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David Beckham: Ankle is Looking Up!

David Beckham: Ankle is Looking Up!

David Beckham strikes a fierce pose on the soccer field while training with the Los Angeles Galaxy at RFK Stadium in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, Becks held another let’s-talk-about-my-ankle press conference, saying that his ankle “is looking up. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“If it’s not right, it’s not right,” he added. “It’s one of these injuries that it has to be right for me to play. There are going to be people that maybe don’t understand, but it’s a sports injury. I can’t really apologize for being injured.”

“Hopefully I will play some part of it,” Beckham added of tonight’s match against D.C. United. “We’re not sure yet.”

20+ pictures inside of Becks training…

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Photos: Shaun Botterill/Getty
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  • Dirty Cougar

    HOTNESS! Minus the tattoos Beck’s, would be perfect!

  • he’s faking it

    Excuses, excuses, Mr.SQUEAKY Voice is still making.
    SISSY BALL don’t count in the USA anyway.

  • abusive

    He has yellow skin. Why is that?

  • Sara


    Glad his ankles doing a little better!


  • Yily

    Thank goodness David’s ankle is healing nicely. I can’t wait to see him play. I like his jersey. I bought it before it was sold out. Worth the $80 heheh.

  • sheryl


  • jolieandbecks

    Aww poor Becks his ankle is still swollen and a bit bruised . He shouldn’t play tomorrow.

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people play soccer!

  • bimoli


  • e

    David Beckham Coming to America – All Thunders but no rain!
    But he is still a cutie pie…

  • vicky

    get well soon David !


    I’m ok now… thanks jared! :D

  • same-o

    More than half his comments will be ‘he’s hot’ or lame excuses
    ‘why he can’t play”he’s injured’…yeah, ok ,right.

    Most posters will be the same poster with a new different name.

    They almost never say anything substantial,,because there is nothing to say,,
    oh yeah ,repeat -repeat-, he’s hot = he’s injured= same poster= different name..hahahaha

  • Hulla

    So should be more more like the psychotic freaks in the Brangelina threads?

  • kelana

    look at him, just look at him. if it weren’t for the strange voice, what am i saying??? he’s just perfect! so sexy, loves the legs.

  • liza

    I may be crazy, but he really isn’t that hot…

  • to#14 Hull-icination the craze instigator

    No we should all be more like you- who had nada to say, but drag others into our thread, and then call em’ names ,when this is a Beck’s thread you dum@ss!
    Read your sentence it’s not complete, you were so in a haste to knock AJ fans, looser. Btw it’s true he is super hot! There’s others who are not impress with Beck on this site, my friends who love baseball and love Barry, who enjoy football hate him immensley and they are no fans of anyone, except sports figures. But I think he’s hot.

  • Tate

    What a joke this Becks has turned out to be. Injured, yeah yeah that excuse is getting boring. Becks is scared because his PR people have built him up to be the best soccer player in the world, when in reality Becks is slow and extremely overrated.

    As usual he’s training but still striking a pose for the camera’s.

    Go back to England you useless piece of sh*t.

  • flamboyan

    Gorgous, good skills, rich, famous, hapy family.
    What a perfect man!!!

  • Nic

    #18 – We’d happily have him back in England, then he won’t be wasting his talent with LA Galaxy!! You obviously know nothing at all about Beck’s, there is no way in the world he would fake an injury, football..sorry, soccer is his life and he wants to be out on the field playing every game, that’s why he’s letting his ankle heal – why should he risk more serious injury by playing just to suit the fans, he’s doing the right thing and will be all the better for it when he gets to play!!!!

  • Tate

    #20 – Am sure YOU would like him back in England. What PL club would want him? definately not the top 3/4. West Ham might or Newcastle. Face facts Becks is not good enough anymore and he’s too old. He’s more of a model / celebrity than an athelete. He is faking that injury.

  • Lulu

    #21 Chelsea and Arsenal wanted him

  • factory_girl

    Why would he be faking an injury right now, when it is very apparent that the american public is getting really pissed off at him not playing. it doesn’t make any sense PR-wise … actually it is a disaster!

    that he has to come out doing statements like these just shows how stupid the general public is!

    He is injured … there is nothing he can do about that and anyone who critizises him for it is just pathetic!

    It is people like you who will push him into coming back too early resulting in aggravating the ankle again and missing even more games.

  • lii

    Tate – If Real Madrid – possibly the greatest club in the history of the game admitted they made a mistake and wanted to keep him then im sure he could easily get a top EPL club. Inter Milan (the Italian champions) wanted him aswell, so dont talk nonsense.

    Anyone who knows about David knows he would never fake an inury, the reason he has this inury so long is because he was desperate to play on it for England and Madrid, thus making it worse. Time and time again hes played through minor inuries for his club, but an ankle ligamment inury is a terrible injury to have, its not minor. He loves to play football, so dont talk crap about him. If you think hes passed it you really musn’t have watched his season at Madrid, where along with Ruud Van Nistlerooy and Iker Casillas he was their most important player in the title run in. The team really suffered without him there

  • Ellie

    If he’s injured, he can’t play! Playing football is his favourite thing in the world- I EXTREMELY doubt- infact I KNOW that he is not choosing not to play. If he was going to play the match, there’s the chance his ankle will become worse which is the last thing he needs as then he will have to wait even longer to be able to play. His ankle is recovering, and that is what it needs to do before he starts to play again or he might just be back to square one and all of you people moaning will be at it for even longer.
    So I give you a bit of advice- shut up.

  • chanck

    It’s time to give up soccer… porn industry looks promising ;) ;)


  • Suckers

    I agree with some of the others on here, Beckham is overrated. All you girlies on here are blinded by his “hotness”.

    No he was not wanted by Chelsea or Arsenal. Real Madrid turned into a joke of a club when they signed Beckham, and he was one of their weakest players to begin with.

  • BigDeal

    Not my type, that’s for sure. He looks and talks like a sissy.

  • Grana

    Nobody is blinded by his ‘hotness’ but there sure are some people blinded by the flashbulbs that follow him everywhere and can fail to see past them.

    Real Madrid turned into a joke of a club when they signed Beckham? Yeh sure, a joke of a club that played the best football ever seen on the planet. He’s never sold himself as the best player in the world because he knows he’s not and everybody else knows he isnt but whilst he may not be Zidane, he is still pretty damn good.

    Beleive what you want and yeh, people probably are laughing their asses of at the americans for being so bloody ignorant.

  • lefreak

    what a fruitcake. go back to england.

  • Beth

    I love this man.

    He is obviously working very hard to get his ankle better asap. He wants to play football.

    He is looking extremely HOT and gorgeous as usual!

  • Becks is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED!

    Top Notch “footballers”:

    (1) Zidane
    (2) Cristiano Ronaldo (he also has youth on his side!)
    (3) Ronaldiho
    (4) Steven Gerrard
    (5) Lionel Mesi.

    Beckham has one “talent” on the pitch- his ability to place assists and to “bend” the ball… look up the world’s best lists- Not 1 of them mentions Beckham! Beckahams’ ONLY draw is that, yes, he does possess talent- but his main draw is his model-good looks and celeb lifestyle- nothing that has ANYTHING to do with football! Of course, the clubs PR machines love him- he definitely sells alot of “merchandise” now, doesn’t he? other than that- he’s just a “pretty boy” benchwarmer!

  • RabidPooch

    “Yeh sure, a joke of a club that played the best football ever seen on the planet.”

    The best football ever seen on the planet?

    Real Madrid? They had a good season….after a bad start, and they even had controversy over Beckham, even from manager Fabio Capello ….but
    NOT the best football ever seen on the planet.

  • jx

    lol…at those who believe he’s making excuses and faking it. Just ignorant and mean-spirited.

    At #13 – As if the other threads aren’t like that lol — open your eyes. I guess you haven’t been in the brad and angelina threads at all.

  • jmelinda

    # 34 ,brad and angie no need to keep draggin them in this and every thread, they dont even know him. beck is hot, except his voice creeps me out.

  • beck

    he is injured and you really have to let injuries heal alll the way through. when he played against chelsea he got even more hurt; he could of been playing already. people sya he is one of the best and make him look like the best ever, but he isn’t, people just expect him to be the best. but he is reallyy good.
    and how is he posing for the cameras???? losers
    oh and i play soccer so i would know about injuries. i didnt get to play for like a month.

  • Grana

    33 RabidPooch :
    “Yeh sure, a joke of a club that played the best football ever seen on the planet.”

    The best football ever seen on the planet?

    Real Madrid? They had a good season….after a bad start, and they even had controversy over Beckham, even from manager Fabio Capello ….but
    NOT the best football ever seen on the planet.


    I wasnt talking about last season but clearly thats as much as you have seen. I was referring to when Real Madrid signed Beckham, the football they played was out of this world; Ronaldo was on fire, Zidane was as magnificent as ever, Roberto Carlos was running up and down the left flank like an 18 year, Figo was running and defenders and Beckham was playing in the middle of it all and not looking one bit out of place. A joke I think not.

    #32, have you ever even watched a match of football? Sure, Beckham’s not in the top 5 but neither should are over half of those players you mentioned.

  • Tealeaf

    He looks sexy in that last pic

  • myself

    Don’t like the tattoos at all! Looks nasty.

  • Cynthia

    I sympathize with you Davey, can’t apologize for being injured. Get well soon.

  • xsleekx

    hes so sexy

  • Lica

    Bad ankles ¬¬
    Love U Becks! (L)

  • Tate

    #37, wow you do talk some nonsense! I guess you only watch football when Beckham plays. FYI Real Madrid had not won La Liga since 2003 coincidently since Beckham had signed. Beckham and his long balls did not suit RM, they were used to quick passes. Barcelona played fantastic football not RM. I don’t deny that Becks got better and played his heart out in 2006/07.

    I’m finishing off now because you clearly know nothing about football, if you do not think that half of #32′s top five shouldn’t be on that list.

  • df

    well, DAMN! (in reference to the first pic)
    i’m sorry but i’d hit on this dude even if he was with his family.