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Posh's First Shopping Spree as an "American"

Posh's First Shopping Spree as an

Victoria Beckham is already at it, going on her first shopping spree since arriving in Los Angeles!

But don’t go jumping to conclusions!

After hubby David‘s introduction to the LA Galaxy soccer team, Posh picked up seven replica David Beckham-branded “Number 23″ LA Galaxy jersey tops and soccer balls at the Team LA Store at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

Posh admitted they’re for her her three sons and family — what a thoughtful mommy!

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victoria beckham buying soccer jerseys 01
victoria beckham buying soccer jerseys 02
victoria beckham buying soccer jerseys 03
victoria beckham buying soccer jerseys 04
victoria beckham buying soccer jerseys 05
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Photos: Paul Cochrane/Team Beckham/Splash News Online
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  • African Girl

    Amazing…just Amazing

  • [~Famous~]

    First of many.

  • Stella

    Her Birken bag collection must cost a fortune. I only wish for one and she has a dozen.

  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    They love love the attention.Please,no more the couple robot.

    We hate them.

  • whatever

    David is the one Americas want to watch, not her, she should have stayed back in England.

  • brookbeck

    boooooohooooo she bought tshirts and now she on the net

  • beckamugh


  • Sarah

    What is this? The “I love Beckhams” site? How can you even like them let alone love them. Overexposed. I bet most people can’t even name what team David Beckham transferred to.

  • [~Famous~]

    Better a Beckham site than a [insert acronym] site.

  • Prediction

    She’s growing on me. I think it’s cute she went to Team Shop with all those people. She could of just had them shipped to their home. She needs to drop the bling though

  • Beth

    LOVE HER! Shes such a thoughtful mom for her boys! I

  • lilflowa

    The paps want to follow her so what the hey..might aswell!! hahahaha im loving the anti beckham ppl because most of them r seriously having withdrawl symptons for the lack of their favourite couple posts!!

    Come on jared through em a bone n put up a pic of the RARE school run….that’ll settle them hahhahahahaha

  • nicetry

    why don’t you change the name of the site to “”

  • Prediction

    I’d love for this couple to take the place of Brangelina on this site. Give the Jolie-Pitt’s a much needed rest

  • lilflowa

    thats a good idea nicetry!!! Jared u reading?? hahaha its better than “” heheh

  • rippa

    She could so easily have those Tshirts delivered or picked up by a flunky, but no, she had to get all dressed up and take her gang of bodyguards to pick them up herself. Media whore. Or just plain whore.

  • Laura

    So SICK of them.

  • lilflowa

    Erm she was already wearing that for Davids appearance and the glaxy shop is probably on the same grounds! she can do what she wants…..and whats wrong with being a media-whoRe? u say it like its a bad thing? hahahahahahah

  • rippa

    um, lilflowa, media whore is a bad hging

  • rippa

    I mean thing

  • lilflowa

    i know…..sarcasm n e 1?

  • May


  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    Boycott Victoria and David threads.

  • a

    wow, look at all those people. just to go shopping. i’d suffocate getting through check-out.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She looking wonderful and very Posh. She wearing a Barbie Doll looking dress in Barbie doll pink. lol! She knows how to work the media. She’s so posh! She’s hilarious!

  • live and learn

    Thanks Jared. The Beckhams are the BEST. Pretty in pink.

  • f4ri

    I love how when its Brangelina posts, this site is not called a brangelina site but “thanks jared you are god!” but now its Beckham, this is a Beckham fansite? Hypocrites.

  • vicky

    I love them !! Thanks Jared ! I want more !!

  • Sarah

    LOL #15. I thought I was the only one bored with Brangelina taking their children to school or sending them to ANOTHER new school which seemed to have happened weekly.

  • a jolie-pitt fan

    I miss the Jolie-Pitts. So glad my other favorite couple is here. I love the Beckhams! :D



  • Beth

    Yes, I love all the Beckham posts. They are a fabulous couple. I love them, cant wait to see more of these amazing people :)

  • Prix

    I have nothing against the Beckhams’, but really now, ENOUGH already!

    Surely,there MUST be someone else for you to fawn over Jared.

  • Oh Well

    Over Kill………….

  • Dotte

    Pretty in Pink!

  • Dotte

    Love all the Beckham news, Thanks JJ!

  • ann

    I don’t understand people who are always complaining, Oh im so sick of them, too much overexposure blah blha blah

    Well its not there fault the paps follow them EVERYWHERE and then blogs and sites post them on the web! Why are you people even on JJ then? GEEEZZ

    What do you want them to do? Stay home all day? They have a life too.

  • peggy

    I’ve already grown tired of her one and only pose. The one with her head turned to the side and her mouth open. She’s too skinny, too leather tanned and over-processed. He is the draw, the looks and the talent. However,if the Galaxy does not do well in the first year, L.A. is screwed and the Becks will have to find another country that will grow tired of them. It will probably happen sooner than you think. Sorry kids. I really like futbol.

  • Posh&David=fake marriage

    Becks cheated on pregnant Posh
    August 7, 2006

    Victoria and David Beckhams marriage looks shaky amid reports that Becks cheated on his then fiancée who was carrying their first child back in 1998.

    Former page three model turned reality TV star Emma Ryan claims to have had a six week tryst with the then rising football star during which they played strip scrabble and he sent her steamy text messages according to reports in NW.

    Ryan said it all started with some steamy kissing at a bar in Manchester whilst Victoria also known as Posh was on tour with The Spice Girls.

    He wanted to see me naked and couldnt wait to play a game of strip Scrabble Ryan said.

    Beckhams people tried to make out it was just a brief fling. But the truth is it was much much more.

    Now Im determined the whole world will know the truth. It was a love affair. We both had very deep feelings for each other.

    A furious Posh later found phone messages from Ryan and reportedly went into a fit or rage which caused her to punch her husband who broke down in tears.

    Ryan now a contestant on British reality TV show Love Island, plans to spill the beans on Becks on national television.

    The allegations could hardly come at a worst time for the father of three as he celebrates his seventh anniversary with his wife who is reportedly trying to conceive their fourth child.

    Ryans allegations comes just two years after Beckhams former PA Rebecca Loos made around $2.4m from selling the details of her affair with the English football star.

  • hmmm

    hey fake marriage, at least they have staying power and work at their marriage like normal people. I respect this unlike some other spoiled schmuck who thought the grass was greener on the other side.

  • Cheater

    #39 That article reminds me of another cheater named Brad Pitt!

  • david is a cheating pig

    Wow he does cheat what a looser.
    And I google Brad cheatin before posting to see what Jennifer said about it and she says Brad did not cheat.Google it.I did its in a VF article.

    But David is disgusting,no wonder Victoria shops to try and 4get his straying eyes.Gross!

  • Brad is a cheating pig

    #42 Everyone knows what Brad did, so don’t try to sugarcoat it! Brad is a cheater and everyone who has any brain cells knows that!

  • Cheater David & toJen A fan#43

    David I think Posh should dump you,you keep cheating.

    43 Brad is a cheating pig
    #42 Everyone knows what Brad did, so don’t try to sugarcoat it! Brad is a cheater and everyone who has any brain cells knows that!

    Is that U Jen A.? Explain this its what you/Cox said in the mag.
    Aniston vehemently rejects the interpretation that she was left.
    I dont feel like a victim she says.

    Does she buy Brads claim that he didnt cheat on her before they were separated? Yes I believe my husband Aniston says.

    I dont think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her says Courteney Cox who vacationed with her husband, David Arquette, and the Pitts on Anguilla just before they announced their separation. There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they dont tell. At least he was honest about it.
    I dont think he was trying to hurt Jen says Courteney Cox, Anistons dear friend and former co star on Friends. I dont think that Brad is malicious, or a liar.
    Aniston has only kind words about her marriage. I still feel so lucky to have experienced it. I wouldnt know what I know now if I hadnt been married to Brad she says. I love Brad I really love him. I will love him for the rest of my life. Hes a fantastic man. I dont regret any of it.
    It was a beautiful complicated relationship.

    BTW Victoria should kick his @ss!

  • Chris

    welcome to america Posh…. cant wait to watch the new show

  • Brad is a cheating pig

    Sorry 44, don’t mean to burst your bubble, but no Jen fan I am, never seen one of her movies and etc. I don’t understand why you would refer to me as so just because I said Brad cheated on her, and because I said that it doesn’t automatically make me a Jen fan, that’s a silly assumption! But whatever helps you sleep at night!

  • num46 STFU 3yrs ago geez

    num 46 ummm..Hey then STFU! You repeated the same nonsense on Vicky’s other thread ‘reminds me of another cheater Brad Pitt.’STFU already that Pitt stuff was 3 yrs ago ‘build a bridge an get over it’ beyatch!

    This is Beckums thread. Geez ,Aniston does not even belong near Vic an David’s thread. Obsess Much? Everyone knows Brad aint cheat, he should have wit her dude face. But why is David cheating on my favorite Spice girl she aint no fugly Aniston?

  • http://sickosontheLoose! sicko’s on the Loose

    46 poster brad is cheating pig, i think ur a pighead w/ a monkeybrain. the only people who hate brad is mostly those who sympathize w/ jennifer, so monkeybrain w/ a hogface give it up. stop pretending and denying the obvious, okay?

  • hehe

    i want a Jersey too!!!!!!!!!! just because.

  • may

    its much much much better than when it was brangelina fansite.