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Jake Gyllenhaal: Sleeveless in the City

Jake Gyllenhaal: Sleeveless in the City

Fitness buff Jake Gyllenhaal carries a bottle of smartwater (Jennifer Aniston is currently the spokesperson) home, returning from a workout at the gym on Saturday in New York City.

Later in the evening, Jake and a female friend, along with his mom Naomi and her friend, dined out at hip Indian restaurant Bombay Talkie in the Chelsea neighborhood.

What’s Jake got in his mouth? Coffee stirrer?

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jake gyllenhaal sleeveless 02
jake gyllenhaal sleeveless 03
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jake gyllenhaal sleeveless 05
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  • Jake

    He’s so gorgous!

  • xy

    hellooooooo, jake. :-)

  • miam

    SO HOT !!!!

  • Tricia

    Guys a homo.

  • Rii

    Mmmm…gorgeous guy and he seems like such a nice guy too.

  • Emma

    hes completely adorable, i just want to eat him up…

    ..or at least make out with him!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I’m starting to think he’s a f@g too.

  • Lori

    Jake makes my day better

  • Indie

    I have a shitload of that water. It was a $1 last week @ CVS and its not bad at all.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Oh you have a shitload of that water – cool, what does it taste like?? Lol

  • dani


  • Julz

    gosh these glasses are so 1994!

  • londongirl

    the most gorgeous actor ever.
    just beautiful.

  • Missouri girl

    Is that smart water he’s got in his hand? HEHE

  • Missouri girl

    IT IS!

  • A


  • [unFamous Fug Face]

    7 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/17/2007 at 2:49 pm
    I’m starting to think he’s a f@g too

  • Didi

    what a giant
    c o c k f a g

  • Molly

    @Didi – ouch jealousy hurts….

    Jake looks sexy as hell!

  • What

    Love him! So sexy!!

    And there seem to be some assholes posting here. Guess they must be fags too.

  • carolina

    Thanks for the pics!!! I tried SmartWater last week too-it’s great!!! Wise choice Jakey!!!!

  • aj

    Hey, don’t use words like f*g, it’s really insulting. Maybe he’s gay/bi maybe not, who cares really? Stop being so f*****g homophobic, it’s 2007 for god’s sake!

  • Daniel

    He’s had a shave!

  • heb

    Maybe it’s his pacifier that mommy gave him the other day. He is gay, right?


    So now he’s shilling for smartwater too – what a dummy, and he’s not even getting paid. Do yourself a favor Jake, drink tap. You’re drinking it anyway. Donate the 5 bucks you paid for that to big brothers.

  • Michael C


  • Anon.

    Hey Heb: Take your sophomoric, homophobic comments to Dlisted or Perez!

    BTW: Jacob ain’t gay, trust me on this.

  • Anon.

    Nasty little trolls are out. Too bad. Jake made it perfectly clear he’s straight. He’s also gay friendly. Some of you OTOH, are homophobic jerks. But enuf about you.

    Damn he is so sexy !!!!
    I love the way he looks!! Totally. I also think it is SO WRONG for the paps to be literally at his front door of his house. Rotten. The laws need to be fixed. That is a gross invasion of his privacy. I can understand when he is walking down a street or at a restaurant or a store, but his home should NOT be violated like that. Especially knowing that now anyone is a pap and many of them have criminal records and are felons with cameras.

  • Archer

    Here is a sneak peak from the production of Jake’s new film

    The Influence TeaserAdd to My Profile | More Videos

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    what’s wrong with him drinking smartwater?

    If it was Poland Springs would he still be dumb..

  • Jillian R

    He creepy how he walks.

  • Indie

    10 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/17/2007 at 3:27 pm
    Oh you have a shitload of that water – cool, what does it taste like?? Lol

    It tastes like.. water. :lol:

    Actually I prefer it over the other brands. It has a clean taste. I like, and I couldnt care less who promotes it. ^__^

  • brian

    7 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/17/2007 at 2:49 pm
    I’m starting to think he’s a f@g too.
    I’m starting to think you’re tinhat too.
    Do you know what that means?

  • Mike

    OMG – Strong arms & healthy, athletic look..

  • peteski

    People shouldn’t throw the word “f*g” around here, considering the editor of this site you so regularly visit and gives you hours of entertainment for your dull lives is gay himself.

    And I agree with some of you, smartwater has a great taste but is just overpriced purified tap water.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Lol. Indie, there so many different brands of water out, to me their all the same. I also could careless who promotes it.

    Imagine: disliking a brand of ‘water’ because of [insert name]

    brian, good job ~ Fug’s clapping for you – brilliant post, want a cookie?

  • Anon.

    Can I just say. Jared has the best gossip site on the Internet. And he gives great information and it’s smart and cool. No mean, nasty, snarky, petty comments here. So y’all can take your stanky butts on away from here and go see your buddy Perez or Michael from dlisted.
    Skanks and trolls will feel more at home there. Bye, bye, now! LOL!

  • brian

    Famous Fug Face, clapping for me? How clever i

    am! No,i want a bottle of smartwater.bwahahaha!

  • laura

    OMG! Jake is totally hot! He alters my system hormone.

  • hellocat

    I think he’s pissed. what the hell are the paps doing? They are simpley stalking him to his home. Leave Jake alone please.

    BTW, He’s hot except when he wears a beard.His beard turns me off.

  • frenchie

    personally I never found him that hot! he’s handsome and looks classy but there’e no hotness in him! I saw him in Cannes, actually he has no personality, very shy never open his mouth, he was totally overshadowed by his other co-stars

  • yeah

    LOL @ Frenchie.To me he had all the personality and was great in all the Cannes interviews. And looked amazingly sexy and HOT!

  • justin

    i admire him so much
    love love love

  • Olivia

    my friends and i saw him after dinner walking with his mom in the lower west side. he’s so tiny! i thought he would be taller – his imdb says he’s 6’0 – but, he couldn’t have been more than 5’7″. anyway, i made a point to say, “hi jake!” but, he wasn’t very friendly at all.

  • What

    Olivia, Jake is 6’0. I have seen him in person too. And maybe he didn’t hear you when you said “hi”.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    [45] when you seen Jake did you run up on him with a measuring tape and tell him to stand still while you measured him?

  • Sarah

    If he was gay, so what? Stop being homophobic and GROW UP.

  • What

    Fug Face, you really are a an ass-hole.

  • Jess


  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Ok [What]I guess you didn’t measure him, Lol so you have no idea how tall he is.. STFU