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Britney Spears is Rite

Britney Spears is Rite

Britney Spears is seen with her cousin and assistant Alli Sims making a run through the drive thru of a fast food restaurant for a soda and then stopping at a local Rite Aid Drug Store in Los Angeles,

We last saw Britney wearing green contact lenses, and seducing a college student earlier last week.

Britney is now the subject of a police investigation in Los Angeles after hitting a motorist’s car while trying to park her Mercedes Benz.

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  • margit

    shes looking good!
    NOT -.-

  • Nadia

    she should go see dr.phil for some help

  • babyt

    I give her about another 6 months and if she doesn’t turn her life around, she may just be dead.

  • michele-south africa

    She is arrogant and considers herself beyond reproach. Because she is wealthy she is of the opinion that she may do exactly as she pleases and is above the law. If these young arrogant celebrities are allowed to get away with flouting the law you will get anarchy. They need to be judged the same as everyone else, and it will be the best thing you could do for her right now. It will be a HUGE wake up call.

  • sigmund

    I think that Britney and Kevin Federline had a very HEALTHY sex life, and knew how to press one another’s buttons, probably because most of the time both of them were ‘flying high’. Thing is, I think the Brit Brit still has the HOTS bigtime for K-Fed, and is trying to LURE him back into her bed by making sure she is scantily clad in most of her picture, performing on a pole, showing off her fanny, or flopping around topless in a swimming pool with other men. She is hoping the Federline of old will fancy a bit of his ‘old life’ but what she fails to realise is that he has grown in both maturity and access, (what is available to him), and he does not need her anymore, which must be driving her up the pole, in more ways than one.She is helll bent on luring him back, but Britney, give it up kid,, he is SO over you!!!!!

  • yara

    leave the girl alone. boring stories everyday

  • KD

    Man, she better support those floppy boobs if she doesn’t want them down around her waist in a few years. Sloppy does not = sexy.

  • Lillianne

    somebody please burn the dirty pink mukluks. They don’t even look pink anymore. Everything about this girl looks dirty. Dirty hair, dirty face, dirty fingernails, dirty clothes. Geez girl, get some pride.

  • Katie N

    She dresses so bad all the time and this will help that gold digger gets the kids and a sizable portion of her money as child and spousal support. Where are her parents, family, pastor??

  • boredtodayboredtomorrow

    just looking at her makes me want to take a hot, hot shower..then delice..she is disgusting.
    nice runaway nipples..good god. she is hideous.

  • kmillz

    doesn’t she kinda look like mandy moore in the pic of her behind the

  • ???

    Brit has got to be kidding,with that get up she has on,or she is mentally unstable,the latter is more like it. Woman you need HELP! LOTS OF HELP! Only she won’t seek it, cuz she feels she is ok. Bad only begets bad..and it will get worse. I see BANKRUPTCY, CHILDREN TAKEN AWAY OR SHE PLOWS SOMEONE DOWN. Gross, BS is just gross, and I feel for her boys.

  • Yily

    Britney Spears need to cut down on the fast food. She’s been gaining weight like crazy. I don’t know if she’s eating alot because she’s depressed. But whatever the reason is, Britney does not need food to substitute for her feelings. It’s hard to cheer for Britney when her behavior is so out of control. A lot of people want to see her succeed but that’s up to her and she hasn’t shown anybody that she can do it. I think if the media would leave her a lone and give her some space, I’m sure Britney will figure everything out and will work on her comeback. But there’s too many people that are willing to put her down for a sake of a story that she I think might feel pressure or criticize and that’s not going to help her at all. Britney as we all know is an unemotional trainwreck so everything that’s written about her will affect somehow. Especially tabloid story about her being a bad mother. I think that affect her a lot.

  • WTF


  • CHArday

    you people are judging her like you know her and to the people leaving mean comments go find something to do an leave her life alone you have no say and what will happen to her just remember she makes money of of people like you. she hasnt release and ablum in three years and is still makeing the tabilods

  • sigmund

    How do you make ‘tabilods?” Just curious

  • brenda

    She is the mother of 2 children, when is she going to start dressing and acting like an adult. I hope someone else get those poor children, not necessarily kevin, but someone.

  • EvilLynn

    OK…so…here is the reason why you should never, EVER buy drugstore lipgloss: imagine this slag in Rite-Aid trying it on then putting it back on the shelf (one of those little glosses without a cardboard package, I mean. The liquidy ones that don’t show smear-marks on the tube)


  • blah

    “How do you make ‘tabilods?” Just curious”

    very, very carifooly.