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Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt has been wearing a lot of hats recently and now you can too!

As part of the New Orleans Make it Right project that Brad is supporting, the organization will sell items “selected by Brad and the MIR team to reflect the MIR mission. Our goal is to offer forward-thinking, green products. All proceeds will be allocated exclusively to building Make It Right homes.”

Hats are a big part of the selection Brad has chosen and certainly reflect his fashion sense. The merchandise includes various “newsboy” caps that he frequently wears similar to the one pictured in the photo. (Taken during the Beowulf Premiere.) Other caps, shirts and bags complete the clothing line. Click HERE to see Brad model the clothing and support the cause!

In case you missed it, Brad & Angelina popped into the high-profile Mayweather-Hatton boxing match last weekend. What a fight! (And yup, he wore a newsboy cap to the fight as well!)

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Jill

    Whoooeeeeeeeee!!! I’m first!

  • alia

    Darn you Jill!! ;)

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. I ordered my t-shirt and cap a while back as well as made a donation to this worthy cause. Thanks for the new thread and information about donating. You are helping a city that I hold near and dear to my old rusty heart. Best wishes to BAMPZS and Peace to all. Let’s get those donations in.

  • forever brad&angie

    i’m on page 1!!!!!! It’s very noble of them using their popularity for the good of others.

  • You/Me

    I really don’t like Brad’s hats but I would buy one just for the cause. It’s a terrific idea!
    I’ll make my husband buy one too,lol. Or maybe a shirt. Hmmm, I’m gonna go check it out.

  • alia

    Gotta love those newsboy caps!! ;)

  • http://japan cinnamon

    It’s good to be on first page. I can’t believe it. I saw AMH last night and I was sooo moved with her performance. She is really a talented actress. I hope she will be nominated and eventually gets the Oscar award. Can’t wait for the announcements.

  • eli

    Ya I bought a shirt last week when he talked about this on larry King!

  • quentin carmicheal

    i really hope Make It Right can raise the money they need to help the people of lower 9th ward to get back to their homes.

    good work brad!

  • senior

    First page they look great! Thanks jared.

  • Jill

    I’ll send a donation to Makeitright and they can keep the hat. :lol:

    Is Brad’s hat a permanent part of his anatomy now? I think he’s got that thing nailed to his head!

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared. I am waiting for my t-shirts and cap to come

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

    Big kudos for Brad.

  • http://japan cinnamon

    Maybe I can order thru the enternet? My husband loves to collect and wears hats, too. He is not as debonair as Brad though, lol!

  • addictedtoBAMPZS

    Hey Jill, you’re the leader of the pack tonight! Have you ordered a hat yet? I am waiting for my two baseball caps. NO one will look as good in the newsboy version as Brad does, although the picture Alia posted (#6 above) with all the kids wearing them is pretty adorable.

  • Lady G

    Reposting……. thanks Ntt!

    ntt @ 12/11/2007 at 11:58 pm

    Here is the link to the LK interview transcript.

  • alia

    Helllloooo — Mr. “I’m saving the world”:

  • micro
  • showers of Blessings
  • Jill

    addictedtoBAMPZS @ 12/12/2007 at 12:14 am

    Yuck to the hat. I admire Brad enormously, but that hat’s gotta go.

  • The real lou

    # 11 Jill @ 12/12/2007 at 12:11 am ,Hey I’ll take the hat anyday over that funky beard he grew several years back.Goodnight all have to get up early with the kids!

  • Make it right

    Please help New Orlean by donating. This is the link of the organization, “Make it Right”. Clink on “Donation”

    You can also buy hats, T shirts, at the MIR web site. Just click on merchandise. They are good Christmas gifts.

    (a comment from jj poster cj), “……. I have to give Brad props for committing to that HAT! I hope it becomes as much of a trend as the Lance Armstrong bracelets. The shirts and tote bag are absolutely cute too. Perfect Christmas presents or Hanukkah gifts or any other holiday gift-giving this season.”

    No amount is too small.
    Every dollar is good.

    If you do good, good will follow you.


    # 1464 dina #1 @ 12/12/2007 at 12:07 am I don’t know if I want Brad to go on Regis and Kelly. Weren’t they big supporters of x? I remember she came on to promote herself and Kelly seemed to like her and sided with her. I don’t remember what Regis said or did. I hope the keep it strictly on NO. But they will probably try to do like LK and interject some personal questions into the interview. But I guess this only proves how dedicated Brad is to this project. He is willing to put himself out there to make this project a sucess. He hasn’t been on tv for years. But he is willing to go on to help support the rebuilding. I guess when you believe in something no price is too great. Besides he doesn’t have anything to hide. Everything is out there. Peace


    Hey dina, bringing your post over here, hope you don’t mind….

    …as far as I know, Regis and Kelly (esp Kelly) have always been Angelina fans. I don’t recall them taking sides in the ‘team,’ things – but it seems Kelly really likes AJ.

    I think Kelly knows the other side of X, from the early days, and also from hearing certain things from soap opera pals that knew her Dad. They’re around the same age and I just think she knows pretty well, what kind of no-talent silly no-account c**t she is.

    It’s probably why she’s never been interested in hyping her lame ass, Regis either.

  • KK1

    Bought 4 teeshirts, and 2 thermostats.

    Wonderful project.

    Back to lurking.

  • ping

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • Lady G

    Here Dina #1 is a interview of Angie on Regis and Kelly. Judge for yourself….

    Hope this help…..!

  • Buckeyegurl

    Enough with the hats!!

  • duh

    wts wrong wit jolie face!~ doesnt have any meat on it




    #28, Maniston’s big schnoz still has plenty of meat on it, go knaw on that for a while. If you’re still hungry, go check out some toxic landfill in East LA, that’s where the rest of her nose “meat,” is courtesy of Dr. Kanoodia. Bon appetite, you jealous ho.

  • WOW

    Angelina’s bone structure would make any top supermodel scratch some eyes out out of jealousy. Wow. Diana Vreeland, the late great editor of Vogue magazine would drool all over this work of art. Her facial structure remind me a little of supermodel Linda Evangelista.

  • coalharbourqt

    Bravo JJ! Thanks for a thread highlighting this portion of the MIR campaign. And a big hello to all the fabulous fans celebrating our favourite family!! :D You’ve all been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you’re all having a fun time this holiday season!

    Ignore the ‘duh’ trolls – they are as stupid as their name LOL!

  • duh

    CLINIQUA @ 12/12/2007 at 12:36 am

    wtf, its only my opinion what i think abt her meatless face. and u come arnd and bla bla abt maniston (as if i care much)

  • Pitt fan

    I’ve decided to send the tote to friends, hairdresser, sisters, hostess gift for parties. If I get someone I need a gift for and don’t know what to give – I donate in their name for the cause. I wish him great success. The city needs a champion like him.

  • senior

    from last thread

    lylian @ 12/11/2007 at 11:09 pm
    Good post thanks for the response. I think I saw Far from the Madding
    Crowd. I had my sons in the 70′s and missed a lot of movies from
    1972-1987. I especially enjoyed how much everyone knows about
    movies. I actually like the experience of going to the movie theater and I have the time to go now. All the actresses you mentioned are aging gracefully and they don’t have that strange look that seems to be the price you pay for surgery. They still look like themselves

  • Brad Fan

    Yes Brad does literally & figuratively LOL.


    For Immediate Release

    HOLLYWOOD, CA, December 11, 2007 – Ashley Judd and Hayden Panettiere will join Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Jorge Camara to announce the Nominations for “The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards” on Thursday morning, December 13, 2007 at The Beverly Hilton.

    Nominations will be announced in 25 categories. An additional celebrity announcer will be named shortly.
    “The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards” will take place Sunday, January 13, 2008 at The Beverly Hilton with a live telecast airing on NBC at 8 PM (EST) and produced by Dick Clark Productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

    For more information, go to

  • newbie

    This is for Dina on the older thread regarding Regis and Kelly….

    They are usally pretty amusing and funny but I don’t really want him to go on the show simply because Kelly is a big sympathizer of JA. Regis seems neutral but Kelly would always say something like, “I pray something good would happen for her soon” or “I wish she’ll finally get some happiness in her life” etc every time JA’s name is mentioned. You’d think JA lost all of her limbs after losing her home or something. I usually have no problem with Kelly’s perky self but it was painful to watch her fawn all over JA and kissing her ass when she came on the show. She was way worst than Oprah. At least Oprah had some dignity.

    On the other hand, I want to see Brad going on the show just to see how Kelly would react. I wonder if she would be all fake and perky with him too.

    BTW, are we sure that Brad is going on the show? Because I checked the website and they only listed Nick Lachey as the guest for Monday.

  • sharon

    Thanks very much for the link of transcript of Brad’s interview. The interview is excellent. I support everything Brad does and proud of everything he does.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Thanks cliniqua, Lady G and Thanks:). Brad can hold his own. I just know how important this is to him. And Regis & Kelly appeal to a conservative group of middle age people. But maybe if they see he has nothing to hide they will support him.

    OT, Lady G was it you or Piper with the low who said last week they didn’t like Paris in Troy. Well I was briefly channel surfing and saw that Troy was on. Stopped to see if I could spy some bare naked Brad booty. No such luck. Mygawd, they had edited the heck out of the film. Therefore I kept on moving.

    Cliniqua, Brad was really macking on the rc in London. But I truly hated that coat. Not so much the coat, but the color. That light blue, or gray just didn’t do anything for me or him. JMHO. It should have been darker. But he is Brad frucking Pitt. He is like Angie. The can make a sack look good. Peace

  • ariel

    Hey Coalharbourqt….how’s my cyber friend doing? Have not seen you lately here at JJ. Hopefully, everythings all alright with you. Glad to see you posting again here. Take care….chat later.

  • Jill

    WOW @ 12/12/2007 at 12:38 am
    Her facial structure remind me a little of supermodel Linda Evangelista.

    Except Evangelista doesn’t have one-tenth of Angelina’s brains. Evangelista was the dumb twit who made the deathless comment “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”

    She could have stayed in bed and died there as far as I was concerned.

  • Jill

    Alexia @ 12/12/2007 at 12:46 am

    She looks a bajillion times better on her worst day than you’ll ever look on your best day. You want to see ugly, look in the mirror and pray it doesn’t shatter from the shock.

  • abigail

    Thanks for the new thread Jared! Now, we all know why he’s sporting those hat for months. We all notice. Good for you Brad.

  • newbie

    Hey Cliniqua,

    Kelly is the biggest support of JA, and she dislikes Angie. When she was on SNL a couple of years ago, she did this skit where she pretended to be Angie and made fun of “Beyond Borders”….and that was before Brad and Angie got together. To be fair, that was probably the SNL writers’ idea and she made fun of herself too.

    She always has this look on her face whenver Angie’s name is mentioned. I remember her saying specifically saying something about not letting her husband work with her. She is the perfect example of how some women feel threatened by Angie.

  • drew

    Dumblexia, Angie may be slim but heck she looks much much better than a skinny Aniston anytime. She might be slim but she surely oozes sex appeal. Imagine if she gain few poundage.

  • dianad1968

    i am going to respond here to an idiot from the B&A boxing showdown thread named ‘litter’. if the only thing you can find to criticise is my unintentionally spelling a word wrong, you are indeed a moron of the highest order. i am sure you got the gist of the point i was making, and if not that’s your fu@#!ng problem. i hate people who try to put down someone in order to satisfy their own importance of self. now F#@k OF !! hope i spelled that right, you piece of excrement.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    newbie @ 12/12/2007 at 12:42 am

    Someone posted a schedule that showed him and Nick Lachey as being on there. I don’t know where to find it. But if the person who posted it originally is still around I certain they will do it again.

    Where is guli tonight? Is her daughter having problems with her leg? Haven’t heard from her tonight. guli, hope all is well. Peace

  • Lady G

    This is the infromation I posted yesterday from tvguide online.

    Heads up all JPers/BAMPZSers

    Brad will be on Regis and Kelly on December 17th according to tvguide online.

    Here is a summary for the eppy…

    Episode Detail: – Regis & Kelly

    Brad Pitt; Nick Lachey. Also: “Holiday Survival Week” begins with a segment on party etiquette.

  • Vee

    I’m ready for another sighting of the children–wish they could schedule it without too much trauma.


    # 37 newbie @ 12/12/2007 at 12:42 am This is for Dina on the older thread regarding Regis and Kelly….

    They are usally pretty amusing and funny but I don’t really want him to go on the show simply because Kelly is a big sympathizer of JA. Regis seems neutral but Kelly would always say something like, “I pray something good would happen for her soon” or “I wish she’ll finally get some happiness in her life” etc every time JA’s name is mentioned. You’d think JA lost all of her limbs after losing her home or something. I usually have no problem with Kelly’s perky self but it was painful to watch her fawn all over JA and kissing her ass when she came on the show.


    I guess you didn’t see the link someone posted where she was fawning all over Angelina.

    I haven’t heard of her fawning over JA, to the contrary – I think if she even said what you claim, it’s more proof she, like some of us, think she’s a whining sad sack loser, and says those things to make it known she’s trifling.

    On the other hand, I’ve heard Kelly say only wonderful things about AJ, which is most likely why Brad is going on their show (if he is).

    Why are you saying differently? Kelly is no known sympathizer of Maniston’s. Like I said, she’s a former soap opera star, and almost 40 year old like Maniston – they probably know a LOT of the same people, she knows better than anyone what a fraud she is.

    You’re mistaken ‘newbie.’