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Justin & Cameron are Inseparaable

Justin & Cameron are Inseparaable

Ex-lovers Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz can’t get enough of each other at the Shrek the Third photo call at Rome’s most famous towering cylindrical building — Castel Sant’Angelo — on Friday in Italy.

Justin and Cameron have been attached at the hip the entire European leg of their movie promotion. First Los Angeles, then Germany, then London, then Spain, and now Italy.

UPDATE: Backshots of Cameron have been added. She’s unfortunately not wearing Justin‘s clothing brand, William Rast. They’ve got cool jean pockets though!

25+ pictures inside of Justin & Cameron getting their Rome on…

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cameron diaz butt 01
cameron diaz butt 02
cameron diaz butt 03
cameron diaz butt 04
cameron diaz butt 05
justin cameron rome italy 00a
justin cameron rome italy 00b
justin cameron rome italy 00c
justin cameron rome italy 01
justin cameron rome italy 02
justin cameron rome italy 03
justin cameron rome italy 04
justin cameron rome italy 05
justin cameron rome italy 06
justin cameron rome italy 07
justin cameron rome italy 08
justin cameron rome italy 09
justin cameron rome italy 10
justin cameron rome italy 11
justin cameron rome italy 12
justin cameron rome italy 13
justin cameron rome italy 14
justin cameron rome italy 15
justin cameron rome italy 16
justin cameron rome italy 17
justin cameron rome italy 18
justin cameron rome italy 19
justin cameron rome italy 20
justin cameron rome italy 21

Photos: Franco Origlia/Getty
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  • Mel

    JT should lose the grandpa cardigan.

  • Hope

    How many promotions can one movie have, this is ridiculous.

  • marie

    ok…we get it justin and cameron you’re still friendly with each other. Do you have to always pose for pics together. There are toher stars in this movie as well that you can pose with.

  • Dieter

    I wanna see her bum in these tight jeans – I never get enough of her bums wiggling around. Thank you jared !”!!

  • Mmmmm

    That is a nice man sandwich Cameron … mmmmmm!

  • Kelly D

    Get back together already!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    These two make a bad couple. From all these threads you would think they were the only two in the movie.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    I’m loving it!!!!!

  • elle

    Oh boy! They are obvioulsy making a vacation out of this. You are right, they don’t have to be at every premiere. They want to be seen together and they want to be together. I think they are a couple again.

  • Guest

    Love these 2! I hope they get back together if they aren’t together already!

  • Dieter

    elle – you are so right. I love her bum in that black pair of jeans – I wanna give it a grab !!!

  • elle

    They look awesome together. Great HOT power couple!

  • jtfan

    Any but shots of Cameron? If she’s wearing William Rast, they are definiftely a couple.

  • Lulu

    #7 & 9, Antonio Banderas is at every single premiere too, why don’t you also comment on that.

  • Didi

    shrek 3 was so sh*t. my 5 yr old was so f*cking bored. the entire cast should be shot

  • It’s not all black and white

    Didi–LOL, you always crack me up!

  • elle

    Cameron is always shoulder to shoulder with Justin or they are always gazing into each other’s eyes. Most of the time she has her back turned to everyone else and is facing him. In every picture, he walks up to her and stands next to her. I think that is why people are focusing on this. They just look like a couple.

  • Dieter

    if there´s are picture on the web of her bum in those jeans please do not hesitate to show: I wann shake my tree after working at the office and Cam´s bum in tight black jeans would be perfect to cum all over !!!

  • Gem

    Good god, how many premiere’s are there for this film?! It’s been going for months it seems! I’m still not seeing the film though :p

    Love Rome though, my fav city on Earth!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    This film needs all the promoting and help it could get, cause it was garbage.

  • jtfan

    Thanks for the great coverage Jared. I haven’t seen these pics anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

  • mel

    this couple is scary she seems so much older and bitchy than he is. but maybe that just me. how do u think their kids would look if they had any? gross LMAO

  • xy

    i’ll say:

    no green carpet

    sweaty armpits on diaz (great to see celebrities sweat. i always wonder how the manage to avoid sweat stains all the time)

    justin helps shrek off the stage in photo no. 3 – that’s nice.

    i am tired of shrek premieres and jt/diaz-are-they-back-together-talk!

  • S

    there’s no green carpet cuz it’s the photo call..not the premiere

  • nataly

    justin is ugly and nesty

  • N to the O

    Justin’s hair looks like crap. He looks pretty damn possessive of Cameron as well, I was so glad to read what he had to say about Jessica Biel. I always thought she just wanted to hook up with him for his name and he deserves better. Here’s to hoping he and Cam get back together….but if not then hopefully he will find someone worthy of him who loves him for himself. Same for Cameron. They are gorgeous together.

  • Gem


    I’ve heard quite a few stars botox their pits to halt the sweat…also helps on the forehead (as well as getting rid of wrinkles)

  • Vee

    Looks like Cameron has played it cool–let him see what it’s like out there…it’s worked!

  • tiny

    They look like they slept with each other again. His face is more comfortable now than even just a few days ago, as though to say yeah, I’m back in there….

  • elle

    “N to the O” at 4:04 – your comment … what did Justin say about Jessica Biel? Where is that? I’m glad Cameron and Justin are back together also. Cameron is a very honest, fun and down to earth person. A superstar like Justin needs someone like that – smart and real.

  • Cynthia

    What happened with him and Jessica reindeer nose Biel? I didn’t think he was into the She-hulk. He’s spending more time with Cam, do I see a reconciliation in the making?

  • elle

    I just read Justin’s interview in The Mirror. It’s over with Jessica dn he “adores Cameron”. He sounds like a guy who wants to make it clear that he is free to get back together with his old girlfriend Cameron. He is cleaning up for her. I know some people say Cameron is a bitch,but she has to be strong to keep Justin treating her like a lady or he would walk all over her. I think she is very strong, smart and direct. Good girl Cameron! Stay sexy, HOT and confident! I respect Cameron’s hootspa – she’s got guts!

  • Justin Timberlake
  • eL

    looks like cameron is wearing corpus jeans *shrugs*

  • xy


    thanks for that info – though it’s another proof of how weird hollywood is. the thought of botox anywhere in my body makes me fringe.

    and then, everybody, could you please stop crawling up JT’s asshole?!?! “a superstar like him…” – and cameron’s not a star? although i do not like her and there are plenty of better actresses she is not exactly unfamous herself.

    could you please re-educate yourself about emancipation, (some of you) girls?


  • blah

    Wow, this chick gets around! She was in Rome today, but I just saw her on Sunset (in a chauffered hybrid SUV) tonight (sans Justin). Busy girl.

  • Curlybob


  • elle

    Justin never said he was in love with Jessica Biel. said “A SOURCE SAYS… Justin is in love with Jessica Biel. Justin NEVER said that. I think that is why he had to set the record straight and speak out. He wanted to let everyone know the truth – Jessica is not my girlfirned and I am not in love with her. Justin did not have any choice, he had to tell the truth, especially if he wants to get back together with Cameron. The SOURCE was wrong. Justin was never in love with Jessica Biel. He flies to all of these premieres to be with Cameron.

  • cutie pie

    justin is not sexy at all to me he has one stupid ass move all the time. talking about bringing sexy back pulleease