to impress her.
    he also lives in hawaii so he probably wants little half asian babies

  • linda

    You could tell through the entire show that he was swooning over Tessa, he was just almost giggly when he was with her. Bevin is rather skanky and desperate, I can’t believe he brought her to the final 2. Not that it matters, what bachelor has actually settled down with the woman he picked?

  • lil frank

    I think he will stay with
    his gay training buddy.

  • Joe

    he’s just too hot. I’ll be his gay training buddy anyday.

  • Karen

    Himbo??? Hardly! The guy is a doctor and a triathlete!!!! I think he is incredibly cute, obviously smart, and seems to be very kind and thoughtful.

  • Alison

    I went to college with Andy and he was a major player. . .Don’t let the navy good boy image full you.

  • Cary

    He deserved better than the crop of women he had to choose from. None of them seemed like a match for him. With Bevin he keeps talking about the electricity between them, but the fact that she is divorced killed it. Tessa seems like such a flake. I guess playing hard to get with the good doctor pays off.

  • angelinammm

    lovely physique ;)

  • juvana

    If the rumors are true and Tessa is Andy’s choice then he likes cold baby talking fish. She is a total cold fish. I can hardly stand looking at her flat pouty face. She sure did play hard to get. Being competitive I am sure that turned ole Andy right on. He sure had liberal hands with Bevin. Once a sailor, always a sailor and you know what they say about sailors.

  • Dirk

    I might be crazy, but he looks like he has Pectus Carinatum.

  • Marie

    Say it creativegirl! That is one beautiful man! My, oh, my…They’re just aren’t enough superlatives! ;D

  • http://ABCMessageBoard Carole

    I really think he’s choice is BEVIN

  • John

    Weird body.

  • Tonya Buttimer

    I think it’s the host Chris Harrison. My mom Janet Buttimer says both he and Andy are queer and that Tessa’s into black guys and Bevin’s had 3 abortions. So I go with Chris to win.

  • Angela

    I’m so happy it was Tessa- she was genuine (not excluding Bevin), and completely smitten with him, and you could see the same with him. I think they will be one of the few couples that last after the camera’s are turned off.

  • bmccord

    Andy made the right choice with what was left…he doesn’t speak like a pouty poor me face like Tessa but it work for her. Besides, I don’t really think they will marry. Bevin was like so into becoming Mrs. Lt. Andy Baldwin it was so obvious and Andy saw through that one besides, married before blew it for her. Given Andy’s family life, there was no way he would marry someone that been divorced. THE END…

  • Louise

    I do not think Andy made the right choice. Tessa is a fake and wishy washy. The fact that she spilled the beans in a restaurant and having too much to drink about her been the one Andy picked before the final rose ceremony leaves me to believe she can’t BE TRUSTED! ANDY BEWARE! I think he should have pick Danielle.

  • Trina

    andy is so HOT o my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasha

    He is just GROSS!!! Look at the way his knees bow inward…knock knees. I’m surprised he can actually jog. Just Gross. He was doing all of that for show. WHAT AN ASS!

  • TNgirl

    I think that Bevin was the better choice for Andy. She seems like an all around great girl that is ready to settle down with the prefect man; there is no denying the fact that the had chemistry together, even his family could see that. He also told his dad that when he is with her his has electricity in his soul and that he didn’t have that with Tessa. IMO I don’t think that Tessa is ready to settle down and I honestly don’t see her moving to HI. Is it just me or does anyone else think that it is odd that Tessa is wearing the same dress that Stephanie (SC) wore when she first met Andy?

  • nighat

    I think Tessa is not going to last, she does not seem totally into him. Only time will tell if I’m correct!

  • Merilyn

    you girls too insecured! Tessa is perfect she’s everything!

  • http://yahoo boomer

    Andy and Tessa deserve each other! Hope you both have the best of everything…Show’s done, get away from the press and move on and make those pretty babies. For the most part, Amerasians are a beautiful combination. Can’t wait to see the product of Andy and Tessa’s love.