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The Beckham Family @ Toys "R" Us

The Beckham Family @ Toys

Hollywood’s latest residents David and Victoria Beckham take their three sons — Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2 – to a Culver City branch of Toys “R” Us on Saturday morning in Los Angeles.

The family piled into Victoria‘s customized ‘VB’ Bentley after their toy shopping spree. (The initials VB are monogrammed onto the seat headrests.)

Brooklyn wore an LA Galaxy jersey to at Toys “R” Us, Romeo picked out Peanut M&Ms and don’t you love how baby Cruz is waving around the American flag?! Hahaha!

40+ pictures inside of the shady Beckhams going toy store shopping…

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beckham family toys r us 01
beckham family toys r us 02
beckham family toys r us 03
beckham family toys r us 04
beckham family toys r us 05
beckham family toys r us 06
beckham family toys r us 07
beckham family toys r us 08
beckham family toys r us 09
beckham family toys r us 10
beckham family toys r us 11
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beckham family toys r us 14
beckham family toys r us 15
beckham family toys r us 16
beckham family toys r us 17
beckham family toys r us 18
beckham family toys r us 19
beckham family toys r us 20
beckham family toys r us 21
beckham family toys r us 22
beckham family toys r us 23
beckham family toys r us 24
beckham family toys r us 25
beckham family toys r us 26
beckham family toys r us 27
beckham family toys r us 28
beckham family toys r us 29
beckham family toys r us 30
beckham family toys r us 31
beckham family toys r us 32
beckham family toys r us 33
beckham family toys r us 34
beckham family toys r us 35
beckham family toys r us 36
beckham family toys r us 37
beckham family toys r us 38
beckham family toys r us 39
beckham family toys r us 40
beckham family toys r us 41
beckham family toys r us 42

Photos: Shinn/Rrg/Bauer-Griffin, Team Beckham/David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • Babysis

    !st! i think..
    Their kids are so cute!!

  • Natasha

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • unhappy marriage

    Look at her faux breasts they are huge. His hair is blah.

    Victoria Beckham Wants Plastic Surgery she recently confessed shes not satisfied with her body and there are a lot of things she would like to change. Victoria has never admitted she has had a breast operation, even though in 2002, model Jordan claimed Posh Spice had had plastic surgery saying ,I know she has Ive seen them.

  • Daniel

    Is Brooklyn the one in the black?

  • laila
  • laila


  • Just Jared

    Daniel: Brooklyn is the one in the white LA Galaxy jersey. Romeo is in the one in the black polo.

  • Hulla

    Becks is hot and Posh has style but the kids are nothing special imo, not even cute.

  • Just Jared

    Romeo is super cute, actually.

  • http://justjared star

    glad they are here. look like great parents, and cannot wait to take my goddaughter down to watch the soccer. plus they are soooooo hot.

  • Nana

    Aww Cruz is adorable!

  • Hassy

    Wat a pleasure to see them!….Becks rockssss

    Amazing hype!…rightly so

  • lilflowa


  • Sarah

    I was waiting for a new interesting topic…but we get the “I LOVE BECKHAMS” thing again… :(

  • lilflowa

    oh yh i loove posh’s outfit! i want those trousers they look sooo chic!! and im glad you cant see bones on her chest!! i think posh may have gained a lil bit of weight but she looks fab regardless

  • jessica

    their children are beautiful! such cuties. and david and victoria are both hot. i watched her on leno last night and omg she was soo totally different to how i thought! i love her now, she was soo unbelievably sweet and charming!

  • Kyle

    Like the paps were just sitting outside of Toys R Us, LOL. WHAT ATTENTION-WH#RES!!! These people alert the press for everything. They have seen what lousy parents everyone thingks they are (they are, no one can raise normal kids in all the media frenzy the Beckhams manipulate for themselves and parents who cheat have very stormy, ugly marriages and it’s hell for the kids) so here come all the photo-ops with the up-til-now missing children.

    HEY THERE VICTORIA, DID YOU SHOW YOUR KIDS THOSE AMAZINGLY UGLY PANTIES YOU WORE WHEN YOU OPENED WIDE FOR AMERICA (while you claim to be “private??”) Good parents don’t do tacky underwear pictures so their kids will be embarrassed by their attention-wh#ring parents. Good parents don’t make life a paparazzi hell for their kids. Victoria and David are too self-centered to even know what it takes to be good parents and PR driven photo-ops don’t count as being good parents, LOL.

  • j.dizzle

    man these paparazzi are gonna make them wanna leave LA..they”ll like the attention at first but its gonna be a 24-7 annoyance after a few weeks..i hope they dont get sick of them and leave LA cuz of it haha

  • lulah

    kyle just shut up
    oh yes it’s not brangelina

  • mason

    Yeah, 16, she was totally different on Leno – up til now, I onmly THOUGHT she was a stupid attention wh#re, now I know for a FACT that this woman is the most narcissistic, dumbest attention-seeking moron in this country right now. God, she is so awful, why doesn’t she do something about her teeth and her bad boob job? She is just fugly, inside and out. NOT possible for a woman as narcisstic as this to be a good wife and mother. This is a woman who lives ONLY for herself and no one else. Thanks for the interviews, Victoria, so we don’t have to just THINK you are a vapid no-talent limey – now we know for sure. I can’t figure out why David doesn’t reel the stupid b#tch in.

  • lilflowa

    yeh cos the papz are dumb they would not have a clue where the family was if they did nott alert them…….DONT BE A DUMBASS YOU FULLY WELL KNOW THE PAPZ WAS PROBABLY CAMPING OUTSIDE THEIR HOUSE DER LIKE FRIGGIN FBI MAN U CANT ESCAPE

    But you want to make stuff up so u feel justified in hating them so yeh carry on kyle….feeling better hun?

  • Christie

    such cute kids! I can’t wait to see Becks when he comes to Toronto for play in August

    btw, as much as I’m a fan of Victoria, the chick needs to eat a sandwhich and wear a bra. Seriously, with all that money’s she’s got, she can afford one … no bashing, just an observation from me

  • mason

    LOL, lulah, truth hurts you too much, YOU shut the hell up, this is America, freedom of speech rules even if you can’t take the truth about the fugly as hell Beckhams. Don’t like it, get lost.

  • Lister

    Yeah, hard to escape the paps when your PR machine is alerting them to your every move. Like Victoria doesn’t want attention? Geez, wake up and smell the reality.

  • brookbeck

    look at how cute they look. they seem to really be blendong in to their new life. brooklyn,romeo and cruz are so adorable

  • cruisin

    THIS WOMAN IS UGLY! David is SO going to replace her. Question is, will it be with a guy or a chick.

  • Hot Damn

    That guy is too hot. I’m already tired of Posh.

  • Beth


    This family is ADORABLE! They look like great parents, taking their cute kids to Toys R Us. Thanks Jared!

  • Lady W

    The Beckham boys are seriously some of the cutest celebrity babies I have seen. Nothing like new toys to settle you in a new country.

  • suzy

    if they split up who gets the kids? david looks like he spends time with them and they actually seem to like their dad better.

  • Passing Through

    Can these two be any bigger famewh#res? Their kid carrying an American flag? Jesus. Just when I think Posh has stooped to the lowest ever in pimping herself and her kids…she tops the tacky W photoshoot with her kid carrying the American flag. She really IS the British Tom Cruise, isn’t she? Maybe Okra can get put Posh on her show and let Mrs.Becks jump up and down on the sofa.

  • jeez

    Not them again! really really sick of seeing David beckam and his wife’s silly faces every time I come here. Kids are cute but so are most kids. Thinking of giving up this site.

  • nokia

    i bet mason’s mother dont have any breast or cannot afford to have a boob job so mason jealous.. and i bet mason’s father cannot afford their family because he is stupid so he also jealous of people with fame and money…

  • nokia

    and I bet kyle know nottin what life is like in hollywood.. in here press always follow them waiting near their house or something like that.. find some money kyle, and get an information before u act like u know everything

  • Bonnie

    They remind me of J Lo and Ben Affleck a few years ago. Desperate for attention and making it obvious. They need a new publicity agent.

  • nokia

    oh and she wore a bra..oper yr eyes blind people

  • Natasha

    #32, go ahead, there are enough people who want to see their pics to make up for you

  • Mrs. Fugly

    @ Christie, Victoria does actually have a bra on. You can see it when, she’s actually bending or and touching David’s back while, David is putting the bags in the back seat of the car. Picture #3.
    She looks amazing. I love her grey jean trousers and big black belt she has on. Her waist is so teeny! Her feet are too! lol!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    BTW- The boy’s are so cute! Have buzz cuts like daddy. Good idea for the summer. My hubby and son have a buzz cut too. The Beckham’s will soon find out it, gets HOT in the summertime in California.

  • Nadia

    cute family

  • j

    This first thing i checked for was her bra! I saw her on Jay Leno and i really thought she was super cute. Whatever about all this fame whore nonsense- ALL CELEBS ARE FAME WHORES AND THATS WHY WE HAVE BLOGS TO READ EVERY DAY!!!

  • Moonlight

    All three are cute, but Romeo is adorable. What a doll.

  • [~Famous~]

    Her hair rocks!

    The Beckhams = JustJared’s Favorite Celeb Family.

  • Roger

    Saw V.B. on Leno last night (by accident). Looks like she got dentures or veneers before they moved to the U.S. because she was SMILING the whole time. Have you ever seen someone in their 80′s with perfect teeth? That’s how hers looked. Too perfect (and too big) for someone in their 30′s. She’s basically a BIMBO. I can see how she and Katie Holmes have a lot in common. Their both golddiggers and whor-s. Each had to get pregnant to get money and married!!!

  • Beth

    YES the papz are camping outside their house and then follow them when they leave- duh!

    Seriously though, how freaking ADORABLE are they all..

    TOO CUTE!! :)

  • Sophia

    Roger.. i dont know if you know but Victoria was the rich and famous one before marry David. She didnt needed to get pregger to get money.

  • jess


  • Lilly

    Ohh Laa Laa… Gotta Love Becks, Calvins Kleins! ;)

  • Corpus Christi

    That smallest child should be in a car seat!! They need to get an SUV if they are gonna be having family outings.I FREAKING hate this couple.. They are so arrogant! I pray thay nothing happens, but that child should be in a car seat and there ain’t no way a car seat can fit in the back of that car with two other boys sitting back there too.

    Stupid Brits!

  • To: 49

    49 Corpus Christi : 07/14/2007 at 9:19 pm
    That smallest child should be in a car seat

    The youngest child would most likely be in a booster seat and yes there is plenty of room behind the passanger seat for a booster seat to fit there.