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Vanessa Hudgens' Apology to Fans

Vanessa Hudgens' Apology to Fans

In light of the nude photo scandal, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has issued an apology to fans.

In a statement to, Vanessa, 18, said: “I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos . I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

Earlier this week, another statement was issued by Vanessa‘s rep: “This was a photo which was taken privately It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that it has become public.”

We still love you, Vanessa! Be good –

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  • Ella

    So proud of her.

  • http://justjared Amanda Cohen

    I think that since she is a role model to so many young kids it’s the right thing to just forget it ever happened and let it go.its not like she made a sex tape or anything like that

  • chrischdi

    me too

  • Bren

    Vanessa! We still love you!

  • heather

    Soo proud of her. Love you V

  • John

    Shes a slut. She should have just denied it. Parents should not let their kids watch her movies. She is a bad influence to all girls.

  • jessi

    shes my idol and i love her shes really great and we will always support her and we accept the apology lol

  • b—–


  • estrella


  • liveinlove


  • gayle

    I love you V. seriously guys the pictures are old she was young who cares?

  • lis15

    Very proud of you Vanessa!!!
    Still behind you 110% V!!! Love you!!!!

  • Megan

    I agree with Amanda and Ella. I am so proud of her for taking it the way she is and apologizing to the people that do admire and look up to her. I feel so bad for her and I hope it all blows over

  • Thais

    she made the right choice in saing the true…..
    all of her REAL fans are so proud of her
    and will always love her

  • Sara

    Uhm John, the pics .. IT’s HER! She can’t deny it. She acts really mature by doing this and I’m so proud of her!

  • Jen

    Support you 100% V!

  • J

    i feel so bad for the girl! i mean shes obviously not a hoe, shes been with the same guy for like 2 years now! was it smart to take the pictures in the first place? no. celebs should have that figured out by now, but whatev. they were obviously taken in private, it looks like her bedroom or a dressing room so its not like she went and posed for Playboy! i just hope this doesnt hurt her career! despite the pics, i still think that she is a good role model for young girls, especially in the hollywood world that consists of the paris’ and britneys!

  • cole


  • Maahem

    Well it was really irrespobisble of her.
    I just wonder what will happen to her Disney career.

  • zanessa

    we love you vanessa

  • Caroline

    We love you & always will Vanessa!

  • Jéssica
  • Megan

    the pictures are old and we all make mistakes. Alot of Hollywood stars are doing way worse and aren’t admitting it. She is taking the mature way and staying true to her fans

  • Lana

    I think it’s amazing that she has come out and admitted and apologized already for what happened. Many celebrities would have chosen the wrong way to deal with this.

    No way does this change what kind of person she is, I can’t stand all these stupid comments.

    As a girl i can just imagine how she feels, there is so much more pressure on the women.
    I still support and love her, don’t worry, Vanessa!

  • Sorry

    Why doesn’t everyone just leave her alone theres no need to bash her. She just doesnt deserve this. At least she owned up to and apoligized. I think i respect her more now then ever. She stood up accepted resbonsibility for her actions and didnt back down like so many other young starlets would have. She acted like an adult and shes more of a role model to me now for not acting like a coward but instead acting like a very sorry young woman. I’m so proud of her and I personally am 100% behind her!

  • diana


  • Jamie

    Vanessa WE STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • lauren

    why is everyone saying they are proud of her? she is a dumb girl desperate for attention. what a sa-lut. i hope disney drops her ass.

  • cor


  • No

    I just dont think that apologizing will solve it. You think that apologizing will just make it all better? What are little girls going to think now? That taking racy pictures and apologizing will be OK That it’s ok to take racy pictures and send it to your boyfriend? Sure she did the right thing and confessed but I just lost all respect for her. She said that she was a good girl with good morals. But seeing this, just made me disrespect her.

    Sorry Vanessa, but you just lost a fan…

  • stillthereforme

    So proud of her!! I still support and love her!

  • Sarah

    Don’t listen to the haters BBV! You are my hero, and a great rolemodel. Who cares, you made made one mistake, compared to Britney and Lindsay’s like million. Still support you %110.

  • Flisbeth

    Nothing to do than keep her head high and ride this out…so far she is doing just that! Keep it up. Just proves what most of us already knew..that even famous people are at the end of the day just people. Keep your head high Miss Vanessa and this to shall pass

  • estrella


  • Emily

    We still love you Vanessa! Nevermind all those evil people writing evil stuff. Everything you’ve shown your fans have been perfect, everyone have to mess up sometimes.

  • A mom

    We just love you even more for owning up to it! My family will continue to watch out for you. I still think that you are a good role model! Your past and pesonal life is not our business. Keep your head up Vanessa, many of us are behind you all the way! :-)

  • skankylilho

    whatever, you are really a s-k-an-ky lil w-h-o-r-e

  • estrella



  • Maj

    Ill be a V fan no matter what!! The pics look like it was taken years ago..anyways just because she took those pics doesnt deny the fact that I believe she’s so talented and gorgeous and Im sure she’s going through a lot right now so Im happy that there are still fans out there that still support her. All those people calling her a Slut and a Hoe GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW HER SO WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HER?! These were personal pictures and whose to say all the celebrities out there dont have dirty secrets? It just happened to be hers that leaked out Give her a fucking break



  • stillthereforme

    oh btw, #7 John, you’re an idiot!! She took the high ground and admitted what she had done. Props to her!

  • Beckybsb
  • lauren

    how about we give props to young teenagers who dont take nude photos?

  • sandrea

    there’s a big difference between being a h** and taking a picture for the guy she’s interested in. maybe people calling her that should check the dictionary and look it up so they could understand what it means.

    it takes real gutts to admit AT ONCE that she was in the picture. she’s a real deal! how many hollywood celebrities would do that? not many, coz a lot are fake! at least she’s got the body, flaunted it… but the only mistake was that a third person got hold of it.

    fans are proud! surely, disney i disappointed.. but still they should be proud of her!

  • good on you v

    stop hatin u h8ers nd giv her sum support bcz it was sapose 2 b private nd d person shud seriousli apologize 2 v..

  • el

    V you are so brave and I have to really admire you for owning up to this, and all of ur real supporters are here to stay so no worries! u dont need to listen to all the haters because its what they do, they hate! dont let any of their words get to u! I wish u the best of luck! u are a strong woman and with the support of ur fans and family, friends, and Zac, u will get through this!

  • vsol

    there’s a petition going on to support Vanessa
    you should check it out

  • Willian do Espirito Santo

    Brazil: Nós do Brasil estamos apoiando a Vanessa, torcemos para a sua felicidade!

  • brittany

    i admire vanessa ,
    and i think it took courage for her to stand up and say what she did ,
    she is still my rolemodel .
    and i still love her:)

  • Daniela

    I’m so proud of her!
    I love you and support you forever Vanessa!