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Jennifer Aniston is a Flower Girl

Jennifer Aniston is a Flower Girl

These are the pictures I referred to in an earlier post from tonight.

Jennifer Aniston was seen shooting scenes with costar Aaron Eckhart near a Ford Falcon van parked at a Hyatt hotel in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday. Aniston‘s character is a florist–hence all the flowers, gardening bag and pruning shears.

Eckhart plays a widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru. On a business trip to Seattle, he falls for a woman (Aniston) who attends one of his seminars, only to learn that he hasn’t yet truly confronted his wife’s passing.

35+ pictures inside of flower girl Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston flower girl 01
jennifer aniston flower girl 02
jennifer aniston flower girl 03
jennifer aniston flower girl 04
jennifer aniston flower girl 05
jennifer aniston flower girl 06
jennifer aniston flower girl 07
jennifer aniston flower girl 08
jennifer aniston flower girl 09
jennifer aniston flower girl 10
jennifer aniston flower girl 11
jennifer aniston flower girl 12
jennifer aniston flower girl 13
jennifer aniston flower girl 14
jennifer aniston flower girl 15
jennifer aniston flower girl 16
jennifer aniston flower girl 17
jennifer aniston flower girl 18
jennifer aniston flower girl 19
jennifer aniston flower girl 20
jennifer aniston flower girl 21
jennifer aniston flower girl 22
jennifer aniston flower girl 23
jennifer aniston flower girl 24
jennifer aniston flower girl 25
jennifer aniston flower girl 26
jennifer aniston flower girl 27
jennifer aniston flower girl 28
jennifer aniston flower girl 29
jennifer aniston flower girl 30
jennifer aniston flower girl 31
jennifer aniston flower girl 32
jennifer aniston flower girl 33
jennifer aniston flower girl 34
jennifer aniston flower girl 35
jennifer aniston flower girl 36

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    love her outfit.

  • Popo

    i still wish she was with brad. :(

  • former Mrs.Pitt

    She doesn’t look bad.

  • sarah

    The outfit’s cute but the jeans should a size bigger.


    That’s her bikini pictures. Just in case you havent seen them.

  • Mrs.Pitt

    Love the boots.

  • Whoa

    She must be smoking a lot of weed because girlfriend’s been stuffing her face and a** into those jeans. WOW. She’s really gotten big. Her arms are HUGE and she looks like she has chubb rubb

  • Mrs.Pitt

    She does have pretty hair.

  • island girl

    good makeup artist fo sure! another b movie for a wash up with minimal talent to begin with.

    have you even heard of her co-stars in her last two movies?

    desperate for attention and the need to be RELEVANT….gave up a dream life for a shitazzz movie career… stupid girl

  • Mrs.Pitt

    She is not fat. She is curvy.

  • WOW

    Jennifer’s gotten really big. I think this is the heaviest she’s been in 8 years. I’m really shocked. She also looks really matronly

  • Plastic surgery expert

    It looks like someone’s tried to get high cheekbones via cheek bone implants. It’s pretty obvious when you look at pic # 4 (side profile). And don’t tell me it’s due to her weight gain as you can’t “gain” cheekbones!

  • sarah

    i still wish she was with brad.

    Why? So that they both can be miserable? They are not together because it wasn’t working and they weren’t happy. They both seem to be well doing leading lives they really wanted anyways.

  • Amri

    She looks great! LOVE the outfit.

  • sarah

    And don’t tell me it’s due to her weight gain as you can’t “gain” cheekbones!

    Looks like weight gain to me. She’s always had big cheeks before the weight loss. She tried to explain her skinniness by saying she simply lost her baby fat and I didn’t buy it and this proves it. Heh. I think she looks better with the weight gain though. It softens her face and de-emphasizes her chin.



    if you think about it, it is X fault why Brad’s not with her nemore.

  • http://deleted ….

    she look matronly just like her age 39 pushin 40.

  • jewel

    Has she heard of Katherin Heigl? Any producer or director or studio exec is going to be calling her now that she’s had sucess with Knocked Up and most likely with 27 Dresses.

    She has the lock on romantic comedies and the camera absolutely loves her. Oh, and if she is not available, have you ever heard of Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon?

    Unfortunately for Chinnifer, her talents are not far reaching and she can’t revert to drama like Halle, Nicole, Julie R., Jodie Foster, and other actresses that seem to keep getting roles as they reach the big 4-0…

    That is because all Chinnifer can do is repeat Rachel in different settings….but it always ends up being Rachel, no matter how hard she tries….she can’t out act Rachel Green.

    Has been trying hard to be a “still has it”…. give it up….you look like a fool.

  • WOW

    I’m really sitting here stunned at how much weight she’s put on from these pictures. I knew from those Cabo pics she’d gained in her thighs and butt. Since those pics she’s gained even more…Her arms, butt, thighs, stomach all of it. I’m just really surprised

  • ViK

    I think she looks great! Good to see her at a healthy weight and not disappearing like most Hollywood starlets (current Mrs. Pitt included)!

  • jennifer125

    Is she pregnant or what?

  • anon

    I still wish she were with Vince Vaughn :(

  • teddy-booboo

    Angelina Jolie is NOT a starlett..she is a true worldwide
    accomplished actor!!!!

    Getting an Oscar @ 22 & 3 Golden Globes..hardly a starlet.
    btw..Aniston in another Rachel role *yawn*

  • Dwarf

    She is a dwarf like me, short legs, fat thighs.

  • WOW

    Those jeans are waaaay too tight for her with her thigh fat and butt being made really noticeable and that sweater she’s got on with the ribbed cotten isn’t doing her any favors

  • Kim

    Aaron eckhart was wearing something different during the morning. He was in a blue suit with flip flops. haha. I wish I got to see Jennifer film though! I only got to see Aaron.

  • jewel

    you love the outfit? make sure you let the stylists know who are choosing them for this movie. altho we hardly see this uncreative biatch in anything but jeans and a tight shirt anyways. her signature for the last 15 years when she isn’t on the red carpet and that won’t be any time soon for sure.

    you know you are old and fighting it, when you are forty and you have straight hair parted down the middle. just look at her and Cocox….it ages them something fierce.

    The Rachel cut would suit her face/chin must better than the stringy, beachy (I wish I was 25 again) look.

    Washed up stupid shallow celebrity who wanted so much and got so little. Karma can be a bitch and she is living proof in my estimation.

  • Stella

    3 GG
    2 SAG
    1 OSCAR

  • ajc


  • eli

    poor Aaron, he got such critical acclaim for thanks for smoking and NOW he is in a maniston movie HE SHOULD FIRE HIS MANAGER!!!!

    he looks like he is kicking himself for this role choice in pic#2

  • eli

    wow PICS 19 THRU 21 LOOKS like major thinking of how to act in this scene…..Like rachel in 1997 or like rachel in 2001??

    WHat should this Brain-surgeon do?

  • samara

    jennifer needs another hairstyle . is this the only style she has .. . maybe if she cut it and got it really wavy curly or something….even if its ugly at least its something different ( so boring jen)

  • impressed

    She looks gorgeous!

  • eli

    jewel @ 01/14/2008 at 12:13 am #18

    Agree! Why doesnt she get a brain and do like some edgy tv. she cant make it in the movies and is ruining whatever career she could beat out of her set-up-by-publicist-marriage with Brad.

    she needs to get over herself accept she is tv and stop wasting time in movies. U R NOT A MOVIE STAR,Chins!!!

  • jane

    Jen looks gorgeous as usual!

  • buckeyegurl

    She needs a new, fresh look. She has had the same hair for a decade.

  • WOW

    Yeah, I don’t know why she keeps that stupid old hairstyle either.

  • You/Me

    I bet all those nasty-*sses who are trashing Jen’s looks are sooooo beautiful themselves,huh? lmao…
    Jen looks great, fresh and sexy. Doesn’t matter if you love her or hate her, she still looks good. Fleshy thighs? lolololololll But I agree about the hair, she needs a new style.
    All you people who hate on Jen (and Brad & Angie for that matter) are just a bunch of nasty piece of works. Envious of these three people because they are what you are NOT. Beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and rich.

  • atomic

    Jolie loses the GG and you post two Aniston threads?!?
    Way to pour salt in the loonies wounds Jared.

  • eLAINE

    atomic @ 01/14/2008 at 12:44 am Jolie loses the GG and you post two Aniston threads?!?
    Way to pour salt in the loonies wounds Jared.
    Jared does it on purpose becuase he knows the Loons will want someone to take their anger out on and that someone is always Aniston.
    Don’t you know it’s her fault Jolie lost?

  • Please

    The old grey mare gained a LOT of weight. Flynet has a pic up of her backside and damn…you must hear beeps when she’s backing up. If you can’t see how much she’s gained you’re damn blind

  • Everything

    is always Jennifer’s fault.

  • Please

    Oh yeah and she has fleshy arms there JenJen

  • jade

    Jennifer looks great!!

  • envy Jen

    Just think. She was once Mrs. Bradley Pitt. Mrs. William Bradley Pitt.

  • Jill

    Did she get cheekbone implants?

  • Kim

    I think Jennifer looks lovely.
    She has an average weight. Jeez. I bet you would all love it if you were famous and people called you fat.

  • Jane

    OMG some of you people are insane! Jennifer is not fat by any means! I wish i looked as good as her and i am practically half her age!

  • too sad

    Just think. She probably would have remained Mrs. William Bradley Pitt if she had given Brad the baby he was yearning for.

  • pity party continues

    She looks like Valerie Bertinelli but of course no one goes on and on about her being gorgeous because well we all know why.

    BTW why no HQ close up???